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Owner Pose
Camilla     Slow days, they seem like a miracle now, but, they are starting to happen every so often. Today, is one of those days, and Camilla is attempting to enjoy it. She's currently sat on the floor in the lobby, with her rifle splayed out on a large piece of cloth, the weapon itself, also in pieces. Though, they are all neatly arranged and laid out. Seems she's cleaning and maintaing said weapon.
Iris Lark Iris walks into the clinic, her eyes squinted against the bright glare of the sun outside. Following like a shadow behind her is a rather large, shaggy wolf. If you met it in a dark room, it might look sinister but the fact that his tongue is lolling out and his tail is wagging makes him look a bit less...dangerous. Iris comes to a stop when she comes upon Camilla and a grin appears on her face. "I need to clean my weapons more, but I get burned every time I do. Damn laser rifles." She tilts her head and her grin gets a bit wider. "Hi."
Camilla     Camilla looks up at the wolf first, blinking several times as she does. There's a few slight moments of tension in her body language, but, well, it looks like a big ol puppy dog at the moment, so, can't be all that bad. It's also with Iris and she wouldn't bring anything in here that would hurt Cami, so, the tension fades away from her body.

    "I wouldn't even dream of messing with energy weapons..." she replies with a warm smile as she stands up slowly and plods over a few short steps to wrap Iris in a hug. "Hey.." she adds softly as she pulls back smiling. She thumbs at the wolf, "So, who is this?"
Iris Lark Iris returns the hug, wincing slightly as it puts a little pressure on a bullet wound in her arm. She shakes it off though and turns to gaze at the wolf. "Well..this is Dusk. I found him while I was doing my rounds, and helped him out with an injury." She looks happier for a moment as she reaches out and scratches his head. "I never had a dog before, and I'm surprised I found one out in the wasteland."
Camilla     Ever the healer, and the one who pays attention to details, Camilla pulls away from Iris when she sees her wince in pain. She listens for a moment though, and smiles at the wolf, and at Iris. "He looks like he's going to be a very loyal companion. I'm very happy for you, kinda makes me wish I had a dog to."

    "Anyroad, let me see that arm.." she says as she turns about to go grab her medical bag. "Care to tell me what happened?"
Iris Lark Iris moves to sit on one of the cots, unwrapping a bandage with a wince. "He seems very loyal. I pulled something out of his paw, bandaged it and gave him some jerky and now everywhere I go, there he is." She stares at Dusk for a moment and the wolf stares back, dropping down on his haunches to sit. Iris makes a hmmphing noise and turns to give Camilla a bit of a grin. "I was helping out with some Lonestar business and I got shot in the arm. A bit of acid got dripped on me too, it wasn't fun, but I was able to clean it up at least." She sighs softly and shrugs. "Been too busy to deal with it properly though."
Camilla     Camilla nods and listes as she goes about doing what she and Iris do best, fixing people like they were machines. Miracle workers, the both of them.

    The normal routine is followed, pain killers, clear, check and clean the wound, et all. "Hmm, did you get the bullet out?" she asks.
Iris Lark "Yes, and it was a disaster doing so, if we're honest." Iris responds, glancing at her arm with a frown on her face. "Doing that one handed is probably one of the more stupider things I've attempted, I should have just waited for you." She takes a breath as she's worked on, leaning back against the wall. Dusk gets to his feet and scoots closer, resting his large head on her lap. She idly pets him as Camilla works and then she speaks up again. "I even considered joining the Caravan team. Kind of."
Camilla     Camila frowns, a lot, "Yeah, that was stupid, and you should have waited for me..." she retorts with a very dejected sounding sigh. "Ok, well, teeth grit time..." she adds as she cleans up the wound, and then moves to grab some stitches. She reaches over, and grabs a little piece of wood, "Here..."

    "Oh? Why?"
Iris Lark Iris bites down on the wood, not wanting to make any undiginified noises with Dusk nosing at her hands with concern. She wills herself to stay still, the only movement now is her offhand and the gentle scritching on the wolf's head. She starts to mumble an answer and remembers that she has wood in her mouth and goes silent instead. She can always answer the question once Camilla is done stitching.
Camilla     It doesn't take long, but it no doubt hurts like hell. She tries to be as gentle as she can be, and as quick as she can be. Once it's all said and done, a new bandage is wrapped around Iris's arm and Cami hands her some more pain killers. " I can do for now.."
Iris Lark Iris gasps as Camilla works and tries very hard not to make any noises, but some do escape. She's only human after all. Dusk starts to rumble out a soft growl, his teeth showing a bit, as Iris tries to comfort. When it's over she takes the wood out of her mouth, takes a drink of water and mumbles a bit. "I wanted to join because they need help, sometimes."
Camilla     Camilla sits back on her rear and exhales deeply, "Well, if that's what you want to do.." she adds in reply. "I've done what I can with the wound, long as you take care of it, it shouldn't get infected.." she adds.
Iris Lark "I'll take care of it, and honestly I never have known what I wanted to do." Iris says, and she is kind of gazing out towards the door, not dazed but deep in though. "I never really felt that I had a or a purpose. Even when I was working here full time." She glances at Camilla and a sheepish smile is on her face. "I never really let go of the past, so I could move ahead to the future. Not sure when I can manage that." Dusk lowers himself down on his haunches again , tail whisking back and forth slowly.
Camilla     Camilla forces a smile, and nods. "I, still don't know what I want to do. I, am exceedingly lonely lately, and yeah..." pause "anyway, I figured as much. You wouldn't have given me the clinic if you felt like you belonged here. I figured that out a while ago. You and I both have issues with the past, and, while it might look like I let go, I've not. I'm just masking it well, so, don't feel like you /have/ to manage letting go. It affected us, changed us, made us who we are, no matter how much we wish it never happened."
Iris Lark "I wish I could help you more, Camilla." Iris says, her voice quiet as she pats the cot next to her. "I wish this never happened to you, to be honest. I watch you struggle and I'm not even sure what to do for it. Finding someone to connect with might be the first best thing. Companionship is important. More than I ever realized before now."
Camilla     Camilla forces a smile, and shrugs her shoulders. "Not really sure there's anything you can do, or anyone else for that matter."

    The second statement, causes her to pause, and she just looks well..blank. "I have someone to connect with, I have you..." she says, as she locks eyes with Iris. "I have your companionship.." she adds, "I just, yeah..."
Iris Lark Iris can tell what Camilla is doing and she shakes her head. "Don't smile if you don't feel it, Camilla. That's worse than a lie. If you feel...bad, show it." She lets out a sigh as she meets the other woman's eyes. "You have me, and I will always be here for you. But you need more than just me. You need someone to take care of, who will take care of you too. Man, woman..whatever, but you need to be loved, cherished and adored. We all do."
Camilla     Camilla sighs, "I'm forcing a smile because it's easier than telling you that I love you..." she adds, snapping it out, no doubt out of frustration. She exhales, and hangs her head, "so, that's out now.." she adds. "I, yeah..."
Iris Lark "Camilla, I love you too, you know that. Probably not in the way that you want, but that doesn't mean that .." Iris sighs and she reaches out to snag Camilla's hand, squeezing it. "I will always be here for you, not in the way you might need me to be. I think of you as a sister." She goes silent for a moment and then continues. "Why does such a thing make you so sad?" She asks, her tone tentative.
Camilla     "I know you will, and it makes me sad because you're the first person I've had these feelings for in a very very long time.." she adds in reply. "I just, it's almost impossible for me to explain it." She sighs and turns and smiles a real smile this time, "I'm just happy to have you in my life, regardless."
Iris Lark "It's almost impossible, so mayhaps you can try to explain." Iris responds, and she sighs softly. "I don't want you to be sad, you're always going to be a part of my life Camilla, as long as you want to be. I wish it could be in the way that you want and you need. I really do."
Camilla     "I, really don't think I can.." she replies plainly, sighing again. "I just, I want us to stay in each others lives, like you just said and I know that, so" pause, sigh, "I'm just glad you and I are friends."
Iris Lark Iris leans in and gives Camilla a hug, letting it linger for a moment or two before she gets to her feet. "Why don't you come over for dinner a little later?" She says, her head tilted slightly to the side as she smiles widely at Camilla. "I'm making a roast of sorts, and I've been growing things in the yard, I'm going to put a little bit of all of that in there."
Camilla     Cami returns the hug, squeezing hard. She smiles warmly and nods at Iris, as she herself stands up. "That, sounds really good.." she replies, keeping the smile, a real one this time. "I'll be over in a bit, after I close up shop here.." she adds. "I'll see you soon."
Iris Lark "I will see you soon then." Iris says, snapping her fingers softly at the wolf standing at her side. Together they walk towards the door, and as she passes back into the sunlight, Iris pulls her hood up. She turns to walk towards El Dorado, and from there, northward.