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Iris Lark The general store is open for business! And usually Iris Lark would be behind hte counter but she's in the backroom, bartering with someone over a motorcycle. There are several folks walking the store though, looking around.

The sun is starting its descent towards the horizon and soon the air will turn cooler, but for now, it's still quite warm outside.
Harmon     Harmon is one such individual lingering around having finished a bit of trade with Iris himself. He appears somewhat bored and in spite of his gruff appearance and very well-worn NCR gear he does have a red cross stitched on his duster.
Peabody There's a ruckus outside, someone shouting to another but it dies down shortly before a rather insubstantial ghoul treks through the doors. He walks with a slight limp, but his boots clunk against the floor. His features are largely covered, with a pair of goggles, and a grey bandana, but the bandana comes down. A rather gross sounding snort verberates from the hole that used to be his nose as his dull green eyes scan about the general store. He's clad, more or less in a travel duster, and a wide-brimmed hat as well as some worn leather armor underneath. He doesn't say a word at first, but Peabody's eyes fall onto Harmon with a narrowed expression.

"Well fuck me running, a god damned Ranger? Just what I fuckin' need." His voice is hoarse, and grating common to most ghouls but holds a notable NCR accent to it.

"You'd better be good at your job, smoothskin," the ghoul comments, leaning partially against the wall. A bit of dried blood can be seen along the edge of his chestpiece. "Otherwise..." he just trails off, eyeballing the man's NCR gear with a grit of his teeth.
Matt     Matt has taken another trip out to Acme. Perhaps for the farming community, or the bathhouse, or the ice cream. But every visit to Acme ends up at the General Store, more specifically Iris' general store. He isn't the first person to enter the lobby, someone he recongizes and someone he doesn't is here. He'll furrow his eyebrow towards the Ghoul as he gets guffy. "NCR doesn't have much business past the Arizona line out here. That man there is one of my Caravaneers, so maybe ease off the hostility, eh pardner?"
    He'll step past the two of them and rap politely upon the counter as if it would summon someone who couldn't already be heard bartering and such in the back room.
Harmon     A cocked eyebrow followed by a slow appraisal is Harmon's initial response to the Ghoul. His features don't harden, nor does he reach for a weapon but instead just shakes his head a bit at the ghoul, "Former Ranger." he clarifies simply before turning on his heal and slowly approaching Peabody as he speaks, "Combat medic, trained doctor and surgeon. But call me Stitch, I prefer it to 'smoothskin'." he says in a clear, level tone.
    As Matt enters he offers the man a nod and listens ot him speak, "Don't worry about it. I'm used to it... Though for some reason Ghouls either want to eat me or pop off at the mouth." he says with a slight shrug finally stopping a bit closer to Peabody, "What got you?" he asks, studying the blood that has oozed from a wound he can only assume is under the man's armor. He motions to the back of the store where there is a bit more room before holding up a single finger, "First insult and patch job are on the house, after that it'll cost you." he says with a firm nod, "Grab a seat, let me take a look."
Peabody "NCR's like a bunch of radroaches, kid." comments the grumpy ghoul towards Matt. "They're everywhere. If he's not NCR maybe he shouldn't be runnin' around dressed like a fuckin' Ranger, like he is, yeah?" Peabody rifles around his duster pocket for a lighter, and lights up without warning, drawing thoughtfully from the cigarette. At the actual Ranger's words, he chuffs. "'Former', he says." comments the ghoul, "Maybe get yourself some y'know, doctor shit, kid." Though he straightens up almost tense at the Ranger's approach, though nods faintly at the wors moving over as directed to sit down. "Just for the record, wasn't an insult that time. Just a suggestion." He clarifies to Harmon.

When he sits down, he begins to unhook the chestpiece to reveal the messy looking wound that's already kicked into healing, ghoul-style. Though it's still pretty nasty.

"Honestly? Brahmin horn. Irony's a bitch like that. Got spooked by a couple of gecko, charged right into me." he flicks some ash, casually aside.

"Caravan doc did what he could to ease the pain, but didn't want to touch the gross zombie. Afraid he'd catch something, or it'd grow teeth." He says with a cynical sort of manner, drawing from his cigarette again and exhaling through the noseless hole. "It's not too bad, I've had worse, but it's starting to itch a little. Would've patched it myself, but that was never my strong suit. Easier to pay someone to do it."
Iris Lark The sound of loud barking precedes Iris stepping out of the back room and she yells. "Growling won't get you beef jerky!" She turns, spots people still in the store and blinks, her cheeks going pink. She slinks from behind the counter, walking back to the cooler to grab a bottle of water from the cooler. Walking back slowly, she nods to Peabody and Harmon before she quirks a brow at Matt. "Come by for something specific?" She asks Matt, untwisting the cap from her water and taking a drink.
Matt "Gear is gear, he shouldn't toss something away thats good just cuz it might bother a folk or two. I don't mind ex-legion running 'round in their armor and swords and what not." Matt raises an eyebrow at the wound, turning away as Iris returns to to the front of the store. "Oh. I was in the vicinity. Stitch over here is trying to offer medical treatment in *your* house. Its heretical. Its blasphemy. Probably keeps you less busy." Matt raps the counter again, as if it would summon magical delights or something. "Ya'know, why *do* you practice frontier medicine? I know Acme is a big town and all, but its not that big. Shouldn't you have your own clinic?"
Harmon     Harmon just shakes his head a bit and chuckles, "This gear has saved my life more times than I can count. It works, so I'll keep wearing it." he says simply with a shrug before producing a medkit, the case a bit battered and patched in places. He opens it up next to him and in spite of its outward appearance the items inside of it are clean and shiny.
    He glances up to Matt and shakes his head, "Not worth the argument kid. Some fights arn't worth the trouble." he says simply as he begins to examine the wound. Takes some basic supplies from the kit to clean and aid in sealing the wound to further expedite healing, "Seen worse, you'll keep living." he says as he goes to work on the wound.
Peabody The ghoul winces lightly as the first aid takes place, then after a moment it's like nothing's even happening. He sits back a little smoking his cigarette in silence. His eyes flit towards Iris when she enters the room, then back to Matt. When Harmon finishes, and speaks, glancing down at the work with a squint.

"Yeah? Good to know." he offers, nodding, and drawing from his cigarette.

"How far's El Dorado from here?" the ghoul wonders next.
Iris Lark Iris quickly glances towards Harmon before she blinks at Matt. "I had my own clinic, and I don't...actually practice here." She fidgets for a moment and then drains the water, tossing the bottle into a bucket to recycle it. The barking continues, and then after a moment a wolf noses his way out of the back room, padding towards Iris with his tail wagging slowly back and forth. She pretends to not notice it even as it nips at her fingers gently. "Why are you concerned about my having a clinic, do you think I'm not doing good work?" She asks before she turns to Harmon and grins. "You're welcome to do what you like in my house, as long as you clean up after yourself." The wolf finally sniffs Peabody and a low growl escapes from its muzzle, ears flattening on its head. Iris turns to where the wolf is looking and she quietly murmurs. "It's a short walk a bit south, southeast-ish. Please put out that cigarette."
Matt "I'm not *concerned*. I'm just, uh, making an observation." Matt ducks his chin as Iris seems to get all kerfuffeled. He looks at Stitch there, doing work and sets his jaw for a moment or two. "Ya'know. A lot of these small settlements don't have much more than a local stitcher. Nothing in the way of actual medicine." Matt smirks as the Wolf comes wandering in from out the back and offers his hand towards him in greeting. "Ya'know. Lonestar could take requests and send doctors where they're needed."
Alasa The door opens, and a cloaked figures moves through the door...the cloak flapping in the wind. Theres always wind when someones wearing a cloak or cape..its like magic..sorta like where the music came from, when ever Elvis started to sing. The figure waits a moment, holding the door its sidekick, a large bobcat steps inside as well...."Alright, remeber the rules..Fish are friends, not food." As Alasa dusts herself off a bit, and looks around.
Harmon     Harmon finishes up and packs away his medkit, "I'll be headed back that way before too long. It's not to far." he says simply as he stands up and gets himself sorted. A grin is offered back to Iris, "It wasn't anything too bad, I'll keep it in mind though. Can be tricky finding a decent place to work on folks." he says
Peabody When the little dog comes up to the Ghoul and starts to growl, and bark. The ghoul, calmly stands up, squats down to look the dog dead in the eye and lets out a growl so gutteral you'd think he himself was a feral ghoul. "Can it, furball. Nine out of ten smoothskins'll tell you I'm scarier." he says promptly, then returns to his feet.

He flicks some ash, and then calmly puts the cigarette out against the plate of his armpiece, after readjusting his chestpiece to cover the stitched wound and tugging his duster over the armor.

"Got it." the ghoul says, eyes flitting towards the arrival of the cloaked arrival. His hand drops to his side reflexively, but instead just tugs on the duster when he notes she's no threat. He glances aside to Harmon, as he begins for the door.

"Thanks, for the patch-up, Doc." he comments, lifting that same hand up over his shoulder.
Iris Lark The wolf skitters back towards Iris, almost hiding behind her, and she glances down at it with a smirk on her face. She turns away from the ghoul and moves back behind the counter, taking a seat on the stool as she watches him move towards the door. She idly drops a bit of jerky near her feet and the wolf pads over, laying down to chew at the tough meat. "So you're going to contract out medics like wagons?" Iris asks Matt, genuinely curious as she leans on the counter, chin resting on her palm.
Matt     Poor wolf, Matt watches it skitter but smiles as he retreats to his new master. "More like, contract out doctors to deal with more serious issues. Surgeries and sicknesses rather than patch up jobs and stuff. Centralize it at Lonestar, maybe even build a clinic or hospital. Beds and stuff." He'll waves to her though and almost sutmbles over a too big cat. "What is this, a damn zoo?"
Alasa Alasa says, "A zoo, I hope not..those are barbaric...better to let an animal have the same freedom as a real person." She smiles a bit, "So whats shaking people.." as she looks at the unknown..."ooo, what do we have here...refugees?""
Peabody "Nope." is all the ghoul responds to the cloaked girl as he passes her by near the door. His pale green eyes getting a better look at her on the way out. Then he just walks on out without another word.
Iris Lark Iris slips to her feet as people start to leave, pulling her own cloak from a hook. "Hey Alasa, what have you been up to?" She asks as she pulls it over her shoulders and drapes it over her head.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "oh, you know me and Bob...we've been out in the wastes, finding stuff we don't need. Found this really big and complicated gun this time...thing is huge...not sure what to do with it...might see if the Militia wants it." Bob curls up around her feet.
Iris Lark "A gun, let me see?" Iris asks, pausing from her cloak putting on to gaze at the woman. She leans against the counter and tilts her head. "Where did you find it?"
Alasa Alasa nods, "Joey has it...just a sec..." as she steps outside, then a few moments later comes she set the Vindicator Minigun on the counter. "Oh, found an old outhouse, and this was buried underneath it....I think someone was trying to hide it."
Iris Lark "Oh goodness, that is a nice weapon." Iris remarks, leaning in to gaze at the weapon. "Expensive to use though, I'm going to bet." She grins up at Alasa, and tilts her head a bit. "Why wouldn't you keepit and use it for yourself?"
Alasa Alasa says, "Thats things a heavy piece of shit. thats why..." She grins, "That and as you said..I bet it eats through ammo. But you know, some guys do believe the bigger the gun....well, you know.""
Iris Lark Iris aims a look at Alasa's trousers and smirks. "Yes, I know, and you don't have to worry about that bit." She gestures to the minigun, her nose wrinkling a bit. "If the militia doesn't want it, and you're still looking to move it, let me know. I can find you a buyer or eventually buy it myself." She says, as she leans on the counter. The large wolf creeps from behind the counter, interested in the cat that has followed Alasa in.
Alasa Alasa nods, "If Nothing else, I'll give it to my scarecrow....I'm sure if the birds spot it, they'll think twice about going in my garden." Bob raises his head, looking back at the wolf.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Alasa once, twice and then a third time. She opens her mouth to comment but instead she starts to laugh, a happy sound that nearly bends her double as she wraps her arms around her torso. The wolf tries to look sneaky and pads out towards Bob, lowering itself close to the ground as it almost scoots on its stomach. When it gets close enough it noses at the cat gingerly.
Lynnette Making her way inside, Lyn would just yawn softly as she pull her hair out of the ponytail it was in. Looking around she saw that there were people about and smiled as she raised her hand. "Hey guys...." Clearing her throat she'd reach behind her to adjust the pistol in her waistband and covered it up with her shirt. "What's going on?"
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Oh, hey there...just talking and doing know..I gotta sell my beaver pelts at the trading post.." She grins a bit. as Bob sniffs back at the wolf...then looks up at Alasa..."Yes, hes a nice." Bob looks back to the wolf.
Iris Lark Iris beams at Lynnette as she makes her way into the store and excuses herself from Alasa to walk over and give the woman a hug. "How is the bar doing?" She asks, a grin on her face. "Manage to get the hole filled in yet?" She takes hold of Lyn and pulls her towards the counter. "Also, have you met Alasa yet?"
Vuk The low grumble of a motorcycle can be heard before some one enters, Iris ought to know him, but others may not. He doesn't have his power armor on for a change after all, and he's not lugging around a Minigun like normal. Such is how things go some days, though that doesn't prelude him having a heavy weapon or two strapped to his bike. "My my..quite a few people here. I remember when it had talking mole rats." A wolf? Well, it doesn't phase him, wolves are after all, canines. But his first course of action? Approach Iris to try and steal a kiss.
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit and make her way over to the woman and returned the hug. Smiling she'd pull back and nodded. "Yup...Jack even let me rename the place to what I wanted. Though today was uh...eventful." Those green eyes sparkled as she finally looked over to the other woman. "I...don't think so. Hi there! I'm Lynnette...or just Lyn too." Smiling she'd then look over to see Vuk and smirked before sashaying away from Iris then.
Iris Lark The wolf barks at the newcomers, getting back to its feet and walking away from the cat. Iris points towards the back door and says something quietly and the wolf sneezes and trots towards the back door, disappearing outside for now. She bats Vuk away and laughs a bit. "The mole rats didn't talk, but at least they can't get in here anymore, I keep food in the back now." She peeks outside and then adds. "Hope nobody steals your bike, there was a ghoul in here a bit ago and he looked a bit shady."
Alasa Alasa smiles, " are you interesting in these pelts? could make a nice jacket with them....well if you can sew...or barstool cover...yeah, that would be nice...think how classy your place would be..." She grins again, as Bob looks at Vuk, then at Alasa..."Not sure...he might be a fish, we'll have to wait and see."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head a bit when she mentions a shady ghoul and lets his fingers drum on his sidearm. "I can go out and find him, will that earn me a kiss? I'll like..bring back..his head? Do people still do those sort of things? We mostly just uploaded images of the dead to a terminal to verify the kill." He says with a slight snicker and watches the others. "Pelts? I might have some of them hidden some where.."
Lynnette Blinking she'd wave but saw that wolf trot by. Following it out with her eyes she'd just stare before looking back at Iris. Her lips would part to say something but just shook her head. "Anyway...." Moving to the counter she would lean on it then nodded. "By the way, Iris....thanks for that gift....?" Giving her a playful wink she'd then look back to Alasa. "Eh....not my forte. I don't even know what to do with the leather I have now....though requests have been put in...."
Iris Lark Iris turns and she nods to Alasa. "I'll take a look at them." She says, moving behind the counter again, tapping the surface. When Vuk speaks up, Iris presses her lips together for a moment before she gestures towards the door. "He seemed harmless enough, just grumpy, he didn't do anything that requires him to *die*." She says as she pulls some of the pelts towards her to look over. "I'm glad you liked the gift, Lyn. It was my first practice piece."
Alasa Alasa says, "well, sometimes thats true..sometimes not...I mean, those centaurs didn't seem to care if I did anything, but they sure tried to kill me..." SHe laughs a bit, "Oh, same old nice to find someone that sews...I found a bolt of cloth too, that I'd love to have someone make me a cowl.""
Vuk Vuk rolls his eyes a bit at Iris, just a bit before settling in on the counter. "Did he look shady because he was shady, or because he was a ghoul and rotting apart? I've only met a few ghouls not interested in chewing apart humans, and they were fools, of limited intelligence, and incapable of taking care of them selves with out direction. Little more then cannon fodder.." He murmurs.
Lynnette She'd giggle a bit then as she smiled then winked. "I uh.....showed it to someone when I was hanging it up. It's approved." Snickering she'd just look between Alasa and Vuk before slowly sliding over to Iris. Grinning a bit she would nudge her playfully before nodding. "I need to talk to you too by the way....later....."
Iris Lark Iris watches Vuk roll his eyes at her and her eyebrows loft slightly as she listens to him speak. "He was a ghoul, and he seemed okay.. I could say something else to the cannon fodder remark, but I'll refrain from now." She glances at Alasa and chuckles quietly. "How much do you want for them, and maybe I can make you a nice cowl. We'll see." She giggles towards Lyn and sticks out her tongue. "Sure, I'm making dinner in a bit, you're welcome to stop by."
Vuk Vuk takes to slowly swinging his legs, letting his boots knock against the counter below where he sits. "I got pelts and fabric some where on the farm I'm sure. Unless the molerats got to them, ran into a few today. Pain in the ass, but I suppose if there is crops, they'll come on out, hm?" He asks, mostly to him self, since Iris is denying him affection! "Though it could be the fish I keep trying to salt and dry and smoke and all too.."
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, there quite common lately...20 or so caps is all...I've got 5 of then right now.....yes, I'm going for a new motif, from the old days...I've come across all this old new know, quite nice."
Lynnette She'd smile at Iris then nodded. "I just may....." Exhaling she'd then look to Alasa and Vuk with a slight smile and just let them do their thing. Humming softly she'd look around the store then, pondering if there was anything she even needed while here.
Iris Lark Iris slides some caps over to Alasa , her eyes shifting towards Vuk as he talks to himself. She gathers the pelts and turns towards the back room, stepping around a large motorcycle in the doorway. "I'll be back ya'll, don't destroy my store!" She calls out, her voice fading as she walks into the back room.
Vuk Vuk remains quiet till Iris is on her way to the back, before wolf whistling at her. "So any of ya'll interested in some quality kit? Guns? I got some I need to sell.." he begins, murmuring, not to loud. "Odds and ends too."
Matt Matt has returned! Its not like it was a long walk from El Dorado or anything, but hes got a serious look to his face. A lot of people up in the general store though, so he slows his roll and eases past the threshold before meandering to Lyn, to browse with her while someone is a loudmouth elsewhere. "So...I always like the peanuts they have here. Have you tried them?" To Lynnette of course.
Iris Lark Iris walks out from the back room, pushing her long hair behind her ears with a troubled look on her face. She retakes her seat on the stool and folds her arms over her chest and glances around at the people gathered. "So who else wants to do business tonight?"
Lynnette Lyn was off in her own world until she heard Matt's voice then. Blinking she would look over to him and chuckles, shaking her head a bit. "No....I haven't." Smirking she'd wink at him playfully and nodded. "Wanna buy me some...." She'd look to Iris then and nodded as she smiled. "I have two things though one I need to talk to you in private....."
Matt "I'll get a bag of the peanuts, sure." Matt'll grab a package from a shelf before heading towards Iris since shes up front now to talk and what not. He was gonna say stuff, but he gets beaten to the punch, he looks towards Lynnette, then back to Iris. "Sames. I also had business with you in private. I can entertain myself..if you want. Or I can find you later?"
Iris Lark "Hit me with the one that isn't private then." Iris says to Lyn, a twinkle in her eye as she leans heavily on the counter. "Stick around Matt, I'll be about, but I'm sure you want to get business out of the way." She grins at Lynnette and bites down on her bottom lip. "You better not be" She says with pink cheeks.
Vuk Vuk lets his eyes drift to watch Iris, the troubled look, looking unhappy at it. "What is wrong Iris?" He asks, ignoring the others when he speaks, they do not matter, nor do their concerns. Iris is unhappy and worried!
Lynnette She'd lick her lips and chuckled. "I have some leather I want made into something.....for when I'm.....out and about." Lyn would grin then as she winked. "Jumpsuit?" A look to Matt she'd smile then. "Oooh....too slow, handsome...." She'd then cast those eyes back over to Iris and blink. "Be....what?" Now her brow would raise. "Out with it."
Iris Lark "Jumpsuit, can do." Iris responds, jotting down a note on a piece of paper. Her handwriting isn't exactly pretty, but it will do. She smiles over at Vuk and shrugs, letting a sigh slip out. "Just overthinking things, as usual." She glances around the store and huffs out a soft breath. "I need to find someone to mind the store for me when I'm not here."
Matt " do tailoring too? Thats fantastic." Matt comes up as well, to crowd the counter with Lyn now. "I do have some more of that fabric you really liked, if you think you still need some."
Iris Lark "I made a dress for Lynnette." Iris sas, gesturing to her friend who she keeps eyeing suspiciously. "I just started so I'm not great at it, but I hope to improve and be able to make things for people." She grins at Matt and briefly wets her lips with her tongue. "How much do you have?"
Vuk Vuk shakes his head a bit at Iris. "I don't know if you want me to do it. Then people would realize who I am outside of my armor. I was starting to think I need to spread rumors I never leave it.." He says and looks at Lyn. "Why don't you get her to watch the store?"
Lynnette Lyn would smile and nodded. "She made a great dress. It's super pretty. I can't wait to have an excuse to wear it." Chuckling she'd lean on the counter and looked to Iris. "And yay! I"ll bring the stuff over next time I see you...." Looking at the note she'd blink.....obviously confused just shook her head. Looking to Vuk then she'd raise her brow. " Unfortunately I have my own business to run.....otherwise I would help her out."
Matt "I've got about half as much as before (1 fancy fabric). Some leather too." Matt places some caps on the table for the peanuts he swiped and pops them open, busting one out and offering it up to Lyn now. "We'll figure something out about it, I certainly don't need it unless you think I'll look nice in a fancy dress."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head at Vuk, smirking a bit. "No, you're not exactly ..polite, case in point you wanted to kill my last customer." She says, chuckling softly as she reaches out to pat Vuk on the hand. "Thank you for offering though." She winks at Lynn before she starts to pull out some caps for Matt. "You could look nice in a dress, sure."
Vuk Vuk grunts a bit and looks at Matt. "Now you want to put men in dresses?" He asks before leaning across the counter to try and catch Iris, so he can at least try and kiss her cheek. "Why not ask some crazy loyal follower of yours to mind the store? Or ..close it when you aren't around?" He asks Iris curiously.
Lynnette Laughing now she'd shake her head before licking her lips. "We could....I think he'd be cute..." Looking over to Vuk trying to get a kiss she'd just shake her head and sighed softly. "....there he goes again....."
Matt "We had a farmhand who wore skirts. Kilts he called them. Looked...comfy and free, but it never really caught on." Matt pulls the fabric out of his bag and settles it on the counter, shaking his hand at Iris' attempt to hand over caps. "We have other things to discuss."
Iris Lark "Crazy loyal follower?" Iris says, blinking at Vuk as she chuckles softly. "I don't have any of those." She glances over at Matt and takes the fabric, putting it in her rucksack. "Okay okay, you both need to discuss things with me...privately?" She raises a brow at Matt as she slips off of her stool.
Vuk Vuk looks displeased people are -stealing- Iris from him. "I thought you'd have an apprentice trying to learn to be a doctor or the like." He admits and looks sullen.
Lynnette Snickering she'd just look to Iris with a grin. "I can wait...Mat can get your undivided attention for now..." Looking to Vuk she'd give him a wink before pulling herself to sit on the counter.
Iris Lark "I wish I had an apprentice, I might get more time doing things I enjoy instead of things that are necessary." Iris responds, and she narrows her eyes at Vuk. "Besides that, you're always busy, or gone. So when you are around, you have to schedule around me."
Matt "So...uh...did you want to go to the back to talk or something?" Matt apparently *definitely* meant a private conversation. He shoves his purchased peanuts to Lynnette. "Try a few, they're good."
Lynnette Lyn would blink as she took those peanuts but just started munching on them. "Oooh..." Licking her lips she would then turn to face Vuk and grinned as she sat there swinging her legs. "So are you since I last saw you?"
Vuk Vuk -glowers- at Iris when it is apparent Lyn intends to tease him! "You should hire an Apprentice...and I am not! I live on a farm and you know where it is!" He says before watching Lyn. "The same as always..hiding from the world and it's troubles." He insists.
Iris Lark "With what money?" Iris remarks, and she squints at Vuk before she slaps her hand down on the counter. "Be good, and the whole know where I am, you could come there? It goes both ways." She states, turning and walking to the back of the store, an annoyed look on her face. "Get back here Matt!" She yells out.
Lynnette Lyn would wince as she saw that look and then smacked the counter. She'd blink then slowly looked over at him. She was quiet before she would finally speak up. " in trouble......" And there it begins.
Vuk Vuk scowls when Lyn reminds him he is in trouble. "I know I am. She often gets on my case, normally because I get shot and wounded." He admits to Lyn.
Lynnette Grinning she would pop another peanut in her mouth and winked. "Don't get mad at me, dude. I'm just hear waiting my turn...." Sitting there on the she'd have her legs a little bit apart so she could swing them but hold the peanuts between her knees. "No need to be mean to me...."
Vuk Vuk coughs at her accusations. "I'm not mean, why do you think I am being mean to you?" He asks suddenly, curious. "Also why do you like teasing me?"
Lynnette She'd shrug a bit. "You seem scared of me....I'm harmless. I don't bite unless you ask me to....." Grinning she would then blink as she heard him. "Why? Because....I can? I can stop if you like....."
Vuk Vuk shakes his head a bit at her when she mentions stopping. "Just seems odd is all..only other one who teases me is the Enclave Girl..and I think that is merely because she wishes for me to join the Enclave."
Lynnette Blink she would frown slightly then. "....what Enclave girl?" Lyn's feet would stop moving now as she stared at him intently with those green eyes. "....I don't think I know her."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head, didn't every one know Enclave girl? "Lucette. Enclave Girl, saw her almost talk a base's AI into accepting her as the current president of the Enclave. Interesting claim, some merit to it possibly. I haven't decided if the Enclave are superior to the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood exists to be..exterminated." He says in a dark tone.
Alpha     Alpha walks into that shop, glancing around as the wind brushes past him, pulling at that duster around him. He'd smile politely to Lyn and Vuk, moving over to check out the front desk and the absent tender. Well.. so much for that idea. Shaking his head a little, he'd look to Vuk and Lyn, listening to the tail end of Vuk's statement. "Lyn. Vuk. How ya'll doin?"
Lynnette She'd blink and shrugged. "I can't remember if I've met her...." Shrugging she'd sit back and take note of her, yawning softly. " I said....I can stop." When Alpha walked in she smiled brightly and then blew him a kiss. "Good good. Needed an escape. Came to talk to Iris....she'll be back soon....."
Vuk Vuk is still lightly swinging his legs back and forth as they talk. "Really? She's ..interesting, meet her." He says quietly before glancing at Alpha.
Iris Lark Iris pokes her head out from the back room and waves frantically at Lynnette. "Get back here!" She hisses out, before she ducks back into the back.
Matt Matt returns from the back room, a stupid grin on his face. A jaunty strut is what he has as he comes back into the store again. "Alright Lyn, I think shes all yours." He'll try and find an empty space on the counter, but probably won't be up able to. "What are you fine gentleman talking 'bout today?"
Lynnette She'd blink as she was yelled at and hopped up from the counter. " right back...." And she was gone!
Alpha     Alpha looks after Iris and then Lyn confused a moment. He'd shake his head a little, then looks to Vuk and finally to Matt. "Huh. Uh.. Lucette I think? She's the one yer fond of too, right Vuk? Although.. I'm tellin ya man.. dun join the Enclave. They're just as bad as the Brotherhood ta me.."
Lynnette Sashaying back out the back she'd sigh a bit as she leaned not he counter now. Looking to Alpha she'd give him a wink as she reached out and tapped his hand. "So....what you out here for? Hmm?"
Matt "Lucette seems like a nice lady. Good at her job...a bit out there, but nice." Matt leans into the counter now, fiddling with the peanuts he left out here. "I did hear she was related to an Enclave president..."
Vuk Vuk lets his eyes linger on Alpha, calculating, nothing more, inload, and exload, like he's calling up files or some thing. "The Brotherhood is infinitely worse. The Enclave is forward with it's beliefs..the Brotherhood? They take to rape, murder, they view all who do not follow them as little more then slave labour. The Enclave merely kills those who do not fall in line." he explains and looks back to where Iris was. "I..only truly care for Iris. Lucette just gives me silly nicknames."
Iris Lark Iris follows Lynnette out from the back room and instead of coming back to the counter where people are gathered she moves towards the back of the store, pulling a cola from the cooler and opening it. After taking a drink she moves back to the counter, stopping to fiddle with a few things on some shelves. Meanwhile the wolf follows Iris out of the back room, sitting near the counter patiently as he waits for her to return.
Alpha     Alpha shrugs slightly as he'd watch Vuk. "They sow chaos. Follow em or die. Kinda crappy fer the ones who dun wanna follow, eh?" Glancing over as Lyn and Iris would come out of the back, he'd glance between them, then to Lyn specifically at her request. Shaking his head, there's a small grin shot her way. "How am I supposed ta surprise ya, ifn yer in tight with the tender, eh? I'll try another time, so dun sweat it nothin."
Lynnette Chuckling she'd shake her head bit and hopped off the counter. "Well I'll leave you to it. I need to head back to the cantina anyway...." Tossing Matt back his nuts she'd smirk and nodded. "Thanks....they were good." She'd blow Iris a kiss then as she smiled. "We'll be in touch....sooner than later." Yawning then she'd walk over to Alpha and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before turning to the door, giving a wave. Looking to Vuk she'd grin. "....I'll leave you be....." And with that....she hit the door, sashaying out back home.
Vuk Vuk follows Iris as she re-emerges again. "You are very busy tonight my Beloved."
Iris Lark Iris nods as she settles on the stool behind the counter, setting her cola down. "I'm very busy almost every night. Between the store, shop, clinic and a few other things I'm alwys busy." She takes a drink of her cola and then tosses the empty bottle into a bin.
Alpha     Alpha would kiss Lyn back, then chuckles, shaking his head a little. He'd glance to the door, then over to Vuk and Iris with a flashed grin. "I'll come by another time.. I.. rather not leave her out wanderin alone.. I'd feel bad fer whoever she comes across." He'd wave to the other two with a laugh. "Ya'll got a nice shop here Iris.. I will be back when I gotta few more caps too.."