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Peabody It's noon, when the Ghoul arrives in the quaint little diner carefully stepping through the door with a slight limp as he goes along. A few patrons stare down the hellish looking man, some in awe, some in disgust. Overhaul many quickly go back to their meals as a glare is sent their way, and he makes his way over towards the counter to order some food.

A couple of bullets are set on the counter in payment, "Just some radroach," he pauses, as another patron stares at him as if waiting in anticipation for the ghoul to say 'raw'.

"...Medium well." he says, very slowly, to some vague disappointment before pushing away from the counter to settle down at a table.

Peabody falls into a silence as he awaits his order.
Shiloh      When Shiloh comes into the Diner, she smiles at some of the familiar faces that she sees and even has to stop long enough to let someone's child hug onto her leg and hip. "Aw, hey there. How's it going? Your brother's stopped giving O'Connor's cat a hard time right?" The girl eagerly nods her head and tries to hold up a handmade doll made with old newspapers, sock stuffings, and cloth shreds for hair. "Ohh, lookie there! She's so pretty, given her a name?" The girl mumbles up to Shiloh, "Trixie." Shiloh laughs quietly and ruffles her hair, "Trixie's pretty. Okay, I think your Gram's looking for you and I need to sit down and eat. I'll be sure to come by and help you make another one soon though. You guys keep being good and stay focused in class! Never know when you might need what they teach you!" The girl giggles and trots back over to sit with her family again. Now that she is free, Shiloh wanders over to the counter and leans forward on her folded arms, "Hey Mike. Just a couple of skewers. Whatever's freshest today." While she waits on her order, she glances around and tries to see what all the fuss is about, eventually letting her eyes end up on Peabody where he's settled in to eat. "Huh, haven't seen you around these parts before."
Peabody The ghoul sits in relative silence, speaking to not a soul nor seeming to mind it as he lights up a cigarette while he waits. When the woman walks in his eyes drift up towards her momentarily watching the scene with a vague interest. Then goes back to minding his own business. Though the woman's question is returned with a shrug.

"Not from around here." he states, bluntly, as his food's delivered.
Shiloh      "Welcome to El Dorado then." Shiloh says, gesturing around vaguely just as a plate is set down in front of her with three skewers piled with charred-red meat of unknown origin paired with some simple vegetables. "Got a nice little community here. It's been kept going for decades now, thanks to the work of some honest people. Name's Shiloh. You need help finding anything, just let me know and I might be able to point you to its general direction." She turns her attention back to her plate to pick up one of the skewers, pulling of one of the bits of meat to pop it into her mouth. As she's chewing and pushes her food to one cheek so she can clearly say, "Ghouls don't often stay here and settle down from what I've noticed...usually the kinda people to keep on the move. Are you one of 'em?"
Peabody Peabody seemed to focus completely on his food as the woman talks at him. Cutting, biting, and chewing, all pretty standard stuff though some might have assumed he had some kind of savage manner. Nope. Just your normal person-manners.

Cut, bite chew.

This pattern goes on the entire time she speaks to him. When she stops with her question, he stops eating, and his eyes lift up the pale green orbs staring right at her from that pudgey fleshy zombie face. "...You askin' me if I'm a ghoul, smoothskin, or if I'm a traveller?"
Shiloh      "If you're a traveler." Shiloh answers Peabody for clarification, grinning at him with a friendly disposition as she picks some more at her skewer. "We got plenty of fine houses here that you can buy if you got the caps for it, plenty of places that might let you have a place to rest your head so long as you're open to doing a bit of work. So there's options...but heard that the roads enough these days." She twists her lips and admits, "It's once you get out in the wastes that it starts to get really tricky...gotta be real careful out there. I still have a tough time navigating on my usually try to lay low."
Peabody "I travel." comments the ghoul, plainly, with a tick of his head to oneside though his gaze returns to his food again.

"Been travelling probably since before you were born. Wasteland's no stranger to me." He reaches into a pocket, and pulls out a small flask, downing a drink of it before pocketing it away again, and returning to the remaining bit of his bugmeat.

"Don't know if I'm staying. Don't care if I sleep on the ground." He glances towards Shiloh again, with a odd sniff from the noseless hole in his face, he draws from the cigarette that's been burning between his knuckles. "Everyone this friendly in this town?"
Shiloh      "Yeah, right...right..." Shiloh tells Peabody, nodding her head as if she recalls something, "You guys live for a long time cause of...well, all the radiation and stuff, right?" She looks down and picks off another piece from her skewer, getting down to the bottom of her kabob. "I'm sure you can handle yourself though! And nonsense. Sleep on the ground and you might wake up to a rat nibbling on your...ear." There's a pause and she tries to discreetly check on whether or not Peabody still has ears, "Or some of the kids rifling through your pockets or worse. I mean, not that we got a lot of thieves around. The Sheriff's Department keeps things in good order around here, but could at least stay in the church if you were hurting for some shelter?" Peabody's question makes her snort and she shrugs her shoulder, "Haven't met anyone too unfriendly yet. I guess you get some gruff people here and there, but they don't mean any harm."
Peabody Peabody just sighs as the girl continues to rattle on. Though she'd note that he does indeed, have no external ears. Yet seems clearly able to hear her just fine. He doesn't respond verbally though, just sort of lets her go on and on as that pattern of, cut, bite, chew starts up again with the occasional swallow from a flask.

This goes on until the last of the radroach is gone.
Shiloh      Shiloh grins at Peabody's partially annoyed looking state and chuckles warmly to herself. She turns back around and leans forward to carefully work through her plate. She's a fairly slow eater and lifts her head up to look over other diners whenever she's in between bites. There's a bit of a far-off but fond look in her eyes, like she's starting to day dream of other places or just trying to recall some particularly fond memories.
Peabody Peabody continues to just sit in silence, as he lights up another cigarette. He draws from it slowly, and smoothly, exhaling the smoke as he just sor of people-watches. Shiloh gets another vague glance in her direction, but otherwise he seems content to sit there quietly.
Shiloh      Shiloh breathes out a sigh and looks back over at Peabody to sneak in a smile at him again. "So. I gave you my name. I haven't really heard your name yet. Seems only fair that it be shared in return, huh? Unless you're supposing that I give you your own name of my choosing. I'd be willing to take a crack at that. If it's bad enough, you might just want to give me your real name more quickly."
Peabody "Never asked for it in the first place." comments the ghoul, drawing from the cigarette and leaning back a little in his seat. He responds to the rest with silence, not even a shrug of his shoulders. His eyes trail back towards her. "Why're you so interested?"
Shiloh      "Kind of an important first step in getting to know somebody." Shiloh tells Peabody matter-of-factly and she leans back on the counter stool to squint at him with a thoughtful expression. "Let's see...since you're being so uncooperative. I have decided that I am going to name you...Dashin' Dan. Cause of that right nice smile you have there. And it rolls off the tongue really well."
Peabody "Don't." the Ghoul states, holding up a hand to stop here right then and there. "I'm not here to 'get to know' anyone. I'm here to find work, and a place to lay low for a time. That's it." He says, plainly to the woman drawing from his cigarette. "And I do that better on my own."
Shiloh      "Dan, you got to relax a little." Shiloh tells Peabody, chuckling quietly at him before admitting, "Stay alone too long and it starts to affect you in your core. Just a basic need to have -somebody- there to listen to ya sometimes and walk with for a bit." She shrugs her shoulders and tries to confide more sincerely, "I don't know how long you've had to get used to that sorta lifestyle, but there's good people around these parts. Not all of 'em young and annoying like me. Plenty of people who might know some of what you're going through...people who have lost people close to them, people who are just passing through, or people that're just into things for just another job and just another cap. Lots of things you can find and figure out if you're just open to it."
Peabody "And most people don't survive long with their heart on their sleeve, kid," he comments, pushing up to a stand as he adjusts his duster across his armor. "If bein' overly friendly and comforting works for you? Go you. That don't work for all of us." He tugs up his collar a little as he begins for the door. "I came in here to eat. Not share my feelings with a stranger."
Shiloh      Shiloh watches Peabody head for the door seeming fairly unphased by his own offered advice and words for her. "Whatever works for you." She offers to him, letting him leave in peace. She finds some caps and sets them down on the table to pay for her meal, lifting her hand to rub at her eye. Seems that Shiloh is going to be lingering here for a little while.