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Peabody It's early morning in El Dorado, with many of the more regular patrons coming in here for their morning lunch or their morning beer. Most of which are locals readying themselves for the rest of the day. Also found here, is probably a fairly rare sight in such establishments or just a rare sight in general a rather ruddy-skinned ghoul sits in at a corner table away from the rest of the patrons, quietly nursing a glass of brandy.

He seems to be people watching of all things, or maybe he's waiting for someone, or something to come through that door. All-in-all, he's more or less sitting alone in a dark corner all alone.
Zane Weary from his walk around town, a young man wanders his way into the Saloon. His eyes wander around as he takes in the sights. He lands upon the Ghoul and he blinks a few times in surprise at it and shakes his head, a bit of dirt coming out of his hair. A hand comes up to the messy mop upon his head and he runs his hand through it before making his way fully inside and over to the barkeep. "Alcohol, any will do."
Peabody The ghoul follows the man's entrance from his spot in the corner, but otherwise does nothing but sit there and relax. Though he does take the time to light up a cigarette from an old pack he pulls from his duster. Then draws from it. A neutral expression is set on his face, but otherwise content to be on his own.
Zane When the robot behind the counter places his order down, the young man reaches into the pockets of his pants and pays for it. He stares at the bottle, not making a move quite yet to pick it up. About a minute passes of this staring contest, though if it was a real one he would have lost due to his blinking, before he snatches it up and downs the entire thing in a few gulps. He inhales sharply through gritted teeth and his eyes squeeze shut against the taste.
Peabody The ghoul doesn't appear to notice the man at the bar's apparent attempt at drinking alcohol for what might look like the first time to anyone looking in. He just snorts vaguely through the hole that used to be a nose, and draws from his cigarette. He'd nip occasionally at his drink, but otherwise continues to maintain his silence.
Zane "Another." The man breaths out to the robot then leans forward with a wince as he rests his arms on top of the bar counter and brings a hand up to his face, rubbing it. Before the robot even returns with his drink his other hand is reaching into a pocket to pull out some more caps and he places them down. When his drink arives, he doesn't take as long to snatch it up and down it all. Once the bottle is empty, he has the same sort of reaction as the first one, the young man seeming to just not enjoy the taste all too much.
Peabody Peabody just draws another drag from his cigarette as he watches this kid suck down beer like it was some kind of contest or something. He ticks his head from side to side. Looking back down at his own drink, he swirls it a little before downing another nip of it. Those pale green eyes continue to trail about the saloon proper, just kind of watching the morning patrons go along their day.
Zane The man turns around and leans back against the bar and looks around the saloon again. Watching people coming and going, his eyes following with some curiosity in them the people who head into the brothel side of the Saloon. But, the one thing that catches his attention is the Ghoul that sits by himself, which he can't seem to help but stare at.
Peabody He felt the eyes on him, much like he did every single time he walked anywhere at any given moment. That sheer, obvious thing that all these damned smoothskins got some weird pleasure out of. With a sigh, he downs the rest of his drink in one foul swoop and slams the glass down in a manner meant to gain attention. Several patrons glance over, but he doesn't seem phased by even more eyes looking in his direction. He turns back towards the man at the bar, narrowing his eyes.

"You got a problem, smoothskin?" he utters, bluntly, his voice a grating hoarse thing common of ghouls. "Or you just think I'm pretty?"

Someone in the background snickers at that comment, then falls into a cough.
Zane The young man is startled when the glass is slammed down, and fidgets a bit under the return stare. He then quickly shakes his head at the question, well both of them actually. "No, I, uh..." He stutters around his words as he tries to work out what to say and his eyes begin to wander around the saloon as he tries to find a different place to look. "Never... Actually seen... Uh..." With a small shuffle of his feet he lapses into silence.
Peabody "A ghoul?" Peabody finishes for the startled man, half-spitting the word as he drags from his cigarette. It's hard to tell if he's trying to sound offended or mocking. The fleshy zombie face does not make for very good facial cues as those eyes glare down the man. "Or were you thinkin' somethin' else, eh? Probably wanted to say zombie," he says cooly, as he flicks some ash into an ashtray nearby.

"That right?" He pauses, and draws from his cigarette and leans lazily now on his fist as he watches the man cower. "I'll assume you're from a vault, or something. So I'll give you a tip: Don't stare." he says, then a cold smirk plays across his corpsey face.

"Turns us feral," He exhales some smoke in the man's direction, "If you get my meaning."
Zane The young man continues to shuffle because of the ghoul's attention on him, then quickly shakes his head at the mention of a zombie. "No, no, a ghoul." He quickly states, seeming to try his best to not insult him, but he never actually looks in his direction. The man then shakes his head at the assumption. "No, just a wanderer." He coughs into his hand a bit, which is followed by a slight wince. "Or atleast was one..." He adds on under his breath. "I've seen Ghouls at a distance but," His gaze just finally rests down on the floor. "Just... Not this close..."
Peabody The ghoul snorts vaguely through the noseless hole, just shaking his head. "Well congratulations, smoothskin, you get to see one upclose." he states with a deadpan as his eyes narrow further on the man. "How's that make you feel?" he wonders, with another drag of his cigarette though his pale green eyes seem to drift away from the man now. Clearly disinterested in the answer to his own question.
Zane The young man doesn't seem to have an answer for the ghoul. And in a move to avoid the situation he pushes off the bar and makes his way quickly over to the door, or atleast attempts to. He stumbles on his feet a bit which causes him to slow his pace on his way out of the saloon.
Peabody The ghoul just shakes his head, finishing off his cigarette and making his own way out of the Saloon. He says not another word to anyone else on his way out. Content with that.