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Devlin     Following a few rumors that spoken around the town, Devlin began to make his way towards the mechanic shop within El Dorado rather than the one in ACME in search for something, or rather someone. Walking through the propped open door, the man slips his hand into his leather jacket's pocket and began to wander around, looking at the badly damaged vehicles that were around that had been rolled in from the wastes, more or less with a intact frame, but often without much else.

    Once Devlin could find someone within the shop he would ask, "I need to see a few mechanics about a gig, I heard the skittish Shiloh works here every so often, tuning the working ones into a more hummed state.. Was that a lie? Also, is she even around at this hour?" Shifting his stance slightly, Devlin settles into a stance, managing to not rest against the counter nor take a seat but it seemed like he would be okay standing and waiting for the better part of two hours to get the answers he wanted
Shiloh      Shiloh trudges out of the back of the showroom, working an oil rag over her hands. "I think that the van's almost ready again, if we can just delay buyers for another week, we can make sure they don't lose a wheel the next time they try to roll out of here..." That's about when she's told that someone's looking for her, so with a confused look she heads to the front of the store to see who it may be. She just hoped that it wasn't her mother that was up at this time, because it would mean trying to reassure her that she was fine and there was nothing she could help with, so to just head back to the house. At least that worry fades when she notices that it was just Devlin's familiar face. "Oh, hey Kyne. You prefer that, right?" She places the rag on the counter and sticks her hands in her pockets, "What can I help with? You wanting to look at some of what we've pieced together? One of the closest things to 'off the line' that you're going to get these days."
Devlin     Turning his head towards Shiloh when she walked over and announced herself, Devlin soon began to have his lips twist into a grin that threatened to turn into a smirk. "No, I plan to kidnap you and toss you into slavery for around six hours, not counting transport times." Waiting a few seconds, he quickly begins to study the young woman's face along with her posture, assessing her reaction the initial wording before changing what he said slightly, adding "You'll be compensated of course, quality hands are hard to come by."
    Slipping his hand from his pocket, Devlin pulls out a rolled up sheet of parchment and holds it out for Shiloh to take. "Here, if you want you can read it. I'm looking for mechanics to help me fill an order from the local Militia, it's a big request to me as I've never worked on an engine, let alone revive one from the dead." Leaning forward slightly while tilting his head off to the left, he shifts slightly more towards her eye level to ask a question while the smirk was clear on his lips again, "What do you say?"
Shiloh      "Six hours huh?" Shiloh wonders of Devlin, her brow twitching up in mild confusion about the slavery thing. Maybe the time it is has her caring a bit less about the possibility of enslavement, or just particularly stoic to jokes today. She reaches out to accept the sheet of parchment offered to her and unfurls it, her eyes drifting from one side to the other and bouncing back to repeat the process while she reads in silence. She looks back up at Devlin and leans back against the counter. "How many are we looking at?" She asks first, "And what condition are they in? Seems like an easy enough job, but wondering if there's some kind of catch you're leaving out for me to find out later." She grins but it's a tired effort, "I've been tricked before into more dangerous situations."
Devlin     "One order, one contract. We need to get the found Armored Personal Carrier's engine in working order. Not just a truck or a bike's motor." Closing his eyes briefly, Devlin shrugs with his right arm, his left arm hardly moves at this time. "The engine does not work at all, the rest of the damage is unknown, I'm not a mechanic. It's why I'm here to buy.. rent, a mechanic." Curling most of his fingers until he only has one extended, he takes a half a step forward to allow him to lightly tap the middle of Shiloh's chest. "It's why I'm here to rent you so we can see the engine, and then plan exactly what will be needed to bring it back to life."
    Withdrawing his hand, Devlin keeps it poised in front of Shiloh, clearly waiting for the piece of parchment that she had been looking over. "Then again, with the dark lines under you eyes, maybe I should rent a different mechanic and let you have a night out drinking down a few nightcaps before promptly falling over once guided home?" The seriousness of his tone shifts, relaxing quite notably each time he isn't talking about the engine at hand, a hint of a mental divide between himself and 'work talking'. "Are you up for the challenge or wanting those nightcaps before noon?"
Shiloh      "Know if the militia has scrap we might be needing at least? Parts, fluids, fuel? At least the caps to pay for it?" Shiloh wonders of Devlin, before looking down to where he last tapped her chest. She chuckles quietly and starts to roll the parchment back up slowly, "They need me to help get this van in working order asap, so I took a break from working at home to work here. Never had a nightcap before to be honest, but I can tell you I'm up for some more work if you just lead me to where you need me to go..." She rubs a barely clean palm against her eye and gestures for Devlin to lead the way if he'd like to. "There's like...a sitting area somewhere around here where the shop keeps bring in people to negotiate deals if you wanna head there and talk more about it."
Devlin     Motioning with his right hand towards her own to chide, "That's a bad habit.. You'll get oil in you eye one of these times, use the back of your hand, it won't get close to as dirty as a wiped palm." Stepping off to the side, Devlin doesn't fail to notice that she hadn't handed the parchment back just yet but shrugged his one shoulder, making way for Shiloh to lead the way. "They don't. We're going to have to collect all the parts ourselves to manage to get it up and working. Tires would be a a bonus, we might be able to take it out to the site next time to be able to work on it better the next time around.. but I'm not sure of the state of the other systems." Shifting to follow after the young woman into the display room he begins to look her over, namely her hair and where fresh oil or cuts were made into her jumpsuit.
Shiloh      "Mm, if I lose it, I'll just get an eye-patch. It'll keep me safer because who would mess with a girl with an eye-patch?" Shiloh tells Devlin in casual explanation, offering the parchment back to him this time and leading the way. She sighs when Devlin admits that there isn't going to be much to work with, "I see. We don't have much to spare here that isn't already going to someone. Things are tight and demand is low so new supplies don't come in often. If there isn't anything that's already claimed, I can ask that it be donated towards this job. The militia does provide a good service so it'd end up being worth it..." Eventually they do find a small sitting area stationed with three dirty, old plastic lawn chairs. Shiloh settles in on one carefully, the frail furniture creaking in protest even under her slight weight. "Where are we going to end up looking around for the extra parts?"
Devlin     "The same guys that would mess with a girl in oiled stained jumpsuits?" is asked questioningly though when she reaches back, he takes the parchment and squirrels it away in a safe place within his jacket. "There's a mostly untapped scrap heap of vehicles that the Milita and Lone Star moved off the roads to make room for the Caravans." Moving his hand low, Devlin allows his sling resting arm tap at his pipboy before turning a few dials to bring up a map overlay of New Mexico from old imaging and on it was the highway, even stretches that have been long since destroyed, "We can start looking through those pile ups for supplies.. I have them marked, the coords at least, but this isn't the kind of contract that would leave any profit if we started buying the parts.. The Militia are cheap, they want a tempory fix, not one that will last forever." Looking up from his pipboy, Devlin looks to Shiloh to see her stance on the matter though he now towered over her sat state as he wasn't going to try to use one of the small chairs while fully laden with armor.
Shiloh      Shiloh snorts at that and smirks at Devlin as she leans back to look at him in amusement, "Haven't really met said guys yet so their existence is still questionable." She glances at Devlin's pipboy to try to get a peek at the map that he pulls up on it. "Alright. Sounds like a good place to start at least." She then shrugs and tells Devlin, "Figure they would just expect a pay it forward kind of deal. Keep the city safe, keep the store safe, live to help another customer another day. That sort of thing. Probably wouldn't charge too much even if we did have to borrow supplies from our stock...but I'll keep it in mind. I'd still need to run it by the owner anyway. He probably wouldn't like it if I started making plans without his approval anyway." She closes her eyes and smirks, "Even if they aren't wanting something that'll be permanent, if the job is too shoddy then they'll waste more time than compared to if they just had someone do the job right the first time...if things go well, we could be looking at half a year to a whole year of it operating without issue at the worst case scenario barring any attacks.."
Devlin     "You never know, some see a girl that can tune up their car, their sink and get a Mr. Handy to keep the molerats away as hot beyond all measure," is said, though Devlin didn't try to hide the the teasing nature in my voice though it lessened once they were walking business once again. Shrugging his shoulders gently, he pats his jacket to say, "Not up to me. Client is a client, they want it done a special way, I just find out how to do it, rather than try to find a way to talk them out of it."
    Walking over towards Shiloh, Devlin leans forward slightly while her eyes were closed. Taking a half a step to the side to see the side of her face more, he studied her features, trying to see how badly oil was dripped or smeared across it. "Maybe so, but that's why I'm here. I'm here to hire someone that knows what their doing, and help them do it as quickly as possible." Standing up, Devlin moves a hand over to his holster to give it and his pistol a gently pat. "If anything happens while we spend more time out there than in secured settlements, I'll handle it personally."
Shiloh      Shiloh chuckles fondly and shakes her head to herself, "I mean...guess technically those models could if they had to. But there's a reason why they usually stay inside of houses picking up after folks." Still she breathes out a sigh and shrugs her shoulder, "Their loss I guess if they just want it breaking down sooner than later." One of her eyes peek open when she heads Devlin getting closer and she watches him quietly. There are definitely old stains and dark smudges by her cheeks and temple, but it looks as if she's at least made an effort of keeping herself clean enough that nothing risks getting into her eyes. Her hair is still darkly smudged, but thankfully a lot of it has been caught by the bandana she keeps wrapped around her head as a hairband. "Do we know if anyone else is going to be coming on the job yet or am I the first to be asked?"
Devlin     "The first mechanic asked, ya. I might try and ask Qwillis, he often is someone who knows his way around things, couldn't hurt to at least ask." Stretching a hand out, Devlin uses two fingers to move towards Shiloh's cheek as he murmurs, 'I wonder..' before stroking her cheek, rubbing one of the darker points due to the oil. "Now, do you want to be paid in caps or is there a different kind of payment you'd prefer?" Drawing his hand away, Devlin looks down at his hand briefly, rubbing his fingers together, feeling the oil steadily. Once he was content, which didn't take long, his gaze was back onto Shiloh, the wide smile on his lips has faded to an ever present yet softer smile. "Also, id you have someone else in mind, I wouldn't mind talking with them. I have an idea of who else to ask for security on this little outing already though."
Shiloh      "Met Qwillis, he's a good guy." Shiloh decides before her eye scrunches up as Devlin tracks through some of the grime on her face. She chuckles and rubs at her face with a sheepish and embarrassed smile while Devlin inspects the oil on his fingertips, deciding to herself, "Caps. I need them to order the parts I need for Private Wayne. There's a vendor down in Acme who can get me the elbow joints I'm missing for the arms along with the parts I'm gonna be needing to keep him hovering...that part's the new tech that I'm going to need to watch out territory." She reaches up to absently scrub the spot with her sleeve to keep it from looking too off. "Uh, well, Jackie's a good mechanic for one. About all the ones I've met personally so far. Only other muscle I know's Ashur and Rolande's a good shot. Matt's got a wagon we can use for wheeling the parts if we needed that kinda help...only names I can think of off the top of my head."
Devlin     Looking down at his left shoulder, Devlin lowers his hand to rub the oil that he could off and onto his thigh before moving his hand across. Patting his left, cast encased arm twice gently, Devlin says "I will not be seeking out the giant for employment. He can let his wives find him contracts.. I'm not sure I will fill his contracts unless the caps are significant in count." While his words were rather formal compared to before, a glare crept into the man's eyes for several moments. Shaking his head, he turns his gaze back onto Shiloh while changing the subject, "Jackie? That one might be a bit difficult, it's rare that I can find her with it being more than just in passing. Though there is one other thing.." Leaning forward, Devlin extends a hand out for Shiloh to take, "I believe you require a proper nightcap and to get some sleep. Come on, my treat?"
Shiloh      Shiloh looks down at the cast around Devlin's arm and frowns to herself, just seeming to realize that he is still wearing it. She keeps the glance brief before she looks back up at him and takes his offered hand to pull herself onto her feet. "How's your arm feeling anyway? You think you'll be able to cut the cast off soon?" She chuckles afterwards and admits, "Yeah, it can be hard to find my cousin sometimes, we both like to keep ourselves busy and focus on work...but I can try to help pass it along to her if you'd think that would help?" At the offer of a drink, Shiloh does admit, "Might help me rest a bit more easily and kinda curious about what it is. Alright, that sounds fair. Your treat. Do they make them over at the Gold Digger? Oh uh," She reaches up to rub a finger against a grease smudge on her cheek, and unless stopped, gently traces a faint black S onto the cast, "I think this is a pretty standard thing to do and you look like you're lacking on signatures."
Devlin     "It's not the type of drink, but the reason for the drink ya silly nit." Arching a brow at the now drawn letter on the cast before turning back to look at Shiloh questioningly. "You people are quite odd you know that? I don't think you want this cast after it's been on my arm this long. Bet it's rather smelly on the inside." Nodding to himself, Devlin adjusts his leather jacket to hide his arm once again before walking to the side and slips an arm around the woman's shoulders, tugging her lightly. "Now, while the Digger is closer, we have a short walk ahead of us, the Cantina I have a tab at, also it seems my boss there wanted to chat with me. I think it's time I introduced you two in a.. less bar room brawl mood, ya?" Almost not waiting for her reply, Devlin began to try and guide the young woman with him, in part testing how willing she was to simply go with the flow.
Shiloh      Shiloh squints at Devlin partly in confusion at his answer but then a realization lights up her eyes, "Oh. So that's just what you call a drink when you wanna sleep after. Gotcha...hard to tell with what they call cocktails around her." She snorts after and shakes her head to explain to Devlin, "It's not claiming the cast I think...I guess it's partly to just let you have something to look at while you're healing up. Sort of a reminder that people are rooting for you to get better out there." She glances over at Devlin's arm then back up at him, asking to be sure, "Talking about Lynnette when you mean your boss, right? We've met after that before. Even though she usually ended up seeming distracted and bothered by something, she still seems nice...So, let me get this right, you're wanting to head all the way to Jack's town for the drink?" Her brow arches up as she waits on an answer, "I mean...I guess I'm open to it? The place seems safe and friendly enough. Way different from the rumors that've built up about it."
Devlin     "I live in Jack's town as well. If ya nod off too badly I'll carry you back to your family house my self." Rolling his eyes, Devlin looks off and into the distance, "Lynnette will make sure I won't do anything she wouldn't do, so you don't need to worry about me being like 'that'." Seeing as Shiloh wasn't resisting only asking questions, he soon begins to guide her outside of the shop while they spoke. "Jack's Town is actually really bad, though the Sheriff and Jack have taken a shine to the Cantina. She's also hired me on as security.. So you could say, things around the bar area are actually better, not worse, than the rest of the town, even when people get drunk." Turning to look at Shiloh, his tone lowers to a more stern voice as well, "Never travel to or around Jack's Town near dusk alone. It's not safe for people like you. You'd be an easy mark for someone to try and job." With that said, Devlin shifts back into a more amused and mellow mood.
Shiloh      Shiloh snorts and glances up at Devlin to listen to him thoughtfully, "I don't think carrying will be necessary, thank you though. I appreciate it...I'm more armed than I used to be." She reaches back behind her to pat the laser musket strapped to her back, "I have this...and Iris let me have a pistol too that shoots the same energy stuff. Any raiders or mole rats that come my way will think twice about messing with me." She follows along beside of devlin while he leads the way, letting him guide where they go for the time being. " it's...bad?" She asks Devlin, frowning softly to herself, "I guess they haven't done a complete rebranding, huh?...It's good that Lynnette's place is at least getting it easier. I mean...if things happened the way they did before like every other day, Lynnette would go broke really quickly." She frowns softly to herself, "Uh...okay. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks...but what's 'try and job' mean? And why do you live there if it's so bad?"
Devlin     "A laser weapon is only good if you know how to use them. Have you been trained in them yet to be as good as Iris?" is asked as they walked from one settlement to the next, the topics changing as often as a distraction found them. "Jack's town isn't getting a 'rebranding' until I'm paid to cull a good section of the town.. Not sure Jack's going to be paying that many contracts so I'll have to sublease 'protection' plans while the Sheriff sells them the original." Shrugging his good shoulder, Devlin took much of the trip trying to explain to Shiloh what kind of things Raiders look for in a target, from heighs, weights, armorments, headcount, and over all intimidation.. and explained why she was a danger alone. When the topic of why he lived there popped up, he simply smiled as they pause in front of the Cantina.. realizing he almost walked into a window. "The hell? Where's the hole?" is suddenly said with a bit of a raised voice.
Shiloh      "I mean..." Shiloh tells Devlin, some of her enthusiasm waning with a shake of her head. "No...I don't have much official training. But the musket looks like it's just...made for inexperienced hands. The only real problem that I can see coming up is that it can only really shoot one...beam at a time. So it might be hard to deal with more than one person attacking me." She rubs her arm and nods her head at Devlin, "I...guess that makes sense..." She frowns to herself while listening to the criteria and points to look out for, looking down at herself ocassionally. "So I'm kinda that might make them want to attack me less. But I'm kinda skinny too cancels it out?" She pauses in front of the bar, curiously. "Oh! This is awesome work. But...are you sure we're at the same place? It looks the same but...I'm not sure it was called that before."
Lynnette Well what do you know....the place was fixed up and cleaned up for real. Heck even the name had changed and was on the front of the building as Lyn's Lounge. Music could softly be heard coming from that jukebox which was....a change as it seemed like no one used it before.

Chuck was behind the bar wiping down that new counter while Lyn was sitting on a stool patron side. Legs crossed and that leg exposed, she was in her own world until Devlin brought her out of it. Blinking she would look up and see Dev through her new window. Rolling her eyes slightly as she laughed she just went back to what she was working on.
Alpha     Alpha strolled along the street in that militia duster. He'd eye Shiloh and Devlin as they'd pause by the 'hole' that was no longer. Shaking his head with a snicker, he'd just move over to the door itself and open it with a sweeping gesture and a smirk at them both. "Ahh.. once again ya'll have ta use the door like everyone else.. after you?"
Devlin     Devlin had not been back to the Cantina turned Lounge for a few days, off on one contract or another and so for once, when he guided Shiloh around to the doorway that was being offered by Alpha and grumbles before going inside, "This is a bit more dull though but at night should be nicer, much warmer without the draft." Those watching the man would see his head act like it was on a swivel once he was inside, turning to and fro rapidly trying to commit the new lay out to memory. Then it happened, looking forward, towards the back of the bar Devlin began to frown.
    Walking over towards Lynnette, the hand on Shiloh's shoulder lifts and draws back some, gently patting the middle of younger woman's back. "And yes, this is my boss.. and seemingly the stealer of my drinking chair.." is said in his best attempt to sound annoyed while actually being amused. "Ya know, I always sat in that rickety chair in the back by the cut and scarred table. It looks like you trashed both of them or had someone come in and fix both of them up until they seem almost new."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks up at Alpha when he opens the door for them and she giggles at his words. "I don't think that I ever actually...stopped by after that. I mean, Kyne and I were just talking about how Jack's Town wasn't a place to take lightly..." She wanders through the opening and lifts her hand to wave over at Lynnette, "Hi Lynnette! How are you today?" She listens to Devlin and raises a brow, "I really like the changes that I see! I mean, you guys must have spent a lot fixing it anyway...may as well try to work in some changes while you're at it!"
Lynnette There was a smirk that tugged at her lips then as she looked over to Devlin with a tilted heard. "I threw it out and had it scrapped with all the other stuff that was torn up. Now it's been made into an actual working chair...." Lyn winked at him as she giggled a bit before looking over to Shiloh, returning that wave. "Hey girl! I'm good. Even better now that the place is back up and with my own flair...." Setting down that pencil she'd turn her paperwork over that she was working on and leaned back on bar. "Feel free to harass Chuck for a couple of drinks on me..."

Those green eyes would then cut over to the door where Alpha was and raised her hang in a wave. "Hey, Sheriff...." Smirking she'd blow him a kiss then before looking to Chuck. "Be a dear and get me a water...." Which that man did and just sat the pitcher and glass in front of her. Pouting Lyn would just pour herself a glass then. "....rude."
Alpha     Alpha would come in last, chuckling to himself at the chatter of the others. He'd glance around, then smiles to Lyn and winks her way with the blown kiss. Rolling on up to the bar, he'd take his own seat near where Lyn was and drops a few caps on the bar. "Beer. And ya'll getta tip ifn it's actually cold, eh?" He'd eye Chuck, then glances over to Shiloh and Devlin. "Well.. JT's got it's own rough rules.. but ifn ya'll follow em.. then ain't nothin ta it. Me? I'm just here ta make sure no one kills one another, yanno?"
Devlin     "The eternal flirt, and my dearest employer," is said to and about Lynnette before he slips away from Shiloh just enough to sit down onto one of the spots along the counter. "I wonder though, if I told someone to have a nightcap on my tab, then Lynnette says the drinks are on her tab.. Do I still have to pay?" Tilting his head slightly, he ponders on the idle musing possibly for a few seconds before moving on with a shrug, "I'll find out later."
    Turning around after Alpha spoke, a smirk appears on his lips. "Was that comment directed towards me? Starting to think both you and Lynnette think I'm a bit touched in the head Sheriff, but a rule is a rule and I'll follow it. I'll wait til their out of the city limits or just in 'self defense', how it's meant to be." Chuckling softly, Devlin turns around again, motioning towards Chuck and says, "A sunset, just a sunset, nothin spiking it, thanks."
Shiloh      Shiloh wanders over and claims a spot at the bar, "It's perfect. I think it really speaks to you, Lyn. It's like a jewel nestled here for everyone to enjoy." She leans her arms forward on the bar and looks over the bottles offered. "I ummm...I'm not sure what I want to order. I had whiskey last time but it was pretty strong. Is there something between whiskey and water?" She peeks at Alpha and wonders, "Like beer. Is beer between whiskey and water, not strong?" She glances down and traces shapes on the bartop, "You don't have to worry about me making trouble, but I'm not sure that I get all of the rules. You got like a list that you usually give to visitors on what they should do while they're here?" She frowns thoughtfully at Devlin's order, curious by it, "Sunset? What's a sunset?"
Lynnette She'd frown at Devlin slightly and just shrugged a bit now. Licking her lips she would tilted her head a bit. "I don't have any complaints really when I do didn't seem to mind either when we first met." Snickering she would then look over to Shiloh with a smile. " it totally just slightly flavored water......" Meanwhile Chuck was busy getting Alpha and Devlin their drinks before stopping in front of Shiloh and waiting for her.

Sighing she would then cut her eyes over to Alpha for a moment, letting them linger a bit before looking to Devlin. "So....eternal flirt, hm? Well you had said back that day you would hope there were not more tables or counters between us...." Holding her hands out in front of her she'd grin a bit. "Now that there isn't...what now?" Looking to Alpha she'd smirk. "....what about you? Hmmm?"
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Dev. "I ain't sayin anythin 'bout you. yer workin here. Ya know what's what." He'd nod to Shiloh. "Eh.. dun be stupid. That's the rule. Everything else..?" he'd shrug. "it's debatable, yanno? Anyways.. yah.. Beer can getcha somethin without bein too out there.."
    Opening his bottle, the cap is left with the tip for Chuck as he'd drink some. There's a small smirk on his lips, watching Lyn as she'd look over his way, then starts teasing Devlin more. Absently, his finger taps on that desert eagle on his hip as he'd watch. "Wha? Now that yer outta behind the bar, what do I wanna do? Plenty. But I ain't thinkin yer wantin ta run that sorta place.."
Devlin     "A Soda, was a regional rival to Nuka Cola. There's quite a few factories still largely in working order up in Nevada, partially why it's so cheap compared to a Nuka." Smiling towards Chuck when the bottle is set down in front of him but then he frowns faintly as he stares at the bottle and grumbles, trying to figure out how to open it one handed.. Sighing, Devlin grasps the bottom of the bottle, only to have Chuck use a slit piece of metal pop the cap off without an issue, though he calmed the cap causing him toe chuckle. "I owe you one."
    When Lyn began to tease him while Alpha was near, the grin on his lips only grew wider and wider. "Now now, there might not be a counter or table between us 'Boss'," Turning away from Lynnette even as he spoke to her, he turns towards Alpha, looking the man over as he spoke. "You replacing them with a watchful lawman wasn't part of the plan we had before, now is it?" Shifting back slightly, Devlin looks behind him to more softly say, "So much for it being delusional, sounds like I wasn't the one who didn't know what he was talkin about."
Shiloh      "Just a beer then, please." Shiloh says, waiting until the bottle is set before her before she tries to pop the cap off. She pulls it close to her and sniffs from the top of it carefully, "Has the smell I'm used to." She shrugs and swigs from it, letting her eyes bounce between the trio as they speak with one another. She looks a little lost as she listens but if she notices that she's glanced at, she tries to muster up a smile. She glances over at Alpha and nods her head slowly, "I think I can not be stupid. Sounds easy." She sips from the bottle and asks Lynnette, "What about you Lyn, any advice to offer? And are you feeling better since when I last saw you over at the ice cream social?"
Lynnette Look at Alpha, actually blushing in public before finally picked up her glass of water. Clearing her throat she'd look over to Devlin before raising a brow. "You know....." Taking a sip she'd stare at him intently. "I only tease you because you're not an idiot...." Moving her attention from him now she'd look to Shiloh with a smile. "A lot better....Iris stitched me up and then I had an awesome caretaker to make sure I actually rested...." Licking her lips she'd glance at Alpha before looking back to Devlin. "Also....relax. If you want me to stop messing with you I can. It's just how I am anyway. Besides....our little secret seems to be least here anyway."
Devlin     "Did I tell ya to?" is asked as the corner of his lips tug into a defined smirk but then Devlin looks away from Lynnette. "I'm a big boy and while you might stop, I won't if only to tease you more about lover boy over there. Watchin you squirm and flush over him is a delight." Chuckling softly, he looks towards Shilok and gently shakes his head and turns towards Chuck and leans forward, speaking more softly than before, almost a secret, 'The little lady needed a nightcap, look at her eyes.. She's too worried to try much of anything hard, bet it burns too much alone. How about ya blend it, mix some shine with mutfruit juice?' Tilting his head slightly, he motions over towards Lynnette and says, 'Ya know she'll make sure she gets home safe and sound.'
Shiloh      "That's wonderful to hear." Shiloh tells Lynnette, relaxing after she hears that news. She still glances between Lynnette and Devlin looking a little confused, "Secret?" She takes a second to peek at Alpha and smiles over at Lynnette, "Any secret you have is safe with Kyne and I! You can count on that much." Speaking of Kyne, she looks over at him to try to see what he's up to now. The mention of her eyes has her gently tapping underneath them with her fingers to check on their puffiness. "If I look more tired it's only because you brought me all the way here instead of just going to Gold Digger." She offers a mischievous grin and looks to Chuck, nodding her head as she mumbles, "Um...that sounds nice though. I will take one, please." She sips from her beer, not letting it be forgotten for now. "Should be able to get back alright...this stuff only makes me feel a tiny bit light. If I don't have anymore after this next glass, I'll probably be fine. Especially just sticking to the roads and stuff..." She returns her attention to Lynnette, "How'd you and Kyne end up working together anyway?"
Lynnette "No you didn't....though you seem to worry about getting shot....." Grinning she would then chuckle a bit. "And I do not.....squirm and flush...." Looking away she would then cast those green eyes over to Shiloh as Chuck went to work on her request. "Eh...not really a secret just....trying to avoid issues..." She'd finish off that water then as she shrug. "Seems someone caught me back behind the building with someone and decided to use it make the Sheriff leave. It didn't end well....." Shrugging she'd look back to her papers and flipped them back over as she went back to writing. "We're not exactly putting an ad out about it but.....we know what's what." Looking to Alpha she'd snicker then look back to them. "....he's not really PDA kind of guy anyway....especially when he's working." Those attentions went back to the papers and she would shrug then. "He came in here one day putting posters up in my damn bar. Sheriff had said he'd help him and after finding out what he could do.....I just hired him on as a bouncer of sorts...."
Alpha     Alpha listens to the others, smirking at Lyn as she'd talk. He'd nod politely to Shiloh when she'd glance his way, but otherwise kept pretty quiet, drinking the one beer. Glancing between Dev and Shiloh, he'd shake his head a little. "Well.. just be careful.. he's makin ya somethin that'll make sure ya go out, hmm?" Alpha shakes his head a little with a small chuckle. "As fer secret.. I ain't ever made it a secret of seekin Lyn.. But, I also ain't exactly tried to declare it to everyone.. Fragheads thought they'd try somethin.. and I think I made a good reason fer em to not do it again."
Devlin     Tilting his had to one side, trying to listen to something Devlin only shook his head at that point. "You said that about Krysta too. So.. You're worried about me flirting with the Sheriff?" is asked with honest confusion, the smirk on his lips was gone as he turns back towards Lynnette, waiting to see what her answer was. Then it was time for Chuck to get his attention and though he was told it was on Lyn's tab, he sets down his bottle and slips a hand into his jacket to pull out several caps to put them in front of him. Taking the mixed glass, Devlin moves it in front of Shiloh but he doesn't let the glass go just yet, "Now this one's a bit special, no drinkin this one while alone. It'll do you good, it'll make ya have that 'warmth' you were lookin for, don't worry." Letting the glass go, he grasps his own bottle again, but now he turns to Alpha to say "You know you're starting to step on my toes, next time try to give me a bit of something to do. Sounds like you're getting all the fun and leaving me a few of the scraps," is said with the amused smirk appearing on his lips again at the joke.
Shiloh      "I'll be careful!" Shiloh tries to reassure Alpha with a smile. Once the glass is mixed, Shiloh reaches out to pick it up and swirls it in its glass. She tilts her old bottle back to finish it off first. She has to stifle a brief hiccup from drinking it too quickly which makes her cheeks flush red. She sets the empty down and starts to sip from the cocktail offered to her. "I don't even know the name of it to drink it alone.." She tells Devlin, shaking her head to herself. "And aww! You two would make a great couple I think! You shouldn't care what anyone has to say. Even if they're just trying to be cruel and use it to push..." She trails off and looks to Alpha, looking surprised. "I don't think I know your name...does everyone just call you Sheriff? Is that okay?"
Lynnette Lyn parted her lips to say something but just shut her mouth. "Know what, Devlin....shut it." She'd just turn to refill that glass of water and shook her head. "Always trying to start mess with me...." Laughing she would shake her head then look over to Alpha. " weren't exactly subtle about it....but we didn't exactly scream it either when we did become an item." Snickering she would sigh a bit then as she smiled at Shiloh. "If you get....out of it. I have a bed downstairs I can put you it. Otherwise I'll make sure you get home okay."
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Devlin and shakes his head. "Ain't my fault ya'll weren't here doin yer job. They jumped her here.. and I had ta clean up what ya weren't handlin.." He'd chuckle quietly and eyes Lyn. "Huh.. givin away my spot already?" Looking to Shiloh then, that grin is flashed her way. "Alpha. What ya can call me. Or sheriff.. since I'm the sheriff of JT and all." He'd shrug then. "As fer subtle.. some guys, ya can't be subtle with.."
Shiloh      Shiloh giggles when Lynnette tells Devlin to shut it and Alpha joins in on the teasing. She shakes her head and clucks her tongue in the picked-on man's direction, shaming him too, "You should have been here. Lucky if they don't fire you and make you be a bum." She smiles over at Alpha and nods her head at him, "Nice to meet you Sheriff Alpha! If I see any lawbreakers around these parts, I'll be sure to mention them." She blushes and smiles over at Lynnette, "Heh, thanks. We'll see how I feel I guess but I might need it...drinking all of that beer to not waste it was probably a bad idea...I'll still try not to waste it." She sips from her juice and shine blend, telling the pair, "Kyne was just talking to me about a job repairing some of the Militia's mobile unit vehicles with some others on the job...going to try to help. Then he said he could walk me out this way! I am now."
Lynnette Shrugging a bit she'd chuckle. "I know they were waiting on him...and he usually pops in to say hi so....." Looking over to Alpha she'd smirk then looked back to Shiloh. "It backfired. They thought holding me 'hostage' was going to get them what they wanted....." Trailing she'd then tilted her head at her a bit. "Well let me know. I don't mind...." Glancing to Alpha she would raise her bed. "Oh....I didn't know you snuck naps here during the day....." Grinning she'd wink. "You know I could ever give away your spot...."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles and drinks more of his beer. "I guess they thought I got the job just 'cause I look good. Who knew I could shoot, eh?" He'd smirk as he'd glance between Shiloh and Lyn, grinning her way with a wink, but doesn't otherwise comment, just finishing off that beer.
Shiloh      Shiloh frowns at the thought of Lynnette getting held hostage and looks down at her glass, "Really glad that you're safe and he was there to help you..." She tilts her glass up to drain it while she listens to them. The exhaustion Devlin mentioned before becomes more evident as her eyes droop and she is soon leaning over the bar. Her eyes drift shut and she threatens to doze off unless she's shoo'd away to the downstairs room mentioned.
Lynnette Sighing she would move the woman downstairs to the basement to that room. Covering her up she'd chuckle and make her way back up to the main part of the bar. Sighing she'd make her way back over to the bar towards Alpha. Smiling she would stand next him, cutting her eyes over at him. " goes it, handsome?"
Alpha     Alpha muses at Shiloh, finishing his beer and getting another one. "Hmm.. ya wanna see her downstairs?" He'd grin as Lyn would see Shiloh down, and with her coming up and going over towards him.. in comes a massive brute of a raider! Ok.. maybe a cousin of Ashur or something. The guy is massive.. and ugly. Alpha purses his lips, looking first to Lyn, then over to the big guy as he'd all but thud over to the bar. One massive hand would drop on the bar's surface. "Drink." The guy grunts at Chuck, who's quick to comply.
Lynnette Clearing her throat she would just go quiet then before she would move to the other side of Alpha to get her paperwork. Clearing her throat she would smile and then slowly move over to one of those tables as she went back to writing up....yup a menu. She had to figure out what to sell and all that fun stuff. Plus....meetings to set up with suppliers.
Krysta      Krysta had been wandering Jacks Town for undisclosed reasons and spotted that massive raider entering Lynn's bar. Well, that could be interesting.... So she wandered over in time to see him demand rather rudely for a drink. She tilted her head, peering at Lynn and Alpha before making her way over to the bar. Her militia jacket had been tossed aside on the way leaving her arms exposed, those odd scars visible and her cleavage showing a bit from the raider's angle. "What's the man having, Chuck?"
Alpha     Alpha glances to Lyn and shrugs a little. The raider would be breathing in such a way it sounds almost like he was running.. or just that massive and having to breathe heavy. Chuck glanced to Krysta, shrugs and looks back to the guy. He of course points out one of the top shelf drinks. Chuck gulps and looks over to Lyn then Alpha for help.
    Alpha watches the little byplay, noticing too that Krysta is all but ignored by the raider and sighs softly. "And.. once again.. where's the bouncer ta do his job..?"
Lynnette Lyn wasn't not in the mood but screw it. Setting down her pencil she'd hoist her girls up before she would slowly make her way over to the bar. Smiling at the man as she gently nudged Chuck over she would wink. "Top shelf? Big man....." She'd turn and hop up to grab the bottle before spinning and tilting her head a bit at Krysta. "Well....seems he wants this fancy liquor here...." Pulling out a couple of glasses she would look over to Alpha, down at her chest then back to the Raider. "Thet's going to be about fifteen caps for a drink of this....."
Krysta      Krysta noticed too that she was being ignored but she wasn't about to give up so easily. She lifted her wounded arm, a bandage around her forearm, and hovered her hand juuust above the guy's arm. "I might pay for it. in exchange for a little information, hmm? Big strong hunk like you should see the use in that."
Alpha     "EH?" The raider would watch Chuck back off as Lyn walks in front of him to get the bottle. Chuck moves over by Alpha as the girls ply their wiles on the big raider. "Fifteen? That more than fingers. Never get charged more than fingers 'fore!" The guy would slap his hand flat on that bar, making it almost be felt where there'd be slight cracks there if it wasn't so new.
    The raider looks over to Krysta, eyeing her a moment. " Drink." he'd grunt at her, then points at Lyn. "You pay. Drink."

    Alpha shifted a little on his stool. Well.. this guy would be a BIG pain in the ass if he gets riled up.. but it doesn't seem too bad right now. He'd keep a close eye on what's going on while Chuck would excuse himself to duck into the back room.
Lynnette Staring at the man she'd sigh a bit as she stepped back to lean against the wall. "Look was hard for me to acquire this....and it's not cheap. Sorry but a a prices...." Slowly she'd go to put that bottle back and sighed. Looking to Krysta she would grin then as she held out her free hand. ".....unless you're gonna pay the fifteen....I'm waiting, ma'am....."
Krysta      "Yea. Sure." Krysta shrugged and nodded to Lynn. Just one though. The girl tilted her head. "Yea.. you know.. stuff. Tell me stuff. Like..... why are you breathing hard big man?" She slid the caps over toward Lynn but raised an eyebrow. It was clear she figured this guy was going to cause trouble. "Or where you're camped. You wanna show me your camp don't you?"
Lynnette Sighing she would slowly toss those coins in the till and proceeded to fix the guy a glass of the expensive stuff. Holding onto it slightly as she seemed to be helping now. "Now the lady said info....I hope there's info for as much as she just dropped...." Sliding it between the two she would put her bottle back up on the shelf but turned to face them now, leaning on it. Her hand wold go other bosom as she slowly dragged her fingers along was there. Just checking.
Alpha     The raider grunts as he'd eye the itty bitty glass that Lyn got for him and then the bottle she put back up. He'd point at the bottle. "Drink. Drink." Well, he's at least got the gist of what's going on it seems, but he's eyeing Krysta like she owes him a real drink, none of this tiny glass crap.
    The raider would eye Lyn and grunts. "You not Bob. Where bob?" What? A sentance! Maybe he can speak! or.. something. It seems Chuck is 'Bob' to this raider.

    Alpha continues to watch from where he was at. The beer is quickly finished and that that pistol is drawn and checked carefully. It may not be needed. He hoped not really. Just hauling this guy out would be a job in itself.
Krysta      Krysta grinned. "You show me your camp and then I'll buy you a whole bottle. Campe first. Then drink." She grinned up at him like that was the simplest thing...
Lynnette She'd look up at the big guy and raised her brow. "I don't know a Bob. I run this place now....." A hand would go to her chest then. "I hope I don't look like a Bob. I'd be hurt...." Looking to Krysta she'd snort then looked back to the man as she leaned in and whispered. " can ditch this one here and we can go outside and have a friendly little chat, hm?"
Alpha     The raider grunts as they deny him what he wants. Plus, where's Bob?? Both offers it seems are ignored as the giant raider would yell suddenly. "BOB!! DRINK!!!" 'Bob' aka Chuck, comes out of the back with a pitcher of beer. mostly a small bucket that's been filled with that liquid. He'd offer it up to the guy who would grab it with a grunt. "Women think I give up camp. HA! Women not know I am me who is I that not give up camp!"

    Alpha had almost drawn on the raider at the yell. A sidelong glance is given to Chuck as he'd go play his part. Shaking his head a little, he'd sigh. "great.."
Krysta      Krysta smirked at the big man's bellow and Chuck's coming out with a bucket of beer. The woman scoffed then laughed, partially at the fact that Lynn who was apparently far more endowed than Krysta, had been rejected too. It was amusing. She then simply turned and walked away, snagging her jacket and stopping beside Alpha. "Tag. you're it, Law man."
Lynnette Lyn would frown a bit as she sighed a bit and just pointed to the door. "Look gots to go." Her voice was firm as she stared at him intently with those green eyes. "I'm not gonna have you in here yelling and scaring my poor tender. Now OUT." There was a huff as he adjusted her bosom....when in actuality she was shifting her gun in her bosom.
Alpha     The Raider would take up the bucket and with long slow slurps, drain it dry. The resulting belch is enough to cause the bottles to rattle on the shelves behind that bar. As Lyn would demand he leaves, the raider peers at her. "Ehh? Leave? But. Bob. Drink." He'd point at Chuck who would shake his head weakly.
    "No more drinks. Owner said." Chuck points to Lyn nervously.
    The raider stared at Chuck like he had grown a new head then stands up. "Oh." And with that the massive guy would turn and leave.

    Alpha simply.. stared for a long moment at the back of the raider, then the door. As if expecting him to come barging back in.. "Well.. that.. was random."
Krysta      Seeing the guy leave, Krysta just pulled out a chair at Alpha's table and sat down. Her arms were still exposed and there were scars there, some that looked like needle marks others that were surgical. She shook her head. "Ain't you a lucky guy? Never did introduce myself officially, did I? Krysta Parker. Militia. Sometimes."
Lynnette She'd sigh as she just watched the hug guy walk off then. Relaxing she would just shake her head a bit then ran her fingers through her hair. Looking over to Krysta, she'd eye the woman then smirked. "....your prey just went out the door. If you leave might catch up wit him...." Pushing herself up off of the bar she'd slowly make her way around the bar and nodded to Chuck. "You good, hon...." The man would just exhale as he went about his business. Lyn would walk over to where the two were sitting then, letting out a yawn.
Alpha     Alpha relaxed as he'd watch the giant man leave. Shaking his head a little, he'd put down a few more caps for another, "Beer." Glancing over to Krysta as she'd approach, Alpha straightens up a little and nods her way. "Yah.. Havin ta drag his fat ass out after I shot em prolly would of given me a hernia or some crap.." he'd chuckle with a shake of his head. "Ifn ya want his camp, probably now is best time to get em, just like Lyn said.. oh.. and I'm Alpha. Sheriff of JT, eh?"
Krysta      Krysta scoffed. "I don't want his camp. He's worthless to me. I thought I would try to be nice and get him out of the bar." She shrugged and leaned back a bit. "What the hell would I care about some idiot's camp for?" To Alpha's introduction, she nodded. "Devlin's not here, eh?"
Lynnette She would go grab that beer from Chuck and shoved the caps his way. Licking her lips she would set the beer back in front of Alpha with a smile. Sighing she would then shake her head a bit. "Naw...Dev isn't here. He was earlier but he's out on his own right now. I didn't hire him full time..."
Alpha     Alpha grins at Chuck and Lyn. He'd take a swig of the beer himself, then silently offer it to Lyn for her to be able to have a drink. Nodding a little to Krysta, he'd grunt. "Hey.. have ya seen the folks that live in JT? I ain't judgin nothin. Just offerin.. yah? As fer.." He'd glance over at Lyn as she'd answer and nods, looking back to Krysta. "There ya have it, hmm?"
Krysta      Krysta nodded slowly, serious again. "I guess I'll go hunt his sorry ass down. He's paying me for a job. I'd like to get it over with." She stood then and eyed the two of them. Shaking her head she looked at Lyn. "You honestly can't see it?" She let out a short scoff and turned to walk away.
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit as she laughed then. "Eh....he's not sorry...just part time." Sighing she'd then look over at Alpha and chuckled before she looked back over at Krysta. "Yeah well....I do as of late...." She'd watch her leave and shook her head. "If he comes by....I'll let him know his girlfriend is looking for him...."
Krysta      Krysta paused, scoffing again though she looked completely serious now. "He hasn't paid me nearly enough for that kind of thing."
Alpha     Alpha glances between Lyn and Krysta, raising a brow. As Krysta would scoff before walking off, Alpha leans in a little to stare at Lyn. "A'right.. spill it.. see what, huh?"