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Owner Pose
Iris Lark It's a bright, sunny day at the Acme General Store and all the doors are open to let in a nice breeze. A few animals are sleeping in various places and the shelves have been polished and filled. Iris Lark sits behind the counter, hands folded in her lap, as she keeps an eye out for customers, a tall bottle of water sitting on the counter near an old worn ledger.

Various fliers have been posted in the store, giving information about items for sale that aren't out for display, mostly weapons and armor, the information written in small, neat handwriting:
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, came with something slightly different. But then again, why not? He was the different sort anyways. Glancing about as he'd step into the store, he nods a little and heads for that counter with a smile given towards Iris. "Hi Iris.. I know it's not quite in line with what you posted up.. But I do have some holodisks I would like to sell off.. Considering what they're on? I'm not going to ask for that much on them."
Iris Lark "Sure." Iris remarks, resting her elbow on the counter before she rests her chin on her palm. "Let me see what you've got, and if I can use them, I'll buy them." She pulls the ledger open to the holodisk page and holds up a pen to make notes.
Qwillis     Q smiles back to Iris and would pull out those two holodisk, showing her the one on cooking and the one on performance. "Not exactly best sellers. I'm sure. But if anyone can use them.. then may as well let someone do so, hmm?"
Serena Well she would finally make her way into this store and stopped near the doorway. Looking around, she'd remember this was the place she was out back of getting helped. Though her wounds at healed up her, she still looked a little beat up. That dress was clean at least but still tattered from where she ripped off fabric. Silently, she'd tugged that notebook to her and started to look around as she put a hand in one of her pockets. At least she brought a good deal of caps with her this time....prepared to actually buy something.
Iris Lark "Someone will want them, how much would you like for them?" Iris asks, doodling in the margins of her ledger as she spies Serena making her way into the store. A quick glances shows that she has some fire retardant stored nearby and lets out a sigh of relief before she turns her gaze back to Qwillis.
Qwillis     Q glances over when he'd hear someone come in behind him. A warm smile is given Serena's way with a small nod and then he'd look back to Iris. Musing a moment he'd finally shrug. "Two hundred for them both? Basically a hundred a piece.. and I'll even throw in the task of installing it if someone does want to use them."
Matt     The general store always seems to busy, but the announced days of swap and barter are always the busiest. Matt tries not to bump into anyone as he comes in. Almost doesn't, but he nudges Serena a tad before muttering a 'Sorry'.
Iris Lark "That's how much they generally sell for, so I won't make a profit of of them. I can do seventy caps each, but that's probably about as high as I can go for them." Iris responds, giving Tibbie and Matt a warm wave hello as they walk into the store. She turns her attention back to Qwillis before she waits for an answer.
Serena Serena blinked at the bump and just stared at Matt. Frowning, she had no qualms in speaking up. "Rude." Those blue eyes would go back to what she was looking at. Oh clothes....she should get something other than those dresses.
Tibbie Sauntering in as easily as the breeze, Tibbie, the young Shantytown gal has found herself visiting more and more of El Dorado and today she's at the Acme General Store. She notices the familiar face of Iris Lark behind the counter and the metallic-man talking to her, giving Iris an endearing wave before letting her get back to business with the man.
Politely with her hands behind her back the young'n Tibbie begins to browse about the shelves, oohing and awing all the while, she even spots a few animals and knows the trip to the store was well worth it now as she quietly coos at how cute they look lazed about the store.
Qwillis     Q shifts on his feet, watching as more people would come in and nods a little. Looking back to Iris, he'd blink, purse his lips and finally shrugs. "I'm fine with that. It is not like either one is something I will use. So I appreciate that much at least, Iris. Thank you."
Matt Matt frowns towards Serena, "Honest, sorry. Its crowded in here." He'll break off though, don't need to get people all test. He settles somewhere in an aisle with his rucksack, waiting for a change to barter up what little he has.
Serena Serena would just watch him and nodded before going back to shopping. Sighing she would feel....just anxious as she saw how crowded it was. Moving to a bare wall, she'd stand there to take a deep breath then. Slowly those eyes wold look over to see....a baseball bat. Turning around she would look to peek over it for a moment. ""
Iris Lark Iris slips to her feet and walks around the store, saying hello to some in the crowd and stopping to carry on a conversation with a few. In the end, she ends up near Serena and she gives the girl a smile, careful not to touch her, her arms instead folding loosely over her chest. "Did you find your way to town okay the other night?" She asks, her gaze flicking to the hands that she recently bandaged.
Tibbie Though she came to trade, Tibbie didn't bring much to the event as what she's brought was clearly on her body; One baseball bat slung through a belt loop of her denim shorts, an assault rifle slung on her back, and a pistol shoved carelessly into her front shorts' pocket. She seems to be walking alright with all three things rustling about her as she sends her friend Matt a happy "Hi Matty!" and gives the short dirty-blonde gal a welcoming smile when their eyes' catch one another's.
Qwillis     Trade done with Iris, he'd smile as she'd go to walk around. Qwillis would just lean against the counter a moment, watching the other people who's also looking around, that non-metal hand waved towards Serena in greeting. He wouldn't interrupt her talking to Iris though, rather just watching the others as they come in.
Matt Matt is called? Iris is busy...Oh. Shanty-girl. "Oh jeez, ma'am. Maybe you should get a holster today?" He points at random tucked pistol. "I didn't know you got out and about though, bread baking is pretty time consuming."
Serena Licking her lips she would reach out to look at the bat but turned when she heard the woman. There was an "Yes." Clearing her throat she would look over at the bat but then back to her. "I did. Thank you for asking." A thank you too?! Goodness. "I just...wanted to see what you had. Maybe get rid of some stuff I have....I found it while I was out scavenging." Explains why she still looks beat up.
Iris Lark "Well I see you found the slugger." Iris remarks, tapping the worn wood with the tips of her fingers. "I'm glad you got back safe, sometimes the wasteland can be rather dangerous at night." She catches sight of Matt and watches him as he speaks for a moment or two before she turns back to Serena. "What kind of stuff did you find?"
Tibbie The brown-haired woman chuckles from Matt's comments and answers,
"I'm definitely in the right spot for one huh! And for the bakin' part, that's why I do all the big batches in the morn with Ma, and if we sell out, then Ma gets to handle the next batch and charge'em more since they're even fresher than the morning's batch!" Tibbie finishes her sentence and points to her temple with a smirk on her face,
"Gotta be smart about these things y'know. And this way gives me some times to go on about shopping and helpin' out folks, although Ma wants me to go on an give her grandbabies' already!" She shares this openly with another soft chuckle afterwards.
Serena Serena looked to the woman and held up a finger. "Hold right back...." With that the girl ran out of the door then. Odd....girl.
Qwillis     Qwillis absently starts tapping out something on that pip-boy on his mechanical arm. Frowning to himself as he'd start running calculations quietly. He'd still listen to what people talked about... Mostly. But, well.. he's not exactly the best socialable type.
Serena After a while Serena came back in the store holding it out like she was scared of it. "This....." It was a freaking submachine gun! The girl found an automatic weapon. "I don't do guns. Not my thing." Shrugging a bit she'd smile. "I just need it gone. I hid it out somewhere before I knew if I could sell it here"
Matt     "Well, don't they always? At least get a holster for that thing, I'm sure Miss Lark has a ton of'em." Matt shakes his head down towards Tibbie. He'll glance towards Iris to see if she is available quite yet. "I've swung by to pick up some more armor myself. I'm kinda tried of getting shot."
Iris Lark "I really don't buy weapons, or anything really, but people have gotten into the habit of trying to sell me things." Iris says, and she looks drawn for a moment as she gazes at Serena. "I can give you 100 caps for it." She says, as she leans closer to inspect the 9mm."
Serena Serena would frown slightly, more at herself. Looking to the bat she would then look back to her. "Take it....and I can take the Slugger and 60 caps....." A tilt of her her head she'd smile. "Would would that be fair?"
Iris Lark "That sounds fair." Iris responds, slipping Serena a handful of caps, as she pushes the hair out of her face. She stows the 9mm behind the counter and offers the girl a grin. "Just be careful who you are swinging that thing at, okay?"