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Akane      Akane was running. Running at top speed and panting. She had been running as fast as possible and looked tense. She ran right into a guard in her path. Well not entirely into. She skidded to a stop and demanded to see Lee.
Lee     Lee was out in that field with a bunch of raw recruits trying to move power armor. Once again he was in nothing but that salvaged power armor, the suit not having the power to move it, meaning that every movement he did? It was him doing it, not the suit. He'd stride up and down the line, drill sargeant style, yelling at the recruits how they're screwing up and to do better.

    The guard would stop Akane from getting onto the field initially, but after she demanded to see Lee, he'd glance over, shrug and point her in that direction. "Ova there. But dun go snoopin, yah?" Ok.. so.. probably a new militia guy too.
Akane      Akane nodded and moved around the guy, out to the field. She paused as she took int he sight. She knew little about power armor except she knew what it meant to move it without the power. She looked impressed for a moment. Her red hair shone in the sun and she moved up past the recruits, getting more than one odd look. Standing at the end of the line where he was heading she stared at the armor, those green eyes speaking of something serious going on in her head.
Lee     Lee was losing the group. Something was moving over to the side that had those people unable to even get the armor to budge, craning to look at instead of him. "Bah." He'd turn to face the full group and point. "Dissassemble your armor, pack it in the bag and 50 laps. As a group. Ifn I catch any laggards, it'll be 50 more laps! Get!!" The recruits were at least around long enough to not moan at that, but would start working as Lee thumps over to Akane to look at her. Any would be greeting dies on his lips at that look. The helm is taken off for the moment as he'd watch her. "What is it?"
Akane      Akane let out a little breath as she confirmed it was Lee in that armor then moved closer. "I just got done treating a deserter." She glanced around then back up at Lee. "I have some information the militia needs to know. Where is best to talk?" She wasn't sure if it mattered who heard her but this could be sensitive.
Lee     Lee frowns, then nods. He'd point off towards the HQ and start that way, obviously expecting her to go with him. Once inside, he'd get out of the salvage armor, stretching a little with a grunt, then once he knows Akane is with him, continues on for one of the offices. There, he'd nod after closing the door. "What's up Akane? Deserter? Of the Militia?"
Akane      Akane nodded and followed Lee closely, watching him step out of that armor, unable to keep an impressed look from her face. When he finally nodded to her and spoke she shook her head. "Gunner deserter. They're working with the Enclave. Lee, he said the Enclave was planning to send heavy troops through Texas to New Mexico to pressure El Dorado."
Lee     Lee frowns, nodding slowly. he'd start pacing as he'd think about it. "Through texas.. frag. We'll have ta warn people out there.. and I ain't seen an officer of late.." he'd growl, then shakes his head. "A'right.. I'll make sure this is known.. thank ya Akane.. are you ok? Where didja find the deserter?"
Akane      Akane nodded as Lee caught on quickly. "He said something about the Brotherhood being too busy with mutants to stop them if they came through Texas." Then she blinked a few times. " I'm fine." She furrowed her brow wondering why she wouldn't be ok. Then she realized she probably still had some blood on her hands. "This is his not mine. I was out in the wasteland looking for some useful things. I found him instead. He's dead. I couldn't really help him."
Lee     Lee looks relieved a moment, then nods with a sigh. "Frag.. A'right. I'll see what I can do about gettin.. someone ta listen ta me. We gotta get this ta the higher ups so they can start bein ready fer it.. Ifn they're skippin the BoS.. then we need ta know fast.."
Akane      Akane moved closer, resting a soft hand on his shoulder. She looked concerned, though for him, not the situation. She'd brought the information to someone she trusted int he militia. It was all she could do. If she had to repeat it a few times to Lee's superiors she would but for now, things were fine. And she looked concerned for him. "Are you ok? I... Didn't realize... You were that strong." She blushed faintly.
Lee     Lee paused as Akane would step close. There's a small smile given as she'd ask and he'd chuckle quietly. "Akane.. I found that scrap pile I was wearin out there in the wasteland.. all the serious parts taken.. I'm lucky the HUD still works.. But.. frag.. it's armor. So.. I wore it. Everywhere.. It'll putcha inta shape.. or kill ya." He'd purse his lips then shrugs. "Either way.. 'tween that and the sledge.. I've gotten stronger than I was, yanno? 'course.. it helps havin someone I'm wantin ta protect.."
Akane      "That's not the point." She would rub his arms lightly. That kind of workout would kill her. But then he said it helped to have someone to protect and she blushed fully, trying not to, trying not to smile but hse couldn't keep it off her lips. "I'll give you a backrub when you get home then, hmm?"
Lee     Lee smiles at her touch and reaches up to brush a calloused thumb across her cheek. Ok.. so she's really pretty when she blushes. "Hmm.. right. Yah. Still on duty.." He'd chuckle with a slight shake of his head. "Ah.. I'll look forward ta it fer sure.. I know we'll need ta scramble people ta be ready.."
Akane      The touch softened the look on Akane's face and she touched the back of his hand, but as he said. He was still on duty. She grew more serious, though. "I will help however you need me to. Just ask. I'm not militia but I can come along as a medic. Should I stick around or...?"
Lee     Lee nods slightly, that last lingering smile at her touch before his hand would shift to take her own. "Come on. Let's go see ifn I can find someone important enough ta listen.. yah?" He'd lead her out and further into the HQ. Where's an officer when you need one??
Akane      Akane blinked but nodded and followed Lee as he led her out. She had no problem with telling whoever she had to. This was home now so....