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Lynnette Lyn, making herself from the kitchen back out to the bar would yawn a bit. Wiping her forehead she would tote in a box over behind the bar then. It was quiet shockingly and she was going to use it to get some work done. That menu was almost written up and she would pull those papers off of the bartop and onto a stool behind there with her.
Devlin Not knocking, Devlin walks into the unlocked bar and closes the door behind himself slowly, but he didn't try to hide his steps. Walking around the way, he lets a finger stroke the counter until he stood before of Lynnette, fully sober and hardly even carrying a scent of ale, though it might have been his bandages at this point. "I remember you wished to speak with me and it seemed you didn't feel at ease speaking with Shiloh or Alpha being around, feeling any more relaxed or.. is Alpha downstairs?"
Lynnette She didn't look directly at the door as she bent over to pick up the bottles to put in the ice. Sighing a bit she would groan before that voice was picked out. Slowly Lyn would stand then tilted her head a bit. "Well well well...." Smirking she'd run her fingers through her hair before letting out a yawn. "I mean I like her. But it's not rally....her business...." Chuckling she'd lean on the bartop then and smirked. "....and Alpha? No...he's still out on patrol. want to see my basement too?"
Devlin "The cellar isn't full of a cache of arms, you would of sold some for repairs soon after the incident if it was, so I don't find it interesting" is cooly said, as Devlin moves to sit down on a seat beside Lynnette. Drawing his right arm up and coiling it, he soon uses it as a pillow fro his chin and neck. "I doubt that's why you invites me here, now was it?" is asked but once he did, he closed his eyes, only to exhale slowly. "Why don't you tell what did you want to tell me at the grand meeting?"
Lynnette She'd stop smiling now as she leaned on the bar. Those green eyes would stare at him then she eyed him before finally speaking up. " really think I'm playing with Alpha's feelings.....?" For the first time he actually heard her voice soft and somewhere....remorseful? A tilt of her head as she watched him intently.
Devlin "I don't know." Closing his eyes, Devlin simply shrugs his shoulders lightly and tilts his head slowly toward the left until a pop could be heard, which only make it twist the other direction. "If you are and you're just stringing him along with a long term game, you're a bitch. All offense intended." Turning his head to the side to lay against his arm, Devlin looks across and slightly up towards Lynnette to continue with, "If you aren't playing a game.. stop acting like you are and move forward. Simple.. don't make things muddy, muddy is bad."
Lynnette Was that an actual wince at that? Looking off to the side she would look sad but chuckled a bit. Pushing herself off of the bar she would slide her hands through that curled hair and closed her eyes. "I'm not stringing him along....." Looking up at him she'd frown a bit. "I keep up that act because helps me with info.....and two.....I don't need him to have trouble." There was an intent look in her house now. "He knows that and doesn't care as long as someone doesn't get too handsy. I don't even let people get handsy...." Obviously there was something else going on but she just nodded. "Apparently someone blabbed or caught us....but some guys thought they could just use me as leverage. I don't....need to be liability." Leaning on the Wally now she'd just shake her head. "Just like some people....I have a past and I don't need it catching up to someone I l-...." Stopping she'd look to him. "So sorry if you I think I"m some con artist and a tart..."
Devlin "Hmm.. If I thought you were a con or a whore do you think I would rent my service for so cheap?" Lifting up his head, Devlin looks towards Lynnette with lidded eyes, somewhat dull either from winding down at the late hour or boredom. "It's called investing.. I saw worth, I invested. Simple as that. As for you not being a liability.. I could try and call in a favor from Krysta, likely will cost me, but I could try and talk her into teaching you how to defend yourself."
    Looking away, Devlin rests his head on top of his coiled arm rather contently. "As for your past catching up to you.. You could hire me and finance my soon to be mercenary corp to eliminate all threats born from your past, counting you pay us well for each engagement." Closing his eyes fully, it didn't appear that Devlin was worried or surprised that Lynnette was almost kidnapped and used as bait. "As for the rules between you and Alpha? Not my issue, nor my job.. mine is to keep you safe, nice and simple. Don't try to weave a net, okay?"
Lynnette She'd stare at him and then frowned a bit. " hurt..." Like it or not, she admitted it. A finger would go to wipe under her eyes before she sniffled slightly. "The way you made it sound the other was kind of a slap in the face...." At the mention of Krysta she would scrunch her nose. "....I'm still not sure how I feel bout her. Besides I know how to handle myself. My father at least taught me that." She'd leave it at then before she would sigh.

There was a silence before she would speak again. "Yeah....I can't afford that." Moving to fix herself self a glass of water...she'd actually sit it down in front of him. "If I were in the life to be some obnoxious rich man's wife? Maybe. But not me and I care for who I care for." A shrug then as she fixed herself a glass. "And your to keep my bar safe I thought." A chuckle finally would leave her lips. "I need it to not get smashed up again."
Alpha     Maybe his ears are burning. Either way, Alpha would head in that front door, glancing around as he'd do so.. just in case. Spotting Dev and Lyn there, he'd stroll over for the bar, settling on one of the stools with an easy smile to the other two. "Dev. Lyn. I get a beer?"
Devlin At the mention of being able to handle herself, Devlin chuckles and shakes his head gently. "No, you know how to roughly shoot a shotgun, you don't know nor have the will to kill.. That's a main difference between you and Krysta." Closing his eyes again, it appeared as if Devlin was preparing to take a nap but he began to speak once again, "There's little to fear from Krysta's type, they follow the rules, to the letter.. those chains makes it easier to keep sane."
    The last few lines were met with a grumble, and unfocused glaring eyes, "There's a way, though you need to caught up the price for a 'Vulcan Minicannon', though maybe one of the Militia's new laser variants could prove useful as well.." Opening his eyes, Devlin starts to show the dimentions of the weapons before, "Also, you'd need to pay for each trigger pull, that would be bout.. eighty to hundred fifty caps per trigger pull, understand me?"
Lynnette She'd frown a bit as she parted her lips to say something then shut her mouth as soon as Alpha walked in. Lyn knew what he wanted before even sat down and was already pulling it up before he spoke. Setting it down in front of him she would smile then looked back to Devlin. "Catch me a dark alley, see what happens. I wasn't taught to shoot guns. I had to pick that up...." Folding her arms across her chest she would then tilt her head. "As for that.....? I'll get dragged off somewhere before I'd be able to afford it. I've made it thirty two years without help like far so good....." At that she'd lean on the counter then looked to Alpha with a smile. "Evening, Sheriff...."
Alpha     Alpha looks between Dev and Lyn curiously. He'd purse his lips, nodding to Lyn with a small smile as he'd pass over the caps to pay for the drink given. "Hmm.. so am I missin somethin..?"
Devlin In a dry tone, Devlin sat up and said "If I was contracted to catch you, kill you or rape you and I didn't know you? Lyn.. dressed as that, and having that little twenty-two on you wouldn't change much, if anything." Soon with his eyes still lidded, a lop sided smirk spreads across his lips as he watches her, not once hiding his voice despite Alpha's presence being now well known. "I'm good at my job when paid and with good intel, kindness isn't part of the profession, it's a offering for when I care. When I don't, shooting each thigh, and bicep is an amusing idea as it keeps someone from resisting.
    Turning away from Lynnette, Devlin nods lightly towards Alpha but it wasn't long before looking the man over briefly. Moving a hand to the side of his neck, attempting it massage it tender. "I'm not taking on contracts against those I call friend, which includes both of you here, so don't worry about some of my dirty work, I'll do it outside of the town." It was then that Devlin began to look around, trying to see what Lynnette was doing with her boy toy was at the other end of the bar
Lynnette She'd flinch as she heard those words but just set down that cap in front of Alpha. Lyn would look over to Devlin and stared at him before speaking. "....good to know...." She'd turn and then make her way from that bar then as she went into the kitchen, to which promptly Chuck seemed to be shoved out and towards the bar. She was totally fine. Yup. Totes.
Alpha     Alpha frowns, then sighs softly as he'd take up his bottle. Watching Lyn go, he'd glance over to Dev. "Good ta know we ain't on the menu. Otherwise I'd prolly try ta cap ya now.." Shaking his head, he'd take a swig of his beer. "That sorta thing dude? Ya dun say to women.. ever.. yah?"
Iris Lark Iris pushes the door open and walks in, glancing around briefly as she looks out for Lynnette. Not finding her, she walks up to the bar, takes a seat and raises a finger to Chuck. "A beer please?" She glances around at some of the other patrons, not making eye contact for very long before she turns back toawrds the bar.
Devlin Turning back towards Alpha, a soft smile spreads across his lips as Devlin says, "I try not to lie to my friends. The truth isn't always nice to hear but, I do have a personal policy, ya know?" Looking down, the man presses his hand against the edge of the counter before pushing off, bringing himself up to his feet. Taking a few steps towards the door and towards Alpha, he stops to say, "The policy is this, don't give someone a break because of what's between their legs. Hold all to the same truth, the same standard and it makes them stronger."
A faint chuckle escapes his lips, but it doesn't sound like it was a happy one, but one made from bitter memories as Iris walked inside, looking for a drink. "What I've done or have been contracted to do to a woman, I've been contracted for men as well. It makes no difference in the end.." Holding up a finger, signaling the importance of the next 'rule', "Caps are caps. Nothing more, nothing less."
Alpha     Alpha grunts lightly at Dev's 'rules'. He'd watch the man, before shrugging a little and lifts that beer in a salute his way. Glancing to Iris then, he'd give a small upnod to her. "Nice ta see ya again Iris.. Everythin goin good?" He'd eye her as Chuck got her the beer. "Ifn yer lookin fer Lyn, she's in the back, eh?"
Iris Lark Iris nods at Alpha and gets back to her feet, making her way towards the kitchen after giving Alpha and Devlin a slightly quizzical look. She would knock lightly on the kitchen door, leaning aginst the threshold with her glass in hand. "Lyn, are you in there?" She calls out and waits patiently.
Lynnette Finally she would make her way out of the kitchen then as she let Chuck do his thing behind the bar. She spotted Iris but waved for now as she was on a mission. Steadily she'd make her way up to Devlin and squinted her eyes. Staring at him she'd raise a hand up and pointed a finger. "I appreciate you being honest......" Those green eyes stared up at him and nodded. "....however tact is not your strong point." She'd raise her brow a bit then as she folded her arms. "Thank you. Hope you're not running off already...."

She'd smirk up at him before turning on her boot heels and making her way back towards Iris. Giving the woman a tight hug she'd exhale before smiling at her. "How are you?"
Devlin Looking over his shoulder, Devlin begins to smirk faintly at hearing Lynnette once again, "Rather be stabbed than slowly cut into personally, helps it heal faster and hurt for a shorter time." Turning half way, the man uses his good arm to point off towards one of the walls to say, "I was about to head home and sleep.. I stopped by before going out and passing out, did you have something in mind that you'd like a spit of help with?" Closing his eyes again, Devlin begins to slowly work at massaging his neck, working out the tension that has seeped deeply.
Alpha     Alpha drinks from his bottle, watching Lyn as she'd go tell Devlin off. Then moving over to Iris, he'd nod slightly and looks back to Dev. "Eh.. ya should be fine man. I'm here.. so dun worry nothin no how, yah? Yer good.."
Iris Lark Iris jumps as Lynnette stalks out from the back room and then when Lyn comes back to hug her, she spills at least a quarter of her drink. "I'm..okay, are you okay?" She asks, glacing between the three involved in the conversation. Her voice gets a bit quiet. "I need to talk to you alone at some point Lyn." She sets the beer down on the counter and wipes off her hands. She eyes Devlin as he moves towards the door. "That cast will need to come off at some point." She calls out before she smiles towards Alpha.
Lynnette She'd look over to Devlin in smiled. "Unless you want to just hang out...I think I'm good, dude." Looking to Alpha she'd chuckle at his answer and shook her head before looking to Iris. "I'm fine yes...." Smirking she'd shrug a bit as she slowly leaned in a bit. "....oooh. Do we need a girl's night?" Nudging her playfully she would smile a bit.
Devlin Glancing towards Alpha, Devlin nods lightly. "Just keep an eye on them then, not my shift tonight anyways. Turning towards the door, he doesn't turn around to answer back to Iris, "It's been a fifteen days, I know.. Waiting to make sure it's fully set, don't want to risk needing another treatment just from being hasty." Turning around once he could hear Lynnette, Devlin lifts an arm up and waves towards the pair of women. "As I said, I stopped by so we could chat a bit in the quiet, I'm going to get some rest. I have a few plans I need to work out for, contracts elsewhere." With that Devlin begins make his way out the far and into the settlement's streets.
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Dev, shaking his head a little and drinks some more of his beer. "Fer sure.. I'll be around. See ya man." Alpha eyes Lyn and Iris then, shrugs and gets up. "I'll actually chill downstairs ifn ya'll want. So ya can talk. Afterall.. I don't wanna push ya out there." He'd drain his beer and smiles. "Wouldn't mind a bit of a cat nap myself."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Lynnette, a slight grin on her face. "Yes, I think another girls night is necessary." She murmurs, watching as people start to disperse. She leans in and gives Lyn a hug and points towards the door. "If you want, I can come talk to you tomorrow at some point, if things are closing down."
Lynnette Blowing Devlin a kiss she would smirk then looked to Alpha. "Well we'll be fine I'm sure. It's getting late. I'll meet you downstairs in a bit." When he did decide to get up and pass by, she'd give him a quick kiss before looking over to Iris. Smiling she would lean on the bar and shake her head. "No you're fine. They're all going and Chuck has the bar. So what's up?"
Iris Lark "Well, I need some advice,'ll be complicated. So I was wondering when I could get you to come by for dinner?" Iris asks, grinning over at Lynnette as she leans in to take one drink of the half full glass of beer that she has.
Lynnette Blinking she would raise her brow at the woman then smirked. "...tomorrow night? How's that?" A tilt of her head as Lyn would look her over. Leaning in she would whisper then. "...big boobies?"
Iris Lark Iris nods at Lyn and smiles. "Tomorrow night sounds good, yes." But the next words out of Lynnette's mouth has her completely puzzled and she glances down at her chest before she blinks at Lyn. "Pardon?" She all but whispers.
Lynnette She'd blink and shrugged. "I don't'm tired...." A hand going to her face she would laugh then. "Anyway....what does it deal with? So I know how to prep myself...."
Iris Lark "Boys, what else?" Iris responds, smirking in Lyn's direction as she picks up her rucksack and walks towards the door. "I need advice badly, and I think you'll be able to help me, no problem." She raises her hand to wave as she pushes her hair away from her face. "Rest well, Lyn."
Lynnette She'd blink a bit then tilted her head. "Oh leaving already?" Sighing a bit she would smile over at her friend then. "Well I will do my best, sweetie. Though I may be the worst...." Grinning then. "I've had my share of men....but this is my first real relationship in a long time."