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Manuelito Ominous grey clouds hung over the blue skies outside, threatening to drench the town of El Dorado in rain; maybe even acidic rain. Even with the ominous ugly looking clouds, the temperature was rather pleasant given the season as a steady, chilly breeze blew in from the east.

Already inside is Manuelito, sitting in a chair that is turned slightly with his elbow planted drinking a cold beer. He looked worn, tired from a long day. Strapped to his side was a holster with a pistol in it. A few extra beers were empty around him, along with a plate of half eaten food.
Clara Caine Any day her sister and brother are involved, Clara finds it to be the type of day that brings her mood down. The weather, befits her state of mind if even a little.
Hers gloved hand knocks open the saloon door, she strides in, though her army styled boots look heavy she is light of foot enough to not make a sound. Blue eyes spy Manny - which is the name the player thought of on the spot. So, she heads his way, pulled off her hat and letting it fall to the table before she slides into the seat across from him. "I'll take what he's drinking!" Clara calls out to a waitress, pulling the root she was chewing on out of her mouth. "You're looking tired darlin', what has your brow beat?"
Manuelito Smiling warmly to her, the beer is tips toward her as she asks for a beer. "Just the patrol being a long day really." Manuelito replies in a smooth calm voice. "How is my favorite Caine?" He asks, adding "Heard about that sheriff?"
Clara Caine An arm goes over the back of the chair, Clara turns to look out the window to the clouds and then back to him. "Oh, thank ya darlin'." Beer is a need right now. A good drink is taken, the glass put back down in front of him. "I had to deal with my sister and brother today, tears me up to share a name with them. But otherwise, well." Some hair is brushed from her freckle dusted face. "I did, poor story that."
Manuelito Frowning at the mentioning of her siblings, Manuelito shakes his head as he picks the beer back up and drinks from it. "I'm sorry hun." He replies sympathetically and gives a genial smile to the later part. "Eh, it's still a good name, just a damn shame what they did to you all these years." His head shakes at that.
Clara Caine Sitting back against the chair, her beer finally arrives with and the waitress is thanked with a two fingered salute. Manny is given a smile, around her chug of beer. It's put down, a ring of moisture pooling on the table. "It's what it is." Shrugging it off, a gloved hand goes to grab something from her pocket, a folded piece of paper. Her smile as always, is charming, which is the smile he gets while handing over the paper. "Thinking I may paint this on the side of the barn, sketched it up earlier today. Tell me what ya think."
Manuelito Giving a charming little smile back, Manny winks at her before taking another sip. Bringing it back slightly, he nods. "And how are the twins?" He asks before leaning forward to take the picture between his fingers, glancing it over. "Damn, I forget how well you draw." He said chuckling, his head nodding in clear approval. "I like it. When you thinking of doing that?" He asks handing the picture back to her; hand brushing against hers in the process and a soft smile is given.
Clara Caine A few people come and go, Clara watches them a second and then looks back to Manny, nodding over her drink at his approval. "When I got the." A gloved hand gives a little wave, with the intention of 'I don't know yet'. Kicking her feet up on another chair while reaching for the paper she sighs. "I hate when my sister rolls arond. She ain't no mom, and my brother doesn't help the matter any either." There is a one shouldered shrug. "What about you anyway? Other than the sherrif kickin' his boots off in a permanent fashion, you got more work under foot?"
Manuelito "Patrols, training the new recruits and bossin' people around." Manny replies with a small grin. His eyes linger on her with a little twinkle in them as he hmms. "Ya' know you always have a place to run to if'n you need time away when they roll on through." He notes; and has many times in the past. "Kids be welcome to." He adds before finishing his beer.
Clara Caine "Oh darlin' I know." Clara replies with that charming smile of hers. "But, for however much they drive me crazier than a cat stuck in a box, I ain't gonna let them walk in and out like hell on heels without catching up with them myself. I'd rather shove horse shit in my sleep mind, than try to dig out of the pile they always create."
Manuelito "I know, I know." He replies smoothly, head nodding slightly in understanding as he leans forward. "Well, at the very least come by tonight and I'll whip up some dinner for you and the kids. Get'cha out for a few hours and away from there mess." Manny says warmly to her.
Clara Caine A finger taps on the table as she thinks. "I'll talk to the twins, see if they are up for it. I know Lilly got some stuff to from Katherine. But if now, I'll meander over, not feeling like cooking tonight anyway. That's womans work after all." He's given a sly smile and wink.
Manuelito "You know you love my cookin." Manny replies with a smirk and a wink back at her. Glancing toward the time, he moves to stand "You comin' down to the Sand Sanks? Hear your sister is whipping up a posse of people. As the militia guy, probably should head on down to check it out."