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John The rain had stopped and the air began to warm up. Puddles of water could be seen around the lake as John stood there, staring out at it. He had asked Joe back in the Saloon to come join him if he wished and meandered off without seeing if he would come.
Joe Caine Joe honestly wasn't even sure if he was going to show up to meet John. Right up to the point that he's approaching, Joe has his doubts, but something keeps pushing him forward. Had it not been the second time in his life that a parent suddenly appeared in his adult life, it might not have been as easy, but considering everything, perhaps it was a good thing, "Howdy.." He says quietly, not even quite sure if the words made it out of his throat.
John Turning just a bit, John looks to Joe quietly. Damn did the boy look like a younger version of himself. He sighs gently, head giving a nod to him. "Howdy.." A pause, then adds "So, what is your name?" He asks cordially as he shifts his full wait at look at him.
Joe Caine Joe walks forward a bit more before stopping, and pulling out a flask, he hits it one good time before passing it over to John, "The name is Joseph Caine, but everyone just calls me Joe." There's a pause before glancing back at his father, which he still has issues with accepting. With a sharp inhale, he counter questions the older Paladin, "And yours?"
John Taking the flask, he drinks from it. "Joseph huh?" He mulls the name over, nodding. "Nice name. Mother chose well Names John Winchester." He tells him as he hands the flask back to him. "Met your mother when she was 16 and .. well I was a bit older." He said softly.
Isabella Colt Isabella had been following the rumors that one of the most wanted men on the West Coast happened to be in the same region as she was. When the radio report from the NCR Embassy, which she had only learned of via that same radio report, sent in a report on John Winchester; well she had detoured from meeting up with her squad.

It was the kind of job you should have had your squad for, the kind of operation where being sure and certain of victory was the best way to achieve it. Sometimes you just wanted glory though, sometimes you just wanted vengeance.

John Winchester didn't know who she was. He didn't even know her face, but she knew his well. She had been part of a group of Desert Rangers and NCR Soldiers the man had slaughtered. Of that group, Isabella Colt was the Sole Survivor.

Her patience paid off when she had seen John leave El Dorado, she had stalked her prey for a good while; would she be lead back to an entire Brotherhood base?

The reality was quite different as she setup on one of the sandy dunes near the lake as one of the most feared men in the post-apocalyptic world sat drinking a flask with a young man.

The iron-sights of the lever action were set upon John, but she didn't fire, not until she was certain her shot would hit. So she waited like a sand viper, waiting to strike her prey when she was certain that movement and wind condition would not affect the shot.
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, listening to what John had to say with a considerable amount of interest. When the flask is handed back, he attempts to drink from it again, but finds that he didn't steal enough from back home. Curse. When it gets to talks of his mother, he presses his lips together, "I've only known her for four or five years now. To be honest, I've just recently forgiven her for leavin' me here while she ran off doin' whatever she was doin'.. you.. shit, at least you didn't know about me."

Joe never went anywhere without a rifle slung to his shoulder. Since leaving the Militia, the rifle only got bigger, ya never know who might be stalking you from the dunes. Ahem.
John "Wait." He turns to look at him "If she wasn't raising you, then who was?" John asks with a frown, hand resting on the laser pistol as he talks to his son. "And.. if I knew, you and your sister would've been flown to the Brotherhood base and raised there."
Joe Caine "Well, Clara raised me for the most part, but when I was fifteen or so I joined the Militia.. lied about my age. Pretty much raised myself beyond that." Talks of the Brotherhood cause him to quirk an eyebrow. He had always heard tales of the B.O.S, but he'd never actually met one. Figures it'd be his blood relative.

Meanwhile, Joe remains blissfully unaware of Isabella and her perfect shot that is brewing.
John "Oh were really not that bad, Joe. Sure, we idolize technology and seek it out. Steal it and horde it or however you want to call it." John replies calmly. "Wars happen, people have their own opinion about honestly." He shrugs.
Isabella Colt Isabella is about twenty feet away from the pair at this point and the moment she presses the trigger of her lever-action rifle down, a loud shot rings out that gives away her position immediately. The bullet wizzes by John's left leg and the follow-up shot seconds later misses entirely as she moves to reposition, "Fuck." That should have been a headshot.
John While waiting on Joe to respond, the sound of a bullet firing is heard. A second later, pain shot through his leg. He collapses to the ground, which in turn allows the other bullet to fly by. Withdrawing his laser pistol, he looks around, attempting to see where the shot came from. "Shes got the high ground" He says, aiming the Laser pistol toward her "Over there, see her?" He asks Joe.
Joe Caine "Well I've only hear-" Shots ring out, and Joe is instantly reaching for the massive Battle Rifle as he drops down to a prone position. With John shouting out her general location, Joe spots her, and pops off a crack-shot that may have hit, if it weren't for the wind, or some stupid unseen variable, "Dammit! Expecting friends, Pa?"
John Aiming at Isabella, John moves slightly as he pulls the trigger, the pain from the fresh bullet wound throwing off both shots. "Alright, listen kid. I'm gonna go around the ridge all stealth like and blast the fucker with a shotgun. Think you can cover me?"
Isabella Colt Isabella kept focussed on John even as one of Joe's bullets cut through her duster and winged her arm. That had hurt, she would definitely remember that son of a bitch. Aiming at John once more she fired, but the bullet was stopped dead by his chest armor.
John As he stands up, a bullet pings off his chest arm and he falls back down. Nodding to Joe, he turns and scurries low and out of sight of Isabella.
Joe Caine Joe nods to John, "Gotcha." Joe spins on his stomach to a different location, unloading an automatic burst, which pelts the cover near Isabella relentlessly. It's mostly used as cover fire, until he spots an opening through the iron sights of his weapon. With a calculated breath, Joe depressed the hair-trigger, letting loose a single shot, that manages to hit true. He remains silent though, not wishing to give away his Pa's location
Joe Caine While Joe has the advantage, he pulls the trigger back full throttle, sending ten consecutive bullets in repetition down-range towards his target. At least one or manages to hit it's mark, but not before he gets a grazing wound on his chest, "Shit!" Oh. NOW it's on.
Isabella Colt Isabella slings her rifle back over her shoulder as she's peppered with automatic fire that doesn't just hit her armor but penetrates in multiple points; enough so that she would be needing a bullet pulled out of her arm, "You son of a bitch!" She cried out as she drew a heavy hunting revolver and began fan-firing it rapidly at Joe, hitting the men in the chest armor to little effect.
John Coming up behind the woman with soft footsteps, John puts away his laser pistol and pulls out the saw off shotgun. The barrel rests close her noggin as he says "Move or flinch and the last thing you will see is the grass turning red with your blood, then the Devil placing you in servitude in hell." A beat "Hand off the rifle and behind your head." As he says this, he moves the barrel away just enough for distance, but still with deadly consequences if she chose to fight.
Isabella Colt Isabella doesn't seem interested in surrendering, instead of putting her hands up she charges at John intending to grapple him but the man is able to deftly evade her!

The Desert Ranger realizes that whoever this mysterious young man is with John? He's tough and skilled. She knows she cannot hope to face the both of them so rather than her follow-up blow against John?

She jumps backwards over the edge of the ledge into the lake!
John A frown creases his lips as the woman attempted to grapple, then jumped into the lake. Sliding the shotgun back its holster, he turns and limps down to Joe. "That crazy bitch put a hole in my leg. Might have to see that doc in Shantytown." He mumbles with a sigh "Less you know a better one?"
Joe Caine When John made his move, Joe slings his rifle back over his shoulder before running full speed up the side of the dune to where Pa and his assassin were tussling. By the time she jumps off over the edge, Joe barely managed to get his rifle up to shoot, "Dammit, she got away.." Joe leans over the edge momentarily while looking down his iron-sights, ready to blast her, but she was out of sight. Raising up the mask of his helmet, Joe touches the bloody spot on his chest, before looking over towards John, "Yeah she did. I put a couple holes in, her?" He pauses, shaking his head, "Her torso and arm. She's gon' need some medical attention herself." Slinging the rifle back over his shoulder, Joe continues his dialogue, "Ma can patch you up. Let's get back to the Saloon." Joe offers an arm for John to limp on if needed.
John "You really think your ma is going to welcome me with open arms after last night?" John said chuckling as he limp walks on after him. "Pretty sure she'll just torture me for a half hour before saying a real doc is needed." He adds with a frown. "No, I am positive on that." He adds
Joe Caine "You're probably right.." Joe considers it, and frowns himself, as she'd probably do the same to him for associating with him. "Shanty Town Medic it is then!" Moving towards Shanty Town, Joe finally questions, "Who was that? And why were they so intent on killing you. She didn't even attempt to shoot me after the first time I hit her.. you have a way with women.."
John Scratching his chin, he hmm a bit on that. "I think she was a Desert Ranger." He replies to Joe before pausing "Though, in all technicality, they belong to the NCR after their little unification powwow of 2271." He shrugs a little "Lead the way Joe." He says calmly
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, "I see. Why are the Rangers trying to assassinate you? I assume she probably wants me dead now too." Always fun making new enemies. Though he doesn't seem too worried about it. If having enemies concerned Joe, he'd have never made it out the Wastelands.
John "Kid.. I've been a Steel since I was ..., well shit my entire life. But I have seen plenty of battles and skirmishes in my years. A lot of them against the NCR." John tells him quietly as he walks. "I have a reputation for being ruthless and cunning on the battlefield and... well, the rumors be true now; a bounty." He chuckles "Go figure, a Head Paladin of the Western Brotherhood of Steel with a bounty on his head."
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, "I never got into the politics between the two factions. Never concerned me, up until now though, I guess." He continues own, their march to the next town still a ways off, "I honestly didn't know there were many of y'all, either of y'all in the area." Shaking his head, Joe idly reloads his rifle, just incase they run into another assassin.
John "What do you mean many of us?" John asks curiously. "We have only arrived a week or two ago and set up camp nearby." He adds.
Joe Caine "Brotherhood, or Rangers. The Militia has always patrolled the area, never needed any outside assistance. If y'all just set up camp though, that would make sense. However, it makes me wonder why the interest in this area." Joe's eyebrows are furrowed now, the wound on his chest still bleeding, "That bitch.." He mutters to himself.
John "Not really sure. We have our own reasons to being here; though I cannot say why. As for the NCR.. probably here looking to expand. Claim there for peace and can protect against the legion. Heh. Seen lower Nevada recently?" John shakes his head. "I can assure you that were not here for the city, or land. Technology has always been our keen interest; and we've gone to war over it in the past."
Joe Caine Joe Caine shakes his head, "Can't say that I have seen Nevada recently, no." He sighs, "If they're here for anything more than passing through, they're going to have issues. We don't take kindly to outsiders encroaching on our land." Joe hadn't been involved with the Militia in quite some time now, but the look in his eyes show the resolve of a man who would join back up in a heart beat.