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Iris Lark Iris spent a fair amount of time on dinner tonight. She cooked a lot, and at first glance it might seem that she was expecting more people - but they're not here. So she sits on one of the long couches, feet up as she quietly and very slowly, tries to read a book. When Camilla comes in she might hear her slowly attempting to pronounce words, the book resting on her thighs.
Camilla     "Trying to read?" asks Cami as she saunters in slowly, smiling warmly and despite her trying to hide it, looking a little worse for wear. Oh, and she is trying to hide the signs of injury, very much so. "I learned when I was in the legion, my priestess taught me to read on medical books."
Iris Lark "Making an attempt, not doing great." Iris says, setting the book aside as she gets to her feet. She steers Camilla towards the other couch, pulling some bandages from her kit. "So what got you?" She asks, opening the small jar of salve before she takes a seat next to her.
Camilla     Camilla smirks, "I could help teach you to read..." she adds as she gets steered and plos down. "Iris, I'm fine..." she adds in reply, filled with a long and dejected sounding sigh. "Honest. I'm ok..." and she bats away the salve jar gently. "I just got a little scratched up, I'm fine."
Iris Lark "Good, I'm glad you're okay, now let me bandages the scrapes." Iris replies, with a slight roll of her eyes. She spreads salve across the wound and wraps it slowly and then quirks a brow. "I can get most small books, but I'm working my way up to larger words. You know?" She lowers her voice a bit and adds. "Not that I need it, I'm ...I don't know.."
Camilla     Camilla sighs, and nods as she sits there and lets Iris go about fixing her up. "Then, let me teach you. We can find more books and read them together, could be something to enjoy or do."

    She pauses a moment, "You don't know what?"
Iris Lark Iris nods at Camilla and offers her a friendly smile. "Yes, I think that would be a grand idea. Learn together, especially if they're going to expect me to read at this new job." She hunches her shoulders a bit and then frowns, gazing at Camilla. "I just hate feeling like I don't know something that I should, that's all."
Camilla     Camilla smiles warmly in return and nods, "I like the idea as well.." pause, beat, confused look, "new job?" She must not have heard about this one yet. "Oh, well, umm, I suppose I can understand that. Though, who says you /should/ know anything?"
Iris Lark "Nobody has...yet." Iris responds and she reaches up to pull the braids from her hair, letting the dark red curtain fall down her back. She leans back on the couch and lets out a soft sigh. "I'm working for Lone Star now, and ...well.." She nibbles on her bottom lip, her eyes on the fire flickering in the fireplace. "Camilla, sometimes I think I'm strange, or a horrible person."
Camilla     Camilla just blinks, and looks, well, shocked. "If I could, I'd smack you..." she replies plainly. "You can't honestly believe that can you? After everything you've been through? The pain and suffering? You are not, even remotely close, to being a horrible person."
Iris Lark "Just because you suffer doesn't mean that you're going to be a good person." Iris responds pragmatically, a slight smile on her lips. "I make a lot of questionable decisions lately though, or feel that I do. I leap without looking a lot."