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Devlin     The hour was still early, the sun hadn't made it to the highest point in the sky yet a small team was moving out towards a largely unguarded junkyard. The Junkyard was made up of largely vehicles that hadn't been worked on since the Great War destroyed most of their wiring and internal reactors. The small team at first sat in the back of a pickup truck, room being limited, the bed of the truck was fitted with mid back benches but without anything to secure the passenger down with. Behind the truck was a wide cart and on top of that was a massive engine, one too large to fit into most trucks.

    "I've said it once before, but that was before today, this is just a reminder.. We're not here to hunt down other scavvers or raiders poking about. We're here to look for parts to start and get this.. 'block' of metal working again, we need it to be able to at least roughly move." Turning to Shiloh, Devlin motions behind them with his right arm saying, "It's similar in specs to what I've seen of the fusion reactor engines." Turning towards Qwillis, he nods lightly towards the man and looks at the other man's wrist, "You should be able to pull up some information, this is a military operation's standard 'A.P.C.', if your pipboy doesn't have the diagrams I could have mine run a wire to update your's with it. Finally he turns to Krysta and shakes his head, "No, not ganna ask you to pick through things. I wanted you along.. think of it as a trial run for security detail. That will be one of the Corp's primary jobs, scav team deployment security."

    Looking around after he finished addressing everyone present, Devlin closes his eyes and leans forward slightly, resting his elbow against his knee. The trip in the back of the truck shouldn't be more than another five to ten minutes, they were making good time. "If anyone has a complaint or a question, touch base with me. I'll be all ears."
Qwillis     Qwillis sat in the back of that truck, listening to the others talk. He'd nod a little at Dev's talking to him. There's a smile flashed his way with a shake of his head. "No need. I rebuilt one in Mexico. Although it only limped along until it got here. I was also.. pretty messed up. I had 5 ghouls eat a good chunk of me. So I was kind of.. hazy. Either way. If you cover me so I can just get parts? I'll get your APC moving."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks over at Qwillis to listen to him thoughtfully, returning his smile gently. She looks back over at Devlin and nods her head as she smiles softly. "Alright, sounds like a plan. No need to pester anyone we don't need to or who doesn't pester us first." She takes a half step to look around the vehicles that have been laid out and stacked up, squinting over her options with a thoughtful expression. "It'll take some repurposing...a lot of this stuff is bigger than the average motorcycle. But there should be a few parts that'll be essentially the same. Who knows, maybe we might find a bike hidden out there under all this mess."
Krysta      Krysta raised an eyebrow as Devlin spoke to her of a trial run. Like this was a surprise that she would be brought along for security reasons. Her feelings werent made plain, however. She simply nodded to the mission head and turned back to watch over the cab of the truck as they rode along. Qwilliss expertise was noted and filed away for future use. If there was something mechanical, bring Qwillis. Eve Shiloh seemed to know something about mechanics. Krysta? Krysta knew how to shoot.
Devlin     Turning his gaze upwards once several thumps could be heard coming from the truck's cab, a signal from the driver's knuckles against the rear panel's glass. "That's our que, hold on for a few moments, we're slowing.. They don't have time to keep watch over us, they have other duties and those are why the contract was made to me."

    Just as Devlin mentioned, the truck slows to a crawl before stopping completely. Standing up, the man begins to make his way towards the tailless truck and hop down, avoiding landing onto the trailer that the truck was supporting still. "Come on now, this is as close as the engine's ganna get, and we're ganna look it over once more then split off." Not even out of the truck for two minutes, Devlin was already giving orders trying to keep things flowing smoothly, though anyone paying attention it was clear he wanted them in and out as quickly as possible.

    Both sies of the truck open, on one side was a male driver, a man wearing the uniform of a low ranking but mutli-seasonal Militia member. Not taking much time to talk to the mercenary group, he lowers the support bar and unhitches the engine, leaving it behind while saying, "I'll be back in six hours, if you need me sooner find a radio and I'll try to get here sooner." With his job done, the driver begins to head back to the cab but he does nod and tip his hat towards his passenger when they pass by, it was another mercenary, a combat medic the driver had been treated by several times in the past, Camilla.
Qwillis     Qwillis would stand, metal foot a solid thud of metal on metal in that truck bed as he'd move to that engine. Nodding a little as he'd look it over thoughtfully, then the area that Dev picked to scavenge from. "Shouldn't be hard.." Glancing to Shiloh, he'd smile her way and a wave is given to Cami at spotting her being along. They had an uneasy understanding.. But this wasn't the time or place to push it as he'd start out to look for parts.
Camilla     Camilla shoots the drive a warm smile and a nod in return. She'd raised her hand to go on this mission because, well, things never go right in the wasteland. There's always a chance that something could, in fact, go horribly wrong and well, if not her, than who? So, here she is, sliding out of the truck and streching out as she looks around the area. She turns back around to grab her rifle and medical bag, as well as a poncho that she'd taken along just incase there was nasty weather.

    With that done, she'd simply wait around, not much use for her /until/ things go poorly. She'd return a polite smile to Qwillis, now was indeed not the time.
Shiloh      Shiloh looks back to the others when the vehicle starts to slow down and waits for it to come to a complete stop before she hops out of it to get a look around. She glances up at the drivers while Devlin dishes out instructions for them and watches them as they drive off. She waves them good bye and heads over to the engine that was unhitched and set down. "So how are we going to split off the groups to cover more ground? A couple of fighters for one mechanic or something? We have the makings of two solid groups that can cover more just mean split up from the drivers." She frowns for the time being, her focus divided between waiting on Devlin's answer and inspecting the machinery before her.
Krysta      Krysta followed Devlin off the truck and unslung her service rifle, holding it at the ready as the militia guy took off. She frowned at this since it made more sense for him to stick around considering this was benefiting the Militia but.... Whatever. She turned to scan the horizon.
Devlin     Looking over his shoulder, Devlin noticed Camilla and smirks faintly, "The perks of running the clinic I'm guessing?" The teasing tone doesn't linger for long as he turns to look towards Shiloh to shake his head, but he doesn't try to get her attention while she studies the engine briefly. "This is unpatrolled territory, we'll stay as one group, two sentries, two dedicated mechanics and I'll help with the salvage job along with taking point."

    "We'll hit several cars at once, we don't need to strip them of everything, just what you two think we'll be needing. We don't need the engine purring like a young kitten, we just need it ale to turn over and start working.. A better job will be once the APC is running as a whole, then we can perfect it."

    Lingering until both Shiloh and Qwillis gave the engine a visual check, Devlin began to walk backwards several steps while drawing out his sidearm. Walking away from the engine, the man raised his arm and pointed to an outcrop of three cars and a delivery truck, most of the vehicles frames were badly rusted, some have had sections ripped off, other were wielded off, their shells used for easy scrap metal. "Now, if you can give me an idea of what you need, then I'll be able to at least try and spot for it. Asking me to put it together will get it to blow up.."

    Not saying a word after that comment, Devlin silently looks towards Krysta, a slightly annoyed expression was written across his face without the woman doing or saying anything yet.
Qwillis     Qwillis nodded slightly as he'd go over the engine ahead of them. Finally tearing his eyes away from it, he'd look over to Dev, listening and nodding a little. A smile is flashed at Shiloh and he'd start for the cars pointed out. "I don't know yet. But I do know what I'll need when we look at what we have. The hardest part's going to be gaskets. Those weather poorly.."
Camilla     Cami nods to Devlin, "Perks of running the clinic and being one of the only combat trained dedicated doctors in all of El Dorado.." she retorts with a grin. With that said, she simply stands put and waits, "I'll run rear guard if you want. I'm only here if something goes wrong anyway, and I'm a decent shot.."
Shiloh      Shiloh pays little attention to everything else and crouches down to twist her head and get a look on the under side of the engine. When she's back up on her feet, she's walking back around to inspect the other side, her brow knitting together in thought in the process. "Gaskets do look rough.." She mutters, then glances up at Devlin, "It's tough to get a test without trying to turn her on and seeing where it gets stuck. But just from eyeballing it, it could probably do with a couple of replacement gears for the gearbox. Some of them are looking dull and chipped, and probably won't be clicking right if she did get started. Maybe a new selector fork if we can find it. Maybe a new alternator would help...but we definitely gotta try to find a replacement for that's in bad shape." She sighs and drapes her arms over her eyes, "There's a crack in the crankshaft, and hoses that have been nibbled on by something or another...kinda got our work cut out for us but we got six hours to kill." She lowers her arms and heads over to follow behind Qwillis for the cars, picking out one different than whichever one he's settled at to get a look over.
Krysta      Krysta looked bored. Then again she always looked bored.... Devlin's mechanical jibber jabber went right over her head. Camilla, the medic of all people, wanted to run rear guard. Krysta perked up a bit at the idea of something blowing sky high, caught sight of Devlin's scowl and scowled right back at him.
Devlin     Shiloh earned a simply, almost blank stare as she went raddling words off that Devlin roughly knew about but didn't know what they meant. "Uh huh." He would simply watch her move off close towards Qwillis, only to split off to work at a far only a few yards away from his. For the time being the pair were able to work without much difficulty, nor finding anything limiting other than Shiloh finding a dried out Gecko that got trapped between several engine belts and had long since dried out into a husk.

    Without really hearing anything that was needed that he could understand beyond 'gas cap' begins to advance past the pair of mechanics to begin searching for signs of life with limited success. Camilla on the other hand begins to notice quite a bit of life, constant movement under cars in the distance but they never leave the cars, using them as cover from being seen. Meanwhile Krysta didn't find much activity of note, but what she found were signs of activity that had passed through not that long ago.. cigarette butts, used and bloody needles, spent casings in small clusters but oddly enough.. she didn't find any corpses, though there were several blood trails throughout the area.
Qwillis     Qwillis flashes a grin at Shiloh and nods his agreement at her assessment. He'd get to work on that car he'd walk up to, pulling parts out, those he'd need are kept to the side neatly. The rest? Tossed to the side lightly to get them out of the way, without hitting anyone with stray parts. He'd simply dig as he went, gathering that small group of parts to start with for rebuilding this engine.
Camilla     Camilla snaps her rifle up, pulling back the charging handle and letting it snap forward. There's that tell-tell /ka chink/ noise of the weapon being loaded as she hits the bolt release. She begins to back up, slowly, towards the other merc, Krysta. She taps her on the shoulder and motions with her hands towards the cars without saying anything. She keeps her weapon at the ready and leveled.
Shiloh      "Keep this, keep that...that's too big. Keep, keep,, that won't work, gunk's too dried on...we'd be chipping at that for days." Shiloh mutters, her tool belt rattling as she pulls out whatever she may need to loosen and gather the parts she's interested in. She glances over her shoulder to try to make note of what Qwillis is piling up for himself. It would be alright finding some duplicates and keeping what they didn't need around for spares, but they also needed a lot of parts so the more of a variety they got the better. She's just about to check around the belts but jolts at the sight of the dried up gecko. "Ugh.." She says, scrunching her nose as she got a better look. "Gecko jerky..." She sighs and tries to ignore the corpse long enough to unattach some of the hoses that could be repurposed for the motorcycle. "Doesn't look like these ones have holes in them...what is it with them and chewing these things." While she works, she glances over her shoulder to keep an eye on Devlin, Camilla, and Krysta, knowing that they would probably be the first to know whether or not there's danger incoming.
Krysta      Krysta raised an eyebrow at Camilla motioning toward the cars and the movement there. But her attention was more on the things around them. Blood trails and needles. no bodies though. She frowned. "Devlin, Blood here but no bodies. Have that laser of yours ready. Might be raiders might be something else but something's off."
Devlin     That's when the killers that were behind the cars come out and into the light.. Molerats. Dashing from their hiding spot after Camilla noticed them in the distance, the hairless creatures sprinted, seemingly knowing what it meant when human were near by. If they were counted, there was a brood mother and five pups the size of human toddlers running after the mother.

    Shiloh would discover a small problem.. she soon had too many possible parts for her to carry in her hands while also holding the tools she used to gather them in the first place. Several lengths of tubing along that were unwashed threatened to spill their contents along her skin and clothing. Many of the parts gathered were sharp edged from rust and other pieces of things fused against them, luckily none were littered with signs of gunfire. Qwillis on the other hand manages to find fewer parts but the ones he find were more specialized and fitted for the engine.. if they could manage to remove the old ones. If the pair worked together they could transport them quickly, or one could be left unlucky and be stuck having to make several trips before testing the parts sizes.

    While the pair of mechanics sorted things, and duties among themselves, Krysta would here a high pitch reved engine, one that would would be familiar to her.. an ATV, and one modified for heavy loads. Turing around and not seeming to recognize the sound, Devlin asked with a raised tone, "This is the wasteland, what makes you think they'll be coming back this way?" None the less the man began to not only draw out his sidearm, but prime it at the request.

    In the distance heading from off road and towards a bend in the road was a man wearing a combat helmet, military fatigues and a rifle on his back. There were other colors in patterns most wouldn't notice in passing though the mercenary would easily tell the rider was a Gunner courier or possibly a scout, moving from one outpost to the next with relay orders or supply requests. It doesn't appear the man noticed the team yet.
Qwillis     Qwillis found those parts and would put his own tools away, looking at his pile, then over at Shiloh. A small nod given, he'd start stashing items in that lab coat, carrying what he could that way as he'd go over to help Shiloh with her own parts. As for the rest getting ready for combat? Oblivious is the scientist. "Here. Let me help. My arm's metal, less likely to have chemical reactions than flesh, hmm?" He'd smile easily to Shiloh as he'd go to help her get the parts back to the engine as well.
Camilla     Camilla is, well, torn between the rats and the man. Maybe the man, with a weapon, is the danger here and not so much the animals. She hesitates, and then decides to quietly make her way up towards him.
Shiloh      Shiloh frowns and wobbles precariously as she tries to gather what she's found in her arms to bring it back to the engine by herself in one trip. She silently mouths out a curse when the tube's fluids spill out on her jumpsuit, leaving inky and foul-caustic smelling splattered stains running down her chest and stomach, but she just shakes her head to herself. Not like it was all very clean to begin with afterall, and she had layers underneath that should keep it from irritating her skin. She had to be more worried about the sharp and rusted metal. If she tripped and falled, that could spell bad news, and even just a nick could leave her hurting and sick. Thankfully Qwillis wanders over to help her, and she offers him a grateful smile. "Thanks. It shouldn't seep through too badly, but good to have some help.." She lets him take some of her burden and carries what she can manage back over to their work station. She doesn't really notice the molerats or stranger incoming either and just settles in to start sorting through where to begin. "We should start with disassembling what we need to the easy work like replacing the hoses for when we're building back up."
Krysta      "Because I can hear a heavy ATV, numbskull." She yanked her militia jacket off and tossed it to the side, leaving her in her white tee and random camo pants. She spotted something about the guy's clothing and it set her jaw on edge. "I'm going in Devlin."
     And unless stopped she would do just that, slinging her rifle over her shoulder and walking out casually toward the ATV's route. Between her scarred arms, her random appearance and her bearing, she looked like more of a Gunner at that moment than militia. "Hoi!" She called out to the guy, cupping both hands over her mouth to get her voice to carry. "Nice ATV. What's good scavvin 'round here, eh?"
Devlin     Working together, Shiloh and Qwillis find that the progress of breaking down the engine and having access to at least scrape out some part while replacing others a quicker process than the original hunt, but a messier one. It is then the pair discover one thing the Militia had yet to do was every attempt to even clean the engine well, if the parts were simply replaced, the filth within would likely damage the newer parts within a few week of use if not much sooner.

    Moving along with Camilla, Devlin was more than a little confused what Krysta was talking about but he keeps his profile low to the ground, attempting to find a dune to use as cover to watch around it somewhat easily. "Just what does she think she's doing? Did she tell you anything before heading out that way?" Turning to the medic, he awaited an answer though he didn't want to alarm the occupied mechanics.

    If Krysta wanted attention, she got it. Dust kicks high while sandy rocks sputter into a mist of debris as he slows suddenly, turning as he did so at a slight angle to shorten his distance even further. Pulling his goggles up, the Gunner Grunt lets them rest on his brow before giving Krysta a good once over. "What do I get out of it? Ya just trying to find something to smooth over trying to sleep with the wrong CO's wife, just like Johnny did, ain't ya?" Sitting back on the ATV, the man didn't try to hide that even while riding he wore his combat armor that showed signs of blood smears though there were scratch marks along his face that appeared human in nature. "Where's your partner? It's too far to be out here solo, and ya don't got roadrash from being kicked out, so spill."
Qwillis     Qwillis makes a face at the exact crap left in this engine, sighs and works with Shiloh to get it cleaned up. Muttering something about imposing rules of cleanliness on the Militia as he'd do so. He's happy to work with Shiloh on this and seems to be quite good at working with another mechanic on it. Almost like this was what he grew up doing since a kid.
Camilla     Camilla shrugs her shoulders at Devlin, "No clue, but I'm going to make sure this guy knows we're not playing games. Just, stay here and cover me ok?" she asks of him as she sneaks up to the man on the ATV and levels the barrel of her rifle against the back of his head. "Her partner is right here." That's all she says to the man as she readies her finger on the trigger.
Shiloh      "Ughh! Savages!" Shiloh grumpily comments as she works on getting inside of the engine. "We're going to have to scrub this thing out...whoever they have in charge of maintenance I'm going to have a long talk with. Not having this thing fall over just because they don't know how to get in here and clean it.." She chuckles, happy to hear that Qwillis agrees with her, and works on trying to get it cleaned out with his help too. She tries to call over to Devlin and Camilla at least, requesting, "Hey! Can we get some rags over here or something? Maybe a dish-pan of water to go with it if we got something to keep it in?" She pauses when they seem to be walking off away from them and sighs, climbing up so that she can fetch what they'll be needing herself.
Krysta      "Krysta grinned, nonplussed at the gunner's reaction to her. "Why sleep with the CO's wife when you can sleep with the CO? Seriously?" At the question about her partner, she made a face. "Ah, dumbass is back there lookin some old parts over. Got a girl thinks she's an artist so I think she's picking up mirrors. I got no idea." She rolled her eyes. She would come across as truthful simply because she honestly did not understand what the others were doing or after. She wasn't a mechanic.
     Still, she looked the guy over appraisingly. "Well I got caps.. or I got me. Kind of a boring day ifn ya wanna make it less so... I like your ride, man. So what's got you out here eh?" She would maneuver to the side, giving Devlin and Camilla better angles and less chance of hitting Krysta herself as she seemed to admire the man's ATV. Just in case.
     The Camilla came out and Krysta turned to peer at the woman. "There, see? You find those mirrors yer were wanting fer yer girl? Or whatever..." She shrugged the leaned in toward the Gunner and whispered. "Hoi, I wanna git some better gear. I hear there's a big recruitment drive yea? Gimme the location and I'll pay ya hoi? Hell.. Take her ifn ya want."
     Turning to Camilla she lifted her hands in a placating gesture, speaking normally again. "Whoa whoa, we all friends here eh? He knows Johnny. Said so."
Devlin     Looking around, Shiloh would be hard pressed to find proper cleaning cloths, though if she went through many of the different vehicles would discover tarnished or simply poorly weather clothes in ratty suitcases, water on the other hand was on extremely short supply. Without a settlement being close, nor a pond of some kind, the road was arid and largely lifeless save for the tougher vegetation that absorbed as much of the liquid it could at a time.

    The man managed to see Camilla partially while she raced around him seemingly from nowhere but with Krysta right in front of him he didn't dare reach suddenly for a pistol. What he hadn't expected was the barrel of a rifle tapping his helmet which caused him to tense completely. "Hey now, you all can go, take or fuck who ever ya want, I'm just a messenger and no.. I don't work for you fucking assholes. I like money but I still have my own balls, they ain't snipped." Bitting down, the man's face twists into a snarl as he looks from one woman then tries to glance at the other without making a sudden movement.

    "If you want to talk to them about recruitment go to southern Navada, we lost talks with that base near the split but you know like I do, there's noone local who could blow that over that isn't Enclave or the Brotherhood." At the mention of taking someone, he turns and looks expectantly towards Camilla, not sure if she was going to kill him, leave, shoot her own CO or hop onto the back of his ATV.. he also didn't seem sure he knew which option he wanted her to take!
Camilla     Camilla lowers her weapon and turns to glare at Krysta for a moment. She thinks for a moment, and then steps around the man and his ATV and walks past Krysta and over to Devlin and the others, saying nothing.
Krysta      Krysta waited for the guy to look Camilla over like she was a piece of meat then snickered as the girl walked away. "Hoooo she's gonna kill me. Haha! Sorry man. Here." She handed over some caps and grinned. "I love screwin with her head. See ya round." And assuming he would leave, so would Krysta. But by the time she got back to the group she was glaring openly. "The fuck?! Walking out there like that? He could have killed us both with his armor! She glared at Devlin. "And you should have just shot his ass when I gave you the chance." Yes, she was pissed at Devlin too. "And you're demanding to test MY trustworthiness?!" She stormed off toward the engine then, still ranting to herself and swearing.
Shiloh      "Found some shirts and stuff, but without water, this isn't going to get anywhere..." Shiloh tells Qwillis on her way back from her search, "We could try to use people's drinking water, but it'll be easier if we just radio in for pick up and do the rest there. We have all the parts we're going to get from around here..." She wanders away and tries to find the radio left behind to phone in the truck, "Yeah, hello? We need you back here for pick up...yeah. There's not much we can do needs cleaning out and we don't have the water we need to clean it here. We've got the parts we came for, so that's good. Yeah...alright. We'll be here waiting then. Don't know where the others are, but when they get back, they can help us load it up..."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in agreement to Shiloh and blissfully ignorant of the whole thing going on, simply does what he can with what he has. When Shiloh would call in the pick up, he'd finally go looking for the others. Confused, he'd glance between Cami and Krysta. "Uh.. what happen?"
Devlin     "Wait.. you want me to shoot a guy you're in the process of milking for information, with a pistol designed for short range combat?" is shouted back, somewhat confused towards Krysta. Devlin slips his pistol back into his holster and moves his hand into his hair, scratching it roughly, not sure what to make of it. "Next time at least wait for me so I know -who- I'm shooting at and why I should be shooting them.. Who were they?"

    With Camilla departed and Krysta tossing him caps, the man takes them but then opens the bag they were in, likely checking for an explosive, mantic hatchling eggs, the typical trap payments but finding only caps ease him for the time being enough to put it into a saddle bag before taking off, where to wasn't quite said.

    Qwillis wouldn't gain much of an answer from Devlin, who appears to almost be as lost as he was. The only one making headway anymore was Shiloh as she called out for the transport to return early, though that wasn't going to give the team instant relief. There was at least another half of an hour of time between the call and the pick up, though there wasn't additional meeting, the tension within the group would take longer to die down.

    ...At least the engine was a bit better off, though the mechanic were likely going to chew out the Militia's pit crew, or the lack there was of one that took the job seriously.