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Lee     lee is off to the side in the grounds, sitting with his back against the leg of that salvaged power armor. In general, it's what he uses when on the grounds as his full suit takes too much for him to use so casually. Besides, it makes the recruits shut up when they see him in worse off than they are and still able to act. He had a bottle of water in hand that he was nursing while watching the grounds.
Akane      Akane had returned to the Militia HQ with lunch for Lee and herself. It wasnt anything really super special but it was better than ration bars. She found him leaning against that power armor and once again peered at it. She had never been in power armor and so had little idea what was involved. She paused at Lees feet then crouched beside him and smiled a bit, holding up the basket. Lunch?
Lee     Lee blinks as someone walks over to him and looks up. Akane, haloed by that sun, had the firey blaze of her hair showing all the more with that angle. He'd chuckle softly and nods up at her. "Whatcha got? Food? I wouldn't mind a break Akane.. Ya can join me.. but ain't much ta sit on other than the ground here, yah?"
Akane      "You think that matters to me?" She sat down o the ground, no problem, her skirt fanning out around her. She unpacked the sandwiches and colas and handed one of each to Lee with a smile. "Hows the search for an officer coming?"
Lee     Lee shakes his head a little. "The LT will be available in a bit I got told. So.. havin ta wait. Fraggin figures.." He'd accept the food from Akane with a small smile and simply starts eating. His bottle of water set down next to that cola for after the food. "how 'bout you? How ya doin Akane? No fragheads I have ta go mess up..?" He'd tease her with a small grin.
Akane      Akane watched him eat, the way he simply tore into the food. She glanced down at her own sandwich and took a bite. Yea..not the best maybe. Ah well. She shook her head and swallowed. "No, no one to beat up for my sake. I'm alright. I got to clean up before meeting your officer at least."
Lee     Lee grins at Akane and would continue to eat. That sandwich was gone quickly. "It's good Akane.. better than the MREs, lemme tell ya, eh?" He'd shift a little where he sat. Maybe even a little closer to her. No PDA, but if they touched now and then while eating? Well, who's gonna comment? He'd take up that drink to enjoy it slowly. "Hmm. Rexus ain't a bad LT.. I was hopin Cleo'd be 'round.. but the Cap'n has her own worries I'm sure.."
Akane      Akane nodded, smiling lightly when he assured her it was good. Perhaps he was simply eating quickly as a matter of habit. Less time eating meant more time defending or something like that. She shifted lightly when he did, her hip just barely touching his, but showed no outward signs of it happening. The touch was enough and she smiled lightly. "Well, I'm not sure anything I stumble across would be important enough for a captain anyway...."
Rexus Rexus seems to be a busy bee indeed. Who knew officership actually meant.. having to do.. you know, work? The stern-faced Lieutenant trudges into the HQ, waving aside the sentries. "Patrol reports... supply reports, requisitions, in triplicate...." he mutters as he squints about the interior, he heard there had been a fuss and someone was requesting an audience with Herr Leutnant.
Lee     Lee finishes that coke as Rexus would show up. A small nod given and he'd wink at Akane, then stands to his feet. With Rexus walking along, lee would salute. "Lt. I gotta report fer ya that's.. serious. We're needin ta move on it as soon as we can.. in my opinion. Ifn ya can, please listen ta Akane here, yah?"
Akane      Akane watched Lee stand and tucked away her sandwich before standing as well, keeping the appearance of calm about her as Lee addressed Rexus. She had seen him before but never in an official capacity. She shifted a bit as Lee earnestly asked the Lt. to listen to what she had to say, bu would wait until bidden to do so.
Rexus Rexus pauses as Lee catches his attention. He nods a bit, looking over at Akane. Yes he'd seen her before... something to do with a wall at Jack's Town. "Serious?" he squints, sounding a little disbelieving. "What is it?" he inquires, looking over at Akane.. up and down, trying to judge her credibility.
Lee     Lee nods firmly to Rexus, then turns to look to Akane. There's a brief smile of encouragement along with a nod giving her the go ahead to talk to Rexus. Otherwise.. well.. Officer on grounds, Lee fell quite smoothly into that role of military man.
Akane      Akane noted Lee's falling into a more formal stance with Rexus and did the same to a degree. She was still a civilian but she regarded him as an important person. She bowed her head in greeting then spoke with confidence and determination. "I came upon a deserter in the wasteland. He used to be a Gunner connected with the Enclave and he told me while I tried to help him that the Enclave was planning to bring heavy assault troops through Texas to strike at El Dorado. He said it was because the Brotherhood was too busy with mutants or some such to oppose them." She hesitated. "I.. thought it important enough to bring to the Militia's attention."
Rexus Rexus hrms. "Is there any... evidence? Corroboration?" he looks between Lee and Akane. "I suppose I could see about sending some recon teams out to investigate." He considers a little longer. "But, planning to... so they aren't quite yet.. there any idea of a when? This is some important information but I don't quite think we're going to be launching strikes based on the word of one Gunner deserter...."
Lee     Lee shakes his head a little. "We haven't gotten anything else. But as the deserter died while Akane was trying to save him.. he was wounded fairly badly, Sir." He'd frown then. "We need more information, I do agree. Permission to set up a recon force so we can try to scout out what's going on that way?"
Akane      Akane blinked. She looked to the ground for a long moment, silent, as if she'd done something wrong. And then squared her shoulders, set her jaw and lifted her head, confidence and fearlessness showing once again. "Frankly, he died before I had a chance to do much of anything. However, if this is true, even if only a fraction is true, it needs to be dealt with. The Enclave coming through Texas at all is a serious happenstance, let alone if the target is El Dorado. But if this is not good enough for the Militia, I will see to it myself." She paused, peering at Lee as he asked for recon. Perhaps she had been a bit too fearless but her passion showed, she wanted to protect El Dorado. "The man was remorseful for joining the Enclave's forces, but his gear was well made."
Rexus Rexus considers. "Let's get eyes on at least. It takes time to move a large force." he looks to Lee, "Let's have you organize a recon team, go out and see if this is true or not... or how close they are. I'd recommend traveling light... with horses perhaps, speed and stealth is the key. No sense drawing attention. If we can get a good idea of what route they are using we can deploy our main force and ambush them, take advantage of surprise and the terrain as best as we can. Will ensure a major tactical advantage." he nods. Attention goes back to Akane, smiling, "I'm not saying it's bad intelligence but... we need more details.. we can't very well go marching off and leave El Dorado undefended... this could be a feint, to draw us out, afterall."
Lee     Lee nods and salutes Rexus. "Yes sir. Permission to bring Akane along as well? She's a solid gun, keen eye and a medic, Sir. Personally, I've even contemplated trying to recruit her into the Militia itself. But I did not wish to overstep my bounds, Sir." Well, it might be news to her him saying that, but he obviously meant it as he'd watch Rexus.
Akane      Akane nodded to Rexus, a faint flush on her cheeks. "Forgive me, Lieutenant. I meant no offense." She lowered her eyes politely then blinked and looked up, almost alarmed at Lee's endorsement. Biting her lip lightly she peered up at Rexus, curious what his response to that would be.
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement with Lee, "If you vouch for her that's good enough for me. But keep the team small, reliable, experienced. Speed and stealth is the key. You're there to watch, observe and find information not shoot anything." he murmurs, giving a wary glance to Akane. "It's alright." he says, looking back to Lee, "When you've gathered your team, give me a brief bit of information... route, travel times and such... just so if you're gone too long without word coming back we'll know to start looking for you."
Lee     Lee nods in response to Rexus. "Yes Sir." He'd draw up to salute again. "I'll get my team and my projected route to ya promptly. I'll also make sure none of em are gun happy. No need to tip our hand that we got intel. Thank you fer listening, Sir." Lee glanced sidelong at Akane and smiles her way briefly, then looks back to Rexus. That was all he had, but the officer is the one who can dismiss or not.
Akane      Akane glanced at Lee wonderingly then turned to Rexus and bowed her head again, waiting quietly as Lee seemed to be doing.
Rexus Rexus gives a little wait to make sure neither have anything to add. "Very well, dismissed." he says, returning Lee's salute when it's given. And, being the Officer, is the first to depart, heading towards the offices bit of the HQ to finish this paperwork.