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Qwillis     It'd be a few days later that Serena and Shiloh both were contacted by Q about that research. Once more at that lab, the arrangement was a bit different. He was in one corner with one of the tables and.. gasp! a chair. There, the part was held suspended by a few mechanical arms that end in tweasers as well as a magnifying glass nearby. The rest of the place was held away from that spot, giving certain markers for distance. Of course, that one table was off to the side that was a bit different than the rest and had that partly-melted rock on it.
Shiloh      Shiloh comes by, looking relatively cleaner than when Qwillis last saw her most likely working on the motorcycle repairs. Still, the faint traces of insumountable stains still linger over her jumpsuit, adding an oddly artistic pattern against the dark green material. She would walks up to the door to let herself in and head over to the lab. She makes quiet note of the difference there and tries to announce her presence from farther away this time, "Hello Qwillis, how goes it today? That part hasn't been making you feel...too off, has it?"
Serena Getting that note she would change into her new clothes to she didn't look like a ragged mess. Once she walked her way over there she would make her way into the lab. Today her hair was actually pulled out of her face and in a low ponytail. The young woman actually had on a pair of black pants, a plaid shirt and a scarf tied around her neck as well. When she got there, she wasn't far behind Shiloh but stayed quiet for now. Once she made her way in she'd speak up softly. "....hey guys...." Strapped to her back though? A baseball bat!
Qwillis     Qwillis glances up at Shiloh's words and smirks her way, shaking his head. He'd stand up when Serena shows up too. "Ah.. hello to you both. You look quite nice today actually Serena." He'd smile her way, then nods to Shiloh. "I have to take 10 minute breaks every two hours or it starts to get to me actually. But, that's enough about that. This is part of why I asked you two over.. I'm going to test trying to turn it off different ways. Once I try something, I want you two to start at the respective desks and walk towards me. Stop when it feels uncomfortable. We'll see if I can't have an effect on it. What do you two think?"
Shiloh      "Hello Serena, how're you today?" Shiloh asks Serena, turning to give the woman her attention. "Q is right, you're looking great! Kudos!" When Qwillis talks about his idea for the next experiment, she folds her arms over her chest while she listens to it. "Turn it off, huh. So then if you do figure this out, will the next step be seeing if a larger scale method could be attempted to combat the mists?...Or is this just so that the technology can be studied in relative comfort?" Shiloh asks, before offering a nod, "I'm alright with doing that. We can always take some breaks on our own if the testing ends up dragging on for a while." She glances over at Serena and walks over to pick out one of the desks Qwillis mentioned before.
Serena A smile tugged at her lips as she looked at the two and nodded. "Thank you....." Clearing her throat she'd look to Shiloh and nodded. "I'm okay. How about you?" She'd then look to Qwillis as he spoke, nodding slowly. "Turn it off?" Looking to the desks then back at him she'd then nodded. "Do you think it can just turn off.....? Or what if it has to run down? And it can only be....blocked?" Then she'd pipe shut as he made her way to the desk that Shiloh didn't. Look around she'd pull her notebook under shirt in the front as it was tucked into her pants and then slipped of that bat to set both on the desk. "Let's do it..."
Qwillis     Qwillis shrugs. "I don't know. But I have a few things I'm going to try. So we'll see." He'd smile to the two women and nod before walking back over to where he was sitting. Settled there, he'd pause as Serena pulled out that notebook. Blush and glance away. Probably.. wasn't suppose to see *that* much skin on her. Shaking his head, he'd focus on what he was doing, starting with that first probe's task. After a moment, he'd nod to the two women. "Alright. Let's see if that works?"
Shiloh      "I'm doing good. Can't really complain too much...things have hit a quiet point which is nice. Qwillis and I recently took up work with the Militia to try to get an old bike of theirs up and running. They left it filthy...hated the idea of leaving it. Probably just gonna let it get in that kind of condition again." Shiloh sits on the desk while waiting for her cue. "Those may be options to." She agrees with Serena, dipping her head. When Qwillis speaks up, she hops off of the desk and starts to walk towards him, stopping only when her expression gets to looking a little bothered. "Alright uh, think that this is about close enough for my tastes. Starting to feel it."
Serena Taking a deep breath she would smile. "Oh....really? I've only seen them tear stuff up. I'm shocked they asked to try to get it fixed again..." Trailing off her attention turned back to Q as she watched tinker around a bit. Looking to Shiloh then she'd wait for her and then moved over from he desk. Those blue eyes would glance to the woman and took a few steps...maybe one or two more than her before she stopped. "Yes I"m done. I do not like this thing....." If she had her way she'd just burn that whole town to the ground.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to them, watching and jotting down some notes as they'd come to a stop. He'd wave for them both to go ahead and back off. That done, he'd do a few different changes to the piece, trying to figure out if that would help any. "Hmm.. ok.." Looking between Shiloh and Serena, Qwillis smiles lightly. "I've worked often with the Militia. They aren't bad people. They're trying to defend others.. speaking of.. Would you two be willing to help me protect here.. if it comes to it?" He'd nod and let them do the walk again to see if there's any change.
Shiloh      Shiloh turns to walk back over to the desk when Qwillis waves them off and continues her conversation with Serena and him. "Who knows how new this mobile unit is...but however old it is, they could have done with taking better care of their vehicles. Besides that? I've heard alright things. Still know more people in the Sheriff Department though." When Qwillis bids them to walk closer again, she hops back down from the desk, "Protect here." She repeats after him, frowning quietly to herself while repeating the process until she feels uncomfortable enough to stop in place. "You think that this place may be in danger? I mean, if it came down to it, of course I'd do what I could...even if I'm...not good under stress. I got some weapons that might help if...something did ever happen."
Serena She'd smile a bit then. "I don't think they're bad. They just don't know how to take care of their things. I'm sure that stuff is very expensive....should take better care of it." As she moved back to the desk she would wait, looking to her notebook for a moment then looked up then. "Protect it...but...." Trailing off she would slowly start to walk towards him until she couldn't take it. "I....I don't fight. I don't know what you want me to do...." Clearing her throat she would make her way back to that desk then as she folded her arms. "I'd be in the way more than anything...."
Qwillis     Qwillis jots down the information on how far they can go before letting them go back. He'd once more do something else to that bit and nods a little. "Burn them? I dun wanna kill people or nothin.. but yes. This place is a challenge. They'll wanna loot it or steal the crap in here or something. I just know that I have to keep an eye out and.. well.. hoping my friends would help." He'd look between Shiloh and Serena with a smile, do his last modification and nods to let them approach again. "Something.. the fact people are here to defend.. may deter some.."
Shiloh      "There was this time, where Lonestar was trying to make sure that the trade route to New Rome was secured.." Shiloh recalls on her way back over to the desk with a foughtful frown. She looks to Serena as if sharing this with her for the most part. "And they wanted a few people to go on it, including me. Matt even let me borrow this nice BB gun of his." A sigh is breathed out and she forces a smile, "Turns out, part of the horde was on the route. So we ran into a lot of super mutants and just...odd creatures that scared me half to death. Everyone was trying to fight and survive, I tried to shoot at them, but nothing really helped...but we stayed focused and in the end, we ended up surviving."

     Shiloh sighs and goes on to say, "It was about then that I thought that if something like that -was- going to get sprung on me, may as well be prepared with more than just BB's." She chuckles and reaches back behind her to pat a musket that's strapped to her back while not in use. "Matt got me this to replace the BB gun, and Iris let me have this nice laser pistol at least I'll feel more prepared, even if I don't know anything about fighting. Q is right, sometimes it's just about numbers, trying to be brave, and faking confidence." She hops down off of the desk and walks over until she has to stop with an uncomfortable shiver. "I'm thinking that if it's just some raiders, it'll be a piece of cake compared to what we went through out you can count on us."
Serena Listening to Shiloh's story she'd just stay by that desk then. Taking a deep breath she would just shake her head. "Goodness....." Leaning she'd seem to zone out then as she waited but then blinked a few times. Quickly she hopped up and then starts making her way over towards Qwillis. "I....I don't know....." As soon as she got that sensations he would sigh and stopped before backing up a bit. "I can light stuff on fire but it takes a lot out of me. Someone would have to watch me....or I'll get hurt."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods thoughtfully, looking at Serena. "Well.. we'll use that last ditch to scare it off.. whatever might come anyways." He'd shrug a little and smiles her way, then nods to Shiloh solemnly. "I should find another who is capable of fighting to hang out here.. hmm.." Musing, he'd shrug, jot down the information, then do the next part of the test. This time? A little black box is put over it and he'd wave them on.
Shiloh      Shiloh returns back to the desk and suggests to Qwillis, "I guess you could hire Kyne if he's not too busy working contracts or over at Lynnette's? He seemed to get along with you well when we were working together." She hops back off of the desk and walks over to Qwillis to test it. She considers it and admits, "I think I might be able to get a little closer this time..." She frimaces and stops where she's walking, "Not that much closer though..."
Serena As she made her way back to her desk she'd just listen now to them. As he made his notes she would just stay silent and then nodded. "Just stick me where the important stuff it. I'll stand in the doorway and do what I have to....." When he started to put the box over it, her brow would raise then. Sighing softly she would tilt her head then push herself off of the desk and slowly made her way over until she couldn't take it. After she felt it she quickly made her way back to the desk. "That was....someone can watch my back if need be and take over if I pass out."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Serena. "The bunker door is a solid deterrant.. But it can be hacked.. easier now that I hacked it.. I just would hate to lose my work. I appreciate it. Both of you, being willing to help me out.." He'd jot down his notes, sigh and moves the box. "Ok.. one more.. and.. I'll have to think of how else to deal with this." That said, he'd try one more change to the setup he had of that piece and then nod to the women.
Shiloh      She turns and heads back to the desk, glancing over at Serena afterwards. "I got your back! Don't worry about it! When'd you start being able to do...that sort of thing, anyway? Is it just radiation or was it something else?" At Qwillis' beckoning, she hops up from the desk one last time and makes her way over until she feels that uneasiness in the pit of her stomach. Shiloh rubs her temple and asks Qwillis, "Was there um...any method that worked better than the rest? Have a lot of hope for that box method."
Serena She'd smile finally at Qwillis and nodded. "Not a problem. I might as well find a use for myself....." As he motioned again toward them she'd move to him one last time and stopped not far away from him. "...ugh." Quietly she'd go back to that desk and sat on it as she crossed her legs. Rocking her legs she'd look him over then nodded. "You've been kind so...."

Those blue eyes then turned to Shiloh as she nodded. " long as I can remember. I don't know. My parents kept me locked up and then I got sent here to my aunt to stay inside. I don't really know what caused it."
Qwillis     Qwillis jots down those final notes and nods. He'd smile to Shiloh and Serena both. "Thank you. I'll sort this data and let you know. The box was lined with lead. It just may have been too thin.." He'd muse and shrug a little, looking between Shiloh and Serena. "You're both welcome to come whenever.. I.. I really do appreciate the help. Also Shiloh? Once I get the generator working, there's the elevator to work on. I may ask for your help in restoring it so we can actually go further into the bunker."
Shiloh      Shiloh nods her head at Serena and frowns to herself, "Huh, that sucks...I'm sorry to hear that. They shouldn't have kept you locked up...I mean, you have as much of a right to be out and about as anyone else." She lets her attention return to Qwillis and she nods her head, "Sounds good, I'll bring my tools over and see what I can do." She glances around the room and asks, "Is this like an old vault? I've heard that deep down in Vault Town, there's still a whole lab dedicated to robotics, and there's still some down one's been able to get down there. But that may just be a rumor..."
Serena "It's fine. I'm used to it. This is really my first month out ever really....." There was a shrug as she ten looked to Qwillis a bit. "No problem. As I said it is the least I can do for you helping me...." Leaving it at that she would just tilt her head a bit then looked around as Shiloh talked about the place. ""
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response to Shiloh. "What I've heard." He'd get up and leave the piece there, with the box over it. Walking away he'd stagger a little, take a breath and nods. "It.. can get to you when it's not buried in a gun.." Q smiles to Serena and shakes his head. "You're doing fine. Very well, Serena. I'm happy to have met you and become friends." Looking back to Shiloh then he'd shrug. "It's a mechanical lock that requires power to unlock. My generator isn't strong enough. I tried. So I have to find a fushion coupling for the energy converter to start up the main power that can actually power this whole place.. Why it's still a little cramped.. and my bedding is out there by the generator."
Shiloh      "Really? How've you been liking it so far?" Shiloh asks Serena, before she listens to Qwillis explain things, looking around as he does so. "Huh, so there's still a lot more work to be done around here you think the fusion coupling can come from one of the energy weapons like my musket? Cause if it'd help, I'd offer you a bit of ammo to get things started."
Serena She'd shrug a bit as she rocked her legs. "It's alright. People scare me more than anything....." She'd go silent before looking back to Qwillis. "Thank you." Friends? She hadn't had one of those before. But just didn't seem to mind either. There was that silence again.....not really sure how to contribute or what to say exactly.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Serena with a warm smile. "Sure." He'd look to Shiloh and shakes his head. "I don't think the musket has the proper resistance range. I haven't taken one apart yet to see for sure. But I may do that soon. I do thank you for the offer." He'd look over at the part with a frown. "I just hope I can come up with an answer to all this. I want to be closer to resolving this issue. The mist has to be stopped."