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Serena Needless to say it was another day in the Wasteland for the young woman. Back in that tattered dress, she was sitting down in the dirt against a large rock as she sat cross legged with her eyes closed. Her palms were resting on her knees as she had a notebook in front of her and further out from that...a pile of wood. Sitting next to her was a baseball bat she had recently acquired from Acme. Right now....that blonde hair, blue eye young woman was quiet for now as she seemed deep in thought.
Ashur 'I just need to nap awhile', she had said; 'take Lillith for a walk.'

And so he did. The massive Ashur, scourge of so many, is on a return trip from the river; there, under the sun, he played with the little baby girl, dangling her feet in the water, tickling her with grass, and other cutesie things people would really not expect from a mass murdering bigamist with a chop on his shoulder roughly the size of the Four States Commonwealth.

All the same, he played, until the fat little creature fell asleep.

He walks now with her strapped to his chest in a sort of baby-pouch, the straps hanging from his shoulders and supporting the tubster against the warm wool of his toga.

Thump, thump, thump he walks, his steps like thunder, the rhythmic vibration soothing the tired infant's mind as she dozes and drools. Soon enough, his path brings him toward Serena, nesting in the shade of some trees beneath the late sun. He pauses, spying her from afar; cuts his eyes to the wood, back again, to the wood. Frowns faintly. And draws closer. "Ave, traveler," he rumbles. "Are you.. unsure how to start a campfire?"
Serena Hearing that thumping she would just.....sigh softly then.'ll go away. Once she heard that voice she would just...sigh. Slowly an eye would crack open as she looked up at the behemoth with a piercing blue eye. Seeing the bundle strapped to him she'd just stare before closing her eye back. "....I know how to start a fire....." With that she would just snap as there was a crackle then a fire would start. "....are //you// unsure of how to start a fire.....?"
Ashur "I am more than capable," Ashur replies, reaching one brawny arm up and curling his fingers through the porcupine-sharp bristles of his thick beard. Between the deep bass of his voice, the slab of muscle, and all that coarse, dark hair, he's obviously some sort of steroidal, testosterone-driven bear of an alpha male.

Which really only makes the baby pack strapped to his chest all the more comical. Her bare feet tuck into one of the folds of his tunic, those fat lil legs and thunder thighs like ripe sausages.

"I have been controlling fires since I was her age." He casts another look to the woodpile, watching with widening eyes as she births fire with some theater trick; it crackles and pops, bathing the area in heat and light to banish the encroaching cool black of night. He hrmms. "How did you do that?"
Serena Sighing she would slowly open her eyes a bit as she stared up at him. It was almost a blank stare as she as she seemed look him over. Standing up slowly, she would pick up that notebook as she then looked to the fire. Holding a hand she would slowly make a fist as it would just slowly die and only embers left. "....the same way I did that...." Turning then she would spin around make her way slowly off from where she was. "....can't even sit in death land in peace..." With that she would slowly start walking towards the direction of El Dorado hugging that notebook tightly to her.
Ashur Something about being so blatantly looked down on chafes the brute. Not to violence, saddled with he is by child; but all the same, the irritation bubbles in his stomach like fiery pitch, a knot of insult that quickens his heart and sets to burning race the blood in his veins. That she has a novel fire-starting trick and refuses to explain it to him only worsens the blow. With a nostril-flaring chuff the bull stomps forward, arms swinging, shoulders rounded forward in a prison yard shuffle. "Mind your manners, girl," he chastises, his long legs overtaking her in little time. "Hasn't anyone taught you to respect your betters? I'm speaking to you."
Serena She would stop when he caught up to her and just stared at him. The look on her face was just...a blank expression as she stared at him in silence. After a few moments she would finally speak. "I didn't know you were a better. In fact....I don't even know who you are." Looking into her notebook she'd start to flip through it slowly. "" Snapping it shut she would finally show some sort of expression. "As for your question....I just did it. I don't know how else to explain it to you. It what I do."
Ashur The urge to slap the girl when she contradicts him and then stares down at her notebook as he's talking to rises in his throat like bile; what an insolent bitch! Even when the Legionnaire strives to be friendly, considering the little life he has in tow, the first person he meets more-or-less spits in his face and dismisses him like an insect. Firestarter or not, he should teach her how to interact with people.

But he resists. A sleepy coo stills the furious beating of his heart, and though his eyes have half-lidded and his brow sloped low, and though his lips have become a thin line and his breathing has grown heavier, he does not surrender to rage.

"I am Ashur," he declares, hero of El Dorado, the Legionnaire, the bull of Rome, the mecha-slayer. Not that any of those are titles people actually call him, but they are all apt descriptions. "You just did it. You think of fire and it comes?"
Serena Sighing softly she would look him over as she stared him. "Hello Ashur." She'd plop down on the ground then as she opened up that notebook and started to sketch something as she stared up at him. "Yes. Been like this for a long time. I control it....I start it....end it....whatever." Glancing back down to her notebook she'd go silent for now before snapping it shut. Standing back up slowly she would then look at him. ".....does that answer it? I can't really put more into it than that."
Ashur "It is an answer without answer," the brute declares, fingers sweeping through his beard once more to stroke his chin. "It seems you have a gift, then, girl; touched by magic, like the woman Kaelyn claims. She says she can move things with her mind, and I have seen it, myself -- lifted an entire person once."

A glance down at that notebook, but the way the light plays off the paper from his angle he can't make out what's in it; damn.

"You should seek her out. Her computer is knowledgeable on many things. Perhaps she can teach you."
Serena She would blink at him and then shrugged. "Well unfortunately that is all I have to offer. I don't really know how to explain other than....I can." As he spoke of another she would stiffen up a bit then. "...there's another..." Her voice would stop as she looked him over then and nodded. "Kaelyn...." Finally....there was something resembling an emotion as she smiled. "Thank you." It was short and to the point as she nodded her head.
Ashur "She is tall for a woman," he describes, "with sun-baked skin almost as dark as mine. Bright red eyes, pointed ears, and long, long hair, white as a cloud. And she has tits the size of her head. A familiar sight around El Dorado -- seek her out, and find guidance for your gift, little firestarter."

From suppressed rage to useful advice in a moment flat! Perhaps being a babysitter is a nice, mellowing thing for the brutal Legionnaire -- he can't go and hit people when his daughter is attached to him, so he's forced to swallow his rage and bury it deep. Who could have imagined a polite, useful man would be exposed?

"You're welcome. Be in good health, girl, and mind what fires you start." With that said, he too will turn to El Dorado and begin to walk that ways.