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Iris Lark Iris has spent the day at home. A mental health day, if you will. She has taken the time to clean, cook and even groom the shaggy wolf that has followed her home. Now she sits in her living room, animals sleeping all around her as she once again tries to read from the book that she borrowed from the store. The front and rear door of the home are wide open, not so much for guests, but for the breeze that it sends through the space.
Lynnette "Iris!" She'd call out as she made her over to that front door way, knocking on the open door. Making her way in, she'd have a bottle of wine in hand as she grinned a bit. Seeing her sitting there she'd hold the bottle up and grinned a bit. "What's going on lady?" Smiling she'd wink at playfully before making her way o her kitchen with that bottle. "We're still doing dinner?"
Iris Lark "Oh, yes! I cooked some stuff I plucked from my new garden." Iris says, scrambling to her feet and hiding the book underneath a pillow. "I hope you're hungry!" She follows Lyn into the kitchen and pulls bowls from a cupboard. "How are things at the bar? Every time I come in there I feel like I've walked into tension city." She steals a look at Lyn out of the corner of her eyes as she starts to dish out the roast and veggies.
Lynnette She would smile and nodded. "I am...starved." Sighing she would find two glasses and put them on the counter in front of her. "The bar is good.. Got it all under control and even renamed....." As she starts to serve the food she'd chuckle a bit. "Eh....just.....bad timing? Last night was......" Trailing off she'd shrug. "Dev and I had gotten into it about something. We're good now...." Leaving it at that she'd pour them both a glass of wine. "So you know I'm impatient. What's all this about boys?"
Iris Lark Iris laughs and she shakes her head back and forth, sighing deeply. "So I learned about courting last night." She starts, letting her eyes trail over the wine briefly before she sets a plate in front of Lynnette. "I only learned about it because someone wants to court me, but..I'm not terribly sure if it's a good idea. He's younger than I am." She leans against the counter, chin in palm as she sighs. "Then there are Vuk and Rexus.."
Lynnette Chuckling a bit she would tilt her head a bit and then smirked. "Oh you did, did you..." Laughing she would just take that bowl of food before taking a long sip of wine. "Well...what did you think Alpha did? He wouldn't just jump in the sake with me like most men. We didn't do that until we were both on the same page." Picking up a fork she'd take a bite of that food, sighing happily then nodded. "And so what if he's younger? I'm like.....ten years older than Alpha. As long as they're what?"
Iris Lark Iris gets pink in the cheeks and she squirms on her chair, not making immediate eye contact with Lyn while she cuts into her roast. "So courting is ..normal?" She tries not to sound as curious as she is, instead she puts her attention to her food. "I dunno, I haven't exactly had a ..relationship sort of thing since I got here, and I'm a bit nervous about this whole courting thing. Mostly because I'm not sure what it entails. Or why people do it really." She props her chin in her palm and pushes her food around for a moment. "I liked someone and I ..spent time with them."
Lynnette "Yes is it's pretty normal if you want to actually....get to knowShe'd smile then took another bite of her food before smirking. "Let's start small...." Licking her lips she would tilt her head a bit. "Who is it?"
Iris Lark Iris can't help it but she grins a little bit as she takes a small bite of roast. "It's Matt." She sets her fork down and folds her hands tightly in her lap, her eyes on Lyn as the words come out like word vomit. "He's always braiding my hair and doing nice things for me, and then the other night - the night in the store? He said that he wanted me. Of course, that's pretty much how things go for me and I was irritated but then..he wanted me to work for Lonestar. But he said I'm the prettiest thing that he's ever seen and that he wants to court me, but didn't really have much of a...well he couldn't tell me what it was.." She trails off, slightly breathless.
Lynnette Those eyes went wide then as she blinked a bit. "Okay woah..." She'd set her bowl down and laughed. "First off....calm down....." She'd prop her head up on her hand as she grinned a bit then. "Second....that's sweet. He likes you, Iris...." A tilt of her head now. "Do you like him? Any interest at all?"
Iris Lark "I like everyone Lyn, but do you mean like..*like* him? He makes me laugh and he is funny." Iris says, and she shifts on her stool a bit as she thinks of how to put things into words. "It's different from what I think of Rexus. He's like..this protector sort. I feel safe around him, but I think we're more friends than anything else." She swings her legs back and forth, a thoughtful look on her face. "I am interested in knowing him better, he...he's different. I can't really put it into words."
Lynnette Sighing a bit she would pick up that glass of wine now as she smiled a bit. "Well Iris....." Taking a long sip she'd nod. "If you don't have a romantic interest.....and not sure if it'll develop....don't drag him on. So I think you answered your question about Rexus." There was a shrug then she'd smile. "If something is different with Matt....and you want to see? The go for." Returning to her food she'd then as she continued. "Vuk....yeah I don't know about him. He's weird...."
Iris Lark "Vuk has always been a bit strange, and I'm flattered that he wants me to be his beloved, but we don't exactly have the same goals." Iris gazes at Lynnette and she fidgets a bit, pulling at the fabric of her shirt. "I think a lot of these guys see me as a ..thing, more than a person." She leans in and starts to eat again, slowly, taking a few sips of wine. "I'm not really used to the amount of attention that Matt pays to me. He's so..vivid, and wants to learn things about me."
Lynnette She'd drop her fork and just picked up her wine. "So....I think you just answered your own question, honey." There was a playful wink then as she continued to eat her food then. "If you have to overthink the relationship with the person....." Giving a shrug then she'd continue. "Rex is a friend....Vuk is overkill....but Matt gives you attention and actually wants to court you? Get to know you? Learn things?" Raising her glass of wine with her free hand she'd smile. "I's pretty clear to me. Drop the other ones, make it clear, get to know Matt."
Iris Lark "I think you're right.." Iris says, and then she glances down at her outfit, a frown on her face. "So now I just need to actually try with my appearance." She lifts both of her brows and gazes at Lynnette. "I haven't done that in..forever."
Lynnette Oh that grin would widen then as she tilted her head. "Oooh...does this mean I can do your make up...and your hair and...." Looking her over she'd tilt her head a bit. " should have made that dress for you instead me. We can have a cute little party and surprise him."
Iris Lark "I mean,'re welcome to do my hair and makeup." Iris says, but she goes a bit pale at the mention of the dress. "I can't wear that dress, I would faint." She gestures down at her body. "I would need something a little more loose with not so much attention to.." She flutters her hands around her bosom and frowns. "..this area."
Lynnette She'd raise her brow a bit as she watched her. "What is wrong with....." She'd point to her bosom thing and tilt her head a bit. "....your boobs?" Chuckling now she'd wait patiently. "Then find a style that suits you."
Iris Lark "There isn't anything..wrong with them." Iris flushes and she leans on the counter, pushing her bowl away from her. "Okay, I'll think about something that suits me, and with the rest of the boys and then tell Matt that he's allowed to court me." She pushes her hair out of her face and grins. "Then I'll get to sewing, I have a few things I want to make."
Lynnette She'd smile then as she walked over to her and draped an arm around her shoulders. "Don't worry. I got you. " Leaning then she'd whisper playfully. "...might want to get rid of the others first......"
Iris Lark Iris makes a face and then laughs in Lyn's general direction. "I can do that, I'm just nervous about telling people that kind of stuff. I just have to plant myself and be gruff and straight and not ...feel like I need to hug someone because I feel bad."
Lynnette She'd nod then as she gave her a hug then. "You need to hold your ground....." Now she would tilt her head a bit as she smirked. "Now the question is.....are both of y'all gonna be each other's first or......?"
Iris Lark "First what?" Iris asks, returning Lynnette's hug and giving her a bit of a squeeze. She starts to stack the bowls, taking them to the sink where she starts to wash the dishes while they talk.
Lynnette She'd grin as she wiggled her eye brows. "You know....." Lyn would give her a wink then. "In the bed." Now she was waiting. "No shame in it....just curious. I think he's still a virgin if I remember what he was saying...."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head and her cheeks go pink again. "I uhm....I haven't been a virgin for quite some time." She eyes Lynnette and looks a bit nervous. "If he is..well..that will be nerve wracking."
Lynnette She'd snort a bit then. "Well don't worry....." Sipping her wine she'd look off to the side. "Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.....I'm sure it'd be fine." She'd pat her. "Never know....he may have messed around with girls but not that. So you not have to be worried."
Iris Lark Iris stares at Lynnette silently for a few moments, and then finally she lets out a laugh and slumps a bit, stepping away from the sink. "All I do is worry." She admits, folding her arms over her chest. "I worry about everything, and I'll worry about this, but I'll do it quietly. Probably." A few moments of silence stretches out between them. "Maybe.."
Lynnette She'd smile then as she pat here. "Don't freaking worry. Take it in stride...." She'd take a deep breath then smiled. "I was terrified.....about Alpha...." A shrug then. "But he was genuine....and pursued me. Now he knows all my dirty secrets and still loves me....."
Iris Lark "You aren't as bad as you might think you are Lynnette." Iris says, her voice sincere. "I may not know your secrets, like Alpha does, but I know you in general and I don't think that you are a bad person."
Lynnette She'd stop then as she slowly moved away and look at her wine. Finishing off what was in that glass she would refill it. " past is catching up. If it keeps up....I may leave." There was a smile then. "....but Alpha won't let me leave. He said I'm not allowed to run away anymore....."
Iris Lark "Well.." Iris says slowly, making her way to a stool and having a seat. "If you trust him, and you care about him. Maybe tell him the things you feel are sneaking up on you. Trust him to help, instead of thinking that you might need to escape it." She tilts her head and smiles at Lyn. "It's scary, just like..what I'm going to have to do, but if it's worth it.."
Lynnette Lyn would smile and nod a bit. "Oh he knows. I was packing up and about to leave when he followed me to the cantina. He wouldn't let me out our room....punched a wall because he was so mad at me trying to run away....." She'd swirl that liquid around then looked to her. "Enough about can do it, Iris. I know it. It sucks....and people might be a little upset need to be happy. Don't wait to get my age and realize what all you've been missing out one."
Iris Lark "You can see when you look at him and you together that he cares a lot." Iris remarks, and then nods, letting out a soft sigh. "I spend too much time trying hard to make other people happy, it's a bad habit and I need to stop it. You're right." She folds her arms over her chest and lets out a soft sigh. "I'm important too, and one day I'll believe that."
Lynnette "Be selfish, Iris...." There was a warm smile in her face. "I've learned over the never know what day is your last. Do something for you. I"m tired of you not doing something for you. I see you helping all these people....but help you damnit."
Iris Lark "Be selfish." Iris repeats, and she looks as if she might want to argue against it, but she presses her lips together. "Do something for myself. I can do that." She says, nodding to herself. "I can do..that." She moves them, scooping the leftovers into a bowl and wrapping it up. "I'm going to be selfish, Lyn, because I want to see what this courting thing is about." She pushes the bowl towards the other woman and grins. "Take this home to Alpha, I'm sure he'll enjoy it."
Lynnette She'd smile then as she nodded. " day....we'll come over and you can see how a couple interacts. Well...when I'm not trying to extort cap out of someone or when he's busying being Sheriff...." There was a laugh then as she took the bowl and blinked. "Well...I'm sure he will." Lyn would smile at her. "And if you need help....tell me. But I'm going to throw a party at the bar....impromptu. Invite Matt and we'll have you all dolled up. I'll even wear the new dress. Or we can go to the Gold Digger.."
Iris Lark "I'd rather have it at your bar." Iris responds, and she lets out a soft sigh. "Yeah, I'd like to see something like that. I'm sure you noticed that it isn't very common in the wasteland." She pushes her fingers through her hair and laughs softly. "I'm going to ask for your help, because you believe in yourself and I ..don't know how to do that."
Lynnette She'd nod then as she smiled. "Okay then. We'll plan something for later in the month maybe?" Lyn would tilt her head a bit. "And we'll work on it, honey....don't worry."
Iris Lark "Sounds good, let me know if you need anything else. I'm here for you." Iris responds, and she leans in to give Lyn another hug. "Thank you for helping me get my mind straight, everything always sounds better when someone else tells it to me. Odd that."
Lynnette She would chuckle a bit then. "Thank you. And I'm here for you. I want to tell you but...." Now she would actually redden in the cheeks. "I don't want to scare you ..." She'd pull that bowl to her and smiled. "And it may be easier if you don't. And....of course. That's what friends do right? Help each other?"
Iris Lark "Lynnette, I can honestly say that nothing you can tell me will make me think any less of you." Iris remarks, and then she gazes down at her feet as she continues to speak. "After what I've been through, and the things I've done? I would have no right to judge people. We all have to do things to survive and they're not always nice or polite."
Lynnette A slight smile will tug at her lips as she then nodded. "Maybe one day then..." Clearing her throat she'd shake her head a bit then held up the bowl. "I'll be sure to get this to Sheriff....he needs to take time to eat more anyway...j"
Iris Lark "I hope he enjoys it, tell him that I did say hullo." Iris responds, resting a hand on Lyn's shoulder briefly. "Now get home, and be safe while you're walking. The dark is not always kind to us out here."
Lynnette She'd nod and winked. "Will do. And I'm sure he will...." Then she'd point at her back. "And I got my gun so....I'll be fine...." Leaning she'd give her a kiss on the check then a wave as she made her way out the door. "I'll be harassing you soon!"