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Elsie Perhaps the phrase 'Chasing the Glowing Ghoul' is a regional term for getting high. It's possible, isn't it? And if not, why isn't it one? It's baller, if one does say so herself.

That's what Surelda Solomon, known only as Surelda, is up to today. While it's true almost all of her drug intake is controlled by the beast of a man that is her ... lover? Keeper? Jury's still out on that one ... She does have some leeway when it comes to the smaller things. Pills that get her through her day, for example. Pills that she's out of.

So she's here, in one of the sketchier parts of Shantytown, speaking with an old woman who appears to be more of a squatter than a resident. The white-haired girl has the hook of her cowl-necked grey poncho-cloak pulled up to possibly obfuscate her identity, if one didn't know her shape, her gait, or that blue dress that she wears almost every day, which hangs just below the cloak's hem.

Pills are exchanged. Caps are handed over. The dealer disappears back into her house, leaving Surelda in the doorway to pop the bottle, slide a few pills onto her pale palm, and toss them back down her throat.

It's medicine time.
Devlin     Platnum blond hair ruffled and forced back as Devlin runs a hand through his hair, it becomes clear that something changed. Along the sides of his head, the hair from the upper curve of his scalp down was removed to stubble on both sides of his head, and several inches along the back. The man's face likewise was different, it was smooth with only hints of stubble, likely that's grown over night or even just this morning.

    Looking the man over, he could be seen wearing a modified Vaultsuit though the colors were off, it was clad in metal and thickly treated leather along with a long tailed leather jacket which hid his left arm for the time being completely. Not one to hide his face, Devlin was an easy sight to pickout though so was the cowl and blue dress once you knew what to look for. The sight causes a smirk to appear on his lips and a name to whisper past them, "Surelda.." Making his way closer to the doorway, he tries to keep this steps light to not overly alert the young woman as she suddenly pops a few pills she was recently given.

    When Devlin moved, those watching his jacket would see two thing, a holster was hidden just under his jacket's waistline but also that his left arm was wrapped in a plaster caste with a black 'S' drawn onto it. Resting beside the arm was a composite, military issued helmet. Looking past the young woman though, Devlin looks towards the door that is now closed, wondering just how the woman was alerted and if she knew who he was to be meeting.
Elsie Surelda is entirely ignorant of Devlin's planned meeting in the area, who it could be with or why. She's just here for her pills! And now that she has them, and her stomach acid is already breaking down the capsules to give her the sweet, sweet relief of normalcy, she tucks them away and takes one step off the stoop of the delapidated shack.

It's then that she sees Devlin. Though seeing isn't truly a fair description. She knew there was a man there, was aware of him possibly before he was aware of her. But it's only now that she actually looks to him, and recognizes him. And she frowns, moving slowly to make her way in his direction.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, not in an accusatory tone but rather in a conversational one. She glances around, and then back to the man. Her voice is still soft; always soft. "Are you a Vault Guy now?" she asks, noting his new choice in garb. There's just the very slightest, most slender tint of amusement to that.
Devlin     "Likely the same thing you are doing here, but without the shame," is answered back quickly as a smirk begins to tug at the corner of his lips. Noticing her wandering eye, Devlin leans forward slightly towards the young woman to whisper, "Worried your warden is following me or are you worried he's hunting after you once again wanting to keep you heeled at his feet at all times?" As he spoke, the man's eyes lid slightly before starting to walk around the woman, not appearing to be content simply standing in one place.

    With his back turned towards Surelda, Devlin rolls his left shoulder and with the help of his right hand, he shrugs off half of the leather jacket, exposing the middle of his back.. There wasn't a Vault number. In place of where a Vault number would be was a downwards facing flag of red and white though at the top was a square of blue with white stars emblazoned in a circle. "No, something to show homage to the old world, the dead world. This is a good template for armor though, found a few files about it in my lil'pip."

    Walking up to the doorway that Surelda had just been in, Devlin shifts, slowly drawing his jacket back into place before securing it to keep it from showing off his cast wrapped arm. With his arm covered, Devlin looks down to his right wrist, tuning the dial, bringing up a message which causes him to walk away from the building and start heading to a different one.
Elsie "Do I look ashamed?" Surelda asks as the man walks around her. She chooses, seemingly, to ignore the man's comment about her so-called warden. Instead, she just watches him, turning to continue to watch him as he goes up to the house that she just vacated with her own, new stash. "I didn't figure you for a chem fiend," she says, using a somewhat derogatory term for her own people. The white-haired young woman crosses her arms just beneath her bust as the man fiddles with his pip boy.

When it seems he'll not be going to the same house after all, she lets her arms fall and starts to trudge after him. "Lost?" she suggests, and curiosity overtakes her just as she overtakes him. She tries to peer around him at the Pip Boy.
Devlin     Turning his wrist, Devlin makes it a sharp angle for Surelda to gaze at his wrist unit and soon looks at her questioningly. "Yes, you do. Hiding who you are, keeping your head down, watching around as if someone is searching for you when you've done a wrong.. I could go on your know." Moving his hand up, Devlin curls a finger and flicks at her cowl rather than striking out at her nose, a faint warning to stay away before she was flicked again.

    "As for my use, no, unlike your benders, I don't use them that way. Caps or pills, they have different values to different people." With that note, Devlin uses two fingers to point towards towards Surelda's chest. "Some like you, who need chems to live can be pressed on to trade more with chems than the cost I would have getting the chems in the first place?" The smirk spreads wider across his lips as he looks Surelda in the eye as he spoke about the chem's intent. "My veins are clean, so are my lungs. The most drugs this last while I've had is Med-X and Rad-Away, maybe some Rad-X here or there."
Elsie The turning away of his pip boy and the flick at her cowl are message enough. Surelda, looking chastized, steps back from him. She frowns at him. "Well," she says, after a moment's consideration. "Fortuantely for you, I know my own supplier as well as yours. So there's no need for me to get gouged with you as the middle man." Not only that, with Surelda's friendships and connections in the Caravan, she likely has even more sources besides, if she wants them.

She hasn't yet decided if she wants them yet or not, though. But that's neither here nor there.

"You talk more like a Caravaner than a hired gun when you say those things, you know. You thinking of joining up with Mister Ward after all?"
Devlin     Lifting his right hand up, Devlin shows off three digits, two on one side, this thumb on the other gently stroking back and forth, "If he pays me, then I'll work. I don't work for 'the better good' nor 'because I like the work', I do it for the caps." Closing his eyes and shrugging his shoulder faintly, Devlin lowers his hand, bringing it to rest on his hip.

    "As for price gouging.. Supply, demand, and placement. When you were coming off your blitz, when I met you at the Caravan and you hardly had a day's supply and no real easy way to slip away? You'd be singing a different tune." Closing his eyes, Devlin lightly shrugs before looking past Surelda to ask, "Seeing as you already know my supplier, what are their three names?"
Elsie "Charming," Surelda notes, though it might be a joke. It's so hard to tell with that quiet tone, that face shielded from the sun by the hood, and those black, endless eyes. "So you're just a jack of all trades for the right price, then." It's a statement, not a question.

As to the three names? That just makes her grin, showing off abnormally white teeth. They're not necessarily good teeth, just white ones. Like someone got some very nice treatments in recent years. "Who cares about their names?" Remember, she's an addict. As long as she gets her fix, the names don't matter.

The Daytripper must be kicking in. Surelda seems in a good mood.

After a moment of watching the man, Surelda makes another observation. "You don't like me much at all, do you?"
Devlin     "You right now are just a body that seems to get me in trouble just as often as she presents a useful side" is said with a faint smirk on his lips. Devlin doesn't look away from Surelda as she looks at him, evaluating him, and waits for an answer before starting to chuckle softly. "As for that comment about not knowing their names, how are you so sure you know all the dealers that I am waiting to get a drop from?"

    Shaking his head gently, Devlin doesn't appear to wait for an answer this time, as he looks around them at the building, shaking his head gently. "Their late either way.. and if they know you, they wouldn't have been skittish to be around you." The smirk on his lips starts to break down with his annoyance starting to show. Working his tongue up and to the side, rubbing the outer limits of a canine, the man began to get lost in his thoughts. Turning around, he doesn't walk off just yet, "Even though I often seem to get you in trouble, why are you steadily drawn towards me little moth?" Turning his head to the side, he glances towards her from over his shoulder, "If you are near, your warden will burn you ya know. Likely the same as he had Akane not that long ago."
Elsie "That's honestly more positive than I thought you were going to say," the white-blonde admits with a little shake of her head, clearly amused. "Anyway, who cares if I directly know your dealers or not? This city's got dealers aplenty, and with the trade routes coming back up there will be more besides. It's a crowded business to get into, ya know," she warns. And, in truth, if there's any business in the 'verse she knows, it's probably this one.

She lets him wander and turn around, looking for whoever he's meeting. And she grins a little further. "Well, if you need chems so badly, I can always hook you up." At that she grins, amused at herself once again. Daytripper is a delight!

So much so that she only lessens her grin slightly at Devlin's accusations. "If anyone's fluttering around the other, it's you, Mr. Devlin. And as long as you do as Ashur says and keep your hands to yourself, there's no problem. Not that I mean to say you'd want to put your hands anywhere but on yourself, but ... well, it's a rule." And Ashur's rules apply to everyone, it seems.
Devlin     "Rules only matter when there is force behind them. If the force no longer is enough to stop the offender, then the rule is useless" is said as Devlin lifts a finger, either asking for pause or showing that was a important note. "As for fluttering about, I wasn't the one who approached you, I also didn't ask to meet you in the middle of nowhere for shooting lessons, now did I?"

    Lidding his eyes, a soft smirk appears on his lips before looking away from the young woman. With his gaze ahead of him again he begins to walk, but it was a steady pace, not something that would be difficult for Surelda to follow. "As for chems, as I said, I have a few dealers that have been paid, I'm waiting on a drop off, nothing more. If I don't get what I paid for.."

    Devlin lifts his right shoulder in a shrug before dispassionately saying, "Then I execute them, those that are high with them and take what is due unto me. Business is business, and as you said, they are a cap a dozen. I'll find more, maybe those ones will keep their word ya?" Moving a hand onto his holster, the man gently pats it reasuringly.
Elsie "Doesn't seem very kindly to shoot the people with them. But then you don't seem much interested in justice," Surelda says, at last his words managing to cut through her Daytripper-inspired good mood and turn her lips downward in an unhappy pout. "But I suppose that's your way, then. And if it is, don't mind me if I hope that someone gives you a right proper comeuppance for that." After all, it's so very likely she could be one of the high ones he finds in a flophouse, sometime.

"Anyway, I ought not flutter about then, if the whole of it is my doing. Pleasurable day to you as I can muster, Mr. Devlin." Surelda turns to start to go, and in a bit of a huff no less.
Devlin     "The price of doing business with a liar and a thief is the risk of those who he scammed will come back, more than a little angry." Staying quiet for a few moment, Devlin watches as Surelda walks around and then passes him. "Remember Surelda, I'm focusing on my caps, not making friends with this arrangement. It sends a message, and if they send someone after me I'll likely get a bounty that was put on their head by the sheriff for other offenses."

    A grin spreads across the man's lips, showing off the tips of his oddly straight teeth, almost surgically so, "Pleasured week to you little one. I have my reminder with me still, for how short of a time I'll need one." Closing his eyes, Devlin continues along his way, walking towards the main road of Shanty town but then.. heading south, leaving the city in the usually wrong direction for most of the residents.