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Owner Pose
Camilla     The Clinic, the only fully brick and mortar building in all of shanty town. That place people go when they need care and healing.

    The only drawback there, is that when people don't need said care and healing, the clinic is utterly empty and devoid save for the one young woman that keeps it running, Camilla. She herself is here, as normal, but looks to have only just gotten back from an excursion of sorts as she sits her rifle and bags down on the floor.
Jacqueline Despite the lack of good, foody smells coming from the clinic, a regular visitor is here: A voice can be heard through one of the open windows as Camilla sets down her things, saying, "There's no place like home... there's no place like home... there's no place like home..."
Camilla     Camilla perks up and looks through said open window, "Oh! Jackie!" she blurts out, a warm smile all over her face. "Come on in, I just got back. I'll be in the lobby."
Jacqueline While the words are in a young woman's voice, the speaker turns out to be a chubbly bird with black, white-streaked wings and tail, bright gold swooshes encircling his eyes and a bright gold beak. "Here's lookin' at you, sweetheart," it says, this time in a man's voice.
Camilla     So, just bird. A bird with a few words, that sound like Jackie. Then, they don't sound like Jackie, "What in the world..." is her only retort as she looks around for Jackie to actually show up.
Jacqueline Which Jackie does, through the front door. "Cami, have you seen..?"
She's interrupted by another remark from the chatty bird: "Rose, I just remembered... I can dance!"
The mechanic grins ruefully. "I see you have. Sorry about him. He used to stop by when Doc Iris was cooking. Looks like he's still hopeful that she'll be here and make breakfast."
And once again the bird contributes to the conversation, this time with "Come and get iiiiit! Come and get iiiiit!"
Camilla     "He's uh, a talking bird..." replies camilla, who is rather shocked at the whole talking bird thing. "I've never seen one before..."
Jacqueline Jackie stifles giggles. "He's been known to have that effect on folks. My books say he's a mynah bird. They're very clever mimics. Evidently they were pretty common as pets back before the world went boom."
She gives Camilla a hug, which takes some stretching. "Are you okay? I'm sorry if Whassup gave you a scare." Oddly, she's clad in ordinary jeans and a well-worn tee under a shabby old work shirt, worn open, rather than her usual gecko-hide attire.
Camilla     "Oh, that's, interesting..." replies Cami as she moves forward to offer a hug to Jackie. "Interesting to have a pet bird.." she adds, smiling. "Oh, me? I'm fine.., just worn out is all.."
Jacqueline Jackie holds the hug as long as Camilla needs it. "He's not a pet, really, just kind of a guest. He'll flit off someplace when the mood takes him, but he always comes back to my Mom's restaurant. I think he just likes the fact that she'll feed him at least twice a day and talk to him."
Camilla     Camilla let's the hug linger as well before pulling back and smiling. "Ah, well, hmm.." she seems, interested, but not entirely as though she's distracted. "Which restaurant does your mom own?" she asks as she moves about the clinic, setting up her things and getting ready to fully open.
Jacqueline "It's close to the West Gate in El Dee proper. She's still getting the sign fixed," Jackie replies with a smile. "She does a mix of traditional Chinese cooking and less traditional American and southwestern fare. It's eclectic, but she's always got customers."
Camilla     "oh, well, that sounds nice. I might have to head over there and grab some food, try it out one of these nights.." Camilla turns about to grab some food from a storage area, "Hungry now?" she asks of Jackie with a smile. "Also, did you need me to check anything? Have you been hurt at all?"
Jacqueline "I have breakfast with my folks, but thank you," Jackie replies. "But I doubt Whassup would pass up an offering, if you had a little to spare."
Out the window, Whassup actually seems to perk up at the word 'hungry', hopping from his perch on a bit of Shantytown's ever-present rubbish to the windowsill itself and *click-click-clicking* thoughtfully.
Jackie shrugs and smiles at that question. "I'm afraid nothing's hurt, unless you've got a cure for injured pride. A fire gecko bit me earlier, but it was just a graze. The real hurt was that he took the seat out of my gecko-leather pants at the time."