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Gorilla Two days. When the origonal party managed to limp their way back into town with the water supply, it took the two nall of two days to go about hiring a second party to go out and try and scout around the now infamous deadman's pass. The place was teeming with geckos, and perhaps there might be something to be done to deal with the problem.The people in charge are interested in only one thing.. clearing out the Long 70 of all the geckos possible to make trade safer. So long as Gecko's wander and range the highway, then trade is impossible to conduct and well.. El Dorado might starve from the lack of trade out east.

The actual trip out east is long and grueling, the enslaughto f the spring heat and sun starting to cook those willing to make the expedition themselves. Evidence and tracks of the Geckos are everywhere almost immeaditly upon crossing and going down the Long 70. Getting a paycheck for a few gecko hides and helping clear out parts of the road would be a quick indeed if those tracks would prove to be fresh.

Of course when dealin with a massive infestation problem.. One party of mercenaries is not enough. This time, a bunch of unproven misfits with guns pressed into their hands are set off into a dangerous world.. and to death
Celeste     Celeste moves down the dirt road, kicking rocks and watching them putter off to disappear in the brush. She's got an eye out for those geckos.. where ever they may be, and they may be close. All those tracks aren't for nothing, right?
Sammy     Long walks in the desert, seeing places and making roads safer for everyone in the process, that's pretty much Sammy's raison d'etre. The heat is nothing he's not used to, it was genuinely hotter in Arizona at times, but that hasn't stopped him from making sure his helmet seals are snug, so he doesn't lose too much moisture to breathing.
    So Samy signed up for a Geko hunt, he saw it on the Hotel or the Sherrif's board, or pinned to the side of the Saloon, all the common places people look for those with more guns than common sense.
    But wait, tracks? He waves the others over with a gesture, his sweeping duster moving to a halt, he cradles his sniper rifle across his arms and hunkers down to look more closely at the tracks.
Celeste     Turning to glance in Sammy's direction, Celeste pauses her step and takes a quick glance around. Boots carry her over to where he is, and she slides in next to his right side so she can lower slightly and take a look for herself. Tracks. Good. A grin is tucked away in her cheek and she nods towards the trail being left by the current tracks. Yeah, she'll follow them.
Gorilla The fact of the amtter is that for the most part there is little movement that is obvious as the pair travel along the Long Sventy. The old American highway completley busted and out of wack.. yet at the very least it was calm.. eerily so. One could never shake the feeling of being watched
Sammy Hunkering down like this, Sammy's inspecting the tracks, looking for the freshest, their direction, and if they're moving in single file to conceal their numbers. Sure there's tracks, but are they bigger than a breadbox? Are we hunting the legendary GekoZilla that reportedly can swallow a whole Brahmin? He's got a few years and a few thousand miles of trail work under him.
Celeste     As Celeste starts to wander off after the tracks, the blonde takes a small glass vial from her back pocket and lifts it up. "Let's see if this does any good," she murmurs under her breath as she pops the top off the vial and holds it far away from her nose. It twitches. The scent really isn't that great. Celeste pauses her step to look around, and after a moment's consideration she finds a nice rock to pour some of the urine onto. Mmmm. Come and get it!
Sammy     Everyone has days when they get turned around, and this is one of them, Sammy can't tell which way the lizards are coming or going, but there sure are a lot of 'em. He sees Celeste and the vial as she backs away from the rock, "Bait is a great idea. I don't think I want to know where that vial came from though..."
Gorilla What Celeste and Sammy both see next is not so much a gecko coming running.. but the sand litertally shifting and bulging as if to move towards them both. The large mound.. soon being joined by another as two large geckos seem to burst out of the ground, eagerly sniffing around only to find no mate.. but two tasty humans instead.

The beasts are about four to five feet tall, display displaying fins around their head and necks soon on display as the golden beady eyed little monsters soon display their claws and start running in odd eratic patterns around the road. Their ambush around the Long Seventy broken up by Celeste's ingenious plan!
Celeste     "I don't either.. I just hope whoever filled it washed their hands afterwards," Celeste says after capping the vial and slipping it back into her pocket. She grins slightly at that, glancing back to Sammy, and then she's turning to glance around again. She doesn't have much time before the two geckos appear, both sending her jumping back and letting out a string of choice words. The blonde gets her revolver as quick as she can, taking aim on the closest gecko, and she takes two shots. The one hitting the gecks in the torso gets a hiss from the girl while her miss gets another fun word.
Sammy     Sight the target, pull the trigger, it's a rhythm and Sammy's got it engraved so deep in muscle memory bu now. But they're moving so fast, meaning to take a head clean off, but not really having the time to give enough to place the shot exactly where he wanted, he watches the bullet impact the mutant lizard in the stomach, and ducks down to chamber the other round. Maybe the first one getting hit will distract the others. Probably not at this distance. Already mentally chastizsing himself for not finding a better hide before getting into this, and keeping an eye out for Celeste and her movement.
Gorilla Even as the giant fucking geckos take bullets, both into their soft cute little belly's the lizards just hiss as loud as they can. The pair soon rushing in, ducking and weaving as they continue to approach under the hail of bullets. Both lunge. Only one maanges to hit, but heh its hard, tearing his fangs into Celeste's shoulder and tearing as hard as he can to take his pound of flesh from the poor woman.

the other more just hits the ground and flops around for a second before scurrying away and trying to take an indirect and rather.. long route for another running lunge attack!
Sammy     Sammy's hand dives for his wheelgun, reaching into his duster and speed darwing as he swings the rifle out of the way with his free hand, the muzzle almost makes contact with the chest and "BOOM". A sucking chest wound is Nature's way of saying 'Slow Down'...
Celeste     Being bitten in the shoulder -sucks-, so maybe that's why Celeste ends up shooting the gecko in the torso instead of the head when she tries! Ouch! The girl makes contact with whatever she can, and thankfully at least gets a little damage going. Was it worth the vial of piss? Nope. Bitten shoulder definitely wasn't worth it.
Gorilla With one gecko now feeding the buzzards, the other one looking for a mait is still not giving up quite yet. The lizard hizzing and squirming as it tries to rip more flesh from Celeste yet does so ineffectually with the woman no doubt easy to dodge away from its now pained flailings. The beasts life was quickly draining from the two holes in the stomach.. growling all the while.
Sammy Sammy really doesn't like it when things bite his traveling companions, the still smoking Magnum goes level with the last Geko's hissing face, and makes a crater of it with another loud "BANG" and belch of flame.
    Then it dawns on him that they might need to collect the heads to count for the bounty as he turns to Celeste, "Hey ... lets get you cleaned up and head back."
Celeste     With the gecko left wailing as Sammy finishes him off, Celeste pulls back and makes sure she is a safe distance away before she is holstering that revolver and turning her face to see that awesome bite mark. "Fuuuuu," she groans. That's going to hurt when the adrenaline wears off. As she looks to Sammy she growls, "Remind me to invest in shoulder pads when we get back." She starts moving closer to the fallen bodies, and gives her gecko a swift kick in the head.
Gorilla Two Geckos. better than nothing. The pair had gone into the dangers of the wastes and survived. The two corpses riddled with holes and left to be eaten by the wild animals around. Possibly other geckos even.

Yet it was a good days work done and the possibility for a big payday remained something to look forward to even as the pair stumbled back home to El Dorado, the city that never sleeps. Mainly becuase there are robots. They can''t sleep. Not programmed to.