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Krysta      It's been a few hours since Krysta was supposed to show up for duty at the Militia and had not shown. It wasn't an emergency and she was just a private. They would dole out punishment accordingly when they found her sorry ass.
     Which proved rather simple for Lee as he would stumble across the white-haired woman sitting against an old ruined wall, head down, hair askew, her uniform jacket showing fresh blood and cuts. She looked exhausted. And when he approached, she had her rifle unslung and across her chest like she wasn't sure if she had to defend herself or not.
Lee     Lee noted her abcense with a frown, but wouldn't comment on it persay. It is what it is. So it'd be some surprise to find her messed up like that on his patrol. Moving closer in that power armor, his duster snapped in the wind as he'd shoulder that sledge. "What the.." That external comm is clicked on after a moment. "Private Krysta... sit rep. Uh.. what the hell happen??"
Krysta      Krysta spotted Lee's familiar armor and dropped the rifle, her head resting back against the wall behind her. She let out a breath of relief. His voice on the comm got little response from her at first and then she set her jaw, climbing to her feet and standing at attention, even if she did sway some. "Gunners. Enclave.. little of both.... Sir."
Lee     "Frag." Lee would move as soon as Krysta started to sway, he'd step closer to her to gently guide her back down to sitting down. Kneeling in that armor, he'd reach up and pop the visor, watching her. "Frag it Krysta.. this is why ya dun go off on yer own, eh? Ya get messed up.." He'd shake his head and start looking her over. "Any wounds? Ya gotta count of em? What exactly happen?"
Krysta      Krysta blinked as he guided her down to the ground again. She studied him for a long moment, the look on her face speaking of confusion and connecting some dots. Slowly she smiled a bit. Patting his arm she shook her head. "Mostly just exhausted, Sir. That's what happens when you barely escape a vertibird...." Yes, he'd heard that right. No, she wasn't kidding.
     "Old contact of mine... had information and didn't know I was militia. Wanted me to be there alone." She made a face and winced, a graze along her side and another on her arm. She'd gotten lucky. But her attention was on Lee. "It's bad news, Sir. And it's complicated. But the Lieutenant didn't want rumors or crap fro the local raiders. I got good intel."
Lee     Lee would relax a little as he'd not see any serious wounds and Krysta assured him she was just worn out. "Vertibird? ... frag.." Shaking his head, he'd sigh and listen to her quietly. "Yeah.. seems ta be how it goes.. a'right. Am I carryin ya back Private, or ya able ta walk on yer own? We'll get back immediately ta let em know whatcha got." He'd shake his head a little. "Ifn ya need me ta carry ya.. I can. the armor's augmentin me, so ain't nothin to it.."
Krysta      Krysta nodded then took a breath and stood up again, focusing. "Made it this far...." She leaned against Lee's armor, though, as she started to walk. "Sir... It's bad. Jared Solomon and Gunners and Enclave aiming to take out El Dorado bad. These guys are amassing an army and they're not sticking to the pure bloods they usually like. I..." She hesitated, still leaning heavily on his armor. "How do I explain why I know these guys, Sir?"
Lee     Lee nods slightly, would click the visor down, as well.. that's his HUD too and walks with Krysta. He wouldn't belittle her by carrying her, but he would take whatever weight he could from her. Listening, he'd grit his teeth then grunts. That comm would click on for them to talk. "Simple.. ya were doin undercover recon fer me. My order, my assignment, yah? So no reason fer ya ta not know em.."
Krysta      Krysta blind but nodded, her eyes closing for just a moment. She managed to get most of the way back to HQ before she lost her feet entirely. She mumbled an apology and forced her knees to lock, keeping her upright. She had really worn herself out getting back as soon as possible. If her grazes were anything to go by it had only been a few hours and she'd booked it back home to deliver the information.
Lee     Lee let Krysta walk until she'd sag. While she might force her knees to lock to keep upright, he'd just grunt. "Frag.." And with that shift, scoops her off her feet like she's weightless. Once done, he'd pick up that pace, heading back for town and the HQ. "Ya'll get some rest at HQ Krysta.. then We'll get ya in ta talk to the LT. I'm lookin at settin up a recon group.. so anything ya share will be nice.. Vertibirds leads me ta believe it's more serious than even first suspected.."
Krysta      Krysta grunted softly when he scooped her up but did not grumble or argue, a clue as to how tired she really was. By the time they got to HQ, she was asleep in his arms, one of the highest compliments she could pay Lee at that point, sleeping in his presence, indicated a level of trust between them. She would remain asleep for a while as they waited for Rexus. In the meantime, a cursory glance would affirm that her wounds were superficial and she was probably just exhausted, having expended too much energy running.
Lee     Lee did notice, but wouldn't make a big deal of it. He had told her, he had her back. So she trusted him. While he's grateful for it, making a big deal out of it may make her shy away. Either way, he'd make sure she was ok as theyw alked back for real and gets her into the NCO lounge to rest on the couch until Rexus could be found.