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Lynnette Well after day at the bar and going to Iris' for dinner, everything was hunky dory! However on her way back from her friend's place she wanted to make a pistop and what do you know? Enclave mercenaries were just waiting for her it seems and popped her good - one in the chest and one in the leg and left her for dead. However some nice ghoul happened to find her and dropped her back in the middle of her bar and left her there. It didn't know what do. So now she was bleeding out in the middle of her brand now bar....she just got this place clean!
Alpha     Alpha comes out of the back, pauses as he'd realize what happen and immediately rushes over to Lyn. "LYN!!" Dropping to his knees next to her, he'd pull his own pack forward to start going for first aid materials. He might not be a medic, but he could at least stabilize her!
Akane      Said ghoul was smart enough to go looking for a medic, though and Akane came running the second she heard. Banned or not she'd deal with the consequences. The red-haired woman moved into the bar, looked around and went directly to Lynn's side. Damn. This wasn't good. Rather than move her, Akane crawled up onto the bar and began checking her for whether she needed to do surgery or not. Gotta see if that bullet was in there or if it was a laser pistol, etc. Meanwhile, she was staunching the blood flow. Of course, all Alpha or anyone else would see was Akane kneeling on top of Lynnette in a bar she was banned from entering, covered in the woman's blood.
Jacqueline Jacqueline Wayne doesn't get to Jack's Town that often, but she's passing through right now, on her way to an appointment with a broken-down dragline at a construction project some ways away.
The first thing she sees is someone /running/ into the open door of a bar that wasn't here the last time she came through. Bringing her ancient Lone Wanderer motorcycle to a halt, she peers into the dim interior of the bar.
Which doesn't tell her anything but that it's fairly empty and dark in there. Shrugging, she pulls her shotgun from its sleeve and dismounts, moving to the door and stepping inside, looking around.
And spotting someone kneeling over a bleeding woman, the someone in question being rather spotted with blood herself. Someone else is coming in as well, with a pack that looks to contain medical supplies. "Um... is this a bad time?" she asks, uncertain of just /what/ is going on. Clad in a leather riding jacket and jeans, she likely isn't familiar to anyone save the injured woman, and that only vaguely.
Lowry Lowry enters now, The door swinging shut behind him. He raises his hat a little and grabs the toothpick from his mouth as he scowls. "Pry be a bit rough on 'landin' a drink right now." He mutters quite quietly. He takes a few steps towards the blood obviously not shy about it. Eyeing the woman with the shotgun his hand slowly creeps near his revolver but he doesn't seem to be jumping to conclusions. "I reckon we got trouble." He says now so all can hear. His eyes scan the room now taking all things into consideration.
Alpha     Alpha grunts as Akane comes rushing in to help him with Lyn. He'd glance over at Jackie, then Lowry. Shaking his head a little. "Chuck! Get em a drink.. We'll deal with Lyn!" He'd call over to the bartender who was just standing there in shock for a moment. It'd at least get him moving as Alpha worked with Akane to get the wounds at least somewhat patched up. She's the medic though, so while his gear is offered for her to use to tend to Lyn, he's not far away. It's pretty obvious that concern is there and more than just casual at this point.
Rusty     Commotions attract attention. So after the sounds of a horse being reigned in and hitched floats into the bar. A random "In there, Marshal!" preceeds boots thumping, and a figure in a duster steps into the stone and mortar building. A gloved hand is resting on the big Cowboy Revolver slung low and tied to his thigh. No motion to draw it as a muffled slightly amplified voice "What happened?" The helmet cants slightly to the left to observe Akane kneeling on Lynnette. Covered in blood. The figure makes rapid strides towards them wounded and would-be saviors like a man with a purpose, hand not leaving the grip of his revolver. Not until he is close enough to look at the wounded Lynnette. That hand reaches out to tap Akane's hand. "Just a bit higher there, and a bit harder." Not shy about it, the man in the Black Armor moves to start ripping clothes closest to where the most blood seeps.
Akane      Akane looked up, eyes steady and firm as Alpha moved over to help her. "I need some water, Chuck!" She continued working. Rusty's tap got a raised brow from the fire-haired woman and a scowl. But then Chuck was giving her the water and she poured half of it over the chest wound, clearing it of blood temporarily. Next, she spoke, commandingly to Alpha and Rusty and anyone else close enough. "Hold her down. NOW."
     Assuming they would comply, Akane began the painstaking and excruciating work of removing the bullet she had finally located. Luckily it had not pierced heart or lung, but it still needed to be removed and quickly. Assuming hey kept the patient still, Akane would remove the bullet. Once it was out, Akane wiped at her own forehead and started applying pressure on the wound again. She took Alpha's hand, pressed a bandage to it and then pressed it down on the chest wound hard enough to probably draw a cry from Lynn. "Keep that up."
Jacqueline "Oh, fudge... that's Lynnette! What happened?" Jackie exclaims, finally having recognized the woman with the bullet wounds.
She's about to try and make introduction when the kneeling woman gives an order she can completely understand. She sets down her shotgun and drops to her knees to hold down Lynnette. Which should answer any questions about whether she's friend or foe to the injured woman, at least.
Lowry If the barkeep is pouring Lowry isn't quite noticing. When the Marshall walks in his eyes dart that way, quickly down to the gun then back up to the man's eyes. Looking back to the bleeding woman he notices the wounds more thouroughly now. "Nasty." He mutters. "Looks like .44?" The words come out as if he is unclear. Shaking his head He now asks to no one specifically, "Who's doin'? Hearing Akane now he would step in to help hold her down.
Lynnette Well poor Lyn was laying there crying as she tried not let it out. Poor Chuck was scrambling to get the water for Akane before he would go to pour the others their drinks if they wished. As soon as Akane started to dig out those bullets she started to scream blood murder. Beating on the surface next to her she would just toss her head as she held down. "Alpha!!!" She'd look over as her face was tear stained now as she looked over at him. Trying to steady her breathing but the pain was almost unbearable. The wound being pressed on caused her to scream out again as she put a hand to her mouth, trying to stifle it.
Alpha     Alpha grits his teeth, nods to Akane and glances to the others as they'd all help to keep lyn from dying. At Akane's command, he'd comply, sympathetic look given to Lyn, but that didn't stop him from doing what's necessary. "I'm here Lyn. It'll be ok.. I know it hurts.. and I'll be huntin the bastards.. try ta keep still.."
Akane      "Sheriff, in my hip pack you will find a white triangular piece of paper all folded up. Have someone get it and put it in a half cup of water. Mix it well." She knew Alpha was busy applying pressure to the bullet wound but Akane wasn't able to dig around in her stuff with bloody hands either. And she was focused on keeping the sheriff from getting pissed at her. But as soon as she gave the order she shifted down to look at the leg wound.... If there was a bullet in there too she would have a harder time getting it out without serious damage to Lynn.
Rusty     At Akane's command, the helmeted head nods once. Not only does the man move to keep Lynn pinned in place, but he aims to slap a hand against a pressure point at the same time. "What is her... Ah. Lynnette." The helmeted head ducks down, to speak in that oddly reflected amp0lified voice. "Don't stop it, we ain't in the field. Let it out, cry all you want. It means you are alive." With the name of Alpha called out coupled with the Duster on the other man, a lightbulb clearly forms over the helmet. A nod and a word before silence. "Sheriff."
Jacqueline Being less strong than many here, Jackie has her hands full just holding Lynnette down. "Just breathe deep, sweetie... try to hold still," she murmurs soothingly to the wounded woman. "You're gonna be just fine."
Alpha     Alpha nods slightly to Akane and continues to do as told. As Rusty was helping to hold Lyn down, Alpha glances to Jackie. "Hey.. get the thing Akane said from her pack, yah? Mix it up good fer Lyn.. please." He'd cut the word short as he'd fight to keep himself focused and not show those emotions. As Rusty comments sheriff, he'd grunt with a nod in response to Rusty. But his attention was almost entirely on Lyn. "You'll be fine.. don'tcha dare die on me.."
Lowry Lowry lends a hand to hold the lady down. One brow furrows and it would be obvious he seems annoyed. "It's always somethin'" He says shaking his head but helping all the same. Great way to get acquainted with everyone! He glances down to the leg now seemingly just noticing it now for the first time. "Christ, they filled you all full o' lead, darlin'! Loaded fer' bear." He looks to the others now as he stands there. "Pour some whiskey down her throat. Maybe some calmex ta' keep her from flailin'"
Rusty     The Black Armored one had shifted himself to keep Lynn down since Alpha was to search a bag. Since Alpha directed Jackie to do this, the move was uneeded. There is a grunt of effort from the helmet speaker, since Lynn is not exactly weak. "Good. Keep talking to her." It's a clipped mechanical tone focused on keeping Lynn in place.
Jacqueline "Oh... right!" Jackie abandons her post holding Lynnette down, hopefully without letting the woman writhe her way free, and scoots over behind Akane instead. She has to dig around in the pouch on the woman's hip for several moments to find the triangular piece of paper in question.
"Please excuse me," she says as she withdraws her hands, trying to be polite about such a clumsy approach. The Paper found, she hurries behind the bar to find a cup and some water.
Lynnette Chuck was all ready for Jackie as he just thrust a cup of water towards her and nodded. The man moved on then to grab a bottle of whiskey from the shelf before sighing and waited for her to open her mouth again and in went the liquor.

Lyn sputtered a bit but she swallowed it before crying out again. Looking to Alpha she would just shake her head and sobbed. " was....." Coughing she would then cry out again as she felt Akane working on her but tried to spit it out. " mercy...."
Akane      "You will do no such thing." Akane stated to Lowry. "Alcohol will not mix well with the medicine I have. Now prepare the solution." She checked the wound on her leg and thankfully there was no bullet inside. She withdrew a bandage and wrapped it quickly, deftly, Jacqueline would find the white powder dissolved quickly into the water. And By the time it's done Akane was up and taking over for Alpha again. She rested a hand on his firmly, offering strength and support for a single silent moment. Then she was back to working, sewing the wound closed. It only took a few moments and the pain medicine would work quickly once Lynn drank it down. Next Akane merely bandaged the wound. Lynn's voice, the pain in it, made her wince and finally, the crimson-haired medic crawled off the counter, standing there covered in Lynn's blood and looking tired. "Let her rest... That medicine will make her sleepy...."
Lowry Lowry nods to the doctor. "Seems you'd know best." He sounds sincere and eyes the bottle the man grabbed now. He makes no move though still observing the slightly chaotic situation. As the medic stands now he takes a step back to allow room for the others and space for the injured woman. "So who plugged her?" He asks now in everyones general direction when he hears the word, mercy.
Jacqueline "Oh! Thank you!" Jackie's only too glad to get Chuck's help, and she has the medicine mixed up in seconds. She hands it over to Akane, so she can get properly to work.
Rusty     "Well done." Again, the mechanical voice from the helmet as it nods. The red lenses look from face to face to face. "Watch her breathing." Another quick matter-of-fact statement from the man. Job done, he straightens himself up and looks at his gloved hands. "Sink?"
Lynnette Needless to say she was was not comfortable at all. When that concoction was mixed and poured down her throat she would make a face as she tried to keep back the tears. Taking a deep breath she would stare up at Alpha then and shook her head. The pain wasn't helping her make sense. " was mercs....mercinaries...." Finally she spit it out as she frowned at Alpha. "....Enclave....mercs."

When Chuck heard the man ask for a sink he point to a door. "The kitchen's in there....there's a sink..." The man would slump against the bar and just stare at Lyn, frowning now.
Alpha     Alpha leans back as Akane is able to help soothe Lyn's pain and get the wounds tended to. Standing, he'd look at his own hands, sigh and looks to Lyn with a small nod. "Fragheads.." Glancing over to Rusty, he'd point as Chuck did, then shakes his head. "Gonna need ta go learn em somethin I'm thinkin.. they dun mess with us.."
Jacqueline "Poor Lynnette... I'm going to see if anyone outside saw anything," Jackie says, bowing her head to the crowd. "Hopefully somebody out there has good eyes." She quickly slips out.
Akane      Akane frowned deeply at hearing that. Mercenaries... Enclave... "Fuck." And then her attention was on Alpha. She watched the man for a long moment then slipped away, following Chuck's instruction as to where the sink was and washing her own hands beside Rusty. her jaw was set firmly. Once back out in the bar she would go over to Alpha and pull out three more of those paper triangles. She offered them to the man. "No more than twice a day. Half cup of water. If the Enclave is this close.... We have problems. You want me to leave now?"
Lowry Lowry slowly nods when he hears it was enclave mercenairies. "Ain't surprised." He mutters as he draws a toothpick from the shirt pocket of his leather. He slowly pops it in his mouth and heads over to the bar. "Make it a double, calm ma' nerves." At Akanes proclimation he looks around taking in his surroundings with an average amount of worry.
Alpha     Alpha nods to Jackie. "Let the sheriffs know ifn ya find anything." He'd wave after her, then paces slightly as he'd think it through. With Akane coming back to him, he'd take them, pocketing it with a shake of his head. "I'm pretty sure 'savin her ass' kinda ends the ban, Akane.. Just dun do stupid stuff in here again, yeah? And.." He'd pause, looking at her hard a moment. "Thanks.." With Akane back out there, he'd have his turn to clean up from the blood, then heads back out. "Can we move her? Bed downstairs.."
Vuk Vuk has no fear of the Enclave, they do not bother him, not as much as the Brotherhood, the throaty growl of his bike is heard outside to mark his coming before he appears. No Iris, a disappointment, it's not like he expects Iris in this place. He mostly seems out of place in such a locale, Vuk doesn't ever seem to socialize on principle, always to busy ..being off some where. Must be thirsty..or bored. Bored and thirsty. "Enclave is better then the Brotherhood. At least I know what the Enclave desire." He announces as he enters.
Akane      Akane blinked at Alpha's comments. She hadn't expected to be thanked at all. She'd simply done her job. But she nodded. "Yea, you can take her down. I'll check on her again soon too..." And there was Vuk. Akane shook her head. "I don' think anyone knows what the Enclave is up to right now. They're breaking their own rules." And how would she know that?
Rusty     Heading to the indicated sink, the armored figure washes the blood off his gloved hands. At Alpha's vow, the amplified voice states. "When, and where?" Turning back for the group, the duster swirls about him. "Uncle John alays said, helping your neighbors is just smart." Gloved hands reach up, about to disengage his helmet when Vuk enters with -that- announcement. The lenses slowly turn to look Vuk over. "Not a good day for that thinking."
Alpha     Alpha nods to Rusty. "Soon as I know mate. Yer in." At Akane's words, he'd carefully pull Lyn into his arms and eyes Vuk. "The fraggin enclave can go screw a rocket. They're gonna get their can kicked in soon as I find where they're at." With that, he'd carry Lyn down into the basement to get her rested.
Vuk Vuk cocks his head a bit, eyes unfocused, recalling. Inload. Exload. "I still prefer the Enclave to the Brotherhood. The Enclave believes in the purity of America. The Brotherhood believes in concentration camps and wholescale slaughter to maintain their superiority via technology. A superiority they never truly had. But if you can't move her safetly, I suggest dousing any suspected wounds with anti septic or hooch, and sending a rider for a Doctor." He says, helpfully!
Lynnette Lyn would finally start to feel sleepy as that medicine kicked in. Closing her eyes she would lay there as she panted softly. Not really moving she would just mumble to herself. "...this....this doesn't add up...." Through half lidded eyes she would try to sit up because she was stubborn but damn it did hurt like a mofo. Laying there she'd just sigh before she was scooped up then. Hearing Vuk she'd mumble. "....the Enclave all need to burn in a fire....they all need to die....."
Akane      The look on Akane's face went from tolerant to an open glare. "I /am/ a doctor, jackass." Yes, Akane was a bit on edge. She'd just dug a bullet from Lynn's chest and saved her life and Vuk's standing there telling people to get a doctor. The crimson-haired medic looked annoyed and then turned back to Chuck. She stood there for a long moment then just asked for a soda.
Rusty     Clearly taking note of Alpha's lack of shooting Vuk, the figure continues the same lack. The helmet nods at the confirmation of an invitation. He does finally remove the helmet to allow it to hang on his chest. Revealed as a greay haired man with hazel eyes that flick to each who helped Lynn one at a time, ending on Alpha. "I was coming around to introduce myself to all the settlements I'll be patrolling around and through." His face winces a little, as if he said too many words at once. A hand runs through his helmet-headed hair. "Deputy Marshal Rusty Wayne. Just back to the area."
Lowry With Vuks words and entrance Lowry listens intently then stares down in his drink as the injured woman seems to be subsiding. He shrugs and says, "Enclave, Legion, Brotherhood...It's all the same." He shoots down his drink and gives a twirl of the finger indicating he will buy the bar a round and sets his glass down twoards the front indicating he hopes to be first. Looking over now he says, "She dun' a good job." Nodding in Akanes direction. "Take it easy darlin', you got her through tha' worst of it." He sort of smiles and looks to Chuck to see how those drinks are coming. His eyes going to Rusty now he adds, "Well consider yer' self introduced." His words sound friendly with a slightly buzzed wasteland drawl. "Have one on me."
Alpha     Alpha cradles Lyn to his chest. He'd eye Vuk and shakes his head. "Whatever asshole. Not in the mood right now." He'd look to Lyn and sighs softly. "Shh.. rest. We'll deal with em.. ya just need ta recover.."
    He'd look over to Rusty at the intro and nods a little in greeting. "Alpha. Sheriff fer JT. Nice ta see backup.. ya can cap that one if he keeps spoutin off. I wouldn't care."
Vuk Vuk scoffs a bit, like all the hostility means little to him. "More concerned with the Super Mutants then the Enclave. FEV used here is not what I've seen before." He says, mostly to him self. Though when the Legion is mentioned, he pauses in his train of thought. "The Legion actually is relatively easy to understand. Raider Empire, minimal understanding of technology. Minimal use of military tactics. Similiar to the NCR." He says and rolls his shoulders at Akane. "The only Doctor I have had work on me is Iris. I don't know others."
Akane      Akane blinked as Chuck set an actual drink down in front of her but then she just accepted it, downed it. Then she sipped at her soda. Vuk's odd compliment got a sigh and a bowed head from her, though she spoke in serious tones. "The Legion is a festering pile of excrement that needs to burn away. It and all its slaves." She reached up, rubbing absently at her throat as if there had been a collar there recently.
Rusty     "No. Not the same." Rusty comments to Lowry. "The Legion's brutality is unmatched." A quick shake of the head, then a nod in agreement over Lowry speaking on Akane. Next he moves his gaze to her. "Yes. Outstanding job, Medic?" A briefly considering look and then a nod to Lowry again. Looking to Chuck. "Sure. Drink on him, then." A glance back to Alpha with a sharp nod. "Sheriff... Alllllphhha?" Alpha's name was drawn out in slight confusion, but he shrugs his shoulders and moves along. "Sorry, wasn't what I was expecting." Then there is Vuk. Rusty sighs and turns towards the armored man. "Wrong. The Legion does understand technology, and not only can but -will- use it." That look again when he speaks so many words. "Shunning a thing does not always mean ignorance of a thing. Powerpacks die, armor breaks, weapons break down. The Legion wouldn't have a failure of logistics like everyone else. They'd just club you to death with a rock." Last, eyes turn back onto Akane. "Well said."
Lowry Shrugging Lowry just downs the next one. He looks over, "Well, they are some ornery bastards." He concedes to Rusty. "I just aint got much use fer' none o' them." HE straightens up now, seeming to be a little more in tune having had a couple right quick. He nods then at the comment Rusty makes. "They wouldn't hesitate." His voices lends to tha' fact that he is no stranger to the ways of the Legion. "Keep 'em clean." He throws in there tapping the handle of his revolver.
Akane      Akane glanced up at Rusty and the others. She knew Iris was good at her job, had found that out first hand. She also knew she had done well enough just now. The woman sat down at the bar, peering at Rusty's comment toward her and sipping her soda. He was new. Hadn't seen her with that collar on. And the brands were well hidden. But if he looked at her upper back or shoulders he'd see the scars, the lashings. But now she was here, in El Dorado and Jacks Town. Still, compared to the enclave... The Legion was nothing. "The Legion isn't anywhere near its former strength due to Caesar's death."
Vuk Vuk will never be convinced technology can fail, given his body is partially composed of it. "Such things only fail due to the lack of understanding of the users. The Legion doesn't understand technology, they can not recreate what the Ancients had. They are incapable of such understanding." He doesn't at least go off on about Satansoft for a change! "But I do not deny them being monsters, but so are many others. At least the Legion is fundamentally..human, that which we witnessed consuming Hope's Crossing was..even beyond the Super Mutants I have seen before."
Lowry "Oh, and fer' the bit that hit tha' floor." He throws two caps down then thinks better, adds two for a tip. Given the course of conversation now he is bobbing the head. "They are without a certainty a bunch o' low down piles a mule puke." He motions for another drink and and nods to Vuk and Rusty, willing to buy another. "New in town anyways, Lowry's tha' name." He says to them both as he takes them in, sizing them up subtly.
Rusty     "I'm sorry." Rusty comments quietly at Akane after giving her a look over. "They're why I left. To fight." Rusty plucks up the drink given and tosses it back. His head shakes and he considers Lowry, and nods sharply in agreement on puke. "Yes." Then it is back to Vuk with a sigh. "Noone can re-create what the ancients had. Fix it up. Continue production, maybe. Sure." Another pause. "Sure, without Caesar they are weaker. Just don't count them out." His hands grasp his helmet and holds it, ready to be put back on. "Underestimating opponants is a sure way for a permanant dirt nap."
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive gesture at people thinking no one has improved upon the ancients. "The Ancients were limited, some have exceeded them." He says as he turns towards the door. "Well, I have to secure supplies, in theory." What supplies he ever acquires? Who knows, he never trades in town, maybe he guts the homeless for food. Yes, that must be it, and then he's meandering out the door, humming quietly to him self.
Akane      Akane shook her head. "Don't apologize for what another man did. Only for what you do." She stood, finishing her soda and setting the bottle down for Chuck the headed toward the basement.