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Alpha     Alpha carries Lyn downstairs into the basement. From there, he'd head for that bedroom. Frowning at the messy bed, Alpha carefully sets her down, then tosses the covers to the side for now. It can be picked up later. "Alright Lyn.. ya should be ok now.. Akane did good ta patch ya up."
Lynnette She was still crying as she was being carried down those stairs then, wining at the slight bouncing. When he laid her down she would look down at her bloodied travel wear and sighed a bit. "....I'm dying....aren't I?" Laughing slightly she'd cough but wined as she closed her eyes. "....par for the course I guess....."
Akane      Akane followed Alpha into the basement when he took Lynn down there, keeping quiet for the most part. She looked interested in the woman's health more than anything else. At the question, she shook her head. "You're not dying, Lynnette. I wouldn't allow that. You'll be fine. I promise."She glanced at Alpha though. "But the enclave? Theyre too close to town..."
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head, smirking at Lyn. "Nah.. no dyin. Yer fine.. it'll hurt like Ashur decked ya fer a bit.. but.. ya'll be fine. hmm?" Glancing over to Akane, he'd nod a little. "I'll get the bastards, dun ya worry none. Attackin people of JT dun fly well. That's fer sure."
Lynnette Lyn would just exhale softly as she stifled a sob. "....I just....I just want to leave...." Slowly she began to push herself up some then. "It's what I get. I went Iris for dinner.....I got sidetrack and wanted to go digging around before coming back here but....." Taking a deep breath she would sigh. "...they got me. They left me out there for dead...."
Akane      Akane reached out and pressed Lynn back down. "Don't be fighting me now. Rest. I did my best for you...." She looked up at Alpha with a helpless expression. "The pain should be abating soon, Lynnette. That stuff we had you drink is ..well. it's opium. You shouldn't be int hat much pain right now...." She looked unsure of her surroundings but tried to be supportive and firm for Lynn's sake.
Alpha     Alpha went to stop Lyn, but Akane got to it first. He'd nod a little and put the other doses up to be used another time. That cover he'd tossed off before was taken up to gently cover her as he could. "Relax Lyn. We already went over that.. ya ain't goin no where.. I know what yer thinkin 'bout em.. just.. chill, yah? They're gonna get what's comin to em.."
Lynnette She would sigh as she looked at her clothes and looked to the side. "I don't want to get blood everywhere....." Mumbling it was finally hitting her. "....can I at least....get out of these pants and stuff....." Lyn just sighed as she seemed to be in and out. "....but why would they.....I thought he just wanted to drag me back...."
Akane      Akane lifted an eyebrow. "Back?" But she would move up to help in removing Lynn's clothes, starting with her pants, careful of that leg wound. Alpha was probably holding and supporting Lynn's torso as it stood, so Akane helped this way. She didn't seem to even glance at Lynn's exposed skin as she helped.
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head a little. As Akane would help Lyn strip, he'd just sit on the bed to comfort and support her as he could. "Shh.. dun sweat it.. seriously.. Lyn, just relax. Rest. hmm?" Once Akane got her bottom stripped, he'd work with her to get Lyn stripped the rest of the way down. That done, Alpha leaves for just a moment to get some water and a cloth to start working on cleaning up the blood off of her.
Lynnette She'd groan a bit as they shifted her and she'd sighed in pain a bit. Taking a deep breath she would look over to Alpha and smiled. She was drunk for sure off of the pain meds. When he started to clean her up she'd murmur at him softly. "...I love you....."
Akane      Akane helped Alpha clean Lynn carefully, though for the most part simply observed the two, especially the sheriff. He'd not hesitated for a second to cause Lynn pain if it helped her. It was something important to note. Her sudden admission of love, though, made the woman pause and blink between them... Green eyes turned to Alpha for direction.
Alpha     Alpha appreciated AKane's help, being careful but efficient. But hey.. if it needed to be done, it needed to be done. That was how life was, right? He'd brush Lyn's hair back from her face with that small grin. "I love you too Lyn. Now.. shh. rest. Yer gonna need it, yeah?" He'd watch her to make sure she was ok, then catch Akane's look. Glancing over at her, he'd raise both brows. "What? Ya think a raider can't love? Come on.. ain't like it's that big a deal fer anyone other than us.."
Lynnette Sighing a bit and she would just shake her head a bit. "...alright..." Looking away now she would close her eyes as she just took a deep breath. With that....she started to doze off then.
Akane      "Th...thats.. not.." Akane frowned and shook her head, pulling a blanket up and over Lynn to keep her covered and warm. The woman ran her hand over Lynn's forehead, soothing and checking for a fever then turned to look Alpha in the eyes. She looked uneasy for a long time, just remaining quiet as she watched the two of them. She felt like she was intruding... Then she shook her head faintly, she would reach out to touch Alpha's cheek, though it was like a big sister's touch, chaste and kind. Real ages be damned, Akane felt like everyone's big sister sometimes. "It's a very big deal and it has nothing to do with what you used to be. Just... It's something I'm just learning about too...."
     Then Akane looked down at Lyn again and looked guilty. "I'm sorry... Normally I would have numbed the area first but.. I needed to get that bullet out quickly. It was too close to her heart."
Alpha     Alpha watches Lyn, sighs softly as she'd finally pass out, then stiffen as Akane would reach out to touch him. He'd almost draw on her.. almost. He'd slowly relax, nodding as he'd eye her. "Ah.. well.. happy ya gotcha a love then.. good ta have.. makes life worth livin Akane. Trust me.. I know.." He'd glance down at Lyn again and shrugs. "Fraggit. Ya do what ya did to save her. Pain sucks. but it goes away. Her bein dead don't. I rather it be done fast than clean, ifn it's done right" Those steel greys would shift, locking with her own greens for a moment. "I was serious up there.. Thank you, Akane. It's.. beyond what I coulda done.."
Akane      Akane smiled softly and ruffled Alpha's hair lightly, still in big sister mode. She'd been well aware he had nearly drawn on her. She didn't seem to give a damn. "You take care of her, Sheriff. I'll keep her alive but you take care of her. Look I have to go. I promised Lee I would help him on patrol. You call me if you need anything though alright?" Yes she took liberties but she seemed to be testing him too...
Alpha     Alpha narrows his eyes a little at Akane, rolls his shoulders and shrugs. "yah yah. Got it. See ya Akane." He'd watch her as she'd leave thoughtfully, before returning his attention to tending to Lyn.