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Lee     As always, the militia had to be out on patrol. With the low number of actual militia members, volunteers were also accepted by the militia to help everyone keep their homes safe. So it was, Lee, in that power armor and wearing that militia duster would be talking to the others over the comm of his suit while he'd walk. "A'right.. I ain't gonna pretend yer Militia, but ifn yer on patrol with me? Then listen ta what I say. I'll call it as I see it fer the best way ta handle crap, yah? I'll make sure ya dun die.. We got word of a group of muties havin brushed up with the mist comin outta Dunwich. We're ta find em, figure out what happen.. and end it, ifn we're needin ta.. any questions?"
Akane      Akane had volunteered once before for a patrol and so this was no surprise that she came along on this one too. She kept close to Lee and his armor, allowing him point but keeping herself well to the front of the group. She checked her SMG again and chambered a round. "As always, Sir Lee knows how to do this best. But consider me as part of the militia if i helps."
Lowry Lowry is one of those volunteers. Having just arrived and short on caps he was all about goin' out with the patrol. Dressed in his Western appearing attire and his revolver ever ready at the hip he set out with the rest. His jaw is unshaven and there seems to be a bit of fresh blood on the cufs of his coat but he seems fine, even a bit of a half grin is apparent on his face.         

"Sounds good." He responds. "I would think if their still out there somethin' needs an endin'" He instinctively brushes a thumb across his revolver. He pulls it out and snaps it to the right allowing the chamber to whip out, he double checks, gives it a spin and whips it to the left to close before reholstering it. He turns and gives a nod to Akane, thinking she looks a bit familiar.
Rusty     The man in the Black Armor with the Marshal badge nods simply once in regards to listening. A shrug of the shoulders settles the service rifle hanging on the back of his duster. There's no moves to check his revolver. Red lenses look from Akane, to the one in the T-51b armor. A headshake first, with an amplified voice crackling to life. "No questions."
Lee     Lee nods in response to the others. Good. That kept it simple. He'd glance to the side with Akane's backup and there's probably a green there, although with the visor on for that helm, it'd be hard to tell. Either way, he'd continue on, leading towards where the group was said to be at.

    Ahead of them, there's actually what looks to be a group of mutants that are glowing.. purple? They're huddled up on top of something that seems to be squirming under the pile. It's hard to tell exactly but there looks to be roughly 12 of them.
Akane      Akane noted the glance but did not seem to pay attention to it. She would glance over to Rusty and Lowry, both of which had been there when she was working on Lynnette, keeping the bar owner alive... She was pretty oblivious, clearly, Lee's ass in that armor was more interesting to her than the wasteland around her. *COUGH* And yet she would step up near Lee as the mutants came into view. She tilted her crimson head and just made a 'huh' kind of face. "Purple... Really?"
Lowry Lowry notices the purple glow and scowls a bit but it quickly forms into a grin. He unholsters his weapon now with it ready at the hip. The toothpick in his mouth rolls around and he squints from atop his horse. "Mutie cock suckers." He hangs back and will take lead from the others. Just out here for caps but certainly enthusiastic about spilling blood....whatever the color. He rears the horse up now to purposeful let the fully armored fellas get out ahead and call some shots.
Rusty     Clearly not distracted by Lee's ass, Marshal Wayne sinks down to look over yonder. His head shakes from side to side. "Wait. Nightkin, here?" Then he is sinking down low. Trying to breathe nice and steady so he can try for a closer look at what the 12 are crawling all over.
Lee     Lee watched the 12 and grunts. "Right.. fraggers.." He'd glance to the others. "Try not ta hit me, yah? I'll engage em.. ya'll pick em off.." And with that? Lee would take off charging the gaggle of ghoulies. What they were around is the dying remains of a horse that's flailing feebly as it's guts are being chewed on while it's still alive. Of course, off to the side is the already dead corpse of someone that was riding that horse. With the heavy thudding of that power armor hitting the ground in his charge, the mutants all look up, growl and howl and would meet that charge!
Lee     Lee is immediately into combat with the horde. They'd seek to swarm the man in the armor, actually blocking him out of sight for a moment and yet.. they can't quite get a full grip on him to actually hit him! There's a few, about three of the horde, staying back seeming to stare at Lee in the armor.. and those beyond him.
Lowry      Lowry draws and fires off a quick six shots. A little quick and poorly aimed though as they all seem to go high and right. "Son of a bitch." He mutters before taking a knee and flinging open the revolver to replenish the loads he has wasted.
Rusty     it is a revolting scene. One the jaded Ranger turned Marshal has seen so many times. His hand is a blur as it drops to his thigh and the massive revolver holstered there. It's barely leveled near his waist when his left hand repeatedly fans the hammer. Firing into Melee isn't always the easiest of things when you do not want to hit your allies. Rusty does not wish to hit Lee, unfortunately it means he doesn't hit anything.
Lee     Lee gets right up in their face. He'd yell at them as much as they'd yell at him and stomp about as that hammer swings. He's definitely doing damage, even launched one up into the air via that shot between the legs! But there's always plenty more coming for him!
Akane      Akane winced as she saw the horde jump on Lee en masse. She couldn't help it, she knew he had that armor but she as still concerned for him.... Luckily it didn't look like there was going to be much they could do to him at that point. He'd told them to shoot the things off of him, though and Akane checked her gun...
     And then she bolted forward, dropping to a belly prone position as she used her automatic to hose down and thin the horde. Yay for crazy red heads..
Rusty The man in the Black Armor shifts his aim. With them all on Lee it is clear he is being careful about it. Then one peels off to run right at Rusty. No time like the present, the Deputy Marshal calmly squeezes the trigger twice in succession. Behind the mask of the helmet, there's a faint look of distaste as the second shot goes wide. Partially in due to the solid hit of the first round.
Lee     The mutants would continue to try to gnaw on Lee as he'd fight them off. The one charging at Rusty misses him as he'd get out of the way. But it's Akane that's lashed at, the purple glow striking her in the head, to send her reeling.
Lee     Lee isn't able to get them anywhere close to being hit. Those swings are just not quite able to connect as they'd scramble about him. "Ya blasted mutants.. Get offa me and die properly!"
     Akane lifted her head as she managed to thin the attacking horde. It wasn't hard with automatic fire and a close cluster of targets, really. But her attention shifted to that odd purple glow. She registered that it was striking at her just a little too late and when it hit she let out a cry, one hand going to her head.
     She almost dropped her gun. It took all of her focus to move, really. She saw Lee swiping at the mutants around him and missing. They must be within his arm's range... Harder to hit that close. But as Akane lifted her gun again she flinched. Everything felt funny. Almost like a tingle throughout her entire body..... but it was disorienting. She grit her teeth and lifted the weapon with both hands, determined to help in this fight. She did manage to land a few bullets into a mutant but that disorienting sensation in her head made her dizzy. She lowered her weapon and her head for a moment, trying to breathe. But even that was weird.
Rusty Things could be better. Things could be worse. Rusty had to duck back a little from before. Then once again prepares his shots, the red lenses stay fixated on the mutant before him. His wrist shifts slightly, his hand adjusting at the same time. Two shots ring out of the massive revolver. This time a solid connection resulting in the mutants head blown clean off in a spray of things best left unmentioned. The helmet speaker crackles to life. "Stubborn!"
Lee     Rusty is able to take down the one on him and Lee is stuck at that draw with the mutants. Akane however, gets lashed again with that purple glow, although not quite as bad as the first time.
Lee     Lee grits his teeth as the swarm continues about him. "Blast it.. get the frag off of me!!" He'd swing at the ones around him futially, but that one focused on Akane? That one he'd get on that backhand swing, the massive hammer firing to slam into it's chest, knocking it onto it's back with that impact! "Stay down!"
     Akane took another hit from that strange attack and her cry was choked this time. Something was seriously wrong. She tried to shoot the mutant that Lee had downed and couldn't even manage to hit that. It took everything she had to try and keep quiet to avoid worrying Lee. Thank the gods Rusty was there to cover for her lack of shooting...
Rusty Another shift in his wrist. The massive revolver in Rusty's hand barks. The round spirals perfectly to transect the back and chest of the downed Mutant. It ceases to be. A shift of Rusty's shoulders and another round is sent to crashing through the left arm of a Mutant near Lee. The red lenses of the helmet shift to look between Lee and Akane, for not it seems Akane may be in the clear.
Lee     While the mutant got shot by Rusty, it's more focused on this tin can. Lee may not be hurt. But they're certainly trying hard to get at what's within!
Lee     Lee grunts as Rusty is able to not only take the one down that was attacking Akane, but also hit one of the mutants on him. Using that opening, Lee would smash that mutant flying then with a growl of rage, smashes the next one halfway into the ground with an overhead smash.
     Akane was lucky to have these two guys along. The woman seriously needed to up her firearms training. And maybe switch to her colt... But as her bullets all missed the world tilted and her now empty gun fell to the ground even as she passed out.
Rusty     Another bark of the revolver twice. Rusty is making a habit of letting the big iron speak for him efficiently. His rapid shot takes the first one right in the head, and another mutant has a case of having its brains blown out. After the second shot this time around, Rusty can feel the revolver has shot its last round. Movements and he is shifting his hands to prepare to reload.
Lee     The two mutants, seeing the next one shot down, gives up on Lee. They'd instead head for Rusty, who's been shooting their buddies and Akane. Who's knocked out. easy lunch! Lee grunts as they'd leave him along and as the mutant tried to bite at Akane, he'd shoulder check the mutant off to the side. "Hey! Leave her alone!!"
Lee     Lee grunts as the two would scatter. to go after Rusty and Akane. Eyes narrowed as the passed out Akane wouldn't be able to do much of anything. So he'd move, knocking the mutant away from her and following up with that hard backswing. "Come on! yer fight's with me!!" He'd drop the one, and then switch his stance, smashing the other one in the chest to knock it prone where it feebly tries to regain it's breath. That hammer can hurt!!
     Akane registered movement coming toward her but only faintly managed to open her eyes in time to see Lee jump between her and the charging mutant, shoving it aside. She grabbed at her holster and the colt there, lifting it with an unsteady hand. Concentrate, damnit.. she thought to herself... She fired and missed. Swearing, she dropped her hand trying to focus again... That weird sensation was still there...
Rusty     Red lenses never leave his target. Fingers blindly extract shell casings to begin the reload process. This is why he is able to duck the mutant bothering him. However, he lets out a heartfelt, if speaker-crackled. "Yes!" Lee saving Akane's hide did not go unnoticed, and buys time. Rusty rapidly draws rounds and slips them home chamber by chamber as this revolver has no break-action. No time to do anything but shoot like a Wayne. From the hip Rusty brigs up the barrel of the revolver and triggers it. There is a small entry wound, but the creatures heart blows out of the exit wound. Rusty calmly side steps the forward falling body.
Lee     Lee is panting softly in his armor as he'd look around at the mess. Frowning, he'd shoulder that sledge only to move over to Akane and kneel next to her. "Akane? Are you alright? What the hell happen?" He'd open that visor and disengage one of the gloves to check her over. Well. She's alive at least. Shaking his head, he'd reset the glove, then scoops her and her weapons up with a look to Rusty. "I need ta get her back promptly.. have someone look at her.. yah? Can ya cover me Sheriff? I'd appreciate it.."
     Akane looked up at Lee, still unable to really move well. She tried to focus.... "Can't... think.. Sorry." When he scooped her up she flushed faintly but just focused on holding both of her weapons as even she could tell she wasn't walking back to town on her own. The hell happened out here?!
Rusty     "Yes. Move now." The amplified voice is sharp and quick, as if used to giving commands. Rusty steps towards where the two were, Revolver up and slowly fanning side to side. One never knows when a corpse will get back up and walk again in the wastelands, and Rusty was taking no chances in order to provide cover for Lee and Akane. The speaker crackles once again. "It's Deputy Marshal." Formalities are often the cornerstone of any civilization after all!
Lee     Lee nods and lowers his visor. Cradling Akane to his chest, he glances over at Rusty. "Gotcha. Knight Lee. Nice ta meetcha Deputy Marshall." Lee would take off then, loping strides that thunder in that power armor as he'd start that ground eating push back for town. It was time to get Akane looked at. Immediately.