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Iris Lark The storage room of the general store looks a bit like a mad scientists lab. Things are cooking slowly over a low flame and many different chemicals are laid out in a very near array. Iris is near the door, which is wide open so fumes don't collect, slumped down in a chair that looks a lot like a bowl with wobbly little legs. She is keeping an eye on the chems cooking on the end of the row, poised to get back to her feet as soon as it would become necessary.
Shiloh      After being in the area, Shiloh decided to try to visit Iris at the store if she was still there. So she approaches the general store, looking around the stock on the shelves while she heads for the back door. She knocks on the door there and calls through, "Hello? Iris? Are you in today? It's me, Shiloh! Thought I'd come by to check in on things."
Iris Lark Iris pushes quickly to her feet and peeks out, spotting Shiloh. She waves her into the back room of the store and offers her a friendly smile. "Come on in." She gestures to one of the many chairs (some in need of repair, some fine) in the back room before she folds herself back on the bucket-like chair near the door. "Find somewhere to get comfortable, I'm just doing some cooking while things are quiet."
Shiloh      After being invited in, Shiloh has no qualms with opening the door and heading back to where Iris is. "Oh cool! cooking, or for medicine? Because a bite to eat might hit the spot." She grins mischievously and heads over to claim one of the chairs nearby Iris, leaning back in it comfortably. "So how have you been? Been a little while! And how are Dusk and Bacon doing?"
Iris Lark "Cooking chems, and tinctures in case they're needed." Iris responds, but she also points to one of the coolers that have been installed in the back room. "There is a sandwich in there that I brought in earlier, haven't been terribly hungry though." She tilts her head as she considers how to answer Shiloh's question. "I'm doing okay, got recruited for Lone Star, been working here a lot. Dusk is okay, still looks at Bacon like he's food sometimes though."
Shiloh      "Oh, so that's like medicine, right?" Shiloh asks Iris curiously, twisting around to look back at the cooler. She looks tempted but hesitantly decides, "Nah I wouldn't want to take your food, I mean, you might end up getting hungry later...still, thanks though!" She turns back around and smiles warmly at Iris, "Really? That's awesome! It'll be great having you working with us too. I do warn you though, Matt's probably gonna want you on all sorts of missions. Sometimes you might end up feeling a little out of your depth but he seems to mean well." She laughs and shakes her head, "Aw well...guess Bacon can't help that he's always going to look delicious. The curse of being a cute pig."
Iris Lark "Shiloh, there is more than enough for both of us, and I'll be going home where there is more food." Iris remarks, gesturing a slender hand towards the cooler. "Please, I'd be happy if you ate it." Her gaze falls on the cooking chemicals before she nods. "It's like medicine, but I make all kinds of chems, everything from Daytripper to Psycho." She wrinkles her nose and glances at Shiloh then. "Some people need it, even if it isn't always good for you, you know?" She grins widely at the mention of Matt and nods enthusiastically. "I'm okay with going on missions, I'm not ..some hardened warrior, but I can hold my own a bit." She nods about the last part, a giggle escaping her lips. "The poor little guy, he was on his way to the slaughterhouse when I found him. I was lucky that the man sold him to me instead."
Shiloh      "Hmm..okay! If you're -sure-." Shiloh claims, grinning at Iris after trying to fake a bit more reluctance than she actually feels. She hops up onto her feet, and heads back for the cooler to find the sandwich mentioned. "Ohh, so like drugs?" She calls over her shoulder. "That's interesting. I've never tried any chems before...unless you uhmm...count alcohol. Does alcohol count as a chem?" She sounds confused about that but soon returns to reclaim her chair with a sandwich as her prize. She takes a bite from one end and listens to Iris as she talks. She nods her head and tells Iris, "I've seen you shooting at least twice, and you've been amazing both times! I think you'll have a lot less to worry about than me." She giggles softly and asks Iris, "That's good, how many caps did he end up taking? Was Bacon like the run of the litter or something?"
Iris Lark "Alcohol can be counted as a chem, and it's really best to stay away from them. I've only tried Mentats once and that was more than enough for me." Iris remarks, watching Shiloh grab the sandwich and settle down in a chair with it. "Fifty caps, and he was the runt yeah, not sure what they expected to get out of him - honestly - he was so very tiny then." She grins a bit and shrugs. "I don't think he's going to grow much bigger than he is at the moment though."
Shiloh      "What are mentats?" Shiloh asks Iris, taking her first big bite to chew on while she waits on an answer. She nods her head and chuckles warmly to herself, "Not a bad deal! And ugh, people get so desperate sometimes...may have been afraid of a food shortage or something..." She looks down and takes another bite from the sandwich. " you'll have like a permanent piglet?! That's awesome! You got so lucky!"
Matt Man. Someone's ears are burning. Matt'll pop into the general store's front area and...look around. Nobody around? He'll pop back out again, and meander around then go back in. Huh. The smells alert him though, and he starts to head towards the back. "Hellloooo? Hello? Iris, dear?"
    The back room is open and he pokes his head through. "Ah. If it isn't my favorite employee. Hello folks."
Iris Lark "Mentats are ..this odd mint thing that..well it seems to make you feel smarter." Iris shrugs at that and snickers softly. "Well recently there was a pretty bad food shortage, so it makes sense that people sometimes get nervous over it. Yeah, Bacon will have a good life with me, I hope. He won't end up in a stew pot." When Matt walks in, Iris visibly lights up, a smile on her face as she waves at him. "Come in, we're talking about drugs."
Shiloh      Shiloh nods her head thoughtfully and decides, "That's really weird...but it sounds pretty cool." When Matt enters the room, Shiloh lifts her hand to wave over at Matt, "Hey Matt! Do you have like a radar in your head that picks up whenever people are saying Matt? Should I start making up a nickname for you if I want to talk more about you?" She giggles and shakes her head, "Yup, trying to talk Iris into letting me be the front for her drug ring. Together, we can get her chems distributed from coast to coast! People won't be able to think of chems without thinking of Iris! But really, just hanging out. How're you doing today, Matt?"
Matt     "What? No. Hi Shiloohhh." Matt says absentmindedly as he starts to cross the room now. talking, but hes on course for Iris and makes it there. He'll push a finger up under her chin to make it easy to plant a nice kiss upon her forehead...Two. Apparently one wasn't enough. He'll look for a place to sit, and doesn't seem to find one near enough, instead just plopping his backside onto the ground next to Iris.
    Hes back in the present now again, looking around and seeing Shiloh. "Hey Shiloh!"
Iris Lark Iris flushes pink when Matt places that kiss on her forehead and she grins over at Shiloh. "If you're going to turn me into a drug kingpin, I'm going to have to cut you into the action." She shifts in her seat and can't seem to stop grinning. "I'm sure we can figure out a nickname for him, something flattering without making his ego any bigger."
Shiloh      Shiloh grins between Matt and Iris, giggling softly at the pair of them afterwards. "Ohh lala. Looks like you two are closer than just coworkers now...and you said hi to me like twice, Matt. Doesn't answer any of my questions for you!" She snickers mischievously and looks over at Iris again, "Of course! I'm going to be like your personal chem courier, pushing the product around." She grins and sits back in her chair to take a bite from her sandwich. She waits until she's finished chewing, considering it, "I think I would call him...Mattie Pattie."
Matt Matt is back to the present, honest. His'll gaze will eventually move off of Iris again back to Shiloh. "Chems aren't exactly illegal guys. Iris makes good ones, she doesn't cut it with bad stuff to make a quick cap." He'll raise his eyebrows towards Shiloh and rewind his brain to try and remember actually questions. "I don't need a nickname. I didn't know you guys were talking about me, I didn't think I was that popular. I just finished with my paperwork and came by to see Iris." Its like...noon. Someone must've rushed through his business for the day.
Iris Lark Iris blushes when Matt starts talking up her skills and she leans in to give him a hug for thanks. "Well I'm glad that you came by, if you're hungry, I'm afraid I gave Shiloh my only sandwich." She shifts on her seat a bit so that she's closer to Matt, a hand mussing with his hair gently. "Well I never really tried to distribute my chems before, do you think it's a good idea?"
Shiloh      Shiloh sticks her tongue out at Matt and hmphs softly, "Matt, Matt. Always taking the fun out of schemes every where." She giggles at Matt and nods her head at him, "Suure, sure. I bet you didn't skimp on it at all to come down here." She's a bit sarcastic as she says this and looks down at her sandwich. She holds it out in offering to Matt to see if he would like to share said food. "I think it could help a lot of people out there. But you also kinda make the risk of them getting hooked if they don't know how to deal with that stuff in moderation."
Matt     Shiloh hits Matt's blush switch and it starts up. "It was an easy day today. Not a lot of reports, nobody to talk to. I even hired someone in too." Iris' hand is intercepted quickly now, held instead of messing up his artfully crafted hairdo, who does that!? "We've got the salvage mapped out a bit now. We can send wagons to start dragging stuff back. Lonestar is gonna end up a junkyard, and people are gonna hate me. But whatever. A vertibird would be worth the trouble."
Iris Lark "Oh, that reminds me, I have something to contribute so you can get construction started. I remember you saying you wanted some expansions." Iris remarks, and she doesn't tug her hand out of his, instead she reaches her other hand into her rucksack and hands Matt a small pouch. "Hopefully this will help, you know?" She gazes at Shiloh and chuckles softly. "I think we could help a lot of people in general, it will just take some work, that's all."
Shiloh      Shiloh waves the sandwich in Matt's direction, still waiting to see whether or not he wants to take the offering. She watches Iris pass over the caps and lets out a whistle of appreciation, "Wow, that's a lot of caps there! You'll probably be able to build up a lot of what you wanted. So we're thinking of a junkyard to make room for the vertibird and its parts? Anything else we were considering?" She nods her head and smiles over at Iris. "If it's something you wanted to do, I'd be happy to try to help you as best as I could!"
Matt "We're going to build a hospital into the headquarters. A lot of those smaller settlements only have someone to stitch up wounds. People get sick all the time, and don't have access to trained doctors." Matt shakes his head towards the sandwich, either already eaten or planning on noodles or something in his future. "The militia needs a vertibird, at least one. Otherwise scouting by horseback or motorcycle will just take too long. We've gotta find out where the Enclave is keeping people."
Iris Lark "I think Matt mentioned some offices, maybe a sort of clinic for Lone Star employees and the like." Iris remarks, her eyes on Shiloh and a friendly smile on her face. "I just want him to be able to do the things that he's got in mind without worrying where the money is going to come from." She shrugs, a bit self depreciatingly and blushes. "I've got just about everything I would need, in terms of possessions." She glances around the store and sighs. "So ..yeah..helping others." She focuses on Matt then and she nibbles at her bottom lip. "The Enclave is always poaching at people, eventually they'll poach the wrong person, and word will get back to where they're holed up."
Shiloh      Shiloh yawns softly and draws her sandwich back to bite into. She chews much slower than before, letting her eyes drift between both Matt and Iris while they talk. She nods her head slowly and admits, "That sounds like a good idea, sort of like another service the caravans can offer..." She nods over to Iris in understanding and smiles warmly, "It sounds like we're getting like...good fundamentals to be able to find them and stomp them one of these days, just try to keep me posted, right? I still need to hurt some of 'em for taking my family away..."
Matt At Iris' words about the wrong person, Matt's eyes flash towards Shiloh involuntarily. But he recovers quick and shakes his head. "Uh..I really don't think we've got the time for that. To wait to find out. We should find them as soon as we can, they don't deserve to be trapped for no damn reason."
    "Headquarters. And maybe an actual bedroom. The couch is better..just..not the best. Or even adequete. I almost look forward to being on the road for a bedroll." He stands up now, to start peering into cooking canisters. He hasn't seen Iris make her chems yet, and hes a bit intrigued.
Iris Lark "You deserve a bedroom, if anything, you spend all your time at headquarters anyway." Iris remarks, glancing at Matt as he wanders around the back room. She smiles at Shiloh and leans forward. "Well I'm in if you want to find your family, you just tell me when and where."
Shiloh      Shiloh rubs at her arms and nods her head slowly, expelling a breath through her nose. She looks down at the floor and sets what little is left of her sandwich beside of her. "I don't like that they've been gone so telling how they're treating them...maybe they're forcing them to enlist like they're letting the folks we capture do for amnesty...I don't think pa or Paul would wanna work for them assholes though...just a...matter of trying to figure out where they could be. Don't really know where to start..." She looks up at Iris and smiles with her reassurance, "You do deserve a bed though Matt. I've seen that couch you stay on, and something has to be done about it..."
Matt "I'm sure we'll find one. We're starting to clear rooms out of the headquarters now that we're expanding business in a big way." Matt will pass by Shiloh and ruffle her hair. What a hypocrite. "I promise I'll find your family, Shiloh. Alright?" Big talk from the guy sleeping on a couch.
Iris Lark "He's right, we'll find them." Iris says, and she pushes to her feet then and walks over to check on the chems cooking. She pulls the boiling concoction that will become Daytripper and sets it aside. She folds her arms over her chest and shifts restlessly. "So we should get a group together to pull some junk from the rooms and clean them up? What do you think?"
Shiloh      Shiloh smiles at Iris and Matt both, nodding her head at them, "Alright. Thank you both, it means a's been hard on ma the most I think..." She pushes up onto her feet and rubs her eye, a stray tear having been welling up dangerously in its corner. "Thank you for the sandwich Iris. I'd be happy to come over and help clean up the place to get something special squared away for Matt! Just get ahold of me with a time and place and I'll be there. For now, going to get going. I should stop by and check on Qwillis. He's been talking and worrying me, saying stuff like his bunker may be in just...wanna make sure he's gonna be alright."
Matt     "I don't need anything special guys. Just a place to put a bed in. Maybe, some friends over." Matt smirks a bit at the thought...but uh Shiloh is doing the sad thing. Nooooo, this is the *opposite* of what Matt wanted. He'll wrap an arm around her shoulder and bring her in for a big ol big brother hug. At least a quick one. "Qwillis?...I don't think I know the guy. But nobody needs to get shot at in their homes. I can show up."
Iris Lark Iris nods in agreement with Matt. "If you need a hand, Shiloh, let us know please?" She glances over her shoulder at the girl and smiles widely. "Tell Qwillis I said hello, actually. We used to be quite close."
Shiloh      Shiloh nods at Matt and explains, "He's a nice guy, sorta works in line with what I do only he's more uh scientific about it all! Leads to some interesting stuff when he needs help with his experiments." She rubs the back of her neck and admits, "I will. And Qwillis may be able to use all the help he can get to be honest. If you guys got a map, I can point you to where I go to meet up with him at the bunker. I'll need to give him a heads up though, so the door knows what to look out for. I think it like recognizes faces or voices or something fancy like that."
Matt     Matt lets Shiloh get outta there if she is so trying. "If Iris knows where it is, she'll get us there when and if he needs us." He'll cross back towards Iris and watch her work. "Falling out, Iris? Or is he just one of those guys that gets absorbed in his work and stuff..." Matt seems to be hoping for the latter.
Iris Lark "A bit of both." Iris says quietly and she starts to cut the Daytripper, her brow furrowed as she works. "He's a good man though, and he deserves the help, no matter what went on between us." She lets out a soft sigh and she waves at Shiloh, if she's leaving. "I know the way there, if you need us, let us know."
Shiloh      Shiloh leans over to give Matt a hug in return, closing her eyes before she releases him and starts to head out, "Okay! Sounds great! I'll let Q know you two offered and let you know when I can! Have a good day the both of you and I'll be seeing you soon! Hopefully it's just...a worry of mine. And me and Qwillis both are just fretting over the worst case scenario...anyway! Bye!" With that, she heads out to start on the journey back to Qwillis' bunker to check in on her new friend.
Matt Matt waits for Shiloh to start leaving, once she is gone he sighs heavily, like hes stressing or something about something. "Shes not the only one. I can hear that story on every damn street corner in passing in El Dorado. We gotta do something about the Enclave." Like, Ya'know. Matt can fix the state or something.
Iris Lark "Well we're a caravan company, so we can only do so much, unless you're going to hire mercs to help us." Iris responds, turning to pat Matt gently on the shoulder. "It's a good thing to want to do, and I..I imagine if we got enough people together, we could likely find what we're looking for. It won't be easy though."
Matt "Well...yeah." Matt gets that, probably. But it doesn't the itch in his trigger finger to get out and shooting stuff. He'll shake it off and turn around to face Iris. "Why would I need a sandwich or food? I've only got hunger for you, Iris Lark."
Iris Lark Iris laughs aloud as she turns towards Matt. "You're too much." She says, swallowing the remainder of her giggles, as she pulls him close. "I still think you should get some food, and if you want, I can find something here for you to nibble on." She leans in and gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek.
Matt "Oh no, my dearest. My songbird. I have already found something to nibble upon. And now she has come into my clutches completely unaware of my devious desires." Matt wraps his arms about said songbird's waist as she comes to him. "Or do you need to watch your chems and stuff?"
Iris Lark Iris glances briefly at the chems on the table before she turns to grin at Matt. "Your clutches are not scary, and they're about done." She murmurs, one hand resting on the table still. "So what exactly is so devious about you? You look pretty harmless to me."
Matt "Its so easy when you're evilllll." Oh No. Hes singing now. He'll harden his clutches around Iris and Matt takes up a song. "This is the life, you see. The devil tips his hat to me. I do it all because I'm evill. And I do all for free...your tears all the pay I'll ever need." He presses lips to forehead now and abandons song. Thankfully. He isn't bad, but its a bit far from good.
Iris Lark "Oh you are too much." Iris nearly whispers, standing still and watching Matt as he sings to her. She deftly steps around him and starts to package her chems, using little bags for each. "So I started making a dress." She says, and then she turns to eye Matt as she grins. "Lynnette wants to have a party, and she wants to help me fancy up for it."
Matt A dress? Matt perks up as he settles into an armless chair, watching Iris going about her business, all business-like. "A dress sounds nice....a party sounds less nice. Well. I'm sure it'll be fine. But that Cantina of hers gets a bit more wild than I would like." His hands clasp in his lap and he seems to...settle into the chair. Like hes been standing and walking awhile and his bones are finally not under strain.
Iris Lark "Yes, things get a bit crazy in Jack's Town, you always have to be careful because bad people gather there." Iris remarks , shifting on her feet as she works. She starts to stack the chems in her rucksack with the others. "Do you need any of this?" She asks, glancing briefly back towards Matt. She pushes some of her hair behind her ears and purses her lips a bit. "If you do, let me know, nobody ever comes to me for this stuff now."
Matt "Is it gonna be at her place? Maybe we'll host it at Lone star..or something. Do we really need a party? Is it *our* party?" Matt watchs her pack her rucksack for a bit, then offers his hand out towards here. "C'mere. Its been like a week since I've seen you."
Iris Lark "Our party?" Iris asks, turning to walk towards Matt, a slight grin on her face. She slips her hand in his and sits on his knee."I think it's just a party that we'll get to go to together." She says, shifting so that her legs are hanging over the armrest. "It's been a week? Gosh." She murmurs, her eyes on Matt. "Did you miss me then?"