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Owner Pose
Qwillis     The outside of the bunker was being shored up. Short walls of.. stuff.. being put out, with spikey bits pointing outward. Inside the main room where the generator is, there's partial construction of a cage around it. Qwillis? He's in the lab itself. That gatling laser gun was in parts on one of the tables. Over in the corner, away from everything else, was a table on it's own. There is a microscope, a light and Qwillis, peering at something and writing down notes.
Eden Eden wanders her way into the lab, looking for Qwillis of course! As usually, she is curious about something. Finding him at a microscope she says "Oh good you are here! Have you figured out anything about these chips?"
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over as Eden calls out, nods and shifts the microscope a little so she can look. "I have. That chip you found? It's miniturized." When Eden approaches the table, that same.. unease.. that normally clings to items taken from dunwich? it's focused there on the table. On the table is a small part from the middle of the gatling. There's a small splotch there and it's only with the microscope can it be seen that it is it's own microchip with a power source. "I can't stop it. Not easily. But I can see what it does. So that means it's emitting something. I just have to figure out.. what. And how to stop it."
Eden Eden is excited at this news! "well that would explain what we all feel around dunwich. If there is some sort of electrical field, we would feel it somehow! And I am sure this is advanced technology, not supernatural. I am completely certain. Did I tell you i lost time?"
Eden Eden has another thought. "What have you tried to use to block it? If it has a power source, can we cut the power to stop it. OR people used to talk about tinfoil hats to protect against aliens. Maybe no actual tinfoil hats, but could the right material block the wave? What block radio signals?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Eden. "It's not supernatural. At all. Hallucinations mayhap. Something that plays off the deeper subconcious thoughts of the mind.." He'd frown then, looking over at the device. "If you look closely at the bit inside the microscope Eden.. it has a micro-power generator. It's brilliant design. But it also means I can't stop it. As for blocking it.. I think that's the next step. Either a way to protect our people. Or a way to deaden that system. But.. well.. first I have to deal with the threats to the bunker."
Eden Eden's head turns "WHo's threatening the bunker? Can I help? I'm really good at making traps and stuff!" Eden is al ready to defend the lab! For SCIENCE! "Can I take a closer look at that too?" She pulls up closer. Power sources- well, they don't HAVE to just power one thing, do they? "I definitely want to know how the power source works. But, for now, what do you need?"
Qwillis     Qwillis steps back from the table to let her look through that microscope to see the micro-microchip with it's micro-power generator. "Solomon's men. They want the bunker to attack El Dorado from. They put a paper on my door saying I had a day to get out." He'd point at the front door. "That's why all that stuff is out there. I'm not leaving. So if you want to help? I'd be grateful. The more things you can bring over so we can stop them? the better."
Eden Eden nods. "Of course! What do you need? Weapons? Tools? Guns? I have guns. And a cattle prod, and lots of things I've found." Eden starts going through a checkilist of everything she owns in her head!
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head slightly. "I'm not sure. A solid sign of force. Weapons help. traps help. I want to make outside secure.. So they have to go slow to come in and we can stop them if we have to."
Eden Eden gives a big grin. "Rodger that! I'm gonna go get some stuff, I'll be back!" Eden gets up to go. "But then we have to take those chips apart!" And off she goes, half running, to collect everything she can!
Qwillis     Qwillis nods with a smile to Eden. "You got it, Eden. I'll be here, getting ready.." He'd watch her go, then glances at the microchip and shakes his head, heading for the door as well.