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Rexus A distress call comes from Gohauq, echoing over the wastes... a beacon of hope... or a trap for any do gooders? Either way, the militia has sent a rescue team in. Ashur can be BA Baracus?

     The beacon itself seems to be coming not quite from Gohauq itself.. but a little on the outskirts. It looks like a small rocky hill, surrounded by barbed wire, sandbag bunkers and other military minutae. Fires can be seen, casting light that helps illuminate some of the Gunner sentries that can be seen moving around. Wherever the beacon is coming from, it's up on that hill....
Krysta      Krysta was there. She was only a private but the militia was the militia and she was militia! Sort of. Most of the time. ANYWAY.... The white-haired woman checked her rifle as she awaited orders. She wasn't lead and she had not yet proven herself in combat to her superiors.
Melinda Melinda was there as well. As a dedicated Corporal in the militia, she was always ready to move out at the drop of a hat. And when an order was given by a superior, she obeyed it at all costs. Technically, she was also Krysta's superior, but she knew that there were others here from the militia, and she knew there were some who held some form of rank over her. For now, she simply adjusts her armor and checks her weapons as well.
Rexus Lieutenant Rexus is here. He squints at the hill, muttering as he doffs his helmet to speak. "Guess this is hamburger hill.. ain't nothin for it but a frontal assault. If you ain't tough enough, hang back an give'em covering fire, keep their heads down." He points to the left, "Use the defilade on the left, let us get in close while the rest draw fire to the right."

     Reaching down, he hefts his minigun, disengaging the safety before donning his helmet. "Mayor Adam West is up there somewhere.. if you see'em, get him out soon as you can." he says, ambling towards the left as indicated, followed by a cohort of rough looking Infantry types, Rexus' Roughnecks!
Eden Eden quietly checks her gun to be sure it is loaded and in good working order. Seeing Ashur join she smiles and says hello, then falls in to where Rexus has directed.
Rusty     Also answering the call was the Black Armor that had a Deputy Marshal badge upon the duster. The red lenses of the helmet are now light up as the man looks over the Gunner position. There is a slight nod as Rexus gives instructions. Then a look to the revolver in his hand. With a sigh he slips it back home to its holster, and reaches back to slip the service rifle off the back of his duster.
Ashur Hither came Ashur! Black-haired, sullen-eyed, holding his helmet beneath the crook of an arm as he tread the grass beneath booted feet. Separate from the militia's hierarchy, he nevertheless has traveled close with them -- he is a frequent ally of El Dorado, and there are people there he needs keep an eye on, besides. "Stay vigilant, sweet Eden," he tells her, patting her head with a gauntleted hand and securing his helmet upon his head with a little grind as the metal components touch. The wind rustles through the feathers upon the crest, and makes dance the thongs of leather that belt him like a skirt. He's all white-and-gold and red, the Legionnaire, shining under the sun.

"The Mayor is a good man," he remarks, a rare compliment. "We must be quick."
Rexus The Gunners are mercs, not bandits nor ghouls. But they aren't exactly the Enclave either. That could be a good thing, or bad, depending on how you look at it. As the forces divide, nothing seems to go terribly amiss in the outpost. The sandbag bunkers are arranged in a roughly baseball diamond formation. Each base is a bunker... with the pitcher's plate area holding a Command bunker of sorts. Linking all the bunkers are a variety of slit trenches and dugouts, with the whole area rimmed in by concertina wire bundles intended to slow the attackers.

     The two groups of attachers split nicely, unnoticed by the looks of it.
Eden Eden calls out softly "Do you all see the mortars? Those spikey things?" She is not sure who can hear her. Hopefully anyone who can will pass the message along.
Rexus Lieutenant Rexus successfully leads his small cohort of troops to the left, keeping them in the valleys and shadows, away from any casual observers. Once settled, he gives them a chance to breathe, "Right, open up when you get a shot...." he hears the report of mortars, "Keep your heads down." he advises, "Things are going to get interesting." he looks to his group, "Once they start up, everyone get in there as quick as you can. Grenades and satchels into the bunkers, quick and easy. Secure the breach and we'll get the Mayor out.. he's probably in the Command bunker."
Rusty     The helmet amplifier crackles to life. "Lot of mortars." A brief pause as the helmet shifts to the side slightly. "Odd. Awfully big Bunker HQ Door, too." Looking back down he checks his service rifle, popping the mag to smack it to ensure the rounds are aligned. It's slid back home and he takes aim, preparing to provide cover fire.
Krysta      Krysta checked her rifle, chambered a round and stepped out. Some were staying behind, some were assaulting. Krysta? She was on the assault squad. She wasn't exactly a stealth bird, but she was good at picking out cover. Rexus' instructions were received with a sharp nod (hard to salute when dealing with a rifle) and she headed forward, looking for a place to get cover and nail a few guys in the head (or groin) if she was lucky.
Ashur There is no concern for the militia's hierarchy in the power armored Roman; he slouches forward and rolls his shoulders, bullying his way ahead with a speed that defies his earthquaking size. The bull is anathema to stealth, making the world shiver and shining like a torch in the baleful shadows of the fires ahead. "Command bunker," he intones, voice rough and metallic through his rebreather's filter. "Understood."

He'll stomp forward like that, tangling whatever barbed wire is in his way, heavy footsteps digging the trenches that little bit deeper as he advances with a certain suicidal-seeming recklessness.

But hey. If people shoot him, that means not shooting others.
Melinda Melinda nods to her superior, silently acknowledging him and knowing that this was no time for messing around. There was an innocent person in there, and if she messes up, things could go horribly wrong. She keeps her eyes forward and her rifle at the ready. There's no telling what mercenaries are capable of at any time.
Rexus The jingle-jangle of the wire and the stomping sounds of Ashur's feet alert the sentries. "Huh? what was that?" come a few confused, muffled voices from the bunkers. "Shit, in the wire!" come the replies as the outpost awakens.

     And then it really all starts to kick off. A few of the militia snipers with the covering group open fire, plinking at the Gunners as they scramble into their trenches and bunkers. Tracers lance in both directions as the general battle is joined!
Rusty     "Well. That's... one way." Crackling, the speaker transmits the dry comment that came from within the helmet. Rusty settles himself down on one knee and sights along the Gunnar perimeter. There is the dry crack of the rifle being fired. The shot is a miss, and no comment from the man again. His job is to suppress, incoming fire always has the right of way. Someone will duck. A shift of the rifle and another comes into his sight. Another crack and this time there is rewarding splash of blood for a hit. Still no comment.
Krysta      Krysta dropped to one knee and lifted her rifle as things heated up. Sadly, she did not manage to hit any of the guys. She let out a little che and stood again, moving forward as ordered, keeping close enough to the vanguard to try and get good shots.
Melinda Melinda takes the initiative and opens fire upon the nearest mercenary. Unfortunately, her shot goes wide. "Damn it," Melinda says with a scowl, realizing she's just made herself visible. Looking around, she spots a small rock formation and dashes to take cover behind it. "Sons of bitches better not try anything with me!"
Rexus Rexus is up as Ashur leads the charge, "Well, that's one way to do it...." he mutters, "Come on then, into the breach. Keep it open an hold the lines while we get the Mayor." he orders the other militia troops around him, except Krysta, "You, with us. You want to live? Get in that Outpost!" And he's off, not quite leading the charge but he's lumbering after Ashur and the others, toting his minigun.
Rexus The battle has indeed begun! It's caught the Gunners napping.. more or less... the vast majority were doing something other than manning the trenches so... it was both easier to get into the wire, quickly... but also slightly more difficult to hit any of them. Now that they are up, manning their posts.. they expose themselves a bit more as they begin to return fire. Their aim is generally on the assault force as they breach the wire, though a few take potshots at the covering group for fun.

     There is a rumbling, however, from the Command bunker..... big.. biiiiig footsteps.

     "Fee... Fie... Fo..... Fum.... I smell the blood of a Legion Scum!"

     It's GLOTTIS! The massive mutant pokes his orangey head out from the Command bunker as he sniffs the air, grunting as he has to sort of tear a bit of the door out as the big... huge... power armor wearing Mutant lumbers out, dragging what looks to be a massive chainsaw behind him... oh dear oh dear.
Rusty     There's no hesitation, the veteran Desert Ranger shifts his aim again. Another calm squeeze of the trigger as Glottis makes its appearance. This makes for a miss, and the red lenses tilting to the right in the dark to get a better view of the thing. Without a word, Rusty puts his eyes back on the sights and exhales faintly. A calm trigger squeeze and another Gunner goes directly to hell without stopping at go.
Krysta      Krysta nodded to Rexus. She was moving, she was moving! And as she was moving Glottis came out. Oh. lovely. But she did not have a lot of time to focus on the big guy. She had gunners to shoot while she was making her way forward. So she shot. One twice int he chest to be specific.
Eden After her first 2 shots failed, Eden ducked down to breath a moment. She had practiced with her new adjustments, but it is never the same. She hears that monster, but he is too far away. Deep breath, aim, and fire again at what she can hit. She'll get to the big one if Ashur doesn't get him first! This time her aim is clear. One gunner goes straight down, and the other bullets land and do damage. Eden gives a satisfied "Yes" to herself, then ducks down to reload.
Rexus Rexus trundled up behind Krysta and the others. "Good work." he says, approving of her dispatch of a Gunner. The barrel of his minigun depresses down, letting rip a torrent of fire into the trenches.. sweeping them down like he was watering the lawn. He clears the way for the infantry to jump down into the trenches to get to work. They don't go too far, mind you, just keeping this path of escape clear for the others. "Come on!" he shouts at Krysta, motioning her after him as he lumbers around towards the Bunker. It'll take a bit but.. most everyone seems distracted. "Go get him, i'll keep'em busy out here!" Yes, Krysta gets to be a goddamn hero this time.
Ashur The earth weeps with each mortar strike; their roaring impact sends up clods of mud and rocks, a razor-storm of gravel carried on the wind. These things sully the Legionnaire, leave stains across his armor, his extravagant cloak, and make noise like hail on a roof -- yet such trifling things cannot pierce the tank-thick plates of riveted steel that compose his armor, no more than the barbed wire can cut it. He treads slow and steady as the small arms of the Gunners find no purchase in his flesh. His bulletproof eyeslits face forward, emotionless as the metal face, as he advances, the ever-present embodiment of lethal inevitability.

When that enormous mutant manifests, and roars, and cries for his blood, he smiles -- everyone knows he's smiling, even if it can't be seen.

"Come, oaf," he yells over the gunfire, stalking forth like a hungry lion. "Bleed for me."
Melinda Melinda gets a bit cocky with her rifle. She thinks she sees Glottis in range of her, but her gunfire goes a bit too wide. "Not again," Melinda replies as she ducks down again. "I hope I don't get reprimanded for this afterward..."
Rexus Glottis.. struts? That big, rolling lump of power armor grins under his helmet. "Oaf? Ho ho ho... looked in the mirror at all? It's been a long time since I seen your kinds' blood, is it still yellow?" The big mutant lurches into motion towards Ashur. Even friendly Gunners are kicked and shoved aside as Glottis moves towards Ashur, revving that chainsword. "Buckle up bonehead, we're goin for a ride!"
Rexus To whit.... We have Ashur and Glottis facing off roughly in the middle of the Outpost... with Rexus and Krysta somewhat sneaking and going round their side to get to the Command bunker. Militia hold the breach in the wire.... Covering group are still firing at the gunners from the flanks and the Gunners... are really just being nice little Mercs and shooting and, mostly dying.
Rusty     The Service Rifle shifts again, this time red lenses looking at Glottis. A brief pause. Glottis. Ashur. Glottis. Ashur. Theres some squelch and static that bursts from the helmets comm as the rifle is swung off those two and aimed at another gunner. Another shot is wde, a slight adjustment, and he nails the first ones partner.
Krysta      Krysta nodded to Rexus to acknowledge his compliment, though she did not pay much attention to it right then. She might think back on it later after they were all safe and sound, but right now there were bullets in the air.
     She took the next command with a short salute and bolted forward, gun at the ready, aiming for their target and leaving the fighting to her comrades. Adam West was the target after all. If a gunner got in her way she would fire but for the most part, she was just trying to get through the line, even if that meant physically shoving them aside or trying to slip past.
Eden Eden is completely enraged at the taunts that Ashur barely hears. She has had quite enough of that! Knowing she cannot miss this shot, she reloads than takes aim at the mutant. Her anger feuling her concetration, the shot lands. She sure Ashur will tear him apart, but it is satisfying to know she got one blow in herself.
Rexus Rexus follows Krysta to the door of the Command Bunker. Of course, with all this going on it's pretty easy to stay out of sight, out of mind. He keeps an eye out for any stray gunners but.. doesn't do anything to draw attention, keeping an eye on Krysta's back as she goes for the Mayor.
Ashur "Don't worry, scarecrow," Ashur tells Glottis as they advance on one another in the center of the sandbag diamond. "I won't kill you." He raises his right hand as the wind sets his cloak to motion, flared behind him like a white flag; the fingers curl and tighten until the knuckles crack and the metal of the power fist grinds. "I want you to feel it when we raise your cross on this hill. You will serve as warning to any other would-be ne'er-do-wells."

The chain roars and purrs. Ashur lunges forward, coils, and springs up, smashing his fist right into the heavily-armored solar plexus of the supermutant, the fired pistons exploding into him with thunderous crack and the recoil of the hit enough to separate them both.
Melinda While Ashur seems to be busy with Glottis, Melinda decides to take on the mercenaries herself. She aims her rifle and fires twice. One of the bullets goes wide again, but the other makes direct contact. "Gotcha!" She exclaims.
Rexus Glottis recoils back as the punch hits him. "Ho ho ho ho. Big words for such a little insect! I crush you!" he retorts. He's not really one for mincing words as he squeezes the little trigger on his chainsword, bringing the big thing down to clank against Ashur's own set of power armor. Sparks fly as the two clash, sparks fly and everything!
Krysta      Krysta slipped into the bunker, seeing the target inside a cell. Krysta was lucky. There weren't really any guards left. They had all run out to watch Glottis or to shoot at the invaders. The main guard had, in fact, BEEN Glottis.
     Krysta tapped the cell's bars twice with her hand. "Mayer, Sir. Stad back." A swing with the butt of her rifle had the lock busted. Once the dor was open she nodded to him. "Krysta Parker, El Dorado Militia, Sir. Your ride's here. This way." She motioned for him to head along the way she'd come. She kept between him and the main source of fighting and Rexus was still watching her back.... Extraction begun.
Rexus The Gunners begin to fall back. The constant sniping from beyond and the general melee has forced them to the other side of the outpost. They aren't outright fleeing but.. they aren't paid that much to die for some mutant and some mayor.. they can be sensible. They still fire back but.. for the most part, they are cowering back. The area is roughly clear around the entry into the outpost.. the Command bunker is still a bit sporty and then there are the two rock'em sock'em Power armor folks beating each other up.
Rusty     Glottis and the Legionnaire. This bears observing. Observation turns to acting upon. Rusty manages to force down over twenty years of shooting experience demanding he pops rounds at Ashur. He diverts them calmly and professionally to targetting Glottis. A held breath, and two slow calm squeezes of the trigger puts rounds into Glottis.
Melinda Again Melinda fires upon Glottis, and again she misses. "This is not going to be my day," She comments, remembering how a moment earlier, her armor sustained an attack for her. "If I make it out of this in one piece, it'll be a miracle." She says while taking cover again, hoping Glottis doesn't see her in that brief moment.
Eden Eden shoots one more time at the monster. Feeling the strange circlet on her arm get warm, she knows it will help her. She shoots, the shot lands true. It starts to burn her arms. Eden lowers her gun and ducks to remove the item from her arm and drops it on the ground. something tells her not to touch it again.
Rusty     Red Lenses observes Big Burly Brawl through the sights of the Service Rifle. The barrel wavers slightly, tracking the target. Rusty has firmly committed to wearing Glottis down now. Two squeezes, the second a little quicker than intended. A faint feeling of elation as the first round was a solid smack, and clearly damaging. Then the burst of agitated static from the helmet, which is muffled cursing from within. The second shot... struck Ashur.
Krysta      Krysta found her and Adam's escape to be pretty damn easy actually. With Glottis occupied, she was able to get the Mayor out of the hot zone easily enough. Once there she continued to move him until she was in a relatively good position and then she would ask him to have a seat while she took up guard, ready to shoot anyone that got near.. and they waited for the others. Piece of cake.
Melinda Melinda sees that Glottis is fairly weak and she tries to attack again... and misses, of course. "When I get back," Melinda thinks to herself, "I'm gonna take some time in the shooting range!"
Ashur Sparks fill the air! Steel meets steel in firefly theatre -- amidst the rescue of the beloved mayor and the group's ongoing firefights, man and mutant meet in devastating clash. Their roars are indistinguishable after a point; one screams and strikes, the other retaliates, the buzz of the chainsaw and the thunder of the power fist crashing together again and again. Strike, parry, dodge, contest -- again, and again, the two brutes fight, circling in the diamond's center.
Rexus Rexus well.. Rexus followed Krysta and the Mayor to safety, bringing the rest of the militia back with them. Of course, he smirked as he watched Krysta totally turn round to fire off an erratic burst that.. sort of went everywhere but FINALLY hit Glottis. She found that little chink in his armor to send him to the ground.... ending everyone's misery. "No time to waste, let's get the hell out of here."