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Qwillis     Qwillis had gotten a bunker open! It wasn't really fully functional due to the fact the main energy system was down. But with some work, a lot of technical jargon that no one really cared about and a bit of luck, he was able to get a generator going to at least give him the first floor. All well and good. Exciting too! The depths of science are unknown here!

    That's when it happen. While Qwillis was out getting something or another for his latest project, he'd come back to find a note taped to the bunker door. It was pretty straight forward:

"You are to get out of that Bunker and leave it open. Today. Or we will take it by force.

Solomon Gang"

    So.. what's a scientist to do? Well.. this one wasn't going to just give up. He's been kicked out of MORE than enough labs.. and now? He's taking a stand. The front of that bunker door has been slowly fortified. Places to shoot from set up and those who Q consider friends? They've been asked to come help. It's now a half hour before sun-down and the area is set. Soon? The mafia men would be there.. But who's going to be there to greet them?
Rusty     Gangs are a plague upon the land. So hearing about this brings a man in The Black Armor. Though the duster has the star of a Deputy Marshal pinned over the Ranger insignia. Once arriving he looks over the fortifications. The helmet speaker crackles to life. "Not bad considering." Reaching back, Rusty pulls his Service Rifle from along the back of his duster. A brief introduction. "Deputy Marshal Rusty Wayne. Heard there may be a fight. Here to help." A brief pause to clear his throat. Too many words at once. "Heard my cousin may be here too."
Serena Serena was there because well....Qwillis asked her too. Her aunt was asking her where she was going but just ignored her now. Taking some old piece of armor she found out in the Wasteland and her baseball bat she got in trade from Iris. That notebook in hand she had it open as she started to sketch the scenery. That baseball bat was on the ground next to he where she sat as she just seemed to be in her own world. Her long blonde hair was actually pulled back a bit out of her face in a loose ponytail as she hummed softly to herself. What was she doing here anyway?
Camilla     Camilla, on the other hand, is here because of simply /Wrong Place. Wrong Time./ She was here, because she'd followed Q without his knowing in hopes of being able to approach him and make ammends. Welp, good thing that she brought her rifle with her, cause this is way out in the middle of no where. So, for now, she's not going to bother talking, she's going to get a situation and take cover and get ready.
Shiloh      Shiloh would make an effort to be there even before Qwillis had attempted to summon her there, having been worried about him since the last experiment they had taken under there. She had hoped that it was truly just a what-if scenario and she and Qwillis would be silly for having been worried at all but it would unfortunately seem like this wasn''t the case. She would see the note taped up and would find him immediately. "Qwillis, is everything okay? They haven't tried to hurt you already have they?" She would inspect him if she could, and looks over at Rusty in surprise when she realizes that he's there too. "Rusty! Where have you been? Heh, you end up making it here alright?" She looks him over and rubs the back of her neck, uncertain about whether to expect a warm greeting of relief from him or a scolding for being out there traveling out here on her own into potential danger. She looks away to check on how Serena is holding up during the preparation and she happens to get a glance at Camilla too, who seems vaguely familiar to her from back when she was working on the Militia job.
Krysta      Krysta had shown up to guard the bunker! She situated herself on the roof of the bunker in a prone position. The militia was already set up when Rusty popped in. Yay. It might not give a lot of extra advantage but it was better than nothing AND she could jump down whenever she damn well felt like it. Locked. And. Loaded. The scientist would owe her or something.
Lowry      Lowry may not yet be considered a friend but his gun is for hire and he has been bored anyways. He hates carrying ammo anyways. So, he is here. His Hat tipped low he spits a toothpick from his mouth and looks around. Checking his pistol he mutters. "Well where are tha' bastards anyways." He notes it is not quite dark yet so he firgures he has time to take a pull off his bottle. Replacing it back in his coat he will stand near the scientist not, so much looking for cover yet and letting the others with more firepower jock for posistion.
Devlin     A request for arms was as much of a contract as Devlin needed to shw. He didn't prepare and fortify himself within the bunker, not a location around or a sniper position far from it.. He took position near the entry way, examining the limited fortifications that were laid out and only slowly shook his head. "I wonder when will he set up and arrange proper battlements.." Slowly shaking his head, Devlin looks down at his laser pistol and held it close to his waist, allowing him to install a few additional energy cells, bringing the sidearm to a full charge, "A contract's a contract, I wonder if the fools will have something useful when we're picking over the bones" is mused idly.
Harmon A lone figure makes his towards calmly towards the bunker. A lever-action repeated across his back and laser pistol in hit's holster with his hand on it casually. Harmon makes his way to the bunker, having heard of the possible need of support. If not for the NCR insignia replaced with a more generic 'medic' insignia he would look just like an NCR ranger.

Once he reaches the group he nods to them in turn, at least vaguely recognizing a few of them, "Heard there could be a scuffle. Figured I might be able ta lend a hand." he says simply, the somewhat gruff man moving over behind one of the defensible positions near the entrance and beginning to check their sturdiness almost like it was second nature.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to those people that show up and flashes a smile to those who ask about him and care. He's going to owe favors for this.. but with this sort of arrangement? It'd be kind of hard not to.. Especially with who was coming. "Thank you. All of you. They haven't shown up yet. But I do appreciate the assistance and I will make it up to all of you. I always pay my debts." That metal arm catches the last ray of the sun. Cami was seen after the fact and her simply.. helping, had him pause for a moment, then nods his thanks her way. "Alright. So they said to get out or they're going to kick me out. It's Solomon's gang. The same Solomon who is ex mayor and corrupt. I refuse to give up my lab and I'll die for it first." He'd look at the bunker, then out into the wasteland. "I didn't have a lot of time to prepare. I'm sorry. I hope you guys can find where you can to set up and be ready.."

    It's the low rumble that pulls attention to the wasteland. The sun off to the left with it's orange glow casting an evil glint off of the 6 cars that comes rumbling up to a stop near the bunker's rock. They're still a bit out. Rifle range, but not quite in standard range. Men start piling out. Men in suits. And they too have guns.
    Qwillis frowns, pulls that plasma rifle forward and slots the power pack in. "Alright. I guess talk is done. Time to deal with this." Of course, with that said, he does at least try, yelling out to the guys who were eyeing the makeshift fortifications and more importantly, those who were set up to defend it. "You can leave. Get in your car. Go. Don't come back and tell your boss he is NOT getting my home!"
    The men laughed and started setting up by the cars into shooting positions. "We'll put that on your tombstone buddy!"
Rusty     For the most part, the Deputy Marshal in NCR Ranger gear is not very talkative. Shiloh though gets a doubletake through the red lenses of the helmet. "Not sure if Uncle John would either have been pissed or proud to see you out here." Then the time for talking has passed. The helmet tracks each member of the defense group as they filter in and take their places. Though it is Harmon that gets a longer look. Nothing is said, as the goons arrive. As words fly back and forth, Rusty nods sharply once. "Yup. That was a death threat." The service rifle is snapped up and he takes aim. Calmly squeezing the trigger twice in succession. Connecting solidly both times.
Serena Standing up she would hear the voices and quickly snapped up that book. Setting it next her slugger she would stand up and push her way past those in front of her. There was a frown then as she look to Qwillis and then back to the cars. Holding her hand out she would smirk. "How guys shut the hell up and leave!!!" And with that a fireball came out of nowhere and lit up one car! Wincing she would take a step back but raised up that other hand and shot one at the other car. That first hand went to her head as the second car made a hissing noise before blowing up along with four of the guys. Dropping to a knee she'd frown as she looked up then. "....bastards threatening people....."
Camilla     Momma don't play. Momma also don't talk during a firefight. No, there's no talking, and no playing. Momma, aka Camilla, decides to let her rifle do the rather loud talking, and talk it does. She take aim and there's no /tack/ tack/ of two single trigger pulls. No, there's a loud, constant, stacato of fully automatic weapons fire. Enough bullets down range to spray several men, taking one's head off, and ending two others. Though, there's plenty of dust to showcase bullet impacts that miss their targets.

    Momma, don't, play.
Shiloh      Shiloh looks around at the others, she admittedly seems very surprised just by the people that show up. A healthy mix of people that she does and doesn't know, but more than she expected. She shifts her stance nervously where she stands and clutches her laser musket tighter to her chest. She could remember the last time that she had fought with this many by her side, and the memories were not something that brought her any sort of comfort. The feeling that closed in on her made her feel tiny, insignificant and brought to mind the sting of acid and missed shot after missed shot.

     She looks to Qwillis and starts to murmer more quietly, the fear knotting up her throat, "Maybe I...I shouldn't really be here..." Rusty's mention of John though, it has her glancing over at him and makes some of her uncertainty and fear seem to fade as she stands straighter than before. "I guess...a little bit of both?" She doesn't have much time to explain herself or take back what she has said before the men show up and she ducks down low behind some of the makeshift cover she has, her lips curved into a frown at the sight of the suited men that come out. It sharpens her eyes, with anger burning subtly in them. She is quiet throughout the taunts, throughout the talking, all the while just propping her musket up and steadying it in on one of the men nearby. She gets the cross-hairs aligned and squeezes the trigger, bracing herself for the bright zap of light that whizzes straight to the man like a comet bolting over the ground. She watches him stagger then tries to get out a new pack, focusing on reloading.
Qwillis     It's mayhem. The defenders started to tear up the would be pompous mafia men, making them reel back in surprise. But even so, there's still a good 10 men standing and that many tommy guns? It's going to leave some pain. So many bullets are hitting everyone, it's almost impossible for people to NOT get hit. It's really down to just how badly they're hurt.
Krysta      Krysta peered down at Qwillis as he spoke, frowning. Jared Solomon perhaps? She did not ask and she would not until this was over. And then it had begun. The goons were there. Time to do some target practice.... And then they were shooting and Krysta? Krysta took one to the chest. She was already down on her belly though so she just set her jaw and lifted her weapon.... Sadly there was enough pain that it caused her to sight sideways slightly.
Lowry Lowry yahoos at the explosion. He quickly unholsters his gun but the goons rounds light up the place. He winces when one cathces his arm. Diving behind some rubble he peers up but there are things burning, Lasers going off automatic fire. It's a mess! He peers down his sight but doesn't see any clear shots. He pops one off anyways missing high.
Devlin     Squinting his eyes, Devlin watches as not one but both of the vehicles explode into balls of fire, the second one's gas tank over pressurizes and explodes. Blinking slightly at the odd sight, the laser fire from a crank cylinder attached to a long stick of wood to one side, the heavy automatic and semiautomatic fire to the left, Devlin is left caught off guard when the thugs returned fire. Several rounds burry into his chest plate, though the force wasn't enough to knock him off his feet, though he was a bit winded. Not bothering to take practiced aim, he fires off two narrow beams of focused heat into the swarm of opposing gunmen though sadly at that range none of his shots target a vital organ.
Harmon Harmon shows brief relief at some of the group getting the drop on the gangers and clearing outt he numbers but what came next was bad. Bullets. All the bullets. He tries to use the limited cover as best he can but he still catches a stray to his side and a little shrapenl.

Not one to let a papercut stop him he leans out with his laser pistol and fires two blasts downrange at them, Neither connect but it's at least a deterrent.
Qwillis     The massive chaos of the conflict unravels rather quickly from Serena's fire bomb attack. Throwing the men off, the continued rallying fire from the defenders has them going down more and more. and then finally.. the last of the solomon gang drops to the ground, screaming as Q's plasma shot literally burns his groin out.

    Panting, bleeding.. Q looks around, then cheers before groaning as he'd drop back against the defenses. "We.. we did it! Ahh.. Cami.. uhm.. help? Get.. Get to Serena first.. and.. and Shiloh.. they're not.. not fighters.."
Rusty     Rising slowly with a grunt of effort, the Black Armored one with the star checks his rifle. Now that there is a lull in action, just in case it is not over. Rusty ejects the magazine so he can top it off. "Shiloh?" Family first. He moves to check on the girl with another grunt, finally pulling off the helmet to reveal his weathered face and grey hair. He glances down afterwards and shrugs, for now ignoring the blood seeping out from under his well used armor. He looks around to the others. "Not bad. Not bad at all." One might get the impression thats about his top level of praise.
Serena Serena was not expecting to get //shot//! As soon as it hit her she hit the ground like a sack of potatoes and just....laid there. Why? She was just way to mentally drained and just....shocked. Once the firefight died down she'd roll onto her back then as she put a hand over her side. Slowly she would close her eyes as she chuckled softly. "....we got you they said....." Sighing she'd just lay there as she looked down and contemplated just cauterizing the wound. Instead...she pulled that armor off and laid it next to her for now.
Camilla     Camilla, took a shot to the chest that spun her around and put her on her face. She, slowly, picks herself up, and no doubt no one saw that she took the hit during the carnage. So, she grits her teeth, and hearing Q call out for her, she just nods and goes to work.

    Shiloh, gets looked at first. "Hey.." she says to her, "hold on...let me take a look..." and she goes to work. After that is Serena, Rusty, Harmon, and finally Lowry. One after another she moves from person, to person. Doing what she can for everyone here.
Shiloh      Shiloh is sent hurling backwards from her position from a shot to her chest that pierces through her leather chestpiece. She gasps out on the ground with a hissed, whimpering cry as she clutches the wound. Tears have already started to roll down her eyes, but she sits up and tries to position herself back where she was stationed again. She finishes up loading her musket and readies her rifle, only for all of the men to be down by the time she can even try to fire a shot. She continues to pant and looks around, almost in disbelief while she falls back to sit down on the ground instead. She stares at the flames that flicker over the cars and rubs at her wet eyes and cheeks to try to hide that there was even anything there.

     She climbs to her feet, clutching her bleeding wound and shaking her head in an effort to reassure Qwillis when his first calls as to check her and Serena. "N-no, really, I'm fine, really...they didn't get me that bad. Go look after Serena. I...I think I'm just going to go back home if you don't think anyone will be coming back Q...I'm glad that everything ended up turning out okay." Rusty approaching her makes her hesitate and pause from stepping backwards to try to retreat from the others, making an effort to hide her wound from him if at all possible. "I just want to go home, I'm perfectly fine...please." She mumbles up to Rusty, her fingers flexing and tightening as she presses harder against the wound. The pause she takes is enough to give Camilla time to get to her, but her face glows dark red with shame and she remains silent throughout the entire treatment. She moves her hand away from the gun shot wound to let her get a better look, but there doesn't seem to be much that can be done on site.
Krysta      Krysta rolled onto her back when the shooting came to an end and pulled her militia jacket closed, buttoning it up formally and standing. She stood up there for a long time watching the others... Yet she wasn't joining them or asking for treatment and there was no hint of blood on her. She kept watch, she looked bored....
Lowry Lowry pops up again in time to see the scientist mow the rest of them down. He shrugs and holsters his weapon now checking the wound in his chest high and near the shoulder, well away from the heart he sinks down and pulls his flask Taking a heavy drink. When Camilla comes his way he nods appreciation. "Drinks on me." He says before passing out though from the wound or the incredible amount of whiskey on his breath it is hard to tell.
Harmon Harmon grunts and eases away from the crude barricade and holsters his pistol and looks at his side, repositioning the armor so it can receive some treatment, "Thanks doc." he says politely to Cam as he's taken care of. With the immediate threat done he removes his NCR helmet sporting his own gruff, mid 30's rugged veteran appearance. he gives the group a once over, noting the treatment and doing his own visual assessment.
Devlin     Letting out a painful hiss, Devlin moves his pistol back into the holster, but his hand doesn't move far from it. Looking around him, he could see that few weathered the onslaught as well as he did, as he watches Camilla start ordering others around for her to treat one after the other. Shaking his head gently he softly says, "Qwillis needs an armory if he's going to be having researching facility and the staff are going to be on the front lines" is said while he watches Serena and Shiloh taking turns in being treated.

    Looking out the way the group came from, Devlin starts to march out from the defensive line and towards the twisted wrecks that were one transport vehicles. "Now, lets just see what of their's is still salvageable, shall we?" Lifting his right arm to waist high, Devlin uses his cast wrapped arm to run a 'Scavenger' program to help him evaluate what pieces of material was still worth something and what was beyond saving.