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Owner Pose
Vuk Vuk was hanging around Iris' store, because he could, and his farm was looked after. Several weapons are on a cloth in front of him, in states of being cleaned, or reassembled as he gets to them. Though he doesn't have a 'for sale' sign here, given they ..seem to be..smaller then what he normally uses. After all, when is the last time any one has seen Vuk using a sniper rifle?
Devlin     Moving a hand to the side of his neck, Devlin begins to make his way to the General Store's entry way only to find it closed for once. Tilting his head off to one side, he looks in the window only to notice that there was a small 'Closed, come back in maybe an hour' sign in the window. Grumbling to himself, Devlin contemplates leaving until he notices someone was actually inside. Stepping through the door, "Eh, you're manning the shop for Iris? How did she get you to start being the cleaner now as well?" Looking at Vuk's hands, he watches the man work diligently at the task but something was odd. "I don't remember that rifle.."
Vuk Vuk looks up, inload, exload, familiar face, so he'll get up to open the door for Devlin. "I'm not cleaning, I was making sure no one tried to rob her is all. Most people stay clear when I put a hand cannon in their face." He explains to Devlin before looking back at the peculiar rifle. "That is because it is a recent edition." He explains.
Devlin "Makes sense, though not sure who would be so.." Grumbling to himself, he shakes his head gently. "The chem heads are always stupid, though I think if you 'take care' of one or two they get the point for the next few weeks." Walking past Vuk, Devlin starts to notice more features about the rifle causing his brow to raise a bit, "I've been looking for one of those. It's better than the little plinkers really but costs not that much more. Know if she's willing to trade it already?"
Vuk Vuk gestures at the peculiar rifle with it's fancy trim. "I don't know, she'd need to buy it from me first to sell it. I don't think Iris normally goes about trying to find such things. I only acquired it through a contact, not sure where they even found it. It's a Vault Tec design." He explains.
Devlin Nodding lightly, Devlin leans with his back against the counter Vuk was working from, looking the rifle over while moving his hand to his waist, tapping his pipboy to extract a holotape. "I got the locations of four deaddrops of chaches, I haven't had time to access them personally, but payments rendered from other jobs." Waving the disk slightly he sets it down onto the space between them. "I'd like to take the rifle off your hands, it's a choice piece but I don't think your power gauntlets when you suit up can fit the trigger guard, do you?"
Vuk Vuk looks down at the rifle, he never actually -considered- that, mostly because he hasn't had a chance to try. "It's more that it lacks the stopping power I am used to. Also lacks a silencer, which is the true draw of such a thing. I'll swap, you might get more use out of it..but I suggest getting a silencer on it, possibly finding a low powered scope." He says, taking the magazine out to let Devlin look at it.
Devlin Nods lightly twice towards Vuk, "The thing is trying to find a N.V. Scout scope that isn't cracked, and a suppressor that doesn't have a warp in it that causes the round to fragment." Shaking his head gently, Devlin lets out a soft sigh but in the end shrugs his shoulder faintly. "If you have any idea where I could pick up working variants of either, I'll do you a favor in turn."
Vuk Vuk rolls his shoulders a bit at Devlin's question. "Honestly? You should commission some one to build the for a NV scope? Might see if Iris has one show at the next open market she holds. People bring in peculiar things."
Devlin "Sadly, I haven't seen a skilled smith since my arrival, and looking at the condition of some of Iris's arms, neither has she." Stepping away from the counter, Devlin left the holodisk for Vuk to take while he moves to the other side of the counter, not to disturb the man as he was finishing reassembling it and priming it. "So, do we have a deal Vuk? Also if you end up finding something you don't have much need for within those chaches, get in touch with me, I might try to offer you something else in exchange for it. You never know, I might find something you can use that I cannot."
Vuk Vuk places the advanced firearm down firmly and lets it be. "You can take it, sure..and I don't know of any either. Not the best time to be asking around I suppose, with the war going on and all...and I always need 5mm and 12ga. I use large amounts of it." He admits.
Devlin "I know a thing or two about firearms and energy weapons, also breaking down and cleaning them.. practicing augmenting them might be the next step if noone else has steady hands." Looking down at the rifle, Devlin picks it up in his hands and bring it up to his shoulder. Using his thumb, he flicks through the firing options but returns it to the safety in just a few moments. "I'll have to pick up a few rounds from the house before I try this on a few Geckos for dinner." Turning back Vuk, he shoulders the rifle and nods, "Fives and twelves, I'll keep an eye out for those, don't worry. I might trade those for your nines depending if you have a few cases you could part with." With a wave, Devlin begins to make his way to the doorway muttering something about gangsters and a Bunker.