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Rexus Rexus is in the Saloon. Well, he and a slew of other militiamen, celebrating the rescue of Mayor West perhaps but... really... they are just looking for a reason to drink beyond the usual reasons. Not Rexus though, the Officer elects to sip from a cool bottle of nuka cola. He's at the bar, getting a refill.. currently about 3-4 tables are flooded with off-duty Infantry, chugging booze and leering at the girls.
Devlin Making his way into the Golddigger, Devlin was actually looking for the Militia but he wasn't appearing to be part of any merriment. Going to the counter, Devlin would leave a few short stacks of caps with the bartender before motions towards the soldiers, a round was being bought. Making his way over towards the men, Devlin began to assess each one, namely their clothes trying to be able to get a feel for the armor they usually wore. "Now, a contact of mine told me one of your suits was damaged, who's the bloke who was tryin to offload it to someone else?" Arching his brow slightly as he asked, the bartender was coming around at the same time, replacing the empty beers.
Rexus A few of the group sort of point towards the bar. "Rico got it... his suit's probably with the LT over there." he points at Rexus, "Think they got most of it but.. yeah it's a fixer upper for sure!" he says, grinning. Course, casualties are to be expected, but Rexus is still at the bar, ordering another round for the troops, not mingling just yet.
Devlin "The L.T. huh?" When he looks away, Devlin noticed yet another set of drinks was being sent out and offered for the soldiers and he walks away, chuckling softly as most of the soldiers now has a half finished beer and then two fresh ones waiting on them. "They're ganna get smashed," is said as Devlin makes his way over to Rexus, wondering what their commanding officer was having, especially when he was away from the rest of his troop. "Rexus was it?" is asked in a slightly raised tone, trying to make sure he was heard.
Rexus Rexus gives a brief nod towards Devlin. "Let them. Soldier's right to get smashed after a successful mission. Work hard, play harder's our motto." he muses. Tipping back his cola, he sips a bit before nodding again, "Yeah that's me. I'll let'em socialize a bit before they get back to work again tomorrow, helps to let them blow off some steam."
Devlin "I was told that you had a rather mangled suit of Powerarmor, one that can't take fusion cells anymore.. used to belong to a Rico?" is said, not quite sure if the men were too drunk to remember the name correctly. Moving to a seat beside Rexus, Devlin motions towards it and asks, "May I?" before looking towards the other man again. "I was looking to relieve the Militia of the damaged suit, I have a few mechanics who would like a crack at repairing it somewhat, though I don't know if it'll have much use for the Militia with the power coupling completely destroyed."
Rexus Rexus smirks, "Most of them have their own suits... and even fewer of us know how to use'em properly. Yer welcome to it but... it'll cost you." he says. The men may be drunk but he certainly isn't! He's at the bar chatting with Devlin, the other Roughnecks are getting their booze and broads on at several other tables. "Though if I catch you raidin with it.... well... I don't think we need to go there now do we?"
Devlin "If ya catch me raidin, one of your privates has the keys to my house, I doubt I'd wake up if I'm lucky." Taking a seat beside Rexus, Devlin slips his hand into a inner jacket pocket and starts to place down two exotic bottle caps beside him. "While I have some caps, I think something like this might prove more useful to you, if you know the right people, don't you think?" Keeping his hand closed but loose, it was unclear if he had more to barter with. "Sound like a fair deal? I do have to lug the thing to a mechanic or work on it myself to get some use out of it after all."
Rexus Rexus looks down at the caps, then up at Devlin. "Three." he says, "I know the right people, but two ain't gonna get me much." he takes a sip of cola, "Even salvaged armor ain't the easiest to find.." he sips his cola a little more. "Could always leave it to get repaired and give it to another trooper... like.. that Private...." he says, "Bet she could use it... though she might spray it pink an put a dress on it..."
Devlin Chuckling softly, Devlin moves his hand smoothly making another cap like the others appear before crossing his arms and looks towards Rexus. Though the idea of a suit of power armor wearing a dress and painted pink causes the man to loose his smirk utterly, turning his lips downwards and his upper lip tenses with a scowl. "Fine, have ya three.. I can't stand to have a suit like that turned into a small child's fantasy," is said shortly and grumpily before he looks off to the side. "..What color is she going to pain my other gun.. or even the new one.." is said softly before a grumble could be heard in clear annoyance, "'Pink' doesn't belong on the battle field unless you're hiding in whale carcuses, only then would it be permitted," is said with a firm nod. "Now where can I safe this suit from their mits?"
Rexus Rexus takes a bit of paper from the bartender, and a pencil, scribbling a little note. "Take that to the HQ, they'll bring it out of storage and hand it over." he says, little easier than just going out back and picking it up. "Best keep it out of her hands... and the idea out of her head. You never know you might wake up and she's giving it a polka dot camoflauge motif."
Devlin Moving his hand to his other, soft clicks could be heard as other caps were still being held until that moment. Reaching out, Devlin takes the piece of paper and looks it over carefully for a few moments before nodding. "I'll do that, though I might have her just try it on. She values her mobility. Maybe if she sees it as a heavy explosives protection suit and that she can't run with it that she'll give it up and not touch it? Here's hoping.." Shifting back from where he was, Devlin stands up but lingers long enough to dip his head towards Rexus. "Thanks again, I might be around another time to pick up equipment before it's fully decommissioned."
Rexus Rexus gives a nod as Devlin departs, "Aye, well best of luck." he says to the departing man, turning back to his cola. The men in the background begin to file off with their chosen ladies of the evening... though most of them head for the casino to blast away the last of their salaries at the gambling tables.