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Sparrow Mrs. Jeni Pots has somehow weathered the ravages of the wasteland for sixty-three years. She and her husband Pete live in a little shack off the edge of the shanty town. Once growing fresh Mutfruit and red chickens until times got hard. At the ripe age of 50, Pete found that the ground wouldn't give anymore and they were too old to tend the chickens so he turned to Saving.

Pete had run a good few years, been lucky, and helped keep him and Jeni alive until two days ago. Pete didn't come home. Jeni has heard rumors from a traveling courier who saw Pete's body up by the river being swarmed by some mutant molerats.

Jeni has put out the call to invite adventurers and scavengers to help her get the only thing that matters to her. Her husband's wedding band. She doesn't feel she can be without it r feel her husband is at rest until it's in her calloused knotted hands. She doesn't care what else they find or if they keep it as a reward.
Ruane Roman Raune is the sort of adventurer who doesn't adventure. He just scavenges and this is the sort of opportunity where he can do a little bit of both. The mechanic and salvager moving easily enough with a small six legged robot trotting at his side as he looks down at the 10mm pistol in his hand. "Objective is clear. Retrieve a gold band. Value aproximatley six hundred caps. Emotional Value, known." He'll mutter as he moves along glancing aside to the robot which is little more than a set of six legs, a pincer arm and wielded on plating.
Tobias Tobias is a squat faced filthy fellow with an oversized steel frame pack on his back. The bag is composed of a multitude of pockets, zippers and flaps. There are also three straps which run across his chest and he snaps them closed with three quick clicks as he looks around at the other people who are seemingly making their way to the river for the same reason. "Et's a gol' rush, ladies and gentleman." He takes off with a maddening cackle and the pack he wears makes a violent jangling noise with each step.
Stockton Stockton stalks up smoking a cigarillo, his hat planted firmly on his head this time. The old duster he wears flapping open to expose the 10mm pistols slung low on his hips. Heavy boots crunch against the dirt as he answers the call. New Merc in town? He's gotta make a name for himself since word doesn't travel fast any more. The dark papered smoke crackles and pops as he pulls another hit and lets the smoke roll from his mouth and nostrils. "Weddin' ring. Done," a glance around at the others that have showed up, "Gentlemen," he rumbles in that gravelly bass, this time the hat-tip is for real with the wide brimmed thing sitting on his head.
Jude Dressed in his vault suit and tool belt, Jude makes his way to the river. He sees the group collecting, so saunters over to join. He's a handsome fellow and as clean as one can typically find in the wastes. He adjusts the goggles on his brow nervously while he fingers his wrench of power hanging at his waist. He gives a half nervous nod to those around. He then just stands, shifting his weight from one foot to the next, waiting for someone, that isn't him, to take charge.
Sparrow Sparrow had joined the group. She's known Jeni and Pete for a small while and so the call had gone directly to her sympathy center. She rides at a slow walk alongside the others her duster keeping most of her covered though she does have it pulled aside so the silver handle of her Revolver can be seen clearly and gotten to without an issue. Sunglasses on and hat capping her honey colored mess of a mane and a paisley scarf up around the bottom of her face as they move along. "Seems like a good opportunity." She agrees with Roman in a local if subdued drawl. Tobi just gets a shake of her head.

The path isn't hard to figure out, its a ragtag pathway that leads towards the water, upstream from the usual damp danger of Cazadors and Mirelurks. There's what looks to have been an old pileup of cars and what remains of a shack that looks like it's been out of use for a few decades at least. And as promised there lies the body if Pete, rest in peace Pete, crumpled where he'd gotten caught on the fender of a rusted car frame, his padded leather armor in tatters and of no use to anyone anymore. Especially not Pete. There are no signs of the molerats yet, but the sharp-eared and horses hear the scratching and snuffling of the mutated creatures in their underground tunnels.

Sparrow checks her gun and unsnaps the strap tugging it to loosen it for a quick draw if she needs it.

"We might get lucky. Might not even need to fight." Ever stoically optimistic. She nods to Jude and hops off Bluebelle.
Ruane Roman Raune just shakes his head as he walks along in response to Sparrow's words ash is lips purse for a second. "Opportunity? Perhaps." Roman notes even as he turns to looking aside then to Tobias and staring at the man, then soon to Judge. "Vaulter. First time out of the undercity? Possibly true. Look like it. Withdrawn. Ill-equipped. Quite remarkable. Difficult and dangerous profession to get food." He'll mention nonchalantly before glancing back to check and see if there is anything nearby.

" His robot will also be picking through bits of scrap and just generally lookign around.
Sparrow ST note: The group is about two and a half football field lengths from the 'Crash Shack'.
Tobias Tobias doesn't seem to notice any looks shot his way and he pulls the pistol from his belt as he crouches down, turning an ear to the earth but keeping it in the air as he presses his free hand full palm to the dirt. He sits there in silence for a moment as he listens to the subtle vibrations of the earth, Mrs. Pots did say it was Molerats...
Jude Jude tugs the wrench from his belt. He sees the horse's reaction and knows enough to trust in a skittish horse. He returns the nod that Sparrow gives, tapping his wrench lightly against his thigh. He flashes a smile, but then his head is back on a swivel, keeping a close eye. Last thing he wants is some critter popping out while he's unawares. His eyes flick to the speakers, but he doesn't have much to contribute and seeing poor Pete does nothing good for his nerves at any rate.
Stockton Stockton kept up a decent clip at the head of the pack or near it. His eyes always scanning, the tall man kept an easy and cool demeanor even as they wandered through the Wastelands. A solid charcoal colored bandana rests under his beard at the ready in case of dust or sand storms. Or other noxious shit. Fingers flex as they slow at the sight of the body and he goes into hyper search mode. Critical of their surroundings he chins towards the attack, "Started a ways back thataway, dis's just where it ended," he says callously while both hands reach down to his pistols to cock the hammers in preparation.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is looking a bit better armored than the last time Tobias saw Molly she' got what looks like a vault tech guard suit on with an overlay of cainmail? Yes /chainmail/ of all things and she's still loking about for a moment to see what she could fire. Molerats were an issue and she pauses as she holds her 10mm in hand. "I think I see a hole."

She pauses looking to one of the old cars and points to the hole under it. "I think we found the nest..."
Tobias Tobias stands up after a beat and the scruffy fellow gives a toss of his short dreadlocks as he turns his attention to Stockton, adding in an informative tone, "Yeh, 'bout a hun'red and twenty yards thataway... looks like ol' Pete tried to climb up on the shanty roof ta'get to high ground before they got him." He cranes his neck and gestures with his gun (away from people), "Yah see where.. /how/ the blood trail goes.." He starts to skirt around the obvious (to him) trail of blood and makes a wide approach for the Shanty house and the corpse of Pete.

The words from Molly have him stopping dead in his tracks and he wheels his gaze to her with obvious concern. "Where?"
Sparrow Bluebelle's nostrils flare and the mare snorts softly as she's left to her own devices. The Rancher looks towards the rest and bites her lip. "All right. I'm only just familiar enough with Mole Rats, don't know much of anything about the mutated ones though other than sometimes they glow and share a general instinct." She takes out her gun and cocks it. "Go in soft like?" She's giving the others the option; she's got a gun but is by no means the most experienced with the Wasteland here. As an aside to Roman though she chuckles, "Aww, be nice to Tobi. He can't control the way he looks."

The cowgirl tucks her glasses from her face and tucks them into a pocket beneath her duster. Her nose wrinkles, "I'm not light-footed enough to make the attempt to just duck in and grab the ring. But I can cover anyone who is?"

The molerats continue to remain underground, away from the muggy heat of a desert rainstorm in the cool earth below, digging and munching on brain fungus until fresher meat than poor Pete comes along. There aren't really any other predators nearby. A small swarm of mutant molerats is enough to make plenty of critters think twice. The sun is starting its descent but the group has at least four hours before twilight. Casting the area in a ruddy golden hue as the sun tries it's best to break through the overcast sky and light showers.

Sparrow wrinkles her nose and continues foreward when others do.
Ruane Roman just shakes his head at this point as he grumbles under his breath in response to Sparrow's assurances. "Seems he has gotten more.. unhinged. Seeing death of other humans possibly broke him?" A pause then as he looks aside to Tobias. "Perhaps wasn't paying attention. Dangerous. Keep distance." Roman will mutter to himself as he remains away from at least one person even as he tries to get down and slips towards the aforementioned car.

Step.. by slow step, kicking up a bit of scrap and trash on the way.
Jude Jude glances at Sparrow, but it seems like the group is headed, quietly, towards the entrance hole. He sighs and gets low. He's definitely not a sneaky sort, but he appoints himself as well as most. He grips his wrench loosely, glancing this way and that, noting who has guns drawn. When he spots Molly, he moves to sneak by her, flashing a smile and motioning that should anything get close, he has her six.
Stockton Stockton is surprisingly light footed for being in the 'burly' category right before 'Huge'. The natural instincts have him moving his weight from heel to toe in deliberate and careful motions. Both in a hurry and emboldened by knowing the pistol that has his back, the Merc pushes ahead and forges towards the body. Keeping low and just slow enough to keep his motions concealed and quiet. Pistols at the ready, the gunslinger makes no beef about the potential danger. He won't holster one until he can reach the dead man and his wedding ring. Roman? He gets a bit of a sneer at the kicked up scrap, the wolfish man giving a chiding, "Says Mr. Bumbles," he hisses, before putting the barrel of a pistol to his lips and shushing Roman with a furrowed brow. Shaking his head he turns back to the goal.
Tobias Tobias had already made /more/ than enough noise before he hears Molly announce the nest and he just sort of freezes at this point. Even standing still a quiet metallic sound reverberates from the large pack on his back... and he starts a slow wince. The pack whines sharply and Tobias scuttles with the straps across his chest with one hand- gun in the other. The sound from his bag whirs down and he freezes looking at everyone present with a sheepish shrug if they glance his way... heh.
Molly Brown Molly Brown sneaks as best aas she can she keeps quiet as she moves she doesn't say a thing she does look at Jude with some conerned she doesn't seem to have much hardware but then again that was Molly last week more or less. She smiles faintly back at her friend and has motivation evne more so to be fareful.
Sparrow Between Jude, Tobias, and Roman the group aren't exactly dust ninjas, only really Stockton can claim that. The women? Seem to intuitively and perhaps intelligently stay back. Molly having pointed out the hole under the car, now glaringly obvious to everyone who looks that direction, just behind what remains of Pete's boot is the telltale mound of a Molerat nest entrance. And something disturbing and glowing green is coming up from it while the sounds of digging and snuffling increase around the group and four Molerats burst up from the ground with their telltale squeaky shriek flailing about blindly to find the nearest freshest source of foods.
Ruane Roman Raune lifts up his pistol then slowly even as Stockton scoffs at him, just giving a cutting glance as an aside before he shakes his head. "Confidence borderline Bravado. Would suggest focus on survival." Roman notes as he holds out his gun then as the molerats begin to dig up from undergrown and lets off two quick shots from his 10mm pistol. Two shots, two kills leaving two dead squealing moleratso n the ground evven as the reast charge in towards the group.
Tobias Tobias begins to jog backward with his gun levelled at the molerats, glancing over his shoulder once or twice to keep from crashing into anything or tripping over his feet. The squeal escaping him is likely involuntary, his aim is true and he manages to take out a few of them in his panic.
Molly Brown Molly has some combat experiance now and while there's a good deal of Molerat runningaround she's going to try to pick off the larger remaing group, She takes aim fire's not once but twice taking down two, one even gets caught right in the head and goes flying a bit from the impact. "Watch out for the remainder."
Sparrow Man, that was easy, almost -too- easy. Mutated Molerats emerge from the earth only to be swiftly put down, larger than normal and with longer teeth gaping from glowing or a pustule gnarled faces. Each though meets its end in spectacularly messy fashion. Pieces of Molerat splattered library about like Jackson Pollock had decided to make Wasteland art.

And then there's a rumble. And another rumble... and the earth starts to quake and earth crumbles away, the car that Pete had gotten caught on is balanced precariously enough on the engine block of the other that had been a deadly crash so long ago in the wake of devastation, it peels of an angry groan of metal on metal and falls over as Pete's body is pushed away as well by the cow-sized monstrosity that rears its head from the earth at the destination of her young.

MOmma's pissed. And just to make a point, she swings her tail and kicks some it up at the murderous adventurers.
Stockton Stockton was about to dash across to the body of the former husband, but then there were rats. Rats everywhere. Taking stock of the situation, he watches his companions dispatch the majority of the broods, Molly blowing the last one away with a wretched screetch. Then the ground shakes, pushing him to stumble backwards to keep his balance. The cow-sized molerat bursts up from the ground sending debris everywhere, the Mercenary turns, shielding his eyes from the hail of dirt and rocks. As he finishes his spin, his right hand is level with the beast and he squeezes off the first round, the bullet catching in the huge skull and rending its ear from its head in a spray of viscera. Another one eighty and he's leveled his second pistol and he's squeezing off a second round that catches the Brood Mother in the side, lodging the lead in muscle and tissue.
Sparrow Sparrow's not graceful, she mentioned she wasn't good on her feet. As the ground uproots and sinks into the tunnels moved and collapsed by the massive momma's mutated frame she goes tumbling and tried to get off a shot that goes wide missing everything. She doesn't have time to be embarrassed though.

AS Dust settles the Brood Mother lets out something between a lowing bellow and a mad squeal when she's immediately hailed with bullets. She thrashes, great gnashing teeth swiping at Molly and just missing the Vaultie.
Ruane WIth the smaller things out of the way, Roman is well positioned then to turn and aim at the larger beast that had revealed heself. He just moved to drop the hammer then with a quick pull of the trigger, then another as he lodges two bullets into the giant squirming Mole rat. "Odd creature. Useful for disection. Determine source of radiation." Roman observes as he keeps his gun trained on the beast.
Jude Jude stumbles and falls as the earth heaves, along with his stomach. There's a curse just before the thud of him hitting the ground. His wrench swings, although it's more due to the fact that his arms are wheeling on his way down. On his bum, he looks at the mole rate mother streaking for him... or Molly to be more precise, so he gets to his feet and flails some more with a loud whoop. Obviously, OBVIOUSLY it does the trick as the Momma misses Molly. Molerats are allergic to wrenches after all. Little known fact.
Tobias Tobias was running backwards and he trips over his feet at some point, going ass over end and almost losing his gun in the process. Tobi manages to hang onto his pistol but he spends the next few moments scrambling to his feet at the sight of the brood mother erupting from the earth. "Sorry, Pete." He mutters as he starts to trundle away from the fight in a quick scurry...
Sparrow After Molly murders the Brood mother, the massive mutated monstrosity falls over in a cloud of dust. The dust settles and blood settles leaving the cars, shanty, and poor Pete's corpse as well as the scattered remains of the brood that had been slaughtered. Sparrow pants quietly looking over the eight dead molerats and BFM panting a little bit and looking around wide-eyed. She pushes herself up, dusting herself off and looks at the wrecked area with a shake of her head. "Good shooting." She tells Molly and Stockton as she rubs her forehead and looks around. Bluebelle cut and dashed away after the Brood Mother popped up and had tried to take a swipe at Molly. But now there's just blood and guts and plenty for the Scavengers to pick over. She makes sure that someone gets Old Pete's wedding band to take back to poor Jeni Pots. The surrounding area is quiet except for the distant call fo crickets and the rush of the Pecos.