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Devlin     Even though he explained the dangers, Devlin noticed Peabody and Shiloh were determined to offer their aid though he simply shakes his head gently. "Fine, both of you need to keep up, we can't afford doubling back. Those that fall back will either be killed if they are lucky or captured as a toy." Looking down at the ground, he kneels into the dirt and unrolls a physical map, showing a sketch of the building's layout though it appears to be a copy as the building is listed as like most buildings, originally built many years before the greatwar that wiped out most life.

    Tapping lightly at the map, Devlin points to a collapsed section of the building and the sewer tunnel ways that used to feed into the building. "These tunnels have been ruptured and breached, this will give us access into the facility after passing through a few Ghouls that are likely sleeping there with my luck." Moving along the building he starts to flow up to a lower room but then up along the stairs before ending near the top floor. "If we can make it here, someone can get access to the security databanks. There's a lot of information but the keywords are all we need, not everything."

    Tapping four doorways, "We don't know if these main ways are locked, we also don't know the patrols or if they have sentry guns trained at the doors, waiting for movement.." Looking up, Devlin glances around to each of the faces, wondering if they took the heart the layout or the mission set out before them.
Shiloh      Shiloh glances up at Devlin, listening to him in silence with a subtle frown curving her lips. She didn't really appreciate the tone that he took, but part of her knew that it wasn't really the time for it. Afterall, she could always just prove him wrong for worrying at all later on if it came down to it. She looks down at the map he draws out and lets her eyes scan over it thoughtfully, lingering over the points of interest that are pointed out to them specifically. She glances to Qwillis at the mention of security and quietly whispers to him, "If you end up needing help, I know a little about hacking...I have your back." At the end of the briefing, she breathes in a deep breath and nods her head to him, not having any questions to add or information to include.
Vuk Vuk was in his armor, he normally was, though he lacked the bulky Minigun, it didn't seem he -always- had it..but he has a heavy automatic shotgun also. "I am here merely to ensure those more capable do not die in their attempts to crack any security we encounter." The voice washes with static from the comm system, inhuman, distant. Inloading the map shown to the HUD of his armor, Inloading friendlies for the HUD to track. "Let us move out." He announces.
Qwillis     Qwillis watched as Devlin would explain what's going on. He'd glance to Shiloh and smiles a little. "Got it." He'd take a scan of the map himself into that pip-boy so he can have it holoproject when needed. That done, Qwillis checks his own gear and finally stands, looking to Devlin. "I'll get you in. Don't worry."
Krysta      Krysta looked bored. No surprise there. She had her arms folded and was listening to Devlin. All that techy gobbledygook made as much sense to her as the zealots and their ATOM did.... Which is to say None. So she was just there checking her rifle waiting for the orders to move out...
Peabody "Kid, I've been at this for over seventy years, I don't think it'll be a problem." comments the grumpy ghoul, as he stands off to one side arms crossed over the front of his chestpiece. A cigarette is dangled between his lips, unlit.

"And if there's ferals, they won't fuck with me. I can take point if need be." his voice, that grating, hoarse ghoul voice sounding a mite bit irritated at the underestimation of his abilities. "I can hack, break a lock, or kick a door down if we need to. Not every asshole in the wastes relies on Power Armor to survive." He comments, tugging out his pistol to check it for ammo, then replaces it. "S'long as I get paid, I don't really care." And with that, he falls silent, and follows along when the order to move out has been called.
Devlin     "Creature.. Ghouls are there because the actual threats don't want to bother with them." After rolling up the map, Devlin slips it into his jacket's inner pocket for safe keeping. Turning away from the group, he waves with his arm to guide them towards the underground sewer tunnel which would be their primary point of entry. After climbing down, Devlin slips his laser pistol from his holster and starts walking though as he does, his tone raises some, though it would be easy to tell who he was addressing. "When we pass by we will exterminate each of those abominations before entering the complex proper, if you side with your kind you can lay them them, trust me.. I wouldn't mind helping you."

    The air within the tunnels were stale, the air was restricted heavily, but it was breathable past the rot and unmentionables long forgotten. In the distance of the tunnels were a faint green glow, flow fungus and likely still irradiated waste that was tossed and forgotten about was there. The group wasn't alone, molerats could be seen along with radroaches yet they didn't welcome humans nor ran to them, humans were often a hunter of them in this region and so they attempt to hide away.

    Not once did Devlin turn around to see who followed him or how well they were doing until he reaches a side access port within the sewers. "Now, Creature was to take point as he wished, I'll follow in the rear, Shiloh and Qwillis? Both of you in the center, Krysta you take point beside them with Vuk ahead of you. After we leave the tunnel way, try to limit gunfire.. 'they' might hear us at that point." Idling, Devlin starts to tap his finger against the side of his pistol waiting for everyone to fall into formation. Once everything was set, he used his cast covered arm to open the final access door which would lead to the tunnel breach.
Vuk Vuk doesn't seem to take notice of the air..or radiation, got to love that power armor. "Of course power armor lets me survive things you can not." He remarks and flicks the safety off his M4. "Limit..the gunfire? Any thing you kill here, will be heard through out such a place." He says and raises the M4 to his shoulder, looking through the red dot, relying on the fact his armor towers over the others to avoid shooting any of them in the back.
Shiloh      Shiloh smiles up at Vuk in appreciation but glances over at Peabody with a look of concern when he takes a condescending tone about those in power armor. "Dan, be uhm...careful, please..." She manages to whisper to Peabody, "They just want to make sure that everyone is safe, and the man in the power suit over there has probably saved my life more than once already..." With that offered to her, she holds her laser musket closer to her, double checking to make sure that the battery pack in it is still loaded up from the last time that she used it. She follows behind Devlin's lead when he starts moving, not wanting to fall behind at all. Her eyes glance about alertly and she breathes slower to not only be more quiet overall but to force herself to have to breathe in that rotten smell less often. She hesitates when Devlin calls the marching order, she slows down to let Vuk get ahead of her and Krysta have the chance to get beside of her. She makes sure that Qwillis is in the center with her, then continues to march on, her eyes on the back of the suit of mechanized armor ahead of her.
Krysta      Krysta rain eyebrow at Peabody calling Devlin 'kid' and waited for the inevitable fallout. And it came in the form of Devlin calling him 'creature' and allowing him to take point. And honestly, Krysta didn't much care about most of that. But. "You're putting the ghoul with leather armor in front?" She shook her head faintly but just leveled her rifle and stepped up next to Vuk.
Qwillis     Qwillis would check his gear and those tools. Once he's all set there, he'd nod to the others and start after them. At Devlin saying for Q to be in the middle, he'd shrug, check that rifle, then walk along with the others. He kept quiet. He's here for his part of the job, and he didn't want to draw attention inadvertantly with talk.
Peabody "You keep calling me 'creature' and we'll see what happens, smoothskin. If you're meanin' to rely on my gun? Better can the fucking insults." the ghoul shoots back, unimpressed by the man's attempt at trying to sound demeaning. "And I have no problem puttin' down ferals." he states, plucking his cigarette from his mouth to tuck it away somewhere. "They're not people anymore." he comments, with a finality in his voice that speaks of experience in that. Then he falls silent again, taking point as suggested. Though he's yet to draw his gun, despite this.
     Krysta watched the two. Peabody and Devlin. She didn't have any strong feelings one way or the other about ghouls and purebloods or whatever. However, she /did/ have a certain affinity with a certain team leader and when Peabody continued his disrespect.. She stood up, emotion drained completely from her face, those violet eyes hard as amethysts.
     "Devlin here is the team leader. Devlin here is the originator of this mission. DEVLIN... HERE... Is your boss right now and if you can't fall in line.. you need to find another line of work." She scowled at the ghoul darkly. "Are we going to have a problem? Because I don't LIKE problems in my business." The entire time she had been speaking she had placed herself physically between Devlin and Peabody, her eyes those of a predator scenting prey. Wonder what set her off....
Devlin     As the team file through the narrowed corridor, Devlin's finger began to stroke idly the finger guard while walking forward. Vuk and Peabody would be the first ones to hear gargled sounds as wading through the muck were half a dozen Ghouls. They didn't have prey around to focus on but the sounds of footsteps cause several to rise up from their aimless seated position to begin standing up on their hind legs, their arms limp while searching for the source of the echos. It was unclear if the feral ghouls recognized Peabody as one of their own or as an enemy but they did notice something that smelt fresh and oily.. Vuk! One after another they took notice of the Power armored brute, stood and hissed at him, alerting the others of a meal.
Peabody At the woman's sudden outburst the Ghoul paused, and turned looking towards her with a sort of shrug of his shoulders at her words. "If he wants to call me something, he can call--" he's cut off by the sound of the ferals.

"Incoming!" he calls to the others. With a quick motion of his hand, out comes his gun, and two rounds are fired into an incoming feral as he closes quarters with Vuk, sort of using him as human cover.

"Hey MetalHead start shooting. I'll keep them from gettin' too close. You're like a can of cram to them."
Devlin Devlin could hear the small pod of Ghouls taking notice of their front line and couldn't help but smirk when it was the Ghoul that shouted about them and demanded covering fire. Looking away, Devlin looks towards his pistol, seemingly prepping to replace spent cells but found none, "Huh, I didn't forget for once." Turning his gaze to Krysta, he checked one thing quickly.. if she was aiming at the ferals or Peabody before taking aim down the tunnel himself, relaxed as he could as he lined up a target.
Shiloh      "Come on, let's not fight, please.." Shiloh whispers quietly to the others when the bickering starts to really heat up between Peabody and Krysta particularly, doing her best to act as a peacekeeper of sorts. She looks over her shoulder at Peabody and then at the others while they march quietly down the tunnel. She freezes up nervously when the sounds of footsteps reaches her ears, and she levels up her laser musket to aim it at the feral ghouls that start to approach them. She's meticulous about how she aims at one of the ghouls in the front and squeezes the trigger, letting part of the tunnel be lit up by the laser that shoots out from a straight beam that darts out of the makeshift barrel of the weapon. The recoil of the zap makes her fire wire though and she winces as it just singes a spot on the tunnel wall.
Vuk Vuk watches as the ghouls move, and suddenly the M4 roars, casings kicking out in rapid succession, not to truly kill, so much as force things down, aside, back. Hitting them is just a benefit. "Just fill the tunnel with lead." He barks out suddenly. It is Vuk's plan!
     Krysta glowered dangerously at the ghoul.. And when he ran off like a lemming she did sight the back of his head for a second or two.... Then swore and dropped the aim. She rolled her eyes as she watched the floor come alive and let out a shout, trying to draw the attention of the ghouls around Peabody and Vuk... "GODDAMN SONS OF BITCHES HEY! I DONT NEED TO BE CARRYING OUT HIS FUCKING CORPSE TODAY!" She was only faintly successful... In any case, she managed to put a bullet into one of their chests... One shot kill.
Qwillis     And this is what a tactical withdrawl looks like. He'd slowly back off as they would start swarming and that plasma rifle comes up. Eyes narrowed in focus he'd level those shots on the targets ahead of him. Even as he'd step backwards, that weapon that seemed rather natural for him would burn one, then another and clean through it's chest into a third, dropping them as he'd back off.
Devlin As the gunfire continues to blaze through the small tunnel, no other ghouls appear to be rising. The ghouls numbers have been cut down by a third of their offensive line, luckily the group itself has yet to take a loss though there are nine fresh ghoul corpses floating about them.. Likely ghoul corpses, not more living sleepers.
Peabody Peabody moves into a tactical position to cover Vuk's back in a very military-esque kind of fashion. Two hands are on his pistol as he fires another crack of ammo at the ghouls, injuring one. Then he takes in a long breath, squaring his stance out to try and look as large and scary as he possibly can. Then bellows out a loud, guttural growl towards the ferals as if trying to assert his dominance over the pack. He sounds pretty good, but doesn't sound near as threatening when he cuts off half-way with a hacking cough.

"Damn it." he mutters, rubbing his throat as two ghouls take notice of him.
Shiloh      Shiloh is quick about trying to reload her musket and her eyes dart over the ghouls as she counts them inside of her head. Nine was a lot to overcome, but they were dropping at a decent pace. Still it was looking a lot like Vuk and Peabody were about to risk being overwhelmed, so she tries to aim at one of the ghouls trying to scramble all over Vuk. She squeezes the trigger and hits it dead on the chest just as it's about to lift itself up to try and gnaw on Vuk's neck. She lowers her gun and watches it drop, before she tries to find a new battery pack to reload into the musket, "I was right, this...complicates things when they're in great numbers..." She mutters quietly as a mental note to herself.
     Krysta had had enough of this. She lifted her rifle and BAM. one ghoul suddenly didn't have ay fun bits anymore.... And then she heard the ricochet off Vuk's ass and raised an eyebrow. It distracted her juuuust enough to miss the second shot but then she called out. "My bad!" Though she called out mainly so Vuk WOULD KNOW who shot him in the ass....
Devlin The ghouls only found limited success in their hunt, their numbers were thinned before they could even begin the onslaught onto their attackers. Vuk was left unscaved while Peabody only suffered a minor scratch from the barrage of fangs and claws.
Qwillis     Qwillis stayed back. Far enough to not get engaged, close enough to continue to make sure that those he shot? They didn't get back up. Ahh.. the lovely lovely tool that is plasma. That next ghoul got fried, dropping to the water with the rest and once again Q would burn a hole through the chest of one and into the next.
Vuk Vuk's armor registers impacts, one is higher speed, but there is minimal scouring on the surface as he twists the M4 to track a ghoul still moving, and a double tap barks out and he contemplates flagging Krysta as yellow in his HUD. "Lets move out." He says and begins to trudge forward again, pushing Peabody aside and slapping a fresh mag into his M4.
Devlin Looking around the tunnel and the ringing in his ears, he knew they took too long, and made too much noise. If the sounds echoing around them was any hint, they already alerted the very people Devlin didn't want to run into yet. "Fall back, any that fall behind are left behind!" it was easy to hear it in his voice the choice of people people to die who didn't try to follow the retreat order.. didn't exist. Turning away from the group, Devlin lead those that would follow him out the service entrances and out to the main sewer way. "The job's a bust, damn it all to rot in the six circle.." is said with a growl as he began his climb to the surface.
Shiloh      Shiloh breathes out a sigh of relief when the last ghoul manages to fall and looks over at Vuk. Still, the sounds that echoed around them all were not a good sign, and Devlin's order to fall back has her jogging after him quickly to try to keep up. "Come back, Vuk. It's not safe." She tries to tell him, waiting her turn to climb up the ladder. She looks up at Devlin with a guilty expression when she hears him growling, but says nothing more on it.
Peabody The sound of whatever was upstairs definately didn't sound like it was something Peabody was equipped to handle alone. "Better listen to the boss, tincan." he'd comment to Vuk, ticking his head towards the exit. "Otherwise his girl might take offense again." With that, he'd follow out with the rest of the group, then break off once they exit to find his own way back to Town.