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Alasa The sun is just coming up over the water. Alasa's stand near the edge of the lake, a couple of rods and reels resting on her shoulder. Bob stands next to her, "Alright...if you catch it, you get to eat it...same for me."
Alasa Bob runs off along the edge of the water, looking into Alasa moves to find a spot as well. Setting down the other fishing gear, and picking out her pole.
Melinda Meanwhile, Melinda arrives, wearing her usual fatigues oddly enough. She looks around and gives a slight nod to Alasa. "Hey there, going fishing?" She asks in a calm yet somewhat firm voice.
Alasa Alasa nods and gives a smile, "Yep...a bad day fishing is better then a good day working. And this is the best time of day to get started..right at sunrise, the fish are just waking up."
Vuk Vuk has actually been here before..well, at the time he was blind. Also he was fighting giant flying mutant death wasps, and didn't kill any one, so there is that. So why has he returned? Possibly to check other places for fish, to transplant some to his farm's creek perhaps? He has a simple pole..a stick, with a bent hook on line, nothing fancy, and Vuk seems -almost- like he might like people today!
Rexus Rexus has been here off and on, moreso now that he's in the militia. Pretty close to the HQ, close enough where he has his own rod and tackle. It's a nice quiet spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of town... right up till when he sees everyone else crowding around. "Oh well..." he murmurs, setting his tacklebox down, bending to begin assembling his line, "They biting at all?"
Melinda "I never was a big fisher personally, but I suppose in this wasteland." She nods to Vuk and Rexus before getting her tacklebox opened and attaches some bait to her fishing pole. "I've learned to do this mainly to keep myself fed. Not always easy in this wasteland."
Alasa Alasa shurgs, "Can't really say yet" as she casts her line out into the water with a plop. "Just now got my line out there..." she grins, "But we'll find out soon enough." Down the bank aways, Bob is near the edge of the water trying to hit a fish, we can only assume.
Rexus Rexus settles on a dry patch of grass, attaching a bobber to his line. "I like usin bobbers.. makes it a bit more relaxing." he says as he arranges the bait and hook and weight, casting the line out a reasonable distance. He then sets the rod on the ground, propped up by a fork shaped stick to keep it in the air. "Now just wait for a bite.. or nibble..."
Vuk Vuk is fairly quiet as he uses a bit of ..well it looks like putrid meat, and he lightly casts out before settling down on the bank. "I want to see what bites opposed to what I find out on my creek." He says quietly, humming quietly to him self, apparently, he's planning to fish along the bottom, lightly jerking the line.
Melinda Meanwhile, Melinda has cast out her line and is now waiting patiently. "You never know what you'll find anywhere. I just hope there are no three-eyed fish." She chuckles a little at that, a rare sight from Melinda.
Alasa Alasa hmms. "well its real easy to keep yourself fed in the wasteland, if your not picky." As she tugs back on the rod a bit, while she reels in..."But fish are quite tastey when cooked over a fire...." She looks over as Vuk cast...with a hunk of meat....she shakes her head a bit. "I find fish like movement, so I keep my line moving. More like there natural food."
Rexus Rexus shrugs, "Fish is alright but, I wouldn't make it a primary source.. more of a hobby or leisure activity to me." he says, "Bring a good book, just relax and snooze... if you catch a fish then that's good but... no need to be picky... s'why they call it fishing not catching."
Vuk Vuk grunts as he begins to draw his line in by hand. "Well I'm just curious what'll go for the stuff. I had to put down a mess of molerats at my ranch, and I'm going to try and use it to bait fish, you know?"
Alasa Bob comes trotting back down the bank towards the others, a large fish in his mouth. He sits down, and starts to chew on it. Alasa watchs this, the laughs..."Well, he got his...maybe he learned something from our cousins the bears, they tend to be good fisher too." As she reels in the line the rest of the way, then leans back and casts it out again. "All the really matter is to enjoy the day..Mother sun is making her climb to get things done, before she gets to the top of the sky."
Rexus Rexus would speak but, he's already snoozing. Yes, he looks like the quintessential fisherman, hat over his eyes, lying on his back, hands across his stomach... just.. snoozing, blissfully ignorant of anything, including his line which seems to be bobbing in the water, fish on! But he hardly seems to care.
Vuk Vuk watches Alasa, and her pet..he should work on one of those. "Perhaps I should get a dog my self. I don't have any pets around the ranch." He says, almost dejectedly about the entire thing..but then he seems surprised when he finds..a bottle cap. "Huh.." He says, wiping grime off it.
Melinda Meanwhile, Melinda isn't having much luck, but she's just letting it go. She keeps trying no matter how difficult it might be. She sits on a nearby rock, watching and waiting, occasionally sipping a bottle of Nuka-Cola that she was able to get from a vending machine.
Alasa Alasa reels in again, then flips the line back out into the water..."A ranch eh? should get something a sheep or a lama...yeah, that would be perfect for a ranch. Fit right in...."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head at Alasa as he casts back out, letting the bait sink now that he has captured a capfish! <Buahaha, see? Funny> And watches Alasa. "Or a dog or the like to protect the place."
Alasa Alasa says, "really? me...lamas are much more deadly and protective then a dog....only thing that would be worse, would be an emu...giant flightless bird, this very teritorial"
Vuk Vuk huffs a bit when Alasa mentions some thing he doesn't seem to -really- know of. "But Iris has a dog..also a piglet. I would like another dog, so they could play together when she visits.." Of course, he wants some thing to try and appease his girlfriend more!
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "She visits you?...intersting...I didn't think she had a dog thoug, I saw her with a timber wolf. She seems to like exotic pets...I bet if you had something, really exotic..she'd be over to your place all the time."
Vuk Vuk laughs quietly when she seems surprised. "I one believes and Iris are dating...and is it a wolf? I wasn't sure, I've seen other wolves, but they were..mutated. Some weren't, but I never saw them very close." He admits to her.
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, I do find it hard to believe...I mean, I've never seen you and her on..well a date."
Vuk Vuk rolls his shoulders at Alasa's words. "Iris is rather shy, and I don't overly socialize with most of El Dorado's citizenship." He admits to Alasa. "Besides, every time she gets a break, some one needs her to remove a bullet I swear."
Alasa Alasa says, "Ah....yes, right right..well if you two can't find the time to have a nice dinner in town..perhaps she isn't right for you....yes, you should hit the road jack, and leave her alone..."
Vuk Vuk narrows his eyes a bit when she mentions he shouldn't stay with Iris. "I have the patience to wait for when people aren't bothering her with their injuries. I think she should get an apprentice." He says, with a bob of his head.
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, there you go..become her appretice then...then you can spend every waking hour with her..."
Melinda Meanwhile, Melinda has had some luck catching a few fishes. She's quick to end their suffering with a swift punch before putting them in her basket. "Looks like fish for dinner tonight."
Alasa Alasa looks over, "wow, a nice if you just had some potatos, you'd have the whole meal."
Melinda Shrugging a little, Melinda casts out another line while saying, "Beggars can't be choosers. After all, this is nothing compared to the crap a lot of soldiers had to eat back in their day."
Alasa Alasa says, "oh, like what..if I may ask? I've heard stories of the blue coats my whole life..that kind tend to just take what they food would be the same I would guess.""
Melinda "No no," Melinda says. "This is way before the war. Back then they had these 'meals, ready to eat' or something. In the Marine Corps, they were called bag nasties. Because they were quite nasty." A sigh as Melinda runs her hand through her hair.
Alasa Alasa grins, "Well, it depends on what war...the history of my people and the governments soldiers goes a long ways back. But anyways, I'm sure they must have survived on there one would be here."
Melinda "They survived, yes," Melinda says with a nod. "How they managed to survive is anyone's guess. You have to be real tough to eat some of that crap."
Alasa Alasa hmmms, as she reels in her line.."Well, they could have always sent out for Azzip. I hear that was a popular food back then." She whistles, and Bob gets to his feet. "Well, looks like its a bust for me...maybe I can find some giant radishs in my garden."