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Lynnette Chuck had gone downstairs to tell Lyn that Devlin was looking for her. Sighing she'd crawl out of bed, throw on some clothes and make the journey upstairs. Now it did take a twenty but she got up. Coming through the basement door she'd stop to lean on the wall before making her way to the bar. Wincing she'd pull herself up onto one of those stools and looked to Chuck. "...whiskey..."
Devlin "Alcohol and painkillers are what got me to wake up with a gun in my face, are you feeling a bit lucky?" is asked as Lynnette manages to make her way up to the bar and onto a seat. In his good hand, Devlin held a bottle of a soda, the same brand he's been ordering for the last two weeks rather than touch even whiskey. "I heard you got into a bit of a run in with a few 'interesting' characters, what I didn't hear was if any of them still draw breath or not."
Lynnette Looking over at him she'd sigh a bit. "Yeah well...." As it was sat in front of her she'd chug it then slammed that glass down as she shook her head. "....that requires me taking painkillers right?" She'd take a deep breath then stared at him a bit. "Two Enclave mercs got me. Plugged me in the chest and leg then left me for dead....." A shrug then. "All I know is the Sheriff and Marshall are looking for them.
Devlin "I got some, want'em?" is offered but Devlin could see her moving and moved in kind, looking at her eyes. There was a soft smile on his lips though looking at his eyes, there was a slight glaze to them and his tongue was shifted to one side, his canine pressing into it harshly as he listens to the news. Smiling slightly wider, he uses the bottle to point at Lynnette. "Now, for a dead girl, you really are looking rather well.. It seems some unfinished business of mine followed me here and you ended up paying for it.." Closing his eyes, Devlin stands, leaving the bottle partially filled and makes his way over to Lynnette, placing a hand gently onto her shoulder.
Lynnette Lyn would shake her head. "Naw...I got some down there. I took it the first day and my caretaker has been make sure I wasn't in pain so...." A shrug then as she looked him over and nodded. "Ill take whatever I got down there. Thanks though." As he was saying she 'looked good for a dead girl' she'd chuckle. "Yeah some ghoul found me and dropped me off in the bar. Needless to say it caused a ruckus when they saw me out here...." Running her fingers through her hair she'd close her eyes and shook her head. "Yeah well...I somehow doubt it's you. I'm's my problem. Though it'd be contradictory to....something." Feeling the hand she'd look up at him. That brow would raise then. "I mean....I've been shot but....they plugged me in the chest.....this wasn't a warning..."
Devlin Leaning down, Devlin began to whisper into Lynnette's ear so that not even Chuck could hear them. "Lyn.. Unless they have you on a marked list, there's no reason for them to target you. If they found me and found out that 'I' and 'me', then this is my fault.. Can't have that." Standing up again, Devlin looks down and along Lynnette's side before again at her cradled chest, but then his brows slightly furl.. "Plasma Rifles or were they using lead?" is suddenly ask, his tone was somewhat distant, drifting off into deeper thought.
Lynnette As she heard that whisper she'd look to Chuck then. "....go check on the shit in the kitchen...." The man opened his mouth to argue but saw that look in her eye so he just scurried away. When he was gone she looked around....good thing it was dead and too early for anyone to be in her. Those green eyes looked back at him. "....lead. Akane had to dig the damn thing out my chest. At least my leg was through and through." As she yawned she'd then tilt her head. "....and don't really....know anything about me. Only one that Alpha and I wanted to keep it that way...." She'd frown a bit and shrug. "But shit....unless your daddy was Enclave that told them to piss off and killed a bunch of them until they caught up to us....I think that puts ya on some sort of list....."
Devlin Once Devlin heard the round type and that it had to be dug out, Lynnette would watch relief wash over the man. The smile on his lips widens some as he starts to chuckle, "Gunners." Tilting his head slightly, "Enclave didn't shoot you, gunners employed my Enclave did. Sloppy ones at that." Looking away from Lynnette's face, he looks down towards her legs, namely the one well bandaged, though the smile on his lips doesn't last very long, seeming to only then remember the level of pain she was likely in. "No, a touch worse in some respects but, they would come after me personally, not with these third parties. I.. don't know why they would send a attack dog unit this way, hardly a season ago they lost a notable battle, then they send a skirmish scouting team?" Shaking his head gently, Devlin began to use that hand on her shoulder to stroke steady circles along her shoulder. "I don't need to know about you.. I know Enclave better than I'd like to admit at times. If they came for you in Hellfire suits or with plasma shock troop loadout, I'd be very.. very worried."
Lynnette She'd blink a bit and chuckled softly. "...I don't know if that makes me feel better....or not....." Lyn just sighed then before she shrugging. "Mayhaps...if I have an unfortunate run in with my 'dearest' uncle again.....I can tattle tell..." Rolling her eyes a bit then she'd then looked to that hand but said nothing. Shaking her head then she'd shrug best as she could right now anyway. "If they did....that means I pissed my uncle off something fierce....or killed him." Snickering she'd look to the bar but decided against another drink. "So then ain't you.....but I'm not sure it's me. He wanted to drag me back.....not off me so..."
Devlin     Once again Devlin was at a loss after managing to find some logic behind things. "They wanted to drag you back.. with a bullet in the chest, and another through the thigh?" Shifting around Lynnette, Devlin rests his hip against the bar and looks directly towards her face, his expression told it all.. he wanted answers. "How in the hell were they going to drag you back when they in the end shrug and leave you for dead when you weren't?" Leaning forward slightly, he tries to look into her eyes, wondering if she was having a glassy eyes look of a faded memory when asking, "Are they that stupid? How the hell did you even manage to live?"
Lynnette She'd blink as she looked over at him, shifting in her seat. "That's why I doesn't make sense. Last time I ran into that main he wanted me to 'come home' and I didn't. I told him to piss off. Then he said I'd be seeing him again....he was sure." Looking away, those brows furrowed as she seemed to be deep in thought. "I don't know....." She'd look back at him, her eyes showing some kind of....fear. "I said I don't know! They capped me....I barely could make out what they were saying. I just know some ghoul found me and carried me back. It went and saw Akane and brought her here. She pulled the bullet out quick...and trust me...there was nothing to numb it so I remember it....vividly." Frowning then she'd look at her leg as her other hand touched her chest. "Look...I don't know what you're looking for. Talk to to the Sheriff. He's gonna be looking out for them.
Devlin "That doesn't even sound like Gunners.." Closing his eyes and shaking his head, Devlin leans forward, bringing his face close to Lynnette's. "I don't know who you were, I don't care too. This 'Uncle' of your's doesn't sound like any man I've ever heard of beyond thugs that echo mobsters." The smile on his lips was gone, but there wasn't a scowl on his lips either, "My cast comes off in a few more days, the arm won't be strong but it won't limit me like it is now. Tell Alpha, I will help him, not the Sheriff.. Alpha. The Sheriff only cares about what's going on in the town." After having made the distinction, Devlin stands upright and extends a hand, soon trying to gently cup her cheek unless she pulled away. "This is off the clock work, I won't charge you a plastic cap, call it stress relief if it gets done right."
Lynnette "Pfft....I wish he was the mob. That would make things so much easier...." Letting out a snort then she'd sigh. "Can we just....drop it?" It was obvious she was worn out, tired, and in pain. When he felt he had to make that difference know she would look up just as his hand went to her face. Staring at him she'd just chuckle. "....aiming to get shot again?" It was a joke of course...coping mechanism. " don't have to you, you know? But....thank you. I'd feel better knowing he ain't running out there on his own because I got shot."
Devlin "Lyn.." a name he almost never said, "You're a friend. I kill for my friends, I risk my own hide for them. Now, if he waits a few days I'll be suited to help him even breach a heavy frontline force." The comment of being shot doesn't seem to reach Devlin's ear as he takes a step further, bringing his lips to Lynnette's brow before pulling his hand away from her cheek. Walking by her, he chuckles softly and shakes his head gently. "Lyn, try and stay safe, don't let too many people if you can help it know that you're alive. If you can, bribe a few to get it in the news that you've been gunned down. ..I need to find Camilla."
Lynnette He actually used her name.....must be the end of the world....again. Staring up at him she would just nod then. "I'll...let him know. Or tell him yourself...." Smirking she'd look ready to say something but the kiss on her forehead kind of ruined it. Looking around she'd just stay quiet. Fake being dead? Aw hell. Wasn't exactly in her schedule but might do it. "...okay." No smart remark, no commentary just....a simple yes in her own way. "I"ll see what I can do."