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Owner Pose
Lynnette Lyn was seated at the bar with Chuck just pouring her some water. Licking her lips she would take a long sip as she then sighed. Her right thigh was bandaged up pretty tightly and through her shirt it could be seen that there be bandages there. It was obvious that the woman was hurt, and pretty bad too but not as she was when they found her. Closing her eyes, she would put her head down on that bar top then. "....I need booze..."
B Booze? Did someone say booze? Well, how coincidental. In comes B, dressed in all her armour, carrying a wooden crate with six mason jars in it. Pushing her goggles down, she looks around the place for the first time. Aha. There's the bar. Perfect place to start pitching her wares, provided the proprietor is around, of course.

Grinning to herself, the petite raven-haired woman heads that way, lidded jars clanking together as she crosses the room to set her crate down on one of the stools.
Lynnette Turning around she'd hear the door and yawned as she finally opened her eyes. Blinking she would then smile and nodded. "B!" She would have gotten up but screw that. She'd motion around tot he place then chuckled. "I bet you don't even recognize the place now....." Raising her hand she'd wince as she turned to face her then leaned back against the bar a bit. "How are you?"
B B blinks and turns at her name. "Oh, hey," says she, gaze skimming over the other woman and lingering on her bandage. "You okay? I mean, you look like you've seen better days." She glances around again, apprising the place. "No, it looks way different than the last time I was around. Much more like something and much less dust and debris. Actually it's quite nice. I heard 'bout this place and thought they might be able to sell some of my stuff. Brought some samples."
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit and sighed. "Let's just say....I was in the wrong place in the wrong time?" There was a smile and she would just shake her head a bit. "And yeah....I took it over. It got messed up pretty bad by Ashur losing his shit on someone but....I took it as an opportunity to at least clean up the joint...." Her eyes lit up and she nodded. "Yes! I've been meaning to come lok for you but I've been laid up. I would loooove to buy some stuff from you...."
B B grins brightly. "Oh! Perfect! I brought some to try. Here .. you look like you could use a drink. Let's see .. I've some moonshine, some vodka, and some hubflower mead. What's your poison today? I've brought two of each. Whiskey wasn't quite ready. That one's been popular with the militia. Well .. before the seige.."
Lynnette She would smile and then laughed a bit as she held up her hand. "I'll let Chuck be the tester...I'm on pain killers and mixing that...would not end well." She'd motion for her to have a seat and nodded. "I heard your stuff is good. Heck the one you let me sample was awesome. So it'd be great if we had an arrangement."
B B ohs and pushes the box towards Chuck. "Have at 'em," she says before turning back to Lynnette. "Good? Well, I'm glad to hear that. Don't get much feedback. Usually I sell it and then people go off and end up shot, or something. Maybe they drink too much and then go out adventuring. I wish I could say that's a bad idea, but I do it all the time." She grins.
Lynnette She'd just laugh as Chuck happily took them and started to sniff at them. "No getting wasted. I can't really work yet so....keep it in check?" He'd just shoot her dirty look before going about the 'taste test'. Lyn would look back over to B and just nodded then. "Well..they are adults. That's on them if they want to go wander around drunk....." Propping her head up with an arm she'd look to be in thought. " much are you selling your stuff for anyway?"
B B watches Chuck take the crate and start opening the jars. With a rueful grin and an amused shake of her head, B looks back to Lyn. "Depends on quantity, really. Usually I charge 2 caps per jar but if you want it in bigger quantities then we can lower that to a cap a serving. Saves me from buying and finding jars if I can get it to you in a barrel or jug or something. Also depends if we're setting up a repeat business. Either way, you should still be able to turn a profit from it."
Lynnette Tapping her chin she seemed in thought then nodded. "Well I definitely wanting to buy in bulk. I figure why not supply the bar with some home made stuff...." There was a wink then as she smiled. "And of course. I"m thinking a mostly set up of purchasing least. We can see how business goes here and go from there. I can just buy as I need too...." Lyn would look around for something but just sighed. "....of course what I need is downstairs...." Those green eyes would look back over then as shrugged. "But yeah....figure......we can help each other. And I remember from when I first met were trying to sell here."
B B nods again, thinking. "How about we set you up with some vodka and some shine? I'll bring by some whiskey when it's done and we'll see how fast you go through the other stuff at that time. I'll bring some by later today in the cart." She smiles and wipes her hands on her apron before offering one out for Lyn to shake. "Deal?"
Lynnette Lyn would smile brightly and nodded. "Sounds great!" She'd slowly move her arm and took that hand, shaking it gently. "It's a deal. Just let me know how much I need to pay you for the first load." Looking to Chuck then she would smirk. "....go be a dear and get my caps...." Grumbling Chuck would just make his way through that door to the basement, cursing under his breath.
Alpha     Alpha casually strolls in that bar, glancing around as he does. Because.. well.. just in case. He'd smile at spotting B and Lyn over at the bar, heading for his own usual spot with a few caps pulled out and set up on that bar. "Beer."
B B returns the shake gently, not wanting to cause Lyn any pain from being too eager. "Perfect," says she, watching Chuck head off to fetch the caps for a moment. Blinking back to Lynette, she eyes her again. "You know, Derk's a doctor. You're always welcome to come by and see if he can patch you up .. or send word. He does house calls from time to time when he's not in the clinic or at home." She nods to Alpha and gives him a friendly wave when she catches sight of him.
Lynnette She'd wait for Chuck to get back and what you know? Lyn passed over some money to B and smiled. "That's for now!" Chuck already was on Alpha's request as soon as he saw him. Lyn would look to Alpha and smiled at him warmly before looking back to B. "Oh? I may have to take you up on that..for real. My leg is still messed up...."
Alpha     Alpha smiels to B and Lyn, he'd nod his thanks to Chuck, then move over to the two women. "I'll carry her over ifn ya need it. I wouldn't mind helpin her get checked up so she's all better, yah?"
B B half turns so she's facing both Alpha and Lyn as they converse. "Or I can bring her back in the cart. So long as she gets checked out, it doesn't matter how or by who. Wouldn't want to get an infection and end up worse for the wear. Like I said, keep an eye out for Derk and he'll get you taken care of. He's a whiz with bullets. I should know, I end up full of them more times than not." She grins at this, blushing just a tad. "That's why I came over all decked in armour. I've a promise to uphold."
Lynnette Looking to Alpha she would stick her tongue out and then nodded a bit. "Okay, worry wart...." Sighing she'd look to B and nodded then. "Well if you trust him....and you apparently get shot a lot...." Winking she would smile and then tilt her head. "I need to get some real armor one day....." Shaking her head she would then look back to Alpha. "I need to add that to my shopping list, Sheriff...."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, smiling to B and Lyn both. "Ah well.. I'm workin ta get that a lil less likely around here, yah? Ain't perfect.. it's still JT. But a lil better.."
B B claps her hands together. "Sheriff? Well, good on you. We need more orginisation and whatnot around since the seige. Help keep us on our toes beause .. well .. you know." She glances around the room again with a nod. "Seems to me that things -are- coming along," says she, as if the state of the lounge was somehow related to the state of the town. "Anyway, I should probably be getting back. Left A in charge of the girls but she's getting on in years so I don't want to over-tax her too much. Good seeing you both again though."
Lynnette "Thanks, B! I'll have Chuck take care of the supply when it gets in!" With that she would then turn to look to Alpha then. A tilt of her head and she would smile a bit. "So...." There was a wink then. "What brings you by today, handsome? Checking and making sure I'm not he up and up?"
Alpha     Alpha smiles, watching B go then chuckles as he'd sit down next to Lyn, raising that beer in a toast to her. "Ya know it. Gotta keep folks in line, yah?"
Lynnette Snickering she would just go to lean in but hissed and stopped. Clearing her throat she'd try to get her cool back now. "....oh? Well...." Closing her eye's she'd nod. "...I better not get caught with moonshine I guess..."
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Lyn, taking a drink of his beer. He'd frown at her hiss, and when she closes her eyes, he'd lean in instead, kissing her gently for a moment. "Hmm.. guess not. I mean.. ya wouldn't wanna have ta be arrested, eh?"
Lynnette At that kiss she would smile softly and slowly cracked her eyes open. " I don't want to be arrested. Did that once....never again." Was that....a blush?! Lyn would murmur softly. ".....well Sheriff.....did you just kiss me?"
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Lyn, chuckling to himself. At her question, he'd raise a brow, glance around then nods. "Why, Lyn.. I do think that's what I did.. but.. we should absolutely make sure." And with that, he'd lean in to kiss her again.
Lynnette She'd return that kiss then chuckled a bit. "....that's new....I like it. And while on duty?" Lyn was teasing him now as she smiled over at him. "....I'm not complaining though." A tilt of her head and she'd sigh softly. "I should be laying down but I'm tired of being down there."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly at her teasing and winks back. He'd take a slug of his beer, then look around. "and it didn't blow up the world.. Guessin we're fine then, yah?" He'd chuckle and nods a little. "Yah.. I can get that.. restless. Yer fine. It's good ta get up.. just be mindful of yer leg."
Lynnette Sighing happily, Lyn would watch him for a moment....those green eyes looking him over. "Seems like it...." As he menitoned her leg she'd just roll her eyes. "Don't worry....I'll be careful."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly and shrugs, watching Lyn. "Wha? Somethin on my duster?" Not like it's exactly clean anyways.. He'd grin at her, amusement sparking in his gaze as he'd watch her.
Lynnette "No." Looking off to the side she'd just find Chuck more interesting now. "....water?" The man would once again just set the pitcher and a glass in front of her. Sighing she'd yourself a glass and nodded.
Alpha     Alpha laughs, shaking his head and drinks more of his beer. He'd lean in some, pitching his voice low. "So secretly.. ya were wantin me ta arrest ya anyways.. right? Hmm.. Well.. I'm suuure I can come up with somethin.."
Lynnette That pour woman almost choked on her water as she was taking a sip when he said that. "You secretly.....want to arrest me. I'll be sure to do something to warrant it at least....."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, shaking his head. "Not quite what I said.. hmm.. but I guess the results are the same." He'd grin and finish off his beer, chuckling. "But that's also for another time.. eh? When yer leg ain't messed up.."
Lynnette "You..." That's all she would say as she looked at him. "Anyway...." Her hand would go to run through her hair now as she shrugged. "Seriously....making your rounds?"
Alpha     Alpha laughs, grinning at Lyn with a wink and standing. "Of course.. gotta do the job.. right?" He'd muse, glancing at the door. "Even if sometimes I think it's a big mistake I took it.."
Lynnette Shaking her head then she'd just shrug. "Why? You're doing good...." There was a smirk then. "Be the people's hero and save a damsel...."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, shaking his head as he'd stand up. "I ain't no hero. Just a guy who's willin ta shoot idiots ifn they dun act right."
Lynnette Now she really laughed a bit. "Well.....maybe you're my hero....can be it you know?" A tilt of her head then a she winked. "It suits you maybe....."
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Lyn, winking her way. "Mebbe. Be good Lyn.." He'd chuckle and head out to continue his 'rounds'.