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Qwillis     Qwillis, like normal, was in that lab. The gatling gun was off in it's corner with a wall of.. well.. stuff. In an attempt to ward it off. Q was busy working on another project though, focused on trying to mend that desk that looked like it had a rather nasty chemical burn in it.
Serena Making her way into that lab, she was still sore to say the lest from getting shot in the torso. As she made her ay down into that lab she would just knock quietly before walking in. ".....Qwillis? You wanted to see me?" Her hair was down and a mess to say the least but at least she wasn't in that raggedy dress. Wiping her hands on her pants she looked around before spotting him. "Oh. Hey."
Qwillis     Qwillis glanced up at the knock, poured a little more powder on the burn, then sets the container down with a smile Serena's way. "Ah. yes. Good. Hello Serena. I have to say, I am quite glad you were there. I believe you are the one who really broke the seige they were doing. Very impressive. I also wanted to make sure you were ok.. I know we all got shot up.."
Serena "Impressed with what?" Serena slowly made her way over before stopping short of where he was. "I don't know about that. Everyone else actually did stuff." Shrugging she would just shake her head a bit then folded her arms. "And I am fine. Just sore. Your friend helped a lot that day. I've just been sleeping since......"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles back to Serena, chuckling. "The two cars you took out! with a bunch of the guys. That was impressive. I know who did it too. You scared them. That's why it went as it did, hmm?" He'd shake his head, stepping closer to her to look at her carefully, being sure she was actually mended.
Serena She'd shrug a bit. "All I did was set them on fire. They were getting on my nerves. If you're going to attack...attack. Don't just run your mouth." Sighing she would watch him a bit then tilted her head a bit. "What?"
Qwillis     Q nods a little to himself, blinks, then steps back with a sheepish smile to Serena. "Sorry. I.. just wanted to make sure you were ok, Serena. You were there to help me. You got hurt because of me.." He'd shake his head a little. "Anyways.. I would like to repay you for what you did. If I can?"
Serena Holding out her arms she'd just stare. "Do you want to check? I know I'm sort, that is about it. And almost everyone got shot." Still holding her arms out she would then frown a bit. "Repay me for what? You said you wanted help. I helped. That's it right?"
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, shrugs and would step closer to check. She offered and he did want to make sure. He'd be gentle and through, although wouldn't touch inappropriately of course. "Yes. I asked for help and you did help. But you got hurt. and I want to repay you for that." Q shakes his head a little and looks at Serena. "Not everyone would of been willing to come, Serena.."
Serena Was that an actual blush? She didn't expect him to actually check her. But she just shrugged it off. Exhaling she would put her arms down then stared at him. "I don't know how then. I've never helped anyone before."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly, stepping back again and taking small ntoe of the blush. He'd shrug a little and smiles to Serena. "Well.. Is there some way I can pay you? Is there a favor you'd like? Or something?"
Serena Staring at him she'd seem to be in thought then nodded. "A boy." That was all she said then. " my age. I want to see what this kiss thing is all about. I keep hearing women squeal about it."
Qwillis     Qwillis blinks, raising both brows as he'd watch Serena for a moment. "A.. boy. So.. you're asking for a kiss then, a real one, Serena?" He'd fold his arms across his chest, studying her. "You do realize.. I'm the same age as you?"
Serena She'd just nod. "Yes. I never had one. I figured if you built me a little robot thing I can try it on and then you can get ride of it." Blinking then Serena would stare at him. "You are? I thought you were older. That makes you a man not a boy. And so what?"
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, studying Serena. Shrugging a little, he'd drop his arms to step up close to her. His arms would go to slip about her as he'd pull her close and if she doesn't fight him, Q would kiss her. A nice, through kiss. He wouldn't push it too far. But she'd definitely know what a kiss is once it finally breaks.
Serena Blinking she would then go wide eyed as she felt him pulling her to him. As she felt his lips on hers the poor girl just stood there. She had no clue what to do....and she was embarrassed. When he pulled back her face was beet red. A hand would go to her cheek and she frowned slightly. "Why is my face hot? Did you make me sick?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles and shakes his head a little. "Standard biological response to feeling of embarassment, among other sensations. It's normal and you are quite alright, Serena. As requested, that was a kiss. Although yu did not kiss back. But as you mentioned, you have not had one before, it is not that surprising. Do you wish me to try again so you can engage in it as well?"
Serena "Is that what you're supposed to do? Is reciprocate?" Furrowing her brows she would nod then as she took a stance as if she was about to go into battle. "Let's do this...."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response to Serena. "Yes. That is what tends to happen when you are actively engaged in a kiss with someone. This can lead to the sense of arousal, which is a precursor to sexual interaction. Or can be. It's not always required of course." He'd watch her, smile a little and nods. "Ok. Again then." Stepping close to her once more, he'd hug her again and kiss her just like that first time. Not lightly, but also not pushing too far.
Serena She'd sigh and just wait as he kissed her. Of course her eyes were open the whole time as she looked over his face. Those dark brows would furrow again as she then slowly kissed him back, pressing her lips gently against his.
Qwillis     Qwillis would hold that kiss a little longer with her, sky blues watching her own as he'd make sure it was a good through kiss, especially when she'd finally respond to it. After a moment, he'd break that kiss, nodding a little as he'd watch her. "Do you understand a bit more now, Serena?"
Serena She'd exhale softly then nodded as she put a hand to her torso and nodded. "I get it. Just....weird...." Serena seemed to be deep in thought before stepping back a bit. "Maybe one day it'll happen again. Practice makes perfect right?" OH dear. "Do you just ask for a kiss or just do it?"
Qwillis     Qwillis would back up as she'd nod, smiling her way. He'd move back over to that table. "Maybe. Usually that sort of kiss is reserved for a man and woman who are interested in each other. As I mentioned, it tends to lead to the arousal state and from there sexual interaction. While I do find you attractive, Serena, I would not seek to think that you would wish such with me, without your expressed intent." Shaking his head a little, he'd chuckle. "As for the asking part. If in a relationship with a guy, it is implied you can just do. Otherwise, it is appropriate to ask. As far as I know."
Serena Serena just stared at him before nodding. "Oh you mean having sex!" Looking in her pockets she would then pull out a folded up magazine thing. was a porno. "I found this. I've never done this but my aunt told me not to do this ever. But I'm not a kid anymore. I'm sure this will come up eventually right? She never explained it to me so I started reading this."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response, raises a brow and looks at the porno. "I see. So you have zero experience in any of the standard interactions between the genders then?" He'd muse, then shakes his head a little. "I would not seek to presume that you want my assistance on that, Serena. However, I can offer it if you wish. I.. have not really done the full intercourse. But I've studied the science and methods behind it. As well as been sort of close to someone."
Serena She would nod a bit then smiled. "Nope. All I've ever known what my mom, dad, and aunt. I don't know where they are and my aunt is dead." Serena was rather matter of fact about it. "I'm 22 and never kissed a man until now. I don't know why sex is such a big deal.'s supposed to be between two people that care?" Those blue eyes stared at him then nodded. "Is it something that friends do? You need to be attracted to that friend?"
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, then nods a little. "I am sorry for your loss, Serena. I grew up in Shanty town.. so I've seen what I've seen and touched a little. I've also kissed a girl. Then I lost my arm and leg and most people would hate me for the technology I made in replacement.. or pity me. But no one would be attracted to me." He'd muse a moment, tilting his head to the side. "I do believe that is the statement of 'friends with benefits' comes from. Friends who engage in sexual activity, without necessarily being in a relationship. As for sex itself, I do believe it is due to the pleasure generated that makes it a big deal." Q smiles a little then. "And while I am attracted to you, Serena, it does help. Otherwise an aroused state is harder to reach and maintain."
Serena "Oh it's fine. She had it coming to her." As she finished looking at that magazine she would mover her hands to her shirt and started to unbutton it. "I think you're attractive. I know what's not pretty or pretty. I've seen men before." She just kept going like it wasn't a big deal. "Let's do it then. I think it might be interesting. Better to do it with a friend right than a stranger?"
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses as Serena starts to.. undress? He'd study her for a moment, then shakes his head a little to snap out of it and starts moving over to her. "Serena. I.. are you sure? Your first time is special for any female. While I would do my best to make it special.. I admit that I don't wish to fail you in that... You do have my curiousity peaked, but I want to know you are certain in this choice."
Serena Coming to a halt she would look around then back at him. "'re probably right." Buttoning her shirt back up she'd hum softly and looked to him. "We're in a lab. That's not right, right?" Shrugging she'd pick that magazine up and shoved it back where it came from. "Maybe not right now. And I don't know what will happen either."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses. Did.. he just stop something he shouldn't have? It's only a moment's contemplation before he'd smile a little to Serena. "Well, the lab is probably safer. However, having a bed would be more.. appropriate. So I am working on getting a residential area set up. I will make sure to have a fire proofed section and we can follow up on this at that time?"