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Lynnette Sitting at the bar was Lyn in her dress. Just because she was on death's door doesn't mean she has to look like it. Wearing that dress she would be posted up on the counter but that one leg exposed by the split in her dress was wrapped up at the thigh. Behind the bar was Chuck because....she was in no condition to be slinging anything.
Iris Lark Iris Lark steps into the bar, and a few steps behind her comes a shaggy dappled wolf. She spots Lynnette at the bar and changes directions, walking up to take a seat on a stool beside her. "Hey, I heard what happened, how are you holding up?" She asks, shifting and crossing her legs. The wolf moves close to where Iris is sitting and plops down on its haunches, tongue lolling out of its open mouth.
Lowry Lowry comes striding through the doors now, boots clanking on the floor. His riding leathers are full of dust and he looks unshaven. His shoulder is wrapped in a sling but he doesn't seem to let it slow him down.        

He approaches the bar now flipping some caps on the bar and nodding to Chuck, "Whiskey." He says bluntly before turning to Lynette. "See you made it." He looks her over and adds, "You werent' lookin' to good. little lady." He eyes the wolf now and tips his hat to Iris. "Lowry." He says by way of greeting.
Alpha     Alpha, for his part, came in a bit after Lowry. That duster would snap in the breeze behind him as he'd make his way in, nodding lightly to a few of the guys, a grin flashed at Lyn and he'd nod respectfully to Iris and Lowry both. Posting up at the bar, those caps were set down too. "Beer." Chuck knew this drill by now.
Lynnette Lyn would look to Iris and smiled brightly. " was....scary. But I'm good." Taking a deep breath she'w wince slightly but gave the woman a hug. As she looked to Lowry she'd chuckle. " was rough. But I'm still here kicking. Beat up but better....." Chuck would't wast time giving Lowry what he needed before following up with Alpha. Sighing she'd wave to Alpha wth a smile. "You need to drink something else."
Iris Lark Iris leans in to reutrn Lyn's hug and she eyes her critically, biting her bottom lip a bit as she watches the woman wince. "I only heard that you were hurt, but no details." She goes quiet for a moment, smiling at Chuck and ordering a water. "Anyone need killing?" She asks, resting her cheek on her palm. When Lowry and Alpha make their way in, she offers both a polite smile and an upnod hello.
Lowry Lowry nods when chuck hands it to him and takes the glass staraight down. "Another." He says quietley before turning to Lyn. "Erll I 'm a' glad to hear it. They ever find them mercs?" With Alpha's appeareance he nods again, "Been seein' alot o' you lately sheriff. All goes well I hope?"
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Lyn, shaking hsi head. "Why would I wanna do that? Ya got good beer here." Chuckling, he'd give an upnod to Lowry, then nods to Iris. "I got a lead on em. But no final details.. yet. Ifn ya'll wanna help though.. It's appreciated and I'll let ya know soon as I find where they're bunked at, yah?" He'd shake his head a little. "I dun plan on letting them do that crap again.."
Lynnette Lyn would chuckle a bit as she looked to Iris. "Two Enclave mercs found me after I left your house. One plugged me in the chest...the other in the thigh..." Looking to Alpha she'd give him a warm smile before playfully holding her hand out to him. Looking to Lowry she'd shake her head. "No not yet.....speaking of...." She'd look to Alpha and nodded. "I need to talk to you when you get off patrol."
Iris Lark Iris nods slowly to Lynnette and she lets out a soft sigh. "Well, if there is anything I can do to help, in any way. I hope you'll let me know." She glanecs at Alpha briefly when she says that, nodding in his direction. The wolf gets to its feet and its tail wags slowly back and forth. "If you want me to take a look at your wounds at some point, just..I'm around, you know?"
Lowry          Lowry shoots down the next shot. He's head bobbing to the sheriffs words. "I'm in. If'n I got tha' time." He shrugs now, "Damn. Somewhere to be. " Tipping his hat he says, "Ladies." And with that he quickly moves out the door as if he'd somewhere to be and just realized.
Lowry From outside you hear the man jump on his horse, "EEEYYAHH" And the hooves trample the ground getting fainter and fainter as a bit of dust seeps in through the door.
Alpha     Alpha nods to Lowry as he'd depart, then looks to Iris with that smile. "Thank ya much, Iris. I try ta be fairly self sufficent.. I can handle most of what I run inta patrollin and crap.. But I'll keep ya in mind fer anything serious." He'd nod to Lyn then. "Like what happen with her.." Taking a drink of his beer, he'd smile her way then. "Hmm? Sure thing Lyn.. I'll catch ya when I finish the rounds."
Lynnette Waving to Lowry as he left she'd then look at her water and took a sip. Smiling over at Iris she would nod the. "I will. Akane......actually got to me quick when I first got found in here. But I do need you to look at this leg." Sighing she'd shake her head. "Just doesn't make sense why they shot me and left me for dead out there. I mean....why?"
Iris Lark "Could have been laziness, could have been that they thought you weren't as strong as you are." Iris remarks, a frown on her face as she gazes at Lyn. "Whatever prompted them to walk away, I'm happy for it. It would be very bad for them if they would have managed what they started." She reaches out and takes a drink of her water as well. The wolf pads over to Alpha and gingerly sniffs in his direction. Without turning to look at the wolf Iris speaks a quiet word, in Latin, and the wolf slowly makes its way back to her to sit again. "Until you're up and about, I'll bring you by things to eat."
Alpha     Alpha nods slightly. THe wolf is offered the back of his hand to sniff, to know his scent, but he wouldn't try anything else when Iris called the wolf down. "I've been tendin ta her too.. Part of why she's up here is goin stir crazy.. so ya comin ta help ain't minded at all." He'd chuckle softly, shaking his head a little. "They screwed up.. they just woulda been a lot worst off ifn they had finished it.. 'cause I wouldn't of had somethin worth comin back to.." He'd muse and drink more of his beer, those last words said more drifting off than normal.
Lynnette "Bad for them?! Bad for me because I'd be dead!" Laughing she would lean on the counter. "A ghoul found me and dragged me back here. It went and got Akane and of course the busiest day I had was when I was nearly dead....." Lyn just shook her head then as she sighed. "And thank you, Iris. I mean it. I still owe you that party. I was going to start planning it but..." Motioning to her leg and chest she would nod. "....seems it's on hold." Casting her eyes over to Alpha she'd frown a bit at those words, parting her lips to say something but nodded. "....I'm fine, right? No need to worry about that." Lyn then looked to Iris and finally raised her brow. " the way....Iris.....why do you have a wolf....?"
Iris Lark "I'm glad someone found you and brought you back here. Don't worry about a party, I want you to be well." Iris reaches out and gently pats her hand on Lyn's, smiling at her before she takes another drink of her water. Iris blinks at Lyn and then glances at Dusk before she looks back at Lyn again. "This is a puppy, his name is Dusk. I've been training him since he followed me home."
Lowry      The trample of a horse is heard again this time growing in sound until, "WHOOAAA!!" is heard. After a few moments presumably to tie the animal down, the clank of spurs preempts the sound of the door opening again. Muttering one would hear, "Son'o'bitch bastard." Shaking his head Lowry strides up to the bar and sets his hat down. "A double." He says throwing some caps down. He turns to the others and nods, "Some people. If it weren't for the non refundable down payment I might feel a little more like there were cactus in my sack."
Alpha     Alpha finishes off his beer, smirks at Lowry, then would nod to Iris and Lyn. "We'll talk." Is tossed to Lyn before he'd start for the door. "Time ta finish the patrol.. See ya folks."
Lynnette Lyn would nod to Alpha and blew him a kiss. "See ya, Sheriff...." Chuckling she would blink as she saw Lowry was back. Wiggling her fingers she would then look to Iris. "Oh it's a puppy alright...a wolf pup...." That brow would raise. "What if the mom comes looking?"
Iris Lark "It's been a few weeks already, so if mom was going to come looking, she would have." Iris replies, shrugging a shoulder as she grins at Lynnette. "It hasn't been an issue yet, and I don't anticipate one." She glances at the door when Lowry comes back in, nodding to him once more, before she turns back to the bar. She reaches out to grab her water and takes another drink. "If you want, he can sit here and keep an eye on you." She says, half joking.
     Thump. Thump. Thump. Click.... Power armor noises. Yay. And then, Akane walked into the bar. She had her hair up in some kind of braided bun and she was wearing a cut off t-shirt and a pair of shorts that were closer to hotpants. By the flush on her skin she looked like she just ran a marathon. Over one shoulder was a backpack and she had boots on. Her side was discolored by a dark bruise over her ribs and there were plenty of scars all over but she didn't seem to notice. She looked around and then headed toward Lynn.