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Owner Pose
Iris Lark The sun starts its steady decline towards the horizon and people are heading home or making plans to do so. Not so in the Acme General Store. Inside sits Iris Lark, and at the moment? She is cleaning a rather large shotgun, and she seems to be doing it with capable hands. She hums to herself as she works, and the last of the people in the store start to head out, offering the red-haired healer a polite goodbye. The front and rear door of the store are wide open, allowing a breeze to sneak through.
Lowry The sound of horse approaching announces itself with the heavy steps of the hooves. Lowry descends and sneaks into the front door along with the breeze. His grizzled features along with his leathers and denim are filled with dust and a toothpick dangles from his mouth. He makes his way around picking up this and that and examining it. Finally he ends up near the woman with the shotgun and says, "Winchester. Nice model. Just lost my ole' pump action in a poker game. Was looking to upgrade anyways. May I?" He offers a ver subtle grin and awaits her answer.
Iris Lark Iris blinks up at Lowry, and she slightly tilts her head to the side. She finishes cleaning it, not taking more than a minute or so before she holds out the shotgun, hands steady. "I don't really use firearms, I'm more of a plasma girl myself." She says, slipping to her feet to put the rag she was using away. She keeps an eye on Lowry as she makes her way towards the cooler, pulling out a bottle of water and taking a sip. She peeks outside on her way back to the stool and smiles. "Nice horse that you have out there."
Lowry He takes if from her carefully and looks it over. He cracks it and examines the bore and checking to see it's loaded or not, on general principle. Snapping it back closed he whips it up quickly in a safe direction, testing the weight and checking the sights. "Plasma..Ehh, not sa' much my thing. Grew up on gunpowder ma'self. He offers it back to her now. "So's I assume you'd be willing to part with it then?
Iris Lark "Yes it is for sale, fifty caps." Iris replies, taking the shotgun back and placing it on the counter in front of her. She eyes him for another few moments and then she folds her arms over her chest. "Are you new in town, then?" She asks, taking another drink of her water.
Lowry          He nods and squints. "Ehh, I'm na' mood fer' haggling." He fishes out t he appropriate amount and lays them out on the counter so they can be counted. "I am." He replies with a smile. "Been driftin' awhile. Figured it was time to settle down....for a bit. Thanks on the compliments on the horse by the way. He can be down right ornery though. His name's Dismay." He smiles a little now looking the woman over. "Got any ammo to throw in with it?" He inquires.
Iris Lark "Pleasure to meet you then, welcome to El Dorado or well..Acme." Iris replies, a polite smile on her features as she sets out some of the ammo that was unloaded from the shotgun while she was cleaning it. "Well Dismay is rather handsome." She flushes pink. "I don't have any additional ammo other that what was in it, but they're not terribly expensive as far as I know."
Lowry "Ehh, No worries." He picks it up again slightly admiring it for a moment before setting it back down. He squints now and rolls the toothpick around in his mouth and asks, "Didn't I see ya' before in the saloon?" He sticks a thumb in his belt and relaxes his stance a little while he awaits her answer.
Iris Lark "Briefly yes, but I hadn't caught your name. Still haven't" Iris reminds him, grinning. She holds a hand out to shake. "My name is Iris Lark, I'm a medic."
Lowry Shaking his head he removes hat and would take her hand to offer a little kiss if she allowed, you know, all gentelmenley like. "Apologies, Ma'am. My ma' would smack the taste out ma' mouth if she knew I'd been so rude. Lowry Mccormick." He smiles and adds, "A medic and a shopkeeper? You stay busy I take it."
Iris Lark Iris giggles happily and shakes her head. "It happens, but it's nice to meet you Mister Mccormick." She nods and shrugs a shoulder as she lets out a soft chuckle. "I do stay very busy. I also work for the Lone Star Caravans, hear of it?"
Lowry      "Tha' pleasures mine, I assure ya'." He smiles and replaces his hat. "Lonestar? No kiddin' I met with a man named...Mark?" He doesn't sound to sure. "Hired me as a guard. I look forward to working with you. Seems a medic and a gunhand are always needed." He offers with a wink.
Iris Lark "Matt." Iris replies, leaning on the counter as she eyes Lowry. "I'm also a fair shot as well, I've had a lot of practice." She pulls out her own Winchester, laying it across the counter so that the man can see it. "I don't use this very often, but this is my 'I'm serious' rifle." She flushes pink and then she grins at the man across from her. "What did you think of Matt?"
Lowry      "Matt, Matt. " He nods. "Got it." When she pulls the plasma out he shakes his head in moderate approval. "Always been a fan of Winchester in all forms." He chuckles at the 'im serious' comment and adds, "He seemed like an alright sort. Straight shooter. Understaffed. If the caps are right I'll stick around."
Iris Lark "The company is good, and I'm sure the caps will be as well." Iris remarks, slinging the rifle over her shoulder. She folds her hands and places them in her lap. "If you ever need first aid and the like, be sure to look me up, if I can help you - I certainly will."