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Carter Griffin The crew has been on a patrol for about two hours now without so much as a radroach threatening them. They're loaded down with weapons and gear and yet none of them have shot at a single thing. Carter is, at the moment, up front, shotgun in his hands, as he looks around, "Patrol route is almost finished. Looks like we may be in the clear, but stay sharp."
Lua      Lua had her long golden hair up in a tight braided formation and her new roman armor looked shiny and new. She had followed the patrol route quietly but attentively. She did not carry a gun, but rather a sword. Carter's words that they should be in the clear got a single nod from her and she continued looking around, alert green eyes scanning the areas to their flanks.
Vera Vera has been moving along, casually looking around as they went...yes, nothing happening..thats quite the usual for her....but thats not bad either. "Never know whats around the next bend though...could be an army up ahead waiting for us..and they got sharks, with lasers mounted on there heads..."
Ashur The Legionnaire is not technically associated with the El Dorado militia or any of its related security-minded groups; nevertheless, he finds himself on intermittent occassion in the company of those who are.

This is one such day. Armored like a tank as he is, the slope-shouldered bull clangs and crashes with every step, breathing loud through the hose-connected filter of his helmet's rebreather. His cloak drags out heavy behind him, wiping away the group's footprints as he brings up the rear. That white wool goes on for miles.

"What is a shark?"
Carter Griffin It's easy to see on the distance. It's a bright green glow, and it's getting brighter with each passing moment. Then it becomes clear to the crew on the patrol, as the glow mounts over a hill. It's a group of ghouls...Not just normal ghouls, glowing ones. A half dozen of them, all in one group, running at full speed towards the patrol, and more importantly, the farm they're protecting.

"Contact left, everybody get ready!" Carter yells out, as he moves to shift his position and bring up his weapon towards the rapidly approaching ghouls. The rest of the team should be able to get set up.
Vera Vera hmms, "Well, now this is interesting...though you know what..I think I would prefered the sharks....."
     Lua tilted her head faintly at Vera's comment about the military possibly being ahead and then some fantasy about sharks and lasers... She didn't think heavily on it, really. But Ashur's question brought her attention back to it. She seemed to consider for a long moment.
     "Sharks are giant fish with huge sharp teeth, My Lord." She considered again and paused to look at the Legionnaire. "I saw a picture in a really old book once. They eat people. So I am not sure why they would be in the desert. But perhaps they have been genetically or cybernetically modified if the Brotherhood or Enclave are using them in combat." She looked and sounded entirely serious too. Carter's waring got her attention, though and she frowned, drawing her sword....
Ashur "Fish cannot breathe when you take them out of the water," Ashur remarks, after thinking on it for a long moment. "We will not meet any sharks on this patrol. Perhaps the lake has them." He crunches dry grass and shrub beneath a plated jackboot.

Carter calls out the alert and the brute turns, arms wide and upraised as he walks toward the group, away from his companions. "There won't be a heart left beating."
Ashur A one-man stampede, the enormous Ashur barrels into the crowd of glowing ghouls, smashing one to the ground with an overhand blow. The impact kicks up a cloud of dust and shakes the earth, the punch of the power fist's pistons a thundercrack, and then the whole crowd of them begin to swarm him. Their strength is insufficient to pierce the thick steel of his armor -- but the radiation that leaks from them in such heavy concentrations transmits right through it, each loving caress of their claws and teeth sickening the brute and hitting him with waves of nausea and weakness. He's buried beneath a green-glowing shell of writhing, many-limbed flesh.
Vera Vera watches Ashur head straight into the mass of glowing, "Does he always do that?..just run right into the enemy?" As she taps her trigger several times, sending shots down the line..."I mean, really?"
     Lua peered at Vera and shrugged. "I don't know. I have only just entered his service. I saw him in battle once before and that as against the Spider machine." She flipped her sword then and flashed a smile at Vera.. before running full tilt into the battle as well.
     Lua took a swing with her broadsword and missed. And then, as one of the glowing ones took a claw swipe at Ashur it found the flat of Lua's blade stopping it. She bared her teeth at it and shoved it back.
Carter Griffin As the glowing ones swarm in, Ashur jumps into the fray before they get close. Of course a power armor clad combatant rushing in gets the ghouls to focus on him, as all of the glowing ones turn their attention to the power armor. Claws and teeth and a constant dose of radiation follow, as Ashur fights back against them.

When the others move in, the glowing ones begin to turn their attention away from Ashur, including Lua managing to stop one of the strikes against the power armor with her blade, though gaining the ire of that glowing one in the process.

Carter is unlucky in his shots, the new shotgun he found not really something he's used to yet, his shots going into the ground. He smacks the thing with a palm, "C'mon you fucking high tech peice of shit. Lets go!"
Vera Vera ducks and dives, as a couple of the things leave the pack and head in her direction..."Aww, come couldn't have stayed over there...." as she continues to fire her carbine at the things..."Look, go get the big one..he likes it."
Ashur The weight of the ghouls bears down on the Legionnaire's back; their snarls, the snap of their jaw and their claws scratching at the metal, overwhelm his ears. And all the while, that radiation, sickening him and blighting his flesh -- distracting him enough that he almost misses Lua step toward danger in an effort to protect him.

Some part of him appreciates the gesture.

Another part is intensely humiliated, and that part snaps, the brute shoving her aside with a swing of that arm.

"Don't get in my way," he snarls, hunching over; the latches on the back of his armor snap open with a sudden strain of metal and he falls back out of it, slipping through the massive cloak. He stumbles back, barefoot, as the ghouls swarm him once more, going down --

And when he rises up, his roar is leonine, body all grotesque: red flesh, blue veins, bulging and pulsing, muscles swollen like boulders on an uneven and mishapen form, back hunched forward by an enormous lump. Even that power armor looks like a child next to the behemoth supermutant's new figure.

He raises his hand and presses down on one of the ghouls, crushing it with a spray of gore into a pancake leaking blood from every orifice. Another? He swats it, casually knocking it down.
Vera Vera continues to move on her feet, as she brings the carbine around and around...firing at the things..."Least the glowing makes them nice targets, even during the day they still glow...I wonder, since they can't die..if we put them all in a tower, would it be like a light house.."
     Lua was unprepared for Ashur's anger and when he shoved her, she ended up closer to one of the other ghouls. It eyed her, she growled at it. The anger from Ashur, however, caught enough of her attention that she cast him a glance.
     And could not believe her eyes. The man she recognized as the prince she was sworn to... was suddenly red.. and huge... a super mutant.... Green eyes went wide. But she did not have time to stare. She turned, footwork impressive, taking a swing at one of the ghouls, missing, and following that up with another punch. This one connected and bones cracked under the power of her fist.
Carter Griffin The ghouls are getting overwhelmed, but they don't seem to notice this, because they're ghouls. Ashur tears into the one he charged into, ripping it to peices even as others continue to jump on him. The armor seems to be drawing their ire.

Once again Vera tears into one with a burst of fire, it looks like it's on its last legs, as she just blew an arm clean off.

Carter manages to tear into two of them with three shots from his shotgun. Finally his new weapon seems to be showing what it can do. He's advancing on one of the ghouls with the weapon as he fires his shots.

Lua's blow strikes clean into the torso of the ghoul, and it seems to pause for a moment to think about the fact that she just punched it, despite all the chaos going on around them. It may be a chance to take it down.
Vera Vera watches this glowing thing just keep coming at her...."wow, its like a little lost puppy." It makes a swing at her and she rolls to the side at the last minute...."I don't like the touchy feel type, sorry..." as she continues to fire at the thing..."Try again...and you'll never win." As the shot slams into the side of the ghoul, sending it to the ground...
Ashur The massive, naked supermutant (save for his gigantic cloak) roars, his modesty preserved by the fact he's as smooth as a Ken doll. As he rages to and fro, each step quaking the earth, smashing whatever gets close to him, he notices one of the ghouls wisely bolt off and make way toward Lua instead.

Does the beast recognize the Roman girl? Is there some sentiment that lingers in his twistedblack heart?

Maybe. Or maybe it's sheer blind fury that sees the big ten-foot lug hurl himself like a linebacker forward, leaving one ghoul in the dust as he imposes himself between Lua and her attacker. "I'll kill you so hard you wish you were dead!" he bellows, one arm near as thick at the shoulder as Lua is tall swinging down with a bone-shattering crack.
Carter Griffin The ghouls are going down fast. The fact that they can't really seem to do any kind of permenent damage to Ashur makes them veer off and try to get at some of the people they can damage. They turn to Vera but she's too fast for them. Ashur yet again tears apart more of the glowing ones, hitting one of them so hard that it literally explodes, splattering ghoul goo all over the rampaging berserker.

Carter blasts two of them yet again, doing a ton of damage but not being able to finish them off just yet. One more go should do it. Over half of the ghouls are dead, and the remaining ones are, quite literally in some cases, on their last legs.
     Lua swung her fists twice more and each time the ghouls were faster than her. She growled faintly.... It was enough that she didn't see the ghoul coming at her from behind. And suddenly there was Ashur-mutant between her and the thing, back to back with her. She spun, eyes wide as he growled at it that he would kill it. She backed up then, putting distance between Ashur and the ghouls and her. She was watching the giant more than the ghouls anyway at this point...
Vera Vera watches as all the ghouls seem to be coming at her..."Come on boys, my dance card is already full..." as she ducks and dives at all the attention..."Back, I say..back!" and she fires her carbine a couple times to drive the issue home...
Carter Griffin The team, which mostly means Vera and Ashur, bring low the last couple of ghouls. Vera's fire is accurate to a point, both ghouls going down in a heap on top of each other. Before she can kill the last one, however, Ashur punches it into a low orbit. Maybe it'll crash into the Enclave's nuclear missile satelite.

"Well, that was...Something." Carter says, as he looks over the aftermath, "Glad you all are on my side. C'mon, lets head back."
Vera Vera rests her carbine on her shoulder. "Never a dull moment, is there..." She looks at the bodies a moment, "Right...someone else can clean this up."
Ashur The mutant Ashur, this time, did not lose control of himself completely; when the conflict ends, he stomps about, roaring and pulping the corpses until his red knuckles are slick with their blood and bone and his bare feet are slick in their pools of fluids. Stomp, roar, a pound of the chest, picking a corpse up and smacking it into the ground until the legs snap, then crushing them like he's making wine from grapes.

When it is done, and all is painted grotesque, he squats down, breathes, and shrinks, becoming an unconscious and naked man in a pile of organ-meat and torn flesh.
     Lua watched Ashur's display.... from a distance. But when all was said and done and he was out cold she moved over to lift him and move him away from the blood and gore. Then she used her own cloak to cover him. Next, she took up a guard position. She wasn't going to leave him there alone.