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B June. The weather is hot and sticky but thankfully the sun is on it's way down, bringing with it that unberable heat. The girls are inside, with A who doesn't technically live with them, but does watch the girls when B's running errands.

Flicking the reigns, B turns to drive Copper up the path to the house. Her gaze flits around, looking for trouble in the most unlikely of places because .. you never know. She's enough bullet holes to know Things Happen. That's precisely why she's dressed head to toe in armor. Not the power kind .. that's still in the makeshift barn under a tarp .. but the regular kind with her trusty hellforged rifle strapped to her back. Can't forget to include that when mentioning her outfit, now can we.

The back of the cart is empty now that she's made the last of her deliveries for the day. She pulls the cart up to the side of the house, hops down from it, and starts to unhitch the horse, humming a little to herself.
Derk Hot and sticky, such as June is, the month and not something else! It's a hot summer and it's only promising to get hotter as the days progress. Derk's in the field, not working on the farm, because that would be too cliche, no, he's busy practicing his shooting with a BB-gun on old tin-cans on a crate. It's not a huge distance, but it's enough that he's got to actually sight it for a bit to make sure that the cans are hit nearly every time. Relaxing into the shots he turns his head as he notes the column arriving at the gate. Putting the gun up, he waits at the edge of the path for B to arrive.

Copper's flank gets a good rub and pat, "She sure does make things a lot easier around here, doesn't she?" Derk asks of B, though it's quite possible that he's talking to the mare as well. A pause, a look towards B and then he lets the mare and the cart pass by a little further so that he can wait B's side for her to hop down, though he'll offer his hands to help her should she want it.
B B will accept the hand. There's no real point in not accepting it. Plus then he might notice her grimace if she jumped down. Those darn mists might not have left any marks, but she's still not up to par.

Grinning up at Derk, she says, "There you are. Was looking for you earlier. Went to Jack's Town to set up a distribution agreement with Lynnette. Got that all worked out but .. she's looking a little rough around the edges .. particularily around the bloodstained bandage on her leg. Told her to keep an eye out for you. Didn't see you when I got back to get the jugs of shine, or I'd have taken you along with me."

She brushes the reminants of her travel from her arms and legs as she continues. "Looks like you were doing some target practice. We should teach Clara how to use that thing, as much as I'd like to protect her from it, it's high time, don't you agree?"
Derk Noting the grimace, Derk gives her hand a firm, yet reassuring squeeze as he help her down, looking into her eyes and stopping once she finds her footing upon the earth. There's a nod from the man as he listens to her story, then adds, "Yeah, I was out on a militia house call. A few folks managed to get lost in 'lurk territory and needed some patching before they were able to make it back on their own accord." A pause and then he gives her that tilt of his head and questioning glance, letting her know that she's not really hid it all from him and he knows there's something bothering her. "You gonna tell me what injury you got going on, or what's niggling you before we talk about Clara?" He asks, then chuckles, "Well tell me anyways, but yes, I agree with you about Clara, she should learn how to. We've got enough spare guns around here that it does seem ridiculous not to leave her with some method to keep herself safe."

Another pause and then he leans down and places a kiss on her cheek, right near her mouth, but not quite. "Good to see you as well," a small smile, but then he'll help deal with Copper and the cart.
B B didn't grimace! Did she? Crap .. why is it that he's so perceptive? Pulling her goggles down, she looks up at him properly this time and wrinkles her nose. "You'd know it if I stubbed my toe, wouldn't you?" She grins ruefully, accepting the kiss and returning it with one of her own, delivered on tiptoes. Then off comes the helmet so she can rake her fingers through her hair. This gets dumped in the cart for now. "I'm not really sure what's wrong, to be honest. I just don't feel myself. Every now and again I take a step and I get a twinge of pain. Other times it's in my arm. It's not really consistent. Maybe I'm just getting old?" She works on unhitching the horse while she talke.
Derk "Well I'd probably know a few things... we've been around each other for a while now, though if you'd rather I strip search you to see if I can find out whatever it is that is worrying you, as well as making sure that you're needs are being met, I can do that too?" Derk offers, giving her a grin with a soft laugh. A shake of his head as her final words wipe the smirk off his face, "And it comes with nightmares and all sorts of symptoms. It's Dunwich. I've had that feeling more than once, we were working on a way to deal with it at the clinic. Took some time to pinpoint it, but we think we've got something that works pretty much every time." A pause as he looks her over, "You noticed it the last time you were in Dunwich, didn't you?" This asked, he reaches out a hand to rub fins fingers along the back of her neck and into the base of her hair, drawing her close.

"You need to tell me next time you head there... it's so common that people are thinking it's normal around these parts, but it ain't... and it don't go away on its own."
B The petite raven-haired woman presses her lips together in a small moue. "You think that's what it is? And here you had my hopes up with this talk of a strip search." Her grin sort of fades when he begins to work on her neck. Her eyes close and she lets out a small sound as her neck and shoulders start to relax.

"That feels better," she says, "Hopefully it will last. And I plan on heading there not tomorrow but the next day. Maybe after that. I don't know why, but I feel a little strange if I don't go there every so often. Just want to check up on things. I don't go far into the mists. You never know what you'll see. Did I tell you the last time I went I saw myself there? Shot myself dead. That's .. hard to process."
Derk "Who said anything about /not/ doing the strip search?" Derk replies, "That's still on the table, or on the bed, or wherever, you know, the kids are all inside, I'm sure we can find a reason to stay out here for a while," Derk adds, his hand dropping to the top of her armor to worry the skin and tense muscles there.

"It's not a safe place to go to regularly, that's for certain.. I don't like you going there alone either... something about the place ain't right. And I mean I don't believe in ghosts, and there's probably some sort of medical reason that explains everything there, but I don't like it and I really wish you'd reconsider." Derk offers, stepping alongisde her, his overalls showing signs of sweat under the arms and around the collar. "So.. you shot yourself... that doesn't seem right, or does it to you?"
B B wakes from her reverie, drawn back from a sea of relaxation to the real world by the thread of his voice. "Hunh? Oh, well it wasn't my pysical body," she says, starting to unbuckle her chestpiece. Probably wise to wear it all around the house, but she shouldn't need it here and her shirt is starting to stick to her. "Like I actually saw myself .. like a mirror image of myself but it acted on it's own and winked at me. Put it's finger up to it's lips like this. Like it wanted me not to tell anyone. That was when Qwillis led a group there to see if he could get a sample of the mist to study. Didn't work out so well."

She sighs at that before turning to look back up to him. "And .. out here? Well, it's certainly warm enough out here. Did'ja see the hose that Q hooked up for us? Need to haul a tub out here and we can have baths.. maybe even together," says she with a raised brow.
Derk Derk gives the woman a look as she explains things and he casually takes her armor from her as she starts working it free, adding it to the small pile that's growing on the bench of the cart. Once the last of her armor is there, and she's just got her shirt and whatever she's wearing on her legs to go, he reaches forward and starts to work her shirt off before stopping with a laugh, "Whoops, I guess that was the last of your armor..." trailing off he gives her a wink, "Though hmmm, mists that wink and tell secrets... dangerous. Has anyone actually explored that place to its fullest, or does anyone actually know the history of that place?"

Derk seems a bit concerned, though he perks up at the idea of the bath, "I'd been told of the hose, but have yet to use it, and drawing a bath out here large enough for the both of us... that would be all heaps of interesting, wouldn't it?" he gives her a grin and her raised brow, then looks back down the path. "Well, spose we should do something though... shouldn't we? I could go get my kit..." a pause and a shrug, he's trying to be polite.
B B has finally taken to wearing pants. Doesn't make much sense to wear leg guards under it. Just makes her look silly. So .. yeah. Pants. And a shirt. Can't forget the apron. It's one of those half kinds that ties at the waist. She laughs as he starts to draw up her shirt too. "Well, I've seen one of those old claw foot tubs down in Dunwich. Maybe you'll go with me to fetch it? I wonder if Copper will be freaked out? She's so mild mannered, I'm not sure if she would or not. Might have to bring some extra snacks to bribe her with. Mmn. But yes .. a bath. Can't do that tonight, but .. there's always the lake. A's watching the girls so there's no real rush in getting back. Unless you had something else in mind?"
Derk "More Duniwch, though dragging it out of there, chances are it may come alive, turn all the water to blood. Who knows, but I'm sure we can find a tub," Derk adds, then laughs as she makes reference to the lake, "Alright, may'e we'll head to the lake, and I've got nothing else in mind. "Last one in scrubs the other first?" He asks then starts to run towards the lake, though it's a lazy stride at first, giving her a chance to catch up, should she want to run as well. Though as he runs, he starts to undo his overalls to the point that she'll see his bare back as the arms are slipped free and start to flap in the wind behind him.

He'll race towards the lake, picking up his pace if she starts to gain on him, though it's possible that she's in better shape and may even pass him by the time they get to the lake. The thing is, that he plans to be naked by the time his skin hits the water.
B Well, that's hardly fair. He's taller than her! B laughs and almost catches up to him before he's off again, for real this time. But then, she's not splitting her attention with stipping down as she runs. Though it's a silly thing, she plans to try her best to get there before him -then- strip. After all, there could be a bunch of Brotherhood on the hill again, or something equally out of place. Of course, she'll regret not brining her armour, but such is life.

Still laughing, her boots trample over rocks and dirt by the water's edge. Out of breath, she doubles over to catch it before looking around. "Did I win?" she wonders, searching to see where Derk, naked or not, ended up.
Derk Derk swats her backside as he streaks past her naked, diving into the water with a splash. He surfaces a little ways away and he shakes his head, "You would have, had you gotten in, but you stopped, so you didn't," he tells her, laughing and his skin slightly pale at the coolness of the water. He laughs and then slowly swims back towards her, reaching out for her as he sits in the water. The splashes and the ripples hiding his nakedness from her.

"So, where do you want to scrub first?" He asks with good nature, looking up at her, and seemingly waiting for her to get into the water, expecting her to strip, clearly by the way he continues to watch her, his gaze not moving. Arms keep the waters moving as he chuckles, "The water's only going to get colder, the longer you wait," he teases her.
B She eeps at the swat, drawing herself up to her full height. "Colder? Promise? Looks nice and .. refreshing right now." She grins and yanks her shirt up over her head and kicks off her shoes. Shimmying out of her pants and under garments, she stands there, as naked at him, with her hands on her hips. "Where first? Oh .. I know. Behind your ears. My mother was always a stickler for that. Not really sure why." She grins and edges to the water to dip a toe in and shiver. "You weren't kidding about it being cold," she says, bravely putting her whole foot down into the water.