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Sammy Sammy ducks into the little tinker's shop he'd noted down from the conversations at the Saloon the previous day. He makes sure to step in and aside from the door as his duster drips for a good bit with the rain it decided to keep off him, hands come up to the helmet and there's the *fwip* of the optics as they turn off, revealing Yet Another Ranger happens to be Sammy ash e takes the helmet off and smooths his hair back, resettling his bandanna to keep it tied. He tucks the helmet under his elbow like a small shopping basket and leans curiously to the side, "Hello there, are you ok?" head tilted with bird-like curiosity.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "Oh, yea..", holding up a pile of teetering things while grabbing a few other random items and makes a counter-teetering pile. With some work, she steps away from the trap and heads back up to the counter. "Hey.. I .. think I saw you at the Saloon the other night. Sorry, If I was a bit out of it..", cheeks blushing. "not something I expected to hear right then.""
Sammy Sammy smiles a bit, "To be honest I was worried about the potential for conflict. There were ... too many civilians there for us to not have any collateral... At least according to the file I read up on when I got back to the Embassy. But now I know a little more about the place and the things here, and the town's particular flavor of dangers." he moves, just so, and the coat sways flowing behind him, he scraped off the street mud on the steps before coming in, so the softened wet leather of his boots make the ever-faintest squish as he moves, the only thing that does actually, given the typical gear he carries, he doesn't suffer from 'battle rattle' like most. He looks at the shelves, and swoops somewhat as his eyes alight on a Medkit.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods.. "we got our own bits.. ", hand to her stomach. " I got shot a while back". she hops up on the counter, spins and hops back down on the customer side.. "got shot inna gut", she says witha smile. 'prolly have a scar 'n everything" she holds out her hand. "Lilly Caine, if ya hadn't figured out"
Sammy Sammy smiles as he sees her more ambulatory than she was presenting previously, "You can probably guess I'm a Ranger, but you don't have to call me by that, just my first name will do most of the time, unless of course, I'm really in trouble. Call me Sammy." he points his finger to the faded road-worn paint on his armor just under the Bear-logo'd shoulder flap of his duster... 'Jenkins' a last name. He then takes Lilly's hand and gives it a firm shake.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles up. "Hey, Sammy. Nice to meet you", beaming up at him with a warm smile. Her smile falters just a little.. "so.. Yea.. mom runs the saloon and the.. other.. busines..", her smile returning, "And Aunt Clara is the Sheriff"
Sammy Sammy grins as she smiles up at him, remembering what he's here for. Winning Hearts And Minds. "You seem to be handling things a bit better tonight." he looks around the shop, "I'm guessing this is a more familiar place for you than over at the Saloon?" he nods and gestures, to the direction of the Sherrif's Building, "I just checked in after a little road clearing, bagged two Gekos." he grabs the Medkit off the shelf, and puts it in the helmet, "... now I think I need to find a new cleaning kit for this." he pats the shoulder sling of the rifle that juts up behind him as he carries it, "And maybe check how you're doing for ammunition supplies. Got any .308 rounds?" he asks, because sometimes you have to hope a town has the ammo you need... or you can afford the gun they've got ammo for!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine shakes her head, hoping up on the counter so she can look more eye-to-eye. From here, you can see she's a bit older than she looks. She's still sweet. Still idealistic, despite what life has thrown at her. "You can check the Caravan, I suppose. they might have some.", her legs swinging
Sammy Sammy ambles up to the counterand sts the helmet down, takes the Medpac out, smiles and then draws back his duster, showing the line of his communication rig, the battery packat his hip that runs the helmet, "Once upon a time I got into a situation, because I let my batteries run low for my radio. You wouldn't happen to have a little hand-crank generator? I know they're probably not something everyone asks for."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles and giggles. "I got one I made.. wasn't sure what I was making, but yea.. lemme add a thing or two it and I can get you one.. second.. ", and moves back, grabbing a few parts here and there and assembling something that should work
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine has a small motor, wires with clips leading from it, and a set of reduction gears attached to the motor. She has fashoned a handle on the largest gear, alowing the new crank to turn the motor at a high rate of speed. "You gotta grease it up pretty often. Is just plastic, so treat it gentle-like.. but it should do ya in a pinch.", offering it over with a beaming smile.
Sammy Sammy grins as he gratefully acceps the small device, "Oh this is practically perfect. How much do I owe you," and he pads for his pocket with the money pouch, managing to pull it up, t he crinkle of NCR and the jingle of Caps, "... in caps, for this and the Medkit?" he holds the generator up, turning it this way and that.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles, "I'll tell ya what. What about a favor. I like favors better. Easier to manage, you cant lose it and it doesn't get bulky onna long trip. Whacha say?"
Sammy Sammy nods as he grins, "I'll totally handle a favor for a favor." he looks at the little crank, and gives it a careful spin with his fingers. "And it's easy till I start seeing deployment pay start coming in on the next VertiBird." he has a lopsided grin to that.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles, feet swinging from her seat on the edge of the counter. "Deal", she smiles, eyes sparkling as she does. Seems she has a new friend.