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Owner Pose
Matt Another day, another dollar. Or another cap. Matt has ventured back to Acme again, on a road thats becoming even more and more familiar. Its not a social call this time, he is moving stiffly which is noticeable as he pulls himself through the doors into the front area of the store. "Iris my dear?" He calls out. What a weird shop where the proprietess is never up front.
Iris Lark Iris perks up when Matt calls out and she opens the back door, peeking out. "Matt is that you?" She beams as she spots him, motioning him into the back room. "Come on back here, how are you feeling? I've been missing you." She tugs on him a bit and settles him on a bench. "You look as if you can use a look at those owwies."
Matt "My owies? We start courting and you begin to mother me instead of doctoring me?" Matt narrows his eyes playfully at Iris, letting him get motioned through and plopping on a bench. "I think they're healing weird...Can you look?"
Iris Lark "Mothering is the same as doctoring." Iris replies, grinning at Matt as she sits beside him. "Let me take a look at them and we'll see what's going on." She pulls out her supplies and hums quietly to herself. "What else have you been up to?"
Matt Matt's hands reach up to his buttons and he gets three or four down before he apparently gets nervous. "Uhh...Well...We've got the first floor entry cleared out..." He puts his hands down now, as if a few buttons was going to be enough to get treated.
Iris Lark "Keep taking off the shirt, tell me what you've found so far?" Iris asks, eyeing Matt with a slight smile on her face. "I might need to restitch some of these wounds, and it's going to hurt a little bit. I promise I'll be gentle as I can be."
Matt "Buncha rubble mostly. It wasn't fully cleared out the first time. It doesn't look too damaged by the siege." Matt reachs up to unbutton the rest of his shirt but..doesn't realy, just laughing nervously for a bit. "Why is this so weird now?"
Iris Lark "What is so weird?" Iris asks, cleaning his wounds slowly as she pulls out old stitches. "You mean taking your shirt off in front of me? It's not weird, you're just nervous. It will get better." She promises, grinning as she picks up her needle.
Matt He'll finish the unbuttoning and toss the shirt aside. "Everything is heaing up pretty well. My shoulder is still achy and weird though." Matt fights the blush in his cheeks now that hes all topless. "This was fine before."
Iris Lark "Well it's fine now, as your doctor, I won't look at you any differently now than I did then. If we're alone somewhere and I'm pulling your shirt off..." She trails off and shrugs a shoulder, chuckling as she finishes the two small stitches she puts in. "I promise that I'm not going to do anything that will make you nervous, okay?"
Matt "Wait what? Thats not a promise, ow. Thats not a promise I want to hear." Matt frowns as Iris gets to poking and prodding at his skin. Damn doctors and their stabbings. "Whats the prognosis? Did I sleep in a sewer and get all infected?"
Iris Lark "You're not infected and you're fine. What don't you want me to promise you, do you want me to make you nervous?" Iris looks puzzled and she stares at Matt for a few moments, the wheels in her head obviously turning. "Just tell me what you want, and trust me, you can probably have it."
Matt "I wanna not be stabbed by a distracted doctor, Missus Lark." Matt raises an eyebrow towards her, still standing with her needle and chatting with him. "Maybe we can talk after we get finished adding holes to my body?"
Iris Lark Iris smirks at Matt and shakes her head. "I haven't poked any holes in you that I didn't mean to." She murmurs, but goes quiet as she finishes cleaning, sewing, salving and dressing his wounds. She turns then to put away her things, stuffing the supplies into the rucksack with verve.
Matt "Oh. Thats a good sign." Matt'll stand once she gets done poking the holes in him she wants in him, and gathers up his shirt to start putting it back on. "You gonna keep a residency out in Acme too? Makes me worry about about the transit every day."
Iris Lark "I work here, but I'm not practicing here if I can help it." Iris remarks, a frown on her face as she gazes at Matt. "I'll just be working out of Lone Star eventually. Is that what you want, right?" She asks, grinning a little bit.