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     Akane was brought in, unconscious at first, by Lee, a member of the Guardians division of the militia. Once he was certain she was safe enough he had to go make the report and promised to return quickly. The red-haired medic had no serious and visible wounds to speak of save some serious bruising on her ribs. And a line of odd purple colored markings along her temple and the side of her face. It was like something had dyed the veins magenta. She had been struck outside Dunwich by some odd purple mist of some type, controlled by glowing purple mutants. She had been unable to move much ever since. As Lee left her green eyes opened only they weren't just green. They swirled with an odd purple color now and then. Either way, she looked very confused.
Bart Bart is a recluse, not many have heard of him but those who have know that he is bloody brilliant. In that absent minded professor kinda way. He happens to have a shack in Shanty Town that isn't too far from the Clinic for Problems Doctors Cannot Figure Out. And so Akane was brought here and laid out on a medical table while lights and fans whirred around her. When her eyes open, the comely face of the eldest Knox brother is peering down at her through a pair of wire rimmed glasses. Something akin to a gun with a flashlight in the barrel currently glowing green as it sweeps over her prone body. "Ah, you're awake," his voice is pleasant enough, accented by that old timey Midatlantic sound that comes with sophistication and sticks up asses. "My name is Bartholomew. You're in what could amount to a medical facility, can you speak at this point? Lee was very unhelpful about what happened."
     Akane did not recognize Bart.. Or her location. Or that odd ray gun thing he was shining at her. She tensed and tried to sit up, only to get dizzy again. SHe shifted and made a face, clearly uncomfortable. "Got.. hit by.. purple mist or something... Near Dunwich."
Bart An odd badeep comes from behind him as he scans her and suddenly the light clicks off. Bart has to do a kind of twist and flail thing to make the gun-like device and the cable attached to its butt move back to the machine on the wall so it can be hung up with care. Several bars twist and turn over a graph and he observes for a moment mostly ignoring her. Or at least it seems like it. "Hm. Dunwich Mists. Well that certainly explains at least some of it. Eventually the lot of you are going to be haunted or the ecto-plasmic echoes will be gone and /most/ of you will be haunted," it's a clinical tone that he takes as he adjusts his lab coat and moves back to the table. "I'm going to briefly irradiate you, followed by a low pulse ion beam. It might tickle," he warns. As if that was a TERRIBLE thing to have happen to oneself. He is already moving big hydrolic arms to aim two devices at her, the first looking like a dentist's x-ray, the second a large box just inundated with cables and wires.
     Akane looked briefly horrified at the idea of him irradiating her and wondered who Lee had brought her to. She moved as if to sit up.. flinched and fell back down to the table with a soft groan. The purple veins on her face hurt and she pressed a hand to them. "Wh...what? Why?" Not that she could fight him on it. She set her jaw, though, as if she expected this to hurt.
Bart Bart makes a face when she moves to sit up, and while he doesn't have the best bedside care, that momentary flinch of 'oh god' could be misconstrued as empathy. He moves quickly to settle reassuring hands on her shoulders and help her ease back down before moving to take her hands away from her face. "Because it's the one thing I have found that works on Mists. While I don't fully understand it myself, it has cleared more than one mist driven headache. I promise you, it will leave no lasting harm," his voice is self assured and still remains clinical. More than a Doctor, she was brought to the Mad Scientist! The first switch is flipped and a brief sound of humming fills the room before he flicks the switch off. The second switch brings a pulse of blue lights that scatter across her face and do indeed tickle.
     Akane tensed when he pushed her back to the table but didn't move. She set her jaw and closed her eyes, but the whirring didn't really do anything. It didn't really hurt as much as tingle and granted that was not exactly pleasant when combined with the sensations she was feeling, it wasn't going to even make her gasp in pain or something. When it was done she dared to open her eyes and looked at Bart with a hesitance... Those purple veins were still there. "I... did you do something already?"
Bart Bart is done quickly enough and when he is done, he lifts his glasses some and bends over her to inspect. "Mmm, well the veins are still infested, or perhaps they are not, further diagnosis required. But your head should feel much better," he notes before standing up straight and readjusting his spectacles. Pulling out a notepad he writes a few pertinent things in before looking up and asking, "And how are you feeling?"
     "Like.... Every nerve in my body got turned up to max all at once." She ran a hand over her head and took a breath. Then she sat up slowly. "But at least I'm not passing out again..." She turned her eyes on him and they were no longer purple in the slightest, just a jade green shade. "You do this often?"
Bart Bart watches curiously, his head tilted ever so slightly in a minute cant while he observes. "I see," a few more notes written down as he meets those jade green eyes with his own. "Deal with those stricken by the mists? Yes, unfortunately my brother, Milton, would have it no other way, he can't leave well enough alone. If you're referring to healing people," he turns away and starts putting things away, "No. Usually the town turns to Iris or the Clinic doctors. Not many realize I'm here," he smiles a little, it's a good thing it seems.
     Akane tilted her head faintly, similar to how he had. "I see. Well, I am Akane. I'm a medic too. It's just hard to work on yourself you know? But if I run into mists again I know where to come, yes?" She tried smiling for him, it was a smile to make him feel good, though she did not cross the line into batting her eyes. "I am glad to have met you."
Bart Bart blinks a little and then offers out his hand in the customary shake given between newly met folks. The extra effort in that smile does give him a little cause for smiling on his own. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance," he insists before shaking her hand whether she was ready to or not. "Is there anything else bothering you that you'd like me to look at?" he asks before yanno, summarily kicking her out like the anti-social hermit he is.