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     Krysta had picked up a contract. Yay. Killing mutants. Eh. In the Southern Wasteland. Well, fuck why not? She'd asked Devlin and Lee along as they were good shots. Well, Lee had that power armor and sledge so not really a shot but.... Anyway, they were walking out toward the designated area. "This might be my contract but I'm no commander. So, see em, kill em, watch each other's backs."
Devlin     "Roger, 'Lieutenant'" is said with a mildly mocking tone though his voice was rather muffled at this point. Devlin was wearing one of the decommissioned suits of power armor that he had acquired from the Militia and had since had notable work done to it. While the power core system was removed entirely, Devlin loudly marched behind Krysta, a rifle strap secured behind his right shoulder that was brought to offer the leader of the outing if ammunition ran low. Within his right hand was a laster pistol that appeared almost too small to hold it well, but he managed to not crush it for the time being. "I wonder if you could tolerate one of these suits, or if I should get you a Vault Suit similar to my own."
Lee     Lee was 'off duty' for this. Something to help Krysta out with since he had offered to guard her back. So he'd switch that comm to external. "Roj. Smash em. Dun die. I think I can cover those basis, fer sure, Krysta. Just.. try not ta shoot me, eh?" He'd glance over at Dev too, noting the salvaged suit and continues on. He'd prep that sledge from off his back, making sure it was fully charged before nodding. "Should be easy enough ta do."
     Krysta eyed Devlin dangerously when he called her Lieutenant.. but let it go. She nodded toward Lee and tilted her head at Devlin. "Why would I want to run around in a tin can?"
     And then they found the mutants. There were three groups coming at them at full speed.
Lee     Lee would move along with the others, keeping a sweeping look around them and nods finally as they come across a pack of mutants. "A'right.. here we go.." Yelling with that external comm amped to add to the volume, Lee would charge into that group, swinging that hammer with a heavy smash to the lead set, scattering them much like bowling pins!
     Lee's attack sent the one group onto their backs and pissed off a second. The third group went for Devlin, managing to scratch his leg through the armor. Krysta lifted her rifle and aimed, shooting twice and hitting once.
Devlin     Shifting backwards, Devlin was moving awkwardly at this point as he moved away from the creatures due to his bulk. The bulk, while limiting, also protected him rather well from the assault, taking only minimal damage in the process though he could feel the force battering him around. Grumbling, he moves his pistol to his hip and grasps onto the rifle that was over his shoulder, rapidly firing it into the trio that was around him, not truly aiming. The first volley of fire proves to be wasted ammunition, though he gained some control the more he began to fire the ballistics rifle. "Damn these things are clunky!"
     The group that Lee had knocked down stood back up as they and the second group continued aiming for the tin can. The third group, took a few hits from Devlin's automatic fire and were still coming.
Lee     Lee would watch the two groups come swarming up on him and nods. "A'right.. ya'll want some? COME GET IT!!" As the first group would get up, he'd smash into them, throwing that short swing, then that follow up smash that would send them sprawling once more. As the second group of mutants tried to get at Lee, he'd LEAP into the air, sledge coming up high, only for him to smash down right into the chest of one of those mutants, shattering it and the ground under it, leaving a small pit as he'd knock the next group off their feet and sprawling. "Come on then!!" Lee would yell at the third group to get them to join in the mess.
     Krysta continued to fire her rifle ineffectually. The two first groups were seriously hurting and the third was now pissed at Lee. Happy days.
Devlin     Tracking the group of Mutants that were just striking him, Devlin raises his rifle to his shoulder but then begins to backup steadily. After a few seconds, he managed he line his targets up, he flicks the rifle slightly, changing the firemode to FA. With the power armor bracing him, the rifle hardly is able to move the metal clad being as two thirds of the magazine empties out rapidly, tearing into the back of the three groups of mutants before him yet managing to not pelt Lee with any wild rounds. Lowering the smoking rifle, Devlin turns it to the side and removes the magazine, slipping it into a chest pouch only to draw a fresh magazine from behind his hips and slips it into the slot. "Much.. much better when they are moving away like that."
     That suppressive fire from Devlin did a good job mowing down the rest of the first two groups which left only the third. Good job...
Lee     Lee watches the mutants that he was beating about get hammered into with those shots. Nodding as the HUD shows them all flat lining, he'd turn on the group rushing at him. "Let's go!!" As they'd go to start beating on his armor, he'd grit his teeth, and with a powerful blow, crashes into them, knocking them scattered all over again. Once more that power armor giving him the ability to keep them down while he stays standing!
     Kryst fired twice and again missed once. She maybe needed to have the sights checked on this damn rifle.... And watching the damage the other two were doing... Yea..
Devlin     Noticing only a pair of the mutants were still alive near Lee after Krysta finished off the center most one, Devlin flicks the rifle again, choking back the fire mode to SA and pulls the trigger twice in rapid succession. The first time he aimed towards the farther mutant, but the second time he aimed at the small of the somewhat healthier mutant's back, soon watching both of the creature fall over towards Lee. "Krysta, are you spotting anything else?"
     Krysta looked around. She jumped up onto Dev's back then, using his power armor as a good vantage point... She stood there for a bit before jumping back down. "I don't see anything else. You Lee?"
Lee     Lee would pant softly within his armor, watching the last of the mutants get dropped. Looking about, he'd glance over as Krysta.. climbed onto Devlin. Huh. Shaking his head, he'd sweep the area himself then shakes his head a little. The external comm is turned on. "Neg. Lookin clear. All targets neutralize, yah?" With that, he'd check his sledge, recharging it's power from that extra power pack he carried.