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Alpha     So the rumor around JT is that Solomon sent some of his gang to try and start muscling in on JT. Rumor also has it that the Sheriff plans to do something about it on the down low, to not let them know it's coming. Thus, the group would be meeting up with Alpha and Lynn at the spot he'd given them to meet. It was within visual sight of where the gangsters with their cars were parked at, camping down for the night.
    Alpha glances to the others, checks his pistol, then draws that rifle. "A'right.. so.. gonna hit em hard and fast.. ta give the point across they ain't welcome.. no survivors.. no mercy, yah?"
Elsie Surelda is here, though one might not quite know it. She wears her same blue dress and black boots, as always, with a small backpack over her shoulders. But she has her silver hair pulled up and tight to her head in a series of cross-scalp braids, with the hood of her cowl-necked grey poncho-cloak pulled over it. There's also some bulk to her frame, indicating some sort of chest armor beneath. Additionally, she wears a black leather cap, studded with metal pieces familiar to the wasteland fashionistas. It includes a mask that covers her face from her nose down, made of matching materials. She has her HK slung over her shoulder.

Her black eyes follow Alpha as he speaks, she herself staying low and out of the line of sight. Anyone standing next to her might hear the rapid succession of her breath. She's nervous, but calm enough for now.

A little fix helped with that. Keeps her smooth, keeps her level. But either way, even for those in the group that MIGHT recognize her (which is unlikely), she's not a known JT resident. So what gives?
Lynnette Sighing a bit she would stand next to Alpha but a little back as she looked over her shotgun. For once, she was quiet as she seemed to be in her own world now. Actually in a set of armor she'd slowly rest that shotgun on her shoulder then as she listened to Alpha speak up. Why was she even here? Well she was bored as hell being cooped up in her bar and since she lived in JT.....well why not? Grumbling she looked over at the cars and just shook her head. "....assholes...."
     Krysta was now in power armor. Granted it was salvaged and had no power cells... But she wasn't recognizable either. Not that she hid her identity from her teammates, just the rest of the world. She would stand there, having checked her weapon, a goddamn gold-plated monstrosity. She would simply acknowledge Alpha's orders with a short. "Got it."
Devlin     With a helmet resting under his left arm, Devlin appeared oddly comfortable with the aged and retrofitted suit of power armor. Walking up to the meeting point, he nods lightly towards Alpha, and then towards Lyn. Looking towards his side, a faint smirk was on his lips as he watched the rather awkward steps of a another suited person addressing the pair.

    Turning his attention to the side at the bundled up and rather armed figure. Tilting his head slightly, a chuckle escapes his lips as it only took the dress and the cowl to spark a memory. "Well now, this is going to be interesting.. I wonder what the Legionari would do if he realized you were going into a den an night stalkers." Seeming amused endlessly at her presence, Devlin moves his helmet over his head and works at locking the casing securely, powering up the visor within to give a read out of his surroundings. "Slaughter all, take their weapons, burn the corpses in a ditch.. Understood."
Alpha     Alpha looks between Krysta in the power armor.. to Devlin in the power armor. Huh. Shaking his head a little, that last one, Surelda is looked at, a shrug is given and he'd nod her way, then would set up on the edge of that dune. "A'right.. Lyn, yer with me ta make sure they dun sneak up on me while snipin. I'll start on em.. You two tin cans, fan out, catch em pincher type, yah?" He'd eye the one cloaked up again. "Uh.. you can help.. fight. got it?" Shrugging, he'd look back at the group of 6 men out there. "Gimme an 'ok' and I'll start this party.."
Elsie First time in a major firefight, aside from the asskicking she recieved at the seige? Sure! Scant directions for what to do in it? SURE! Surelda's eyes flit from Devlin, who got a slight glance of pensive recognition, to Alpha and his instructions ... such as they are. She nods, unslinging her large weapon slowly and holding it between her hands. At least she more or less looks like she knows how to hold the thing. Kinda. Sorta. She'll wing it!

Devlin gets another look, but no words follow it. It's just recognition that keeps bringing her eyes to him. Everyone else, more or less, seems a stranger to her. And she to them.
Lynnette Lyn would just nod as she walked behind him, shifting that shotgun on her shoulder. "On it." Her eyes looked a little glassy but hell she had been shot up about a week ago. When Alpha did get into position she would slowly plop down behind him but hat that gun at the ready. Taking a glance up at him she'd smile then nodded a bit before looking over to the scene. "....let's make this quick....I'm gonna be useless at this rate....."
     Krysta gave Alpha a thumbs up and headed off to one side opposite of Devlin. Pincer movement, roger. She would make as little noise as possible, circling wide to avoid the most noise then came in from the side.
Devlin     "Tin can? This is polished American steel, not the chinese variant" is said with what might have been an amused chuckle, or a controlled cough, it was difficult to tell the difference within the reverberations. Rolling his shoulders, Devlin begins to move oddly for several seconds, giving the power armor a extended diagnostic check of its mobility before walking a few feet past Alpha, poising to charge forward.

    "Give the word commander.. and Lyn? Make sure he doesn't get shot, that's your job" is said before turning to one side towards Surelda to say, "Stay behind me little one. This isn't your back allies, this is a job." Lynnette would likely be the one who tell the most how odd Devlin was sounding, he didn't sound in a teasing mood at all at this point, his focus was pin point. Turning towards his other side, he looks over to Krysta and in turn signals towards her with a similar hand gesture, moving to make a counter angle to her's, moving to stroke the camp from the more trailed side of the outcrop.
Alpha     Alpha nods a little as the two would start to swing out. Tin. Steel. Whatever, still looked like a dork. Alpha flashes a grin to Lyn and points out a few things to Surelda-in-cloak on how to hold the gun better before she'd go after Devlin. That done? Alpha sets up and with a quiet breath, would start the party with that *BANG!*
     Krysta lifted her rifle and fired. The first burst of automatic fire hit someone int he shoulder. The second dropped a guy with a headshot. Huh. Not bad.
Elsie Surelda blinks once more at Devin, her brows drawing together slightly in some confusion for his choice of words. Still, she crouches low and begins to move behind him. But there are better places, and she is light of foot. She moves behind a dumpster skirting the edge of the parking area, where she can be safe to watch for now.

She'll take a shot from a kneeling position if that's the easiest way to do this. Pew.
Alpha     Alpha nods to the others and would take up his firing position. As he'd take that first shot, throwing the men into chaos, he'd just miss that guy. Taking another bead, he'd give some help to Lyn for her own shot, then tries it again, only to have the guy duck at the last second and be safe.
Devlin     "Oi!" sounds loudly, broadcasted with a distorted tone, the audio relay system still needed tuning, as it twisted the sound into a screech. Devlin raises his pistol as he closes in to the worried notice of one of the lightly protected men. Pulling the trigger twice, he doesn't waste much time in trying to seer through his cheap suit and boil his lung from the inside out as the a pair of rays pierce into him. "If you lay down your arms, we may give you reprieve!" is said loudly, the way he said those words, Krysta would remember it as words to trick a routing group to stay and surrender when the only intent was to slaughter them, similar to Alpha's plan.
Alpha     Last time on 'Smack down of Gangsters'!

    Krysta and Devlin in their power armor were dominating the shots coming from the gangsters that were within their small encampment. There's 6 of them total and all of them got their tommie guns. One of them has been killed though. So it's 5 that's planted up against the car and the run down cabin they were using for cover!

    Meanwhile, Alpha and Lynn, further back are providing long range cover. Mostly? Alpha keeps missing as the guys hop about dealing with the two in power armor. Prism, having heard about a fellow sheriff attempting to take some of Solomon's gang down, would come rolling up on this scene, gangsters fighting with the rest of the crew there.
Jackson Prism The wind bit harshly at Jackson's face as his horse barrelled through the wasteland in a full trot. He hoped he could get there in time-- the message he'd gotten was unclear at best, but from what the messenger said, things weren't looking very promising for the sherrif out here. He wasn't quite sure what they were up against, so he would have to play it safe for the time being. As he approached the coordinates specified, he could hear the gunshots echoing from a nearby dune. Without wasting another instant, Jack dug his spurs into his horse's flank, and with a snap of his reigns, they were headed up the dune to join into the action. As they crested the ascent, the deputy reached down onto his horse's saddle, and brought up his service rifle in a practiced, instinctual maneuver that had been drilled into him time and time again in his training sessions. A sharp inhalation of air inflated his lungs briefly as he steadied his hand, and he fell into the familiar zen-like state of adrenaline-fueled euphoria that combat highs were. He took aim at the first goon that he saw, and a slight grin stretched across his features as his finger came to rest on the trigger.
Devlin     Drawing back his arm, Devlin continues to close ground on the man he has just been shooting yet hasn't managed to finish off. Swinging downwards, the pummel of his pistol cracks across the man's chest before he looks up towards several of the men moving to use their car for cover. Firing off a shot suddenly, Devlin tries to destabilize the car's working fusion reactor by aiming at the coolant supply. After the beam dims, the man grumbles as the car was still stable but he could see that it would take a bit more to tip over and cause a critical failure within the system. "Someone shoot the damn car, slaughter the lot of them!" is shouted though soon it warped heavily with his malfunctioning speaker system into a disjointed digitizing howl of sounds rather than a clear order.
     Krysta watched Devlin ..... shoot the car. It took her a long moment to figure out what he was doing. But when it clicked in her head... She grinned behind her helmet.
     Oh fuck yes!
     And followed suit with her automatic rifle. The first volley left the thing sparking and humming oddly. So she cut loose a second volley..
     The explosion...
     Granted, it blew her backward, created a small crater and thumped her onto her back...
     "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Of course, all Alpha and Lynn and Jackson would hear was what might have possibly been a scream of pain at first, the speakers crackling faintly with decibel overload. The second sound was a straight up psychotic cackling followed by, "Oh my GOD KYNE!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT?! DID YOU /SEE/ THAT?!?!? HAHAHAHA!"
Alpha     Alpha was lining up that next shot when.. those in the power armor started shooting.. the car? "Wha..? Oh frag!" He'd shift, ducking down quickly as he'd reach out to grab Lyn and pull her down too... and yep..


    Alpha gruns as the concussive wave impacts them, even under that dune's edge, the sand blasted over him and Lyn. He'd shake his head to clear it of sand and crap, then peek up over the edge of that dune.. Well then. The two in power armor seemed.. shrapnel filled.. but ok? The rest of the gangsters though? Well.. they were point blank of that and didn't fare so well. "I did say no survivors.."
Lynnette Lyn didn't even get to have any fun. Frowning she was looking out but then the sky was in her line of vision.....the ground. Letting out scream she'd hit the ground with an 'off' before the explosion went off. Covering her head she would wait for all of the dust to stop flying. Sighing a bit she would slowly look up then chuckled. "Well hon.....why did we even come?" Shaking the sand out of her hair she'd raise her brow a bit. "That was"
Devlin     Shifting his footing Devlin leaned forward slightly while Krysta began to openfire heavily towards the car he had just shot. "She did.. iiiit!" Tensing even within the protective casing of power armor, Devlin could feel the concussive blast threatening to blast him off his feet. While the armor protected him from the initial blast, debris from the blast quickly rushes him, slamming against his chest, his arms and even his helmet. Fortunately, Devlin managed to stay onto his two feet, suffering only a minor concussion for his trouble.

    Taking a stiff step forward, the battered and scuffed suit of once polished armor begins to march forward towards the wreck along with the ecstatic cries and giggles of a certain lunatic that Devlin has to endure on more than one occasion in the past. Shaking his head gently, he simply began to follow the gleeful rambling, only to find it past the lip of a new creator. "Having fun down there?" is asked as he watches Krysta, still on her back, having not yet tried to get up.

    Looking around, Devlin first appears to try and find where any of the other Gangsters may have been survived the blast but he didn't even notice their corpses. Turning back to the knocked over power armor, he carefully made his way over to it, his geiger counter chittering away worse than a typewritter. "You okay soldier? Need a hand?" is asked as he leaned forward, offering Krysta to grab onto his left arm.
     Krysta continued her gleeful cackling as she lay there. When she finally got a chance to breathe she checked her rifle for ammo and tried to get up once. Once. Ah well. Devlin would find her.
     And he did!
     She laughed at his call, offering a, "WOOO!" again knowing it would irritate the man. But when he offered her a hand up she took it, hoisting herself up onto her feet again. She snickered and looked at her rifle again, taking out one clip and replacing it. "Devlin Zero. Krysta 6." She snickered and Devlin would surely catch onto the standard body count game. But she started clomping out of the crater, still sniggering inside the armor, apparently untouched.
Alpha     Alpha would dust himself off getting up then offers Lyn a hand up as well. reloading, then shouldering his rifle, he'd go over to see what the damage was for this whole mess. "Well.. I think the point got across.. but those two.." He'd glance over at Devlin and Krysta. Just shake his head and waves to Prism. "Howdy Sheriff. Glad ya could make it.. they uh.. forced excessive force."
Lynnette Taking his hand she would stand up and nodded. Smiling she would then dust herself off some more then looked over at Prism. Chuckling a bit she would just sling that shotgun over her should. "I'm out guys.....starting to hurt....." Yawning a bit she would give Alpha a wink before making her way back to the bar. The booze was wearing off.
Jackson Needless to say, Jackson was by no means prepared for the events that unfolded before his surprised visage. Before he could so much as squeeze the trigger, the armor-clad juggernaughts immediatly opened fire on the vehicle the criminals were using for cover. To the untrained eye, it seemed like a stupid maneuver. But the deputy caught on quick-- detonating the fusion core? It was probably the most intelligent move they could've made. As the old car sputtered, flickered and started to burn, Jackson took that moment to dig his face as far into his jacket as he possibly could. Nuclear blasts aren't exactly easy on the eyes, after all. With a boom and a blinding flash, the clearing fell silent... But only for a moment. The silence was broken by the distorted, warbling laughter of one of the juggernaughts, the female one in particular. The blast had, for lack of a better term, put her on her ass, and the young deputy's eyes scanned over what was left of the criminals as she called out to her companion. With a casual flick of his horse's reigns, Jack led his horse down the dune at a slow, relaxed trot, and fixed a grin onto his face as he brought the mare to a halt next to Sheriff Alpha. With a quiet chuckle and a quick shake of his head, he glanced down toward the Sheriff as he leaned his rifle's barrel over his shoulder. "And to think, I came rushin' all the way out here for the fireworks. Guess I shoulda' brought a crane, not a rifle." As he spoke, sarcasm dripped from every syllable, and as he mentioned the crane, he nonchalantly angled his thumb toward the now-prone Krysta.