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Devlin     It has been some time since the last visit to the Clinic, almost two months though this time Devlin wasn't looking to have a wound treated. As he walked inside, Devlin lifts his right arm and knocks on the opened door before closing it behind himself. "Akane, Lucette.. Camilla?" is asked with a raised tone, trying to see who might be in today before his eyes lower, looking at the few faces that were in the Clinic already at various states of being taken care of. Looking at the man it was easy to see what Devlin was known for doing.. he was clad from head to toe in various pieces of armor, even his very vaultsuit was armored significantly. The injury he needed tended to was under his jacket, a off white cast with a motor oil S drawn onto it protected it.
Camilla     Camilla, is as normal, the only one of those names present in the clinic. She's glad in a sundress that is held on to her frame by two thin straps, this showing off the scars on her body to all that have yet to see them. She's currently in the process of working on one of the shanty towns many villagers when Devlin walks in. "Ok, robert, painkillers and come back to me in a few days." She smiles warmly at the man who nods, thanks her, stands up and heads out.

    She spins about slowly and smiles at Devlin, "Good morning" she says softly to the man as she steps up to him and takes a look at his cast. "What can I do for you?"
Devlin     "Five weeks come tomorrow, I have a contract tomorrow though and this thing? I can't have it when that job comes." Closing his eyes slightly, Devlin shrugs his shoulders faintly before opening them again, his eyes quickly settling onto Camilla's. "The pain's been gone for a while now, I just need to make sure my muscles haven't gone utterly soft on me in that time."
    Shifting his right hand to his jacket, Devlin tugs it from around the cast and off of himself before tossing it to rest on his shoulder. "There, much better." Shifting a half a step forward, he lets Camilla see his arm more easily than before. "Is there a way to see how it has healed without the cast being removed?"
Camilla     Camilla listens and softly shakes her head no. "No, I'll need to remove the cast and then we might have to put another one back on if you've not healed properly. Though, with what you're telling me, you should be good now..." she replies as she spins about to look at her exam rooms. "Room one is open, come on in and we'll get this off and take a look ok?"
Devlin     A smile begins to spread across his lips as Devlin releases his jacket, letting it balance on his free shoulder to extend his hand. Slipping his hand towards her, he to have it rest onto her exposed shoulder, and before long pats twice gently, not seeming to mind the scars that littered Camilla's body. "Hopefully I'm not just trying to mentally block a pain I should be listening too." Slipping his hand from being near her, he makes his way towards the examination room, steadily messing with his chestplate along with his vaultsuit's zippers.

    Once within the examination room, Devlin sets his chestplate onto the ground, freeing him to begin almost stripping for Camilla's examination. Even without a request or order, should Camilla find the man now, he would be seated, attempting to guide his cast limited arm out of his jumpsuit.
Camilla     Camilla steps in to the room and blinks a few times. She stops for a moment and gives the man a look over before closing the way in behind herself and moving over to look at his cast. She's brought with her a means to pull that cast off and goes to work doing so.
Devlin     Glances to the side, watching Camilla's hands work, softening a line within the cast before using another tool to begin grinding through the material until it was reduced to a cracking point. Looking up towards Camilla, the amused smile was softening as he then bows his head slightly, "Thank you for this. I can see that you're busy, steadily with things around here. I want to know, is there some way I can help, beyond just with caps. I doubt you can manage everything here without missing a beat all the time.. So let me ease some worries."
Camilla     Without looking at Devlin, Camilla just smiles warmly and replies plainly, "You are very welcome." She works that casket off and starts looking at his arm overall, "I am busy, and you'd not be the first person to want to help beyond caps.." she adds as she starts doing streching and mobility exercises and watching his facial features. "I truly am not sure what I could need, or want, ro any help if I am being honest. Other than just being lonely and wanting people to be friends with and spend time with."
Devlin     'Hmm..' sounds as she begins to manipulate his arm, the muscles were limp under her control, taking more than a few moments of movement before they offer resistance. Starting to flex his hand, Devlin rotates his arm with Camilla now, trying to guess where she would move and guide it accordingly, there wasn't much reaction from his face beyond a mild annoyance when his arm tenses and doesn't release from a minor cramp taking hold. "So.. to pay you back and help, I will pay in caps, and with quality moonshine, that about accurate then?"
Camilla     "Ummm, caps works, but I don't drink Moonshine..." replies camilla plainly as she finishes working on that arm. "You're actually healed up Devlin..." she adds with a warm smile. "Just some stiffness and cramping that'll pass in a few more weeks of healing, just try to not get it broke again ok?"
Devlin     Curling his arm strongly, Devlin uses his other arm to brace against it, testing his muscles and if the bone itself was still aching if he pressured it. "I'll try to stop the super mutant this time from getting that close.." Looking over towards Camilla, he nods upwards, motioning towards her with his chin. "You said no to a good strong drink, then how about Sunset Sarsaparilla? I'm open to suggestions ya know. Just give a hint and I'll see about what I can do to ease the stress of working here every day." Content with his arm, Devlin uses it to pick up his jacket.. only to fumble it. Shaking his head, he picks it up with his right hand and fishes through to find a half pouch of bottlecaps, tossing it towards Camilla.
Camilla     Camilla just blinks, she doesn't get the super mutant comment at all and it's obvious. She just sighs and moves on, "Sunset works, I'll take some if you bring me some. If I think of anyting else, I'll let you know.." she adds as she opens the door and steps outside. "Just, be careful ok?"
Devlin     Noticing the confusion in her expression, Devlin simply answers a name "Ashur" before shrugging his shoulders faintly. Shifting his jacket to his lap, Devlin began to fully slip into his modified vaultsuit before working on his chestpiece before finally slipping his arms through his jacket, finding the feeling of anything on his arm very odd. "I think I am going to almost boil cook this.. five weeks of filth is still on it." Turning to Camilla, he tilts his head slightly, motioning to the door as she walked, "How about tonight then? I don't know when the Clinic closes, we could have a drink then at the Digger maybe?"
Camilla     Camilla tenses up at the name being stated and then shrugs it off, chosing not to say anything else about the man.

    She smirks lightly at the mention of him boiling himself to get clean and then simply shrugs in response. "It closes when I finish with the rest of my patients and close it, I do run it entirely ya know..." she adds, smiling warmly. Though, him basically offering to take her out for a drink takes her aback, "I, well, ok then.."
Devlin     "So.. you never close, and you never sleep?" is half teased as he continues to follow Camilla from the examination room, though when she stops he tilts his head to look more towards her eyes when she stopped again. The agreement causes a smile to widen a bit more and chuckles, "Don't need to be too stiff about it. If you'd rather relax like several in the local area, I do have a final pinch of wasteland if that's more along your stress level." At the mention, Devlin pats his chest gently where it was stashed away.
Camilla     Cami just rolls her eyes, "You know what I mean..." she says as she continues to walk out. "I'm not that stiff about it, and I would rather find a place to relax, so, you just tell me and we'll go hang out. Other than that, let me finish up here and I'll meet you at the digger, ok?"