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Qwillis     The Lone Star Caravans hire a group to go after one of their lead Caravanners, Jimmy. Despite their repeated warnings over the radio, Jimmy went through Dunwich. Since then, they've lost full contact with the whole caravan team. The group hired would meet up near Lincoln, the closest town to where the last known position of that caravan was at. The mist from Dunwich? he's been spreading. Growing like a fungus across the wasteland and that darkness on the horizion spreading with it. A sweep of the horizion would show another patch of darkness. To the west of Lincoln, south of Dunwich.

    Qwillis, having studied the work on Dunwich, was here to gather more information. More data was entirely needed.. and this was a good way to get it. He'd look to the others there, prime and charge that plasma rifle before nodding a little. "Alright. I'm not a fighter.. neither is Serena. We're here to gather information. Devlin, right? You were really good at fighting before. Can you please guide the fighters for this, so we can get what we can? Hopefully.. Well, if I'm right, hopefully I'll be able to find someone I may be able to help."
Devlin     Upon being singled out, Devlin moves his hands up, grasping at his helmet and twists strongly once, causing the seal to break with a mild hiss before lifting it up and off of his head. "Aye, it's why I was hired for." Turning his head, he looks to the side, nodding towards another suit of heavy armor that has joined him which housed Krysta. "If anything begins, the two of us will silence it or slow it down."

    Looking forward again, Devlin settles his gaze onto Serena, a woman he hardly knew at present but then he shrugs his shoulders lightly, though his bulk didn't appear to move with him. "You two will be safe, if you see anything at range, use us as mobile cover. We'll accept the blows without question. You are the leader until blood begins to spill, with this suit I'm not as agile as I would like, but it's manageable to keep up."

    After he falls silent, Devlin begins to readjust his helmet, sealing the unit from external exposure while at the same time causing the eyes to begin glowing faintly. "All displays seem to be running optimally," is said with a distorted robotic wheeze, the speakers were still in need of repair it would appear.
Lowry Lowry being recently hired on to Lonestar was certainly accompyanying the group of Volunteers. Rolling that toothpick around his mouth while his eyes scan the horizon, taking the scene in. "What in tha' hell?" He mutters. He shrugs his shoulders and turns to the others speaking. "Lowry." He says in way of greeting to those he does not know. "Hired on a few days ago so I'm here to help." He throws a nod in there to show he will play nice in the sandbox. "What are wwe looking like anyways? What is all that jazz up there in the sky?"
Serena Standing right behind Qwillis was that short blonde, staring over everyone there. Serena would shift as she adjusted that baseball bat strapped to her back but it was probably more for looks than anything. Staring up at Qwillis now she would finally speak. "Do you want me to do like last time if need be?" Licking her lips she'd look at Devlin, staring at him intently then before nodding. "Thank you." Going silent she would wrap her arms herself then and sighed as she seemed to be.....bored.
     Krysta stood there, checking her gaudy ass rifle, chambered a round and shifted slightly in her stance. Her speakers filtered her voice only a little. She sent a thumbs up to Devlin and turned to peer at Lowry idly. Inscrutible as the armor made her she seemed to take in the entire group. "Walking shields. Roger."
Eden Eden is glad to be going back to Dunwich. The mystery there haunts her dreams and she feels compelled to go whenever she can. She is extra glad of the protective company. She will not be leaving the group this time, especially without Ashur along to fetch her. She quietly gets herself ready for whatever is coming. Looking up at Qwillis she nods her red head and waits.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods lightly to Devlin at his confirmation, then smiles to Serena with a small nod. "If it doesn't push you too hard, Serena. I don't want you hurt again.. So.. be careful with it. Dunwich is.. different.. anyways." He'd frown, then shrugs and glances over to Lowry at his introduction. "I'm Qwillis. This is Serena, and that's Eden." He'd point over towards Eden. "The caravan went silent. So we have to find out what's going on. That darkness.. probably means they got contaminated by the science in Dunwich. So be alert.. Watch for any splotches on people." Qwillis would nod to the group and head off that direction.

    It'd take about 10 minutes walking for them to get in sight of the caravan. From a distance, it looks busy. There's a group of 4 people there, looking like they're doing something to the wheel of one of the wagons in the caravan.
Lowry Nodding to Qwillis he says, "Got it. Stay away from blotches." He squints now taking in the scene. "That don't look right." Lowry says to noone in particular. He pulls a pistol and spins the chamber, checking it is fully loaded. "We should pry pick up the pace a bit." Just a general suggestion and he is in no hurry to get in front of the others with the power armor.
     ~ntaminated by the science in Dunwich.~ Went right over Krysta's head like a nuke aimed at Korea. So she kept walking. As they approached the caravan and the people messing with the wheel, she tilted her head inside the armor. "Devlin." And that was all he'd hear over the comm. The others would hear, "So, do we have a diplomat with us because I'm not one."
Eden Eden looks to Qwillis- 'Do you know what causes the blotches? Is it the mist or something else?" She is more curious than afraid. If you understand a thing you can change it. "Do we have to watch for any kind of contact with them?"
Devlin     Looking around himself, Devlin starts to look around towards the others that gathered. With his expression cloaked with metal, it would be difficult to read the man's thoughts. Motioning with his armed left hand, he waves faintly towards Eden, almost as if singling her out before looking around, "...Odd, he isn't here to guard this time." Turning again, Devlin motions similarly towards Lowry not once but twice, unsure of what to make of the man but soon lets his hand drop to his side.

    Once they were moving forward, Devlin moves off to one side, not attempting to spearhead the group, leaving that task for Qwillis or Krysta, and kept his attention for possible flanking Mutants that frequented the area. Once they were passing over the ridge, he manages to spot the group ahead of them without much need of assistance but he continues to talk casually, not attempting to hide himself. "If we move quickly within these suits, we might wake the Radscorpions, I don't think you'd like that," is said with a bit of amusement towards Lowry though Devlin was already priming his laser pistol's charge.

    After listening to Krista's statement, a distorted chuckle or a seethed rumbling growl could be heard from the man. Lifting his laser pistol, Devlin tilts it slightly towards the other suit of power armor saying. "Yes you are, a very good one. Six feet tall, clad in steel, an assault rifle to your shoulder.. 'Surrender or Die' is diplomacy. Lets move together." Waiting a few moments to see if she agree and if anyone would raise a hand to stop them, if none was offered, Devlin would begin picking up the pace, allowing his heavy steps to announce himself to the group.
Serena She'd just nod then as she stayed behind him. "I will be fine. If we need and I see it needs to happen....I will do it." Cracking her knuckles she'd just sigh softly then moved along with Q. All in all, Serena was pretty quiet and kept to herself for the most part. Unless she was told to do something, she just kind of trailed along behind Qwillis where it was 'safe'. I mean all she had was a baseball bat!!
Qwillis     Qwillis flashes a smile to Serena, nodding his agreement. He was rather protective of her it seems as he'd walk along with the others in that labcoat. Looking to Eden, Q shakes his head a little. "On people? No. I don't know. So I don't know if we do or not. I do know if you look at a splot on an item under a microscrope there's a self-contained micro-microchip there. The items they call 'dunwiched' for taking it from Dunwich? They all have them. I haven't worked out how to stop them.." He'd glance over at Serena. "other than fire..." Looking back to Eden, he'd shrug a little. "I need a person affected to study in a microscope to tell.
    Q looks between Devlin and Krystie in the power armor. "If we can? I prefer to try to talk first.. They went through Dunwich. I can't tell you what that means. So.. be prepared.. and.. uh.. Devlin? Let me fix that for you after this? It'll make communication a lot easier and it's a simple recalibration of the sound unit.."
Devlin     "I was here with you once before Qwillis.. I remember the dancing Assaultrons, the fleeing teddy bear, the blood tentacles flowing from the buildings.." While it all seemed normal to Devlin as he spoke, everyone around him could hear the pitch alter steadily along the stronger syllables.

    Lowering his pistol, the muzzle was still pointing ahead towards the other group as he began to speak again, his tone coming out a hissed growl as it was firming. "Krysta and I are soldiers, Qwillis, if you wish for talks, we will join you, you or maybe little Eden will speak for us. They might recognize her as the wife of the Legionari, she will likely not be harmed if they are still sane."

    Turning his bulky frame to the side, Devlin has to adjust his footing to face Eden more directly and tell her, "If this fails and you are harmed, we slaughter them. If you feel you may be harmed hide behind myself or Krysta, simple. Effective." Turning back towards Qwillis, he awaits any other opposition, not seeming to think Eden would raise a voice of objection. "We need to act quickly before the city wakes up and the.. thing within takes notice."
     Krysta turned faintly to peer at Qwillis. Such an odd response. But he wasn't a soldier so perhaps he did not understand. Devlin's response was appropriate, however, and she simply waited. Krysta pondered a moment. "Actually, just having her out in front might be a bad idea, Devlin. She's an easy target." Krysta motioned to Eden to stand slightly in front of Krysta and to one side, which would cause Krysta and her power armor to take up a guard position. "A this range I can get between her and ay hostile activity." The woman would follow Eden if she went out and would be able to protect her if something happened.
Serena Serena just listened to Devlin and looked to Qwillis. Frowning she would shake her head a bit as she sighed. "I will not talk but....I will stand with you in case something happens...." There was a shrug then as she looked to the one that must be Eden....doing her process of elimination. Looking her over she would then look back to Q and crossed her arms a bit then. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath before she would slowly lower her hands to her sides and nodded. Staying close to Q she would nod. "Just say when..."
Eden Eden steps up. Her whole hieight not very impressive, she still stands as tall as she can. "I think me talking to them might be a better idea than you think. Something... happened when I had the baby out here." Eden can't describe it. "I think I might be safer than anyone else
Lowry Lowry pulls his pistol now and squints an eye at the mention of something taking notice inside. "He scans his surroundings and keeps quiet for now, not much to add as he takes in the others comments and ideas.
Qwillis     Resuming from the past, the group was hired by Lone Star to go look after a lost caravan. The leader had been what msot consider foolish and went through Dunwich, not believing the stories on the mist. They hadn't been heard or seen since.

    The group met up in Lincoln and started along the root back towards Dunwich. On the horizion, an area that was dark, like the area over Dunwich is dark, could be seen and together, the group travelled that way. Devlin and Krysta were in the lead, Serena and Qwillis in the middle while the others were flanking along. There was a sense of unease going on in the area, Q walked a little closer to Serena, even as he'd check that plasma rifle. "If we can at the least check them before killing them if they have turned.. I'd appreciate it. I have a theory. But I won't know if it's right until we see them."
Serena Staying close to Q, the young blonde would shift that baseball bat on her back but started to crack her knuckles a bit. Keeping her eyes peeled she'd stay silent for a bit before slowly looking up to Qwillis. "So....don't torch them? Got it...." Letting out a sigh she would just shake her head a bit before folding her arms. "I will observe for now until you say otherwise. Just tell me what you need me to do....." She felt a bit useless being here but....she was going to help him whether she could help or her own way.
Tibbie     Here's Tibbie yet again out on an adventure to find this lost caravn, it seems her previous adventure had made her seem feeling invincible, but once she sees the Mists.. She does seem a bit uneasy and unusually quiet for someone as bubbly as she is, even with her well equipped teammates nearby.
"I'll keep my eyes peeled boss.." She says quietly.
Victoria Useless? You want to know what useless is? Vic. The woman walks along with her backpack, hands tightly gripping the straps as she follows behind the group, "Why ..did I say sure, okay, yeah I can help." The woman murmurs to herself, that unease creeping deeply into her chest as she tries to step quietly. Carefully. Nimbly. No weapons. Not even a rock to hurl. Why did she agree to this again? Oh, right. To make friends, "Be cool, be cool .." Whisper, whisper. Mists? Grreaaaat.
Lowry T Lowry is one of those bringing up the rear more or less on the left. He is whislting carelessley and pats ic on the back, "Don't look so damn uptight!" He hands her his flask, "that'll help." Giving her a wink and then adding, "And make sure it comes right back." He checks his revolver now and gives it spin, resumes whistling.
Devlin     Devlin motions with his left hand than he wouldn't act just yet though of someone watched his right hand he grasps at a pipe that was over his shoulder. Tightening his grip a wide piece of metal began to also move but it was too large yo be called a sword. "After you.. I'll clean up the mess.. quietly this time. I've yet to try this tool, for there sake lets hope it's not blood thirsty" is said as a tease but the speaker system limited his voice to a monotone. "Krysta, have any crude explosives just incase?"
     Whiskey passed, shoulders patted, exclamations of readiness. And Qwillis still requesting they talk.... Krysta listened to all the people without big suits and guns continue to proclaim their readiness and yet.. no one stepped out to be an ambassador. To Devlin she waved a hand. "Yea yea." Finally, the woman just stepped forward, bee-lining straight for the caravan. She was not known for patience and if no one was going to do something she would just pretend she knew what diplomacy was.
     She stopped mid range from the caravan and the first people and turned on her speaker, turned the volume up a bit to make sure they heard her. "Alright. I'm looking for Jimmy. So where's Jimmy? No, no, sit down. No need to thank us. We're here to rescue you." Her speaker, as Devlin's had, reduced her tone to a monotone....
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, but nods a little. Krysta in armor is better than him in not. She may not be the most patient? But.. well.. Q didn't want to be on the front lines if they started shooting. He'd look to Serena, then Tibbie and Victoria. "Stay close to me. We're here to help the caravan move. If you can help fix things, then we let those who can fight? fight. We'll deal with the caravan. But.. hopefully this isn't going to go too badly."

    The caravan crew paused at Krysta calling out. One of them hops off from where they were at to start walking over to Krysta. They had a biiig smile on their face and would hold their hand out. "Boy! Are we glad to see you!! We were just running out! Come come!! You can help us!"
Tibbie     Tibbie stays close as she's told to and takes a deep calming breath but her nostrils are met with something foul.
"Aww jeezesus! Who cut the cheese y'all!" She states while fanning the odor away from her face."Not even momma's brahmin chili'kin make that kinda stank!... Hwhew! Now I can breathe, goodness!" She says while finally calming down as the smell wafts away on the wind.
"Fixin things, I think I can give it a shot if they aint gonna take shots at us first that is." Tibbie says in her usual southern drawl.
Victoria The flask is taken and given a little shake, Vic trying not to look like she's about to jump out of her skin. Upper teeth are bared in what one might call a smile, while her bottom lip tucks between teeth. It's not a good look. Forcing her other hand off the strap of her backpack she'll let her backpack fall naturally against the small of her back as it bounces merrily, the backpack quite happy to be on this trip. Opening flask a drink will get taken, the heat of the liquid causing her throat to close a little as she lets out a sputtering hiss. Shoulders lift up as she shudders, the flask handed back with a flick of her arm to the side to Lowry, "Thanks." Usually whiskied voice is even hoarser now, but the liquid fire burns away a little of that trepidation. Or fuels it. She doesn't know yet.
    Krysta then bee-lines out to the caravan and Vic's eyebrows raise up as she tilts her head to the side, strand of hair flickering against her cheek, her steps coming to a hard stop, "So, is that what we're doing?" Her calloused right hand will raise, and by the very action Krysta took her trepidation rises high, "I mean, I could have done that."
    However, the tactic seems to have worked, and Victoria moves in towards Qwillis, nodding her head, "Okay, I can fixing." As the someone from the caravan steps out and calls Victoria flinches as a breeze wafts in along the air. Something crawls along her flesh, from her toes upwards until she's nearly frozen, "Death." Whispered softly though clenched teeth, her nostrils flaring as she reflexively grabs the straps of her bag once more. Dark brown eyes fixate on that individual who seems all too happy to ask for help. Jaw tight. That smell is all too familiar. And far too fresh in her memory. Or ...chili. It could be chili. Please let it be chili.
Serena Serena's eyes kept staring as she slowly raised up that hand in the direction of that caravan. "Qwillis...." Looking up at him she'd seem concerned as she frowned. "No no. That's coming from them. Don't get close...." Those blue eyes would look back to the man that stepped out and then kept speaking to Qwillis. "Don't touch them....don't get too close....."
Lowry      Lowry is scootin' along when he gets a sour look on his face. "What the fuck?" He starts looking around right about the time Tibbie starts reminicising about good memories from back home. Hearing the others he is nodding agreement and drawing weapons, "Oughta' hold yer' horses, Darlin'." He shouts out to Krysta. Looking over at Victoria he says, "Take this." Pulling a shot gun from his back he racks it one haded and tosses it over, keeping the weapon vertical in the air.
Devlin     Following Krysta for a change of pace, Devlin lowers his right hand some, forcing the metal up. At this point Tibbie might notice the piece of metal he wielded was larger than she was tall.. "Oi, you didn't answer the question." Walking off to one side, Devlin began making space between himself and Krysta, he poised to approach at a wider angle.
     Krysta narrowed her eyes when she thought she caught something odd about the approaching man. But then it was gone and she wasn't sure it was even there to begin with... And then the guy was walking at her with a big smile and she shifted, her weapon at the ready. If she could have flipped Jackson off for calling her 'darlin' she would have... She would deal with pet names later, however.
     Shifting to make certain the guy could tell she was not open to hugging anyone she spoke. "Stand back. Until we can clear you of the possibility of contamination do not touch anyone. Dunwich isn't exactly...." She whistled as that smell struck her, muffled though it was. "Well, something died so. What or who was it? Come on. Answers. Sooner you answer, the sooner we fix your wagons."
     She turned to glance at Devlin as he flanked her then turned back to face the guy that was a bit too close for comfort...
Qwillis     The guy just.. kept coming. Suddenly, blurring out of no-where from behind his back is a sword that looks rather eerily like Devlins, which is promptly swung at Krysta! Unfortunately for her, that weapon would crash into her helmet, almost dropping her to the ground with that massive impact. That sword seemed like it did a LOT more to her than what Devlin has seen his do to others. That scent of rot that was on the air before is much more intense now. The wind changed direction, blowing towards them from the caravan.

    "They're turned! Let the fighters fight, let's fall back!" Qwillis would call to the others even as he'd back up, that plasma rifle coming up but hesitating on who to target as more of the caravan people lumber off of that wagon, stalking towards the group. From the looks of it? They started mirroring what the people had on hand.. even a few that just had their fists, like Victoria.
Victoria Victoria finds herself holding a shotgun. She holds it like a loaf of bread at first, cradling it in both hands and staring down at it. Her brown eyes will take in Lowry with a sidelong glance, a sort of incredulous 'do you even know what this is?' sort of look. With a grudging sigh she's soon equipping it properly, or as proper as she can in her mind, butt against shoulder, thing raised up in ready. No way she's gonna admit to nearly pissing her pants. Nope.
    Fists?! Aahahaha, Victoria has a shotgun thanks to Lowry! A shotgun she has no intention of using, of course. But something she could swing. Right ..over there. Victoria will dart, all sneaksy like, to the side to hide. Behind something. A log. Which isn't very good hiding. But hiding nonetheless. Shotgun is held to her chest and she has every intention of using it if she has to! Which she won't. Because the big bad asses are going to go into battle while she stays crouched. Woman needs some training.
Devlin     Devlin was flat footed the moment when Krysta was attacked by a bumper sword akin to his own. Rather than disengage, he closed ground and slashes hastily between the man and Krysta missing both of them. Cutting with a rising side slash, he cuts into the mans arm only to geel magnetic resistance.. "Powered Armor! Aim for center mass, give me a second to get a better grip!" is said as he turns his back on Krysta.
     Krysta was surprised to see that sword come out of nowhere. She couldn't move fast enough to avoid the impact either. It knocked her in the head and she stumbled back a pace, trying to get her head together. Had Devlin just... That looked like Devlin... She shook her head inside that helmet and lifted her assault rifle. The damn thing was gaudy too, gold plated. She kind of disliked it. But she disliked the idea of Devlin attacking her more.
     Then another sword came down between her and 'Devlin' which broke her out of a sort of daze. She instantly lifted her rifle and laid down suppressive fire with everything in front of her. Her eyes were more focused on this 'other' Devlin that was now putting his back to her, though... And issuing orders. Her rifle came up then, targeting the second Devlin directly. She went with her gut and followed orders.... She even managed to nail the guy in the head!
Lowry      "OO!!OO!OO!!!!!!!OO!!!OOO!!!!" Lowry screams biting his fist like he was at a boxing match. "That looked awful!" He is shouting as he raises his revolver after watching her suffer that blow. "Don't think we need 'em swinging that around." He eyes up the weapon letting loose a round to take it out. He curses under his breath but it seems to have purchased something. Now he steadies... BOOM! He let's another fly. BOOM!
Tibbie     Not being one to disobey the boss-man Qwillis, the young gal Tibbie falls back and let's the action play out before her from a safe distance.
"There's gotta be somethin'round here we can mess with to help out!" She says while taking in the environment with her coffee-brown eyes. After a hard look at the very open area, she's certain there's nothing of use to them, unless the five foot three inch tall woman could somehow summon the earth to open and swallow the stinky bad-guys up. There's no way she could help out from her safe spot.
Qwillis     Qwillis fell back with the others. He'd frown as the clones took on.. copies.. of them there. Wait.. Serena?? He was almost going to shoot that clone.. and then.. he couldn't. Not.. He just.. couldn't shoot her. Shaking his head to clear it, he'd turn his attention to that other clone, The devlin clone had twin shots of hot plasma flash past Krysta and the real Devlin to torch the thing in critical temprature plasma!
Serena Serena was just quiet the entire time before she finally just let out a huff. Watching everyone shoot them she'd just stay behind Qwillis the entire time. When he started to shoot and hesitated she'd just huff as she stepped up next to him then. "Move...." Frowning, her blue eyes focused but there was a flicker in them. Both hands went up as suddenly what looked like balls of fire started to form out of air....she was showing off. They'd fly over and just land into the group of the clones. Putting one hand down she'd just snap then as she lit up the rest of the group before she hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. A hand went to her head as she let out a deep breath. "....damnit....." Yeah....that's gonna leave a headache.
Qwillis     The clones? They burn. The mist itself is repelled by the flame that Serena puts out, torching the darkness to have it fade. That copy of Serena has one last twisted look of hate to it, spiteful as it'd lash out with it's own fire, lighting up the ENTIRE area that the group was at! Those fortunate to dodge it would see exact copies of them, where they stood, in flames that would snuff out.. Those who did not? Well.. the now know what it felt like to be infused with fire. NOT pretty.

    That last defiant burn would settle, slowly snuffing out to leave the area free of that darkness taint. The caravan? it's all rotten. It looks like it's been sitting there months.. although they've only been missing 2 days.
     Krysta watched the fire suddenly burst into life around them. And that clone of Serena? It looked like it wanted to kill them all. Its eyes flicked toward Devlin and Krysta simply acted. She moved, shoving Devlin back and standing in front of him.. Just in time. Her world became flame and pain. She hardly made a sound, however. She simply dropped to her knees, scrambling to escape the armor oven she found herself in. As it disengaged she gasped and fell out, covered in burns and fighting to focus. Damnit. She looked to make sure that Devlin was not facing the same, though, trying to catch her breath.
Tibbie     Tibbie had thought her spot was safe until it spontaneously combusted into flames! Luckily our clumsy Tibbie had managed to jump and fall backwards just in time, not catching a single lick from those nefarious flames. Watching her own copycat from afar being snuffed out was quite the scene and it distracted her for a moment before the smells of fresh flesh being burned snapped her back to her teammates.
"Awww nawwnawnaw!! C'mon y'guys we really oughta get the hell outta here and to some doctors afore anymore whackos show on up!"Tibbie scrambles to the team and hovers around the burned, trying to figure out exactly how they were all going to make the trek back home in this condition.