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Lynnette Making her way from the basement, she'd seem to have a bit more pep in her step than the past week or so. Yawning a bit she would lazily make her way over to the bar....actually behind it now before running her fingers through her long curled hair. Chuck was trying to get her from back there but she just shot him the dirtiest look she could muster before he backed down. Licking her lips a bit she would start to pour herself a glass of water and then leaned on the counter, taking some weight off of her bad leg. Did she look tired? Yes. Probably was the painkillers.
Alpha     A bit after Lyn posts up at the bar, Alpha would stroll in that door. He'd raise a hand to greet Chuck, pauses, realizing it's Lyn and shrugs, continuing on. Caps of course are passed along with that request and a smile her way. "Beer."
Lynnette Smiling warming she would slowly take those caps and stood up slowly. Only barely limping she would grab him one of those beers then and popped off the cap and slid both over to him. " you go, Sheriff....." Winking at him playfully she'd lean back on the counter, resting her chest on her arms then as she smirked. "Everything all sorted out with the Solomon gang now.....?"
Alpha     Alpha chuckles softly, taking up the beer and a drink, the cap nudged her way as tip. He'd lean on the bar himself and offers that bottle her way for that swig he often gives her. "Nah.. but.. their first attempt has been stopped.. I'll have ta keep searchin fer how else we can get this place cleared up a bit.. may be a crap heap.. dun mean it has ta stink.."
Lynnette She'd slip that cap down the top of her dress and winked before taking a sip of that beer. Sliding it back over to him she'd stand up straight then and nodded. Those hands going on her hips she would tilt her head a bit then smirked. "'s our crap heap, right?" Shrugging she Ould then tilt her head a bit as she looked over to the window that was once the Ashur hole. Sighing she would just shake her head a bit. "I suppose we just need to wipe them out completely....."
Alpha     Alpha nods a little to Lyn, then glances out the window. "That'll be hard ta do. The mayor? ex-mayor? he's got contacts.. lotta em. So ain't gonna be a soft target at all.. nor one that a batterin ram could get." he'd motion with the beer towards the window with that wry sense of amusement. Drinking some of the beer, he'd frown. "But.. we can make JT not worth it.."
Lynnette She'd sigh and then nodded slowly. "That's fair....." Propping her head up on her left hand she would just sigh softly. "Well how do we do that?" That brow would raise before she would shake her head. "We're not trashing the town....sorry. I just got this place back to decent...." Smiling she'd just look him over for a second the nodded. "Or just make it more trouble.....knowing ain't shit here...."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles and drinks some more of his beer. "Dunno yet. Just know ta not let the chaos twins inta town ifn we're takin down somethin.. I'd hate ta have to deal with that crap around here.. that's fer sure." He'd shake his head and glances to Lyn. "just keep an ear out, yeah?"
Lynnette She'd snicker softly at the 'chaos twins' comment again and nodded. "I will definitely remind you...." Giggling a bit she would then slowly reach out her hand but stopped short as she tilted her head. "Let me know if you need me to do anything.....seriously...." Smiling softly she would nod. "I'm not that helpless...."
     Akane walked into the bar and paused just inside the doorway, looking around. She looked more in control and confident than she had the last time and she was carrying her backpack with medical supplies. Upon seeing Alpha and Lynn she would head in their direction.
Lynnette Pulling her hand back to her her she'd look up and saw Akane. And was that a smile on Lyn's lips? Gasp! But raising her hand she would give a wave as she leaned over from behind the bar. Seems she was feeling at least better enough to make her way behind the bar. "Well hey hey...." Smirking she'd prop her head up on both hands now as she smiled. "What's up?"
Alpha     Alpha glanced over at Lyn's wave and toasts Akane lightly with that bottle of beer. "Hey Akane. How ya been? Hmm.." He'd eye her as she'd walk, then glances to Lyn. "Guess her lover finally got ta doin it right by her.. eh?"
     Akane paused at that smile, eyes flicking quickly wondering if there was a knife hidden there or not. But then simply finished walking over to them. "I came by to check on your leg." Alpha's comment got a twitch from her and a look that hinted toward that dark mischief she'd displayed before when he told her he would shoot her.... But she just pondered kicking him int he shins for a couple seconds. "Lynnette would you sit on a stool so I can check your leg?" Maybe before I thump the sheriff and get arrested again? Though of course that wasn't spoken.
Lynnette Lyn almost choked at Alpha's comment. Sighing a bit she would shake her head then smiled at her. Nodding slowly she would make her way around the bar, limbing a bit before slipping onto a stool. "Thanks. It's clean but...not really healing right." AS she pull that split of that dress open she would cross her legs at her ankles and nodded. "Kind of slowing me down" she'd lean back on the counter as she slowly started to undo the bandages on her leg. "Not like I need to run. Dev thinks they might think I'm actually dead..."
     Akane lifted her eyebrows then went down to kneel on the floor, opening her pack and digging for a bit. She came back up then and peered at the exposed wound. As before it was clear it was a through-and-through, so no bullet left to poison the tissue around it. She did see some hints of infection but it wasn't bad yet. She pulled out a jar of thick honey and a syringe and vial. She would load the syringe. "This is an antibiotic." Assuming she would not be stopped she would inject Lyn near the wound.
Lynnette Taking a deep breath she would nod as she watched her carefully. When she saw the needle, the woman would frown some but just put her hands on sides of the stool. Wincing she would look away from the wound. Lyn would just hiss at the injection but just shook her head a bit as she nodded. "Okay....was it infected?" Scrunching her nose she'd look down finally and sighed. "....guess no more late night crusades for me...."
     "It is starting to be but I believe that we caught it." She would then set the syringe aside and apply the honey before wrapping it in bandages again. Once done Akane would cap the syringe for disposal later and put everything away in her bag the stand up.
Lynnette "Oh thank you...." Relaxing she would look up to to her and smiled softly. "....for real....thanks." She'd pull her dress back over to cover the new bandages then nodded. "Can I get you something?" Slipping from that stool she would slowly limp over back behind the bar then. Licking her lips she would just yawn before pulling out a glass. "On the house?"
     Akane blinked and tilted her head faintly. Something...she shrugged. "Whiskey. 30 will cover the treatment costs. But give me a whiskey and 25 and we'll call it even." On the house apparently did not compute.
Lynnette She would blink as she just...stared at her and sighed a bit. Going into her a box she would shift some stuff around then sat thirty caps on the counters. Grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the should she'd fill that glass she already had pulled out and then put up the bottle. "Here you go!"
     Akane accepted the payment, though the extra caps made her look confused for a moment. She accepted the whiskey and sat on the stool. She looked around her curiously, rolling the glass between her palms idly. Lynn had done a pretty good job renovating the place.
Lynnette "Well..." A tilt of her head then as she would chuckle. "You're silent as the dead...." Leaning on the counter she would sip her water from earlier now as she watched her. "....what's gotten into you?" Or she could have said who but....not in the mod to be that snarky.
     Akane blinked then looked down at the whiskey. She stayed silent for a good long time before she spoke again. And when she did, her voice was small and quiet, almost scared, though she showed o other signs of fear and there was no danger. "You think you two are ever going to get married?"
Lynnette Lyn's mouth just...feel open as she heard that. Was she actually....blushing? For real? "I..." Now how the hell was she going to answer that? Hell....this wasn't exactly her strong suit to be honest. "Um...what? What brought that on?"
     Lynn wasn't the only one blushing. Akane's cheeks were just lightly tinged and she refused to look up at the other woman. She mumbled something too quiet to hear and looked to the side...
Lynnette A blink as she just....stared at her then. "I mean.....that's a discussion to be had...." Staring at at her she would frown a bit. "I...I don't know if I'm wife material. I guess that'd be up to Alpha....." She was so glad he had walked off somewhere for now. "I mean....I"m not exactly the virginal wife..."
     "And you think I am?" Akane shifted and sipped at her whiskey the looked to the side again... "He...d..doesn't care. He" And overload. Her face was bright red and she just put her head down on the counter.
Lynnette "Wait....what?! Who?! Who's he?!" Her eyes went wide then. Akane was going to be married before her? Well....seems like the old woman from the brothel was right.....she was going to be a spinster. "Holy crap that's awesome though!"
     Akane flinched at the shout then rolled her head to the side juuuuuust enough so Lynn could see one eye. "L..Lee...."
Lynnette "I mean....that's awesome!" Clapping her hands she would smile. "So how'd he do it? WAs it....casual? Was it....all romantic and crap?" Lyn would wiggle her eyebrows then as she grinned. "Did you say yes?!"
Alpha     Alpha pops back in the door at juust about the right time to catch Lyn demanding who and saying it's awesome and.. Akane.. blushing?? He'd stare at the two women at the bar for a moment. This.. what the heck was going on?
     Akane blinked a few times and sat up, staring at the drink again. "Well, I mean.. I .. asked for a mark and... He had to explain... About rings and.. Then he explained and..." And she wasn't making much sense. "But we picked last names... And .. And we're going to get tattoos..."
Lynnette Jumping up and down she would squeal but instantly regretted it. "....ow...shit.." Putting her hand to that thigh she'd lean back over to take the weight off of it. "This is awesome!" So secretly....Lyn was still a girly girl. "Oooh....wait. I"m confused...." Blinking she would tilt her head a bit. "'re not taking his last name? Are you not doing rings and just doing tattoos?"
Alpha     Alpha would slowly drift closer, listening to the women chattering. Rings? What? He'd look between Akane and Lyn, musing thoughtfully while he'd just take up his beer he had left.
     Akane tilted her head. "Neither of us have last names. He can't remember his and I was never a citizen so I don't have one. So we picked one out to share." The impact of those statements seemed lost on her. But she lifted up her left hand. "And we're going to get rings tattooed so we can't lose them or have them stolen." She looked over as Alpha returned with an odd look on his face and she shifted, looking down at the glass again.
Lynnette "Oooh.....but that's so awesome! I hope it's nothing like my last name." She'd laugh a bit then. "Not even sure if it's my real last one but it's the one my father said it was." Shrugging a bit she would then look over to Alpha and grinned a bit. "Wha....?" There was mischief in those green eyes before she looked back to Akane. "So y'all gonna do a ceremony or something?"
Jackson In the wake of the prior night, the morning's events seemed pretty uninteresting. Jackson thought it rather humorous that he'd spent the night at the Jack Town Sheriff's office, given his name, but brushed it off as little more than a witty observation. He was fairly sure he was the only one who'd find it funny in the slightest. He'd spent the majority of his afternoon strolling through the city, taking in his environment. He'd never really had any reason to head up this way until he'd gotten news of the Sheriff's request, so he figured the least he could do while he was here was take in the scenery. As he strolled along, he caught eye of a dive bar. It was early... But... What the hell? A few drinks never hurt anybody. Without a second thought, Jackson strolled over to the door, pushed it open, and into the bar's main floor. It was refreshing to see that he wasn't the only one who decided to have a drink so early on in the day. The good Sheriff Alpha, as well as one of the women who he'd seen with him the night before were conversing at the bar alongside a stranger who Jackson hadn't had the courtesy to meet. Hell-- he didn't even have much familiarity with the Sheriff aside from the passing hello. But, now was a better time than any to introduce himself. Jackson approached the bar with a relaxed smile on his face, pulled up a stool, and tipped his hat toward the other bar patrons. Marriage seemed to be the topic at hand, and with a raised eyebrow, Jack spoke. "Howdy there. Jackson's the name, but most just call me Jack or Prism. Nickname's a bit of a long story." As he finished, he reached into his pocket, digging out a handful of caps. "Can't say I know much about rings and relationships. Was always pretty shitty with the ladies." At that, his smile broadened slightly. "What'll it be for a glass of whiskey?"
     Akane turned and peered at Jackson and suddenly downed her whiskey and stood up. She was nervous again and bright red. She nodded her head to Jackson, mumbled something about having to go collect honey or herbs or tattoos no that wasn't right.. ANYWAY poof! she was gone.
Lynnette Lyn would just blink as the woman ran off she always does. Sighing she'd just smile over at Alpha until...Jackson walks in! Raising a hand she would lean back on the bar, taking the weight off that leg and grinned. "Afternoon, Jackson...." Winking at him playfully she would pull out a glass before turning to grab that bottle. "Whiskey is three caps, handsome...." Turning back she'd let that bottle hover over that glass as she waited with a playful smile.
Jackson As he moved to respond, Jackson impulsively checked his watch. It was a habit he'd built up over patrols, and he realized quickly that he'd been forgetting about his prior obligations. 'The mission' He thought, his face suddenly losing it's color. "Unfortunately, I'm.. Actually gonna' have to decline. I didn't realize that I have a bit of an appointment i'm late to. Sorry to cut the introductions so short, but you can coint on me stopping in here again the next time I'm in town. Ya'll seem like a decent enough bunch, considering i'm not filled with holes." With that, he stood up from his stool, turned, and walked toward the door. He stopped for a brief instant, turned back to the bar, and spoke a last time. "Next time, I'll be sure to drink myself into oblivion." And with a smile and a wink, he was off into the wastes once again.
Alpha     Alpha watches Prism go, then can't help but laugh, shaking his head. "Man.. fer being a sheriff? he talks a lot." Chuckling, he'd finish off his beer and then offer a few more caps while wiggling it at Lyn. "So.. whatcha talkin ta Akane about, huh? Seemed ta have ya both blushin and everything.."
Lynnette Lyn would just blink then shook her head. Screw it...she poured herself a shot before taking it. Exhaling she'd slam that glass down and then shrugged. Letting out a yawn she would just look over at him then leaned over to pull up another beer. Popping it open she would slide it over to him then sighed a bit. "Oh. Nothing really. Apparently Lee asked Akane to marry him?" Shrugging she'd just sip at her water then. "Poor thing seems so confused."
Alpha     Alpha catches the beer, raising a brow curiously as Lyn would slam the shot, then tell him. He'd muse a little, then nods slightly. "Huh. And.. didja start thinkin 'bout it fer us, Lyn..?" He'd ask it casually, hiding his reaction behind taking a drink of that beer, but he was definitely watching her, to see how she'd take it.
Lynnette "Huh is right. She...." Stopping she would blink and slowly looked over at him. There goes her blushing again and her going quiet. "I...I don't know...." Suddenly clearing her water and whiskey glass out was super interesting. "I'm not exactly wife material. That'd be up to you if you wanted to." Shrugging she'd turn around to hide that red on her face and not to freak out. "We haven't even really discussed anything like that. I'd have to want to right? That's how that works...." Now she was rambling. "Wouldn't be the end of the world would it?"
Alpha     Alpha watches her as she'd turn her back to him. Musing, he'd eye his own bottle of beer. "I guess.. it would be somethin I'd wanna do.. yanno.. keepin my treasure safe and all.. so.. frag.. why not marriage? Way ta have a legit way ta shoot guys ifn they push too far with ya then yanno.. End of the world? Sure.. sure it would Lyn.. be an end ta being alone.. an end to uncertainty.. right? Would be an end ta havin ta think ifn it'll work out.. or just.. knowin it.."
Lynnette Lyn would just stand there as she washed that same glass.....a few times. Exhaling deepening she would push that blush back but moved on to that next glass that was oh so dirty for some reason. "Well...." Clearing her throat she'd just dry her hands on a towel and spun around. "You just want a reason to shoot people that try to touch me...." Laughing softly she would just tilt her head a bit. She had no idea what was happening. When it happened to her friends she was giddy but when it came to her? She wasn't very....confident. "But you're right. I mean....would end being alone and stuff...."
Alpha     Alpha nodded wisely, drinking more of his beer. His attention shifted back to her as she'd turn around, storm greys watching her with that small look of amusement. "Hmm.. Should I make you say it first? I did the first time.. So would only be fair if I was to say it first this time.. right? I mean.. that is of course, Lyn.. ifn yer even inta it.. if yer not? then well.. wouldn't make sense ta ask ya, would it?"
Lynnette Staring at him she'd just blink before folding her arms a bit. "Say what?" She'd turn her head a bit, as if she was pouting. Sighing softly she would just shake her head and stared at him. "I wouldn't say no....if that's what you're asking....." Finally she'd smile at him warmly before turning back to her glasses. "And coaxing it out of me.....was just evil."
Alpha     Alpha snorted, then chuckled. "You liked it and ya know it." He'd grin as he'd drink his beer. "Hmm.. so ya wouldn't say no. Good ta know.. So lemme guess.. ya were lookin fer one of those big romantic numbers? Song? dance? yah?"
Lynnette Laughing she would just shake her head then before she would nod. "No I wouldn't say no. And lord...." Taking a pause she would look back at him. "I don't need some big ol' pomp and circumstance. I haven't thought about this since I was a kid. all. That idea got knocked out of me by my dad real quick."
Alpha     Alpha studies Lyn closely, watching her for a long moment, before nodding a little. "So.. then.. will ya marry me, Lynnette? I wasn't kiddin 'bout wantin ta claim my treasure.. and.. I'm happy ta let everyone know it.."
Lynnette Spinning around she would go wide eyed then as she heard him. Her mouth was wide open to say the least....dumbfounded. Lyn didn't know whether to pass out or jump and down. Hell...she never even thought she'd meet anyone like this. "Alpha...I...." Looking around....there were a few people around and she wouldn't out him. Slowly she'd make her way around that bar and stared at him intently. "....yes...." There was a smile on her face then. "....yes I will...."
Alpha     Alpha stands as Lyn comes up to him on the other side of the bar. That beer is set down.. obviously this is serious. He'd listen to her, then grins at her response. The rest of the people around? Screw them. Alpha know of her leg and so he'd sweep her into his arms, dip her without making her use that leg and kisses her quite throughly, hard, deep, passionately. Making sure it was known, without any doubt at all, exactly what that sort of kiss meant.
Lynnette Letting out a gasp as she swept her into a dip she'd wrap her arms around him. Kissing him back just as deeply, she'd close her eyes and held onto him tightly. Of course at this time Chuck and walked out of the back and just shook her head. He didn't even want to know to be honest. The few patrons there? They just....stared....wide eyed. Even a few of them made comments. "Aw come on!" " that how you get her?" "So....does this mean no to dates?" Slowly Lyn would break that kiss and stared up at him, her face flushed then as she glanced around and whispered. "....Alpha....."
Alpha     "Frag em." Alpha says back to her with that amusement there. He'd slowly settle her back up on her feet with a wink. Then he'd casually sit back down at his spot, finish that beer and waves the bottle at Chuck. "Hey Chuck! I need another my man. Gotta serious thirst after that yanno.."
Lynnette Chuckling she would just look around and then blushed as she nodded. "Okay...." She had no smart come smart ass comment. Instead she just sat down next to Alpha and looked to check. "Make it two...." Chuck just rolled his eyes then sighed as she grabbed them both a beer. "Take it out of my tips, Chucky..." Snickering she'd glance over to Alpha and just smiled then as she looked into her lap.
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly. He'd smile to Lyn as she'd sit next to him and he'd reach out to hold her hand. "Hmm.. I do wonder though.. who's gonna do it? I ain't exactly a follower of any of em crazies out in the wasteland.. so.. whatcha thinkin Lyn? How ya wanna handle the whole thing?"
Lynnette Feeling that hand she would look down and held it, squeezing gently. Smiling up at him, those green eyes peered at him and nodded. "I don't know. Maybe we can figure it out later. My head is still swimming....and you haven't even...." And before she could finish, Chuck just threw up his hands. "Oh come on!" He'd walk off then as she just laughed! "I wasn't going to say anything bad!" Lyn was cackling now as she looked over at Alpha with a smile now. "I'm not really sure as how to go about this....."