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Ashur The fallen airship remains a mystery. What could explain talking animals, domesticated deathclaws, and the tight-lipped human guardians who watch over them? Whatever mad science is at work is of great interest to the El Dorado Federation, and brave sorts have been encouraged to make the nice-nice. So when a radio alert came in indicating a roving supermutant warband had been driven out of the ravine and fallen back to make camp, a few hero-types made their way out.

Thus do we find ourselves here in Dead Man's Gulch. A place of stale air, dying plants, and shadows that loom unearthly long; a place where the wind keens like a banshee, a dozen paths lead off into jagged-sharp mountain peaks, and the ground is littered with bone as much as rock. The radio had said 'camp at boneyard', and Ashur, at least, was familiar with where that was: surprising no one whatsoever, he liked the place, and had forced himself on the group in an unofficial leadership position.

"The tomb of bones is ahead, over the crest of the hill," he rumbles through his helmet, lifting his power fist and pointing ahead. The path heads straight on, rises, and then falls sharply some thirty yards ahead. "We do not know how many there are, or what they are armed with. Are any of you bold enough to scout ahead?"
Lee     Lee was off duty. Although even off duty, he still wore the Militia dustier, a matter of pride of course. Having heard about the trouble, he'd go to help, and once again, glad for the power armor that would filter the outside world for him.
    Looking to Ashur, there's a quiet chuckle inside his armor, then that external comm would click on. "While I would scout, Ashur, I ain't exactly quiet in this.. so no point in goin? Someone else prolly should."
     Akane w also in some power armor. She kept close to Lee as they walked along. Ashur's explanation got a click from her speakers but she did not pop up with anything else. She wasn't exactly quiet either.... Honestly, hse was kind of here as a backup medic. It was unlikely her batting eyes could do anything against mutants after all.
Vuk Vuk was likely automatically not allowed to volunteer to go racing through the area on his motorcycle; though it would have let him out run the super mutants, instead, he's gently spooling up the mini gun before letting it settle down again, then spooling it back up. "Why bother with a scout? They are like brethren to you Ashur. Simply speak to them and make them come to us and let them taste their failure in death." The power armor clad Reaver says to Ashur, implying Ashur isn't..human?
Eden Eden smile up at Ashur. "I'll scout if you like. I'm quick and very non-threatening. Most just overlook me." Hoping he allows it, she stands and waits.
Tibbie Here in this desolate land is a small group of people, one of them being the optimistic Tibbie Gaines, and yet again she's here to contribute some sort of help to the community while enjoying some adventure out of town.
"Well now this place sure reminds me the time me and Davy went off try'na find th-.." She snaps out of her story and replies to the group she's in, smiling all the while,
"I'll scout up an out ahead too boss! I got the eyes for it!"
Jackson Jackson couldn't exactly say he was familiar with the Boneyard. It was a difficult journey down, even with his horse, and th eatmosphere of the place would certainly be haunting to a less disciplined man. Though he did have to say, the three sets of power armor standing in stride alongside him definitely made things a little bit easier. The man leading their little expedition asked for a brave volunteer to scout the area ahead, and being the man that he was, Jackson hopped off of his horse and stepped forward. "I shouldn't have any problem doing so. Can't say i'm the best at that sort of thing, but I'll do what I can." He shifted a bit uneasily in the face of the group, but did his best to give off an aura of confidence. He didn't want to give off a bad impression.
Ashur Ashur reaches down and gives Eden's head a little pat-pat. His expression is unreadable beneath the fierce white steel of his helmet, but he's probably smiling. "The boneyard is a large place; it stretches on, and there are many nooks and crannies even mutants can hide in, under the shadows of the giants. Eden, Tibbie, Jackson -- descend the hill ahead and keep quiet, keep to the shadows. Mind your steps; the bones crack. Return when you find something. If they find you, scream and sprint. We will abandon stealth and charge in."

The caped Legionnaire turns after that, arms folded over his chest, looking over toward Vuk. "Alone, I would do so. But I must take a more cautious approach to keep the rest of you safe."
Vuk Vuk will wheel his motorcycle some where safe, hidden before beginning to skulk about, if the scouts end up returning with...'friends' he'll be in a vantage point to open up into narrow approaches with his minigun. "We could draw them into a narrow know that would be to our advantage to bottle them up." Vuk grumbles.
Ashur The three scouts quiet and stalk ahead. The rest of the group, too heavily armed for silent passage, stays some ways back. The trio climb the small hill, and then follow its sharp decline to the other side, passing between two cliff faces and entering the boneyard.

The three of them each take a different direction. Tibbie turns left, and sneaks toward what seems to be a massive ribcage; Prism turns right, and follows another descent in the terrain, through tall brown grasses; and, at last, Eden sets forward, into the most open places of the graveyard.

Back with the main group, Ashur nods, watching that hill with a hawk's focus. Should his Eden cry out, or return with a thirsty batch of psycho-monsters, he's ready to flip his shit and kill everyone in front of him.

But calmly.

"A fine idea, Vuk," he compliments, sounding sincere if monotonous through his rebreather. "We do not wish to be surrounded."
Eden Eden stepps softly. Such a small thing, that is pretty easy for her. She heeds Ashur's warning about watchin for small bones and moves silently forward. It's is eerily quiet for a time, but she knows exactly who is watching and has no fear.

Soon she comes to a strange encampment. The bones have been propped up, draped with hides, and made into tents and lean-tos. And mutants. A whole bunch of them. But, why are some crying? Time to head back and report. Luckily, nothing has seen her. Making her way quietly back, she says to ashur "Found a camp of mutants. They are human sized but there are a lot of them. They aren't really doing anything. But- have you ever seen a mutant crying?"
Tibbie Our lubberly Tibbie is doing her best to be a stealthy gal as she passes through the boney terrain, having her assault rifle at the ready she feels like something's there watching her, but what she sees ahead has her glad she was quiet enough. Tibbie spots a large and ugly supermutant, it's preoccupied playing a game of Catch-the-Molerat by itself with a big molerat corpse to notice her watching. A thud and a smokescreen of dust surrounds the mutant as it's coordination falters, dropping the corpse, and the spooked gal uses this new cover for a sneaky getaway back to her group.

Once back, Tibbie quietly relays what she's seen to the group,
"There's a big Uggo over past the riblets over where I was scoutin' boss! The thing didn't see me though, it was tossin' around some molerat like he was bored or something, so looks like we're doin good so far!" She smiles at the familiar faces of the group and grins at the new ones, taking her time to slip a quick introduction to them,
"Name's Tibbie if ya ain't catch the boss sayin it earlier! I'm just a shantytown gal back in Dorado and here to help out like y'all are doin too!"
Lee     Lee would have that sledge handy, but waits. It's not his part of the script yet, so he's fine with holding back, leaning on the hammer casually as he'd talk to Akane via personal comms of the suit. Why not? They had time to kill until the scouts were back anyways.
Jackson Jackson gave Ashur a nod in the affirmative, and without another word, he descended into the boneyard. It was a hellish looking place, certainly nowhere he'd want to take a vacation. As the trio reached the base of the hill, Jackson lowered himself into a more advantageous stance and began his search by taking a path to their right. He used the brownish shade of the foliage to his advantage-- it was a similar enough color to his clothing that he was able to blend in flawlessly, and he stepped carefully over the bones as he advanced. The specimens were varied in the widest sense of the word. Some were huge and ancient bones that had a slightly petrified appearance, others were small and so fresh that fragments of meat still clung on in places. It took everything he had not to gag at the smell as he crept along the trail. There were plenty of footprints that guided him in potential directions. At first, it was the run of the mill indecipherable garbage that could've came from any creature living down here. But eventually, Jackson found a few trails that were mostly composed of humanoid-esque tracks, which he hoped would point him in the right direction. As he skulked about, the stench of rotting flesh and decay were an ever-present miasma that clung to the skin and burned the nostrils wherever he went. Every tiny crack of a bone beneath his boots sent Jackson reeling into the thicker parts of the grass, clutching his pistol's grip so tightly that his knuckles turned white. The last thing he wanted to do was spook any of the critters living down here. Hell, he DEFINITELY didn't want to startle any muteys. He didn't have the time or the patience to deal with an all-out brawl with one of them while he waited for back up. Eventually, his exploration of the trails bore success. But the sight before his eyes wasn't exactly one he was happy to see. The first was a towering super-mutant who seemed to be roasting a deathclaw over a fire. The other dozen... Were.. Monsters, for lack of a better term. They were freakish, tentacled, hooved, goo-dripping, ugly-faced mother-fuckin' abominations, and somehow, not a single one of them managed to spot him. He didn't want to press his luck though. As silently as he entered, Jackson returned to the crest of the hill where his group was awaiting his report. He seemed to be the last of the scouts reporting back in, but as far as he could tell, their cover hadn't been blown. Without wasting any more time, he cleared his throat. "I found a camp. And a shit load of bones. A big, ugly mother fuckin' super trooper cookin a deathclaw, and a dozen other miscellanious tentacle-coated, smelly bastards." Though he didn't sound it, his body language was dead serious. Jack had a tendency to be a bit blunt, but he wasn't fond of mutants. His dad's stories about them always freaked him right the hell out when he was trying to sleep at night as a child. After he reported his findings, he looked at Tibbie and gave her a quick smile. "I'm a Shantytown brat myself. Jackson Parkes. Deputy at small. Pleased to meet ya'."
     Akane talked with Lee via those comms as well as they waited for the scouts to come back. The massive amounts of mutants and .. a crying mutant? Interesting.. Perhaps these are not truly enemies. She listened to Tibbie as well, wondering why a super mutant would want to play with a dead molerat... She glanced around and then toward Ashur... Though, the helmet obscured her face and eyes... But for the moment she was waiting for Ashur. Her power armor kept her from being all stealthy. But she DID speak finally, her voice distorted through that speaker. "If the mutant Eden saw was crying maybe it's not one of our targets."
Ashur The white-cloaked Legionnaire lets out a silent sigh of relief when he spies Eden making her way back up the hill. Shortly thereafter comes Tibbie, and Prism makes for the last, each of them reporting what they've found. He holds his hand in front of his face, clenched into a loose fist, and hrmms into it. "We face at least two supermutants, supported by a host of their lessers and those strange, acid-spitting abominations," he muses. "But if they are split up, we can strike hard from one side, overwhelm them quickly, and then sweep toward the others as they regroup."

This isn't as good a plan as Vuk's, but truth be told, Ashur is not confident enough in the scouts to use them as bait and lure the enemies safely in -- and there is not a chance he's leaving Eden in narrow areas as a host of acid-spewing beasts lobs corrosive junk over his head at her.

"Tibbie, take point," he instructs, and begins to march forward. "You alone mentioned an individual. We will murder the loner first."

Unless the group argues, they will all proceed rather quickly.. and the plan would have worked, too, when they come upon that lone supermutant, squatting and petting the corpse(?) of the molerat. He sounds sad when he speaks. "Wake up, Talky Ted! You wake up now or I'll eat you!"
Jackson Their plan was relatively straightforward. In tandum, the group descended into the
boneyard, and strode off toward an individual super mutant who seemed to be particularly
upset about the death of his pet mole rat. As Jackson tightened his grip on his revolver and prepared for the oncoming attack, he was surprised to see the mutant simply... Begin to cry?
He was tempted to say something about it, but just then, the hairs upon the back of his neck stood at attention. On reflex, he swivveled his head around at their surroundings,
looking for anything unusual, and he saw them. A collossus of a super mutant with black flesh and glowing crimson eyes had his attention squarely focused upon their group. In his
stead, he was flanked by a sizeable crowd of mutant monstrosities-- Jack counted 5, but there were surely more than he could see. He reacted instantaneously with a shout of
irritation. "Oh, you've got to be fucking kidding me!" As he spoke, he snapped his revolver into position and squeezed the trigger. As always, the bang was near-deafening, and the
recoil rolled up his arms like a bucking bronco, but his shot was in vain. As far as he could tell, if he hit the
thing, he certainly didn't do any damage. But he was fairly certain that he hadn't connected. The bastard was too far away. "Uhh... Everyone!? If I could kindly direct your attention to the gigantic horde waiting for the right moment to strike?!"
Ashur The battle starts! The moment gunshots begin, the bull takes off like a race horse -- even as shards of bone rain down on the mutant, alerting him to the danger, he's too slow to avoid the lumbering Legionnaire, who slams into him head-first into the solar plexus, actually impaling him with his helmet's spike. There's a cry of pain and the brute twists, rips the spike free, and keeps moving forward, knocking Lenny down! The two are a tangle of limbs for a moment.
Vuk Vuk doesn't for a moment hestitate, the M4 coming up to let two quick barking rounds pass through it's barrel at Lenny. "Finish him quickly! Before more come along!" He hisses out..possibly why he didn't use the Minigun, very..loud.
Eden Eden on seeing the mutant reacts quickly, but ineffectively. Pulling up her gun she doesn't take enough time to aim. Her shots go wide, and the mutant dodges. "Goddamnit" she grumbles to herself.
Tibbie Before the tumbling between supermutant and the brute that is Ashur began, the brown-haired gal seems a bit brave as she steps forward and squeezes the trigger of her assault rifle, taking her best aim at the supermutant only to miss terribly. The bullet sending a puff of dust to the skies as it tears the ground a new hole.
"Awww Sheeiiiit!" she curses and scrambles her body towards cover, the only cover she could find in such a panic is behind Akane and her power armor. She catches what Jackson Parkes said and looks around, flipping the finger to any watching baddies with renewed courage behind her suited up teammate
"Horde?! We'll knock the piss outta all of y'alls! We got the best! Git em' Ashur!" She barks and cheers on the close quarters combat between man and mutant from her safe spot behind Akane.
     Akane turned as shots were fired. In front and behind apparently. Jackson's shout got her to glance behind. But then Ashur was ... tackling Lenny. She paused for a second to sweatdrop. And that was when she heard it. A thin, reedy voice... Coming from the direction of that molerat the huge thing was tossing around. She flicked her comm and said something to Lee as he went off to defend elsewhere. Akane headed down toward the combat zone.
     Her first thought was she was crazy. Then she thought about the reports of intelligent animals and talking deathclaws... She bent and grabbed the molerat carefully, lifting it and moving off behind a pile of bones. There she set it down again.
     "You can talk?"
     The thing peered up at her and noded it's little moley head. "Talk a little. Helped me?"
     Akane nodded. "Aye. I helped you. You're hurt. Hold still this might hurt a little." Okay, it would hurt a lot but she didn't have much choice. She slipped out of that power armor long enough to work on the molerat, resetting his busted leg. She'd use bones and her own shirt to make a splint for it. (Though that left her with a bare midriff and short shorts for clothes outside the power armor.)
     The thing cried out in pain but once it was done it seemed quite thankful. Akane patted it on the head. Then it spoke, telling her to get the enemies lured to the giant skull... then it dove into the ground.
     Akane blinked several times then climbed back into her power armor and headed back toward the group using her comm unit to speak to them. "Get them to go toward that huge skull to the north!" And then would turn to head that direction herself.
Ashur Chaos erupts. Akane's merciful benevolence has won her a friend, and perhaps helped the group -- but can they reach the place they were sent to under this tidal wave of mutant flesh? That remains to be seen!

The ambushers charge with wild, monstrous roars and clicking sounds. One supermutant, George, points a fat reddish-brown finger toward Vuk. "Soup man will be soup and we will drink him! Drink soup man!"

It's not the most articulate threat, but then near a thousand pounds of retard is charging Vuk, while the smarter assassin fires over his shoulders.

The near-a-dozen chimera, twisted abominations of human and animal, roll and crawl toward Eden with terrifying speed. Multi-headed, dripping with scabs and pus, gnarled and nightmarish -- they crash into her, and lash her with tentacles, surrounding her! She needs help, badly!
Tibbie In the midst of the action, Tibbie aims her rifle at a particularly cunning supermutant, squeezing the trigger, and another underwhelming shot is hurled into the landscape instead of her intended target yet again.
"Aww now fuck this, let's get on to the spot fellas!" She yells through the fray at her teammates, now taking Jackson's lead and following him towards the north while egging on the swarms of creatures,
"You rejected piles of brahmin shit aint gonna catch us, y'dumb fucks!" Tibbie notices Eden's fleeing north ahead and she's been hurt,
"C'mon gal! You got this!" She cheers Eden on as they both head north together.
Jackson As quickly as the engagement began, it turned into a shit show half as quick. Before Jackson could so much as take aim at his next opponent, the majority of his group opened fire on the super mutant in front of them. However, as they fired and fought, the mutant horde arrived, and threw itself at eden, narrowly missing her with a leathery tentacle. The deputy's reaction was instinctual. He spun in the chimeras' direction, took a firing stance, and fanned the hammer of his .44 at his hip, letting loose a volley of 5 .44 magnum rounds into their midst. This time, his shots were dead on. He tore through flesh and tentacles with every shot, and they yowled in agony as the rounds tore into their bodies. The sound was deafening, the recoil near-unbareable, but Jackson was fortunate that his aim was as steady as it was. As adrenaline started pumping through his veins, he realized that their medic had said something about heading north toward the skull. "Everybody! North! Now!" He roared at the top of his lungs, then kept his back facing away from the enemy as he slowly began to creep northward, his gun trained on the horde. He glanced over his shoulder to assure himself that he was on the right track every few seconds, but aside from that, his eyes were locked squarely upon the battle.
Eden Eden is terrified as the thick, veiny tentacles wrap around her. They sweeze itghter and tighter, she hears something crack and pain shoots through her center. Not every breath hurts. The meaty limbs fill her vision and for a moment she freezes in pain and terror. Finally, she finds a way to wiggle to the ground and duck beneath it all. North. The thing had said north. She starts running. She knows Ashur will be fine, but she has to find a place slightly less full of tentacles to regroup. Finding rocks, she pauses to take a painful breath and get her bearings.
Vuk Vuk's HUD was registering impacts, and increasingly the HUD was informing him new heat signatures -did not match- those tagged in the IFF, though Ashur is still a pulsing yellow, he's not not Ashur is truly human or not yet, might go all mutie in a moment. Still, with increasingly heavy enemy pressure, the Minigun is coming into play, though it stubbornly refuses to fire, and this annoys him. "Go! GLORY FOR THE TECH!" The Reaver barks out, not at all seemingly intent on running.
     Akane stood at the skull and lifted her pistol. She really needed to get a better weapon to go with this power armor... I any case she shot at the bastards chasing eden.. and missed both shots. Ah well. Now, what was the point of us coming here again? She looked around for any indication of what the point was and whether or not trusting a random talking molerat was smart....
Ashur Ashur has beaten in the skull of poor Lenny, who, reflecting on it, never actually attacked the group -- he just sat over a molerat, moped loudly, then got tackled into the ground and punched until his brains were on the outside. Alas, poor Lenny. We knew you not at all.

Stalking away from the corpse, he turns, and only now notices the rather large gathering of mutants.. the assassin curling beneath a bone mound, the drooling chimera, the weeping ones slowly drawing toward the northern group like a pile of zombies. He also watches Vuk duel a supermutant mano e mano, nods approvingly, and then turns to follow the rest. Because his wife is there, being chased by freaky monsters.

Not cool.

At the large animal skull, the group finds.. nothing. The ground feels a little spongier, maybe? The bones here are well-gnawed, most split in twain with the marrows sucked out, but there's nothing fancy. Perhaps listening to a creature whose life consists of eating, shitting, and living in dirt wasn't the best idea, especially as nearly twenty mutant abominations shake the ground and come closer, closer --

Then WHAPASH, and a big rush of air, and the soil beneath the chimera's feet collapses inward. All around, the heads of dozens and dozens of molerats peek out, their teeth filled with dirt and wood, whiskers waving, chittering. Their warren was in the boneyard, and they've deliberately eaten through the supports they used to prop up their tunnels (yay smart animals), and the weight of the horde collapsed it!

The Chimera aren't dead, mind. They're just.. tangled up, and upside-down, and smacking and biting each other as they roll like jello blobs in deep pits.
Tibbie "Woo-hoo! Easy pickin's! Thanks ratties!" Tibbie declares as she aims into the newly made pit of chimera, just as she's about to shoot the nasty things, they spew nasty bile on her!
"I aint no goddamn son-of-a-bitch!" She yells as she shoots twice into the pit giving those freaks some lead,
"Take that y'nasties!" the brown-eyed woman bellows into the pit, from a safe distance, not wanting to join the pit of wriggly acidic abominations.
"Ugh that shit burns!" Tibbie cries as she's swiping off globs of bile from her body, what a day to wear only a shirt and shorts!
Jackson As he reached the base of the giant skull, Jackson pressed his back against the bone
and was forced to carefully consider his options. They were drastically outnumbered, and it
didn't seem as though reinforcements would be coming any time soon. He grit his teeth
in determination, then prepared to make his last stand. Just then, the swarm of chimeras
disappeared. Yep-- just, disappeared in a cloud of dust and screeching. As a moment passed
and Jack was filled with complete shock, he realized that they'd all fell into a hole of some
sort. As they did so, they let out a frustrated wail, followed by a spew of corrosive bile. Try
as he might to dive out of the way in time, he failed to do so, and felt the acidic bile
searing through his clothes as he rolled back to his feet. He let out a disgruntled grunt of
irritated pain, then turned his attention back toward the enemy. He didn't have time to
wallow in his discomfort. It seemed as though one of the soldiers was having some
difficulties reaching the rest of the group, and was stubbornly putting up his best fight
against one of the massive super mutants man-to-man. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be
going very well for him-- the big bastard grippe him up in his massive fists, and the
moment he'd been grappled, a second super mutant lept into action, striking the power-
armor wielding behemoth with a fire hydrant attached to a large stick. Jackson couldn't let
the man go without assistance. He didn't have enough time to clear the gap seperating them,
so he made an impulse decision. Dropping his service revolver onto the ground at his feet,
he reached onto his back, and pulled his service rifle into his hands in a practiced motion.
Without taking the time to aim properly, he fired off a single shot... Directly into the
ground. A puff of dirty soil was all the reply he got, and he inwardly cursed himself, before outwardly doing the same thing. "Damn hands. Someone help him out!"
Eden Eden sees the chimera helpless and tangled in the pits and takes fire on it. Maybe it isn't fair now that it is helpless, but she takes great satisfaction as the gun shoots and she watches one of them die. The others seem not to care, other than thier unsuccessful attempts to try and move the corpse out of the mass with the rest of them. Gun nearly empty, Eden steps back to the skull and holds her arms around her broken rib, breathing heavily.
Vuk Vuk would incline his head to Ashur, except the slight movement isn't overly conveyed in his power armor, but with him self freed <for the moment> He suddenly brings the Minigun to bear, spewing hot lead against the raging horde, sweeping it back and forth as he moves to try and gain him self ground the two Super Mutants, so he can hammer them next. "Witness Me Electric Father of Creation as I do bring the Righteous Vengence upon these followers of Satansoft!" His voice booms out from the speakers built into his helmet...
     Akane was the target of the charging mutant's attack. But Lee's shoulder checked it out of the way just in time. Meanwhile, Akane stood at the skull staring down into the hole and frowned at her weapon. The pistol felt ineffective against such a horde and she looked around for something else to use... And then she had an idea!
     She communicated with Lee via those comm links inside the suits and he took position as she moved off to another place. Akane wasn't as much help as Lee would be with that hammer, but she could move to destabilize the top. For what that was worth. And once she'd mucked around enough and moved to the side, he would strike that strategic place at the top with his hammer.
     If they were lucky they would cause an avalanche to crush the chimera in the hole.
Ashur Clever Akane's ingenious plan was a roaring success -- literally, as that tumbling avalanch of rock and bone sounds like some inhuman screech, grinding and cracking the earth as it tumbles. Everyone on their feet is agile enough to avoid it, given how slow it is, but the chimera stuck in the pits? They shriek and flail and spit their corrosive FEV acids to no avail, for as many bones as they might melt hundreds if not thousands of pounds of them just pour in.

Are they all dead? No one has any way to tell. There's a severed tentacle flopping around near Eden's foot, but otherwise, sight of the chimera is totally gone. The danger is eliminated.

Moments before Ashur charges the supermutants to assist Vuk, he glances down to Eden. "Stay safe, mine," he commands, and then bellows his challenge, rushing down George and hitting him like a freight train; there's a thundercrack and the mutant fumbles, releasing Vuk, who opens fire on the new-come assaulters with laughing madness. They seem to have things under control -- even if Curley has straight dented his power armor inwards with a two-handed slam of a fucking fire hydrant on a concrete-and-rebar club into his chest, knocking his breath away!
Jackson The assault was unrelenting. No sooner than the pit of chimeras had been dealt with, another swarm of mutants was upon their group at the skull, swinging wildly at them all. Fortunately for Jackson, the particular mutant who attempted to give him a solid punch was no match for his speed, and slammed his fist forcefully into the skull instead. Jack pivoted out of the mutant's way effortlessly, and hastily backpeddled a few yards before lifting his rifle, placing the monstrosity's body in between his sights, and giving it two .556 rounds into it's torso and left arm.
The impacts produced murky blossoms of the creature's blood as they entered, and it collapsed into a heap where the deputy had stood previously. Everything was winding down now. Though the adrenaline was still flowing wildly through his veins, it's effect on him was dulling. His wound bit at him with searing white teeth, and he wasn't so sure how much longer he could keep the fight going. Regardless, he was determined to see this through to the end. None of these mutant bastards would be escaping on his watch. Digging his boots into the bones and dirt below him, Jackson took a firm shooter's stance, and prepared for the inevitable.
Eden "Yours" Eden says in return. Then turns to fire at the approaching swarm. crap, reload first. Eden stoops to quickly reload, then is back up and aiming. There's a lot to aim at. Sweeping across them, Eden sets her gun functions and fires a spray of bullets at the swarm. Many find their target and she sees them slow and twitch, but not drop.
Ashur Tibbie goes down under a handful of the most disgusting mutants -- scabrous freaks dripping pus thick as spoiled milk, it's like gravy, and her leg twists and SOMETHING makes a noise it shouldn't, but it's impossible to tell if she snapped bone or dislocated the knee or what, but ouch. Someone should help her.. if they can stand the awful stench.
Ashur Akane gets clonked right in the fuckin' noggin with a big old femur. It doesn't really hurt, not with her armor, but it rattles her head and makes her ears ring.
Vuk Vuk doesn't let up on the trigger mechanism now, tracking it over each red displayed heat signature, not friendly at all. There are injured friendlies, he's pretty sure of that, though his armor is filtering out most external noise as he traces the weapon over those closest to him, which means one is entirely by passed as he simply doesn't have time to adjust his aim lower as he keeps peppering limbs and trying to keep things busy so Ashur can do what Ashur does. Surprise brain pulpings.
     Akane blinked a few times as that bone came out of nowhere. Not that she could dodge well in her armor, and pinged off her helmet. She growled faintly and aimed her weapon, nailing the bastard once.
Eden Reload and repeat. can't go around them, Can't go over them, have to go through them. She rememebers this phrase and laughs as she reloads. Gun back up, she inloads again, and grimly smiles as her shots sink into the swarm.
Tibbie Being toppled by numerous puss-spewing mutants, hearing roaring gunshots zip right over her, and having a serious knee injury wasn't really on Tibbie's agenda today! But this painful chaos only fueled the girl's will to live as she uses her good leg to scoot herself along just enough to leverage a shot from her assault rifle, the shot hits a mutant's arm,
"SHIT YEAH!" she congratulates her aim and grips onto her rifle, using it as leverage for her narrow escape out from under the horde. Thankfully Tibbie makes it back to her trusty teammate and only source of cover against the terrifying monsters, the power-suited up Akane. While behind Akane she mutters,
"I ain't lying, this hurts.."
Jackson It wouldn't be long now. Shot after shot rang across the battlefield, mutant after mutant fell, and Jackson didn't plan on stopping any time soon. With another quick pull of the trigger, he sent another round directly through one of the mutant's skull. With a corona of blood, skull splinters, and brain matter trailling in the bullet's wake, the creature fell against the other corpses limply, it's life forfeit. He was on a roll now. With a grin and a "Woo!" Jackson tapped the side of his rifle, aimed at another mutant's chest, and let another round fly directly into it's soft flesh.
At first, this entire conflict seemed absolutely hopeless. But with the body count steadily rising in their favor, the young deputy couldn't help but feel the familiar soothing balm of his ego being satisfied. He was a marksman through and through, and he'd done nothing but prove that in spades in the past few moments. He was worried about the girls, but he wasn't exactly in the best shape himself. The best thing he could do for now was exactly what he was-- killing as many of these sons-of-bitches as he could. He'd rather let the lady in power armor soak up as much of the brutality as she could before she needed the help. As she did, Jack would continue to rain hell down on the mutant scum harassing them. "Just a little bit more! We're almost there!"
Vuk Vuk's HUD is displaying system failures, and his body is telling him a bone broke some where, but he seems to take out the frustration on the super mutant closest to him, planting his boot on the thing's torso and unloading a few rounds into him, and a few more at his friend, though those go wide. "Saint Di Ode, watch over your servant! May Saint Sony guide my aim true!" He howls his minigun goes -click- -click-..
     Suddenly Tibbie was behind Akane and everything was attacking her. She couldn't very well dodge if she had to protect the other girl. So she soaked the hits, taking one to her own leg that would... Definitely hurt when the adrenaline wasn't so high. What else could she do? Shoot back. She missed once.. hit the second time.
Ashur The battle is a chaotic mess. Vuk and Ashur are engaged in a furious melee with two supermutants, one dual-wielding a plasma pistol and a fire hydrant, the other using his meaty fists; the ground shakes and cracks with every missed blow, that hydrant sending up clouds of dust and bone shrapnel, Ashur's retaliatory strikes with the power fist knocking them off-balance and into the ground, only for Vuk's constant storm of burning lead to riddle super George's lungs a red mess he swiftly chokes on. Enraged, the assassin launches at Ashur and strikes him over, and over, and over, denting the plates of his armor, and eventually shattering the slab of concrete and rebar that made the polearm in the first place.

Not that it stops him. The black-skinned beast snarls and scoops it up from the earth with his bare hands, still swinging it.

Back at the second combat site, a little ways to the north, there is no lack of severe injury. Breaks, dislocations, burns, the group has been pushed to their limits -- but they're SUCCEEDING, damnit! One by one, they put the mutants down, their eyes closing for the last time. Akane herself throws her way into the front line, hoping to protect the grievously wounded Eden and Tibbie -- and so far, she's doing a damn fine job.
Tibbie Not wanting to just lie around and feel the pain, Tibbie crawls to the side of Akane and pops off a few shots from her sturdy vantage point on the ground, the bullets fly, one into a mutant's femoral and one lands right in the gut. She cant help but holler from her two successful shots as the rush of success suppresses her painful knee. This was quite the adventure for this Shantytown gal, the most exciting one yet!
Jackson This was it. The moment of truth. The horde was largely thinned out. The bodies were piling up, and the bullets were certainly flying less frequently. But Jack wasn't done. With two more mutants in his sights, he put the first one's eyes in between his sights, squeezed the trigger, and sprayed it's brains all over it's companion. Before the bestial creature had so much as a second to wipe the brains off of it's face, the second of Jackson's rounds tore directly through it's throat, slicing it's main veins and sending a fine mist of arterial spray flying through the air as it spun into it's final resting place. The deputy couldn't help but feel an immense amount of satisfaction in the wake of his most recent shots. Accuracy like that was something people 'round the Sheriff's office would kill for. Knowing full well that the enemy was on it's last legs, he shouted enthusiastically toward his new allies. "Tibbie! Let 'er rip, girlie! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAW!!!!"
Vuk Vuk moves to draw the large caliber sidearm he carries as his minigun runs dry, letting a single round slam out into the remaining super mutant and ..Vuk looks like he'll keep up the pursuit, they were hired to end the threat, it is best to make sure it is truly ended. "Get the walking dead to the bikes!" He snaps out as he staggers on.
Ashur Bullets and blood bleach the bones; and when it all ends, and the dust settles? It is the humans, not the mutants, who stand victorious. Even if half of them aren't really capable of standing, per se.

Standing over the body of the black-skinned assassin, the looming Ashur lifts his plated boot and stomps before it can get back up, knocked down by Vuk's well-aimed critical blow. Its head blossoms like an ink rose, and then he, too, moves back north, manuevering around the bone-filled burrows that house the chimera. Are they alive? Dead? Don't know. Not moving the bones to figure it out. If they survived, they'll eventually be crushed to death or eat each other to survive.

"We are victorious," the Legionnaire thunders, voice raised in triumphant war cry! "Our enemies lie broken at our feet, and--"

At this point, a half-dozen mole rats pop up from the ground, circling Akane and Tibbie. One of them rests its head on the sitting Tibbie's good knee, and stares at her dreamily.

Another, the one Akane healed, pops up behind her. "Thank you for helping us! The molerats love you."

Tibbie and Akane both get little squat-armed whiskery-faced hugs from their wrinkly, pale little friends, right around their legs.

"We'll tell everybody you saved us."

The men get no credit. Who knew molerats played favorites?

As for Eden? One is even in her lap purring as she strokes its head.
     Akane scowled and shot a single mutant in the head. Then turned and started using the bones around her to splint her leg, armor and all. She would just walk it off.
     That was when the intelligent Molerats popped up. She blinked and removed her helmet, peering down at them, blood covering half of her face. She offered a smile to them anyway and reached down to pat them carefully. She wasn't getting out of her armor again right away. "I'm Akane Knight. We're from El Dorado. It's good to be friends." She figured she would keep it short... They didn't speak complicated English... "Come find me if you ever need anything."
Tibbie Completely forgetting her pain, Tibbie's now cooing and babbling at the molerat beside her, who cares if they can talk they're so cuute when they're not hostile!
Ashur The lead molerat whistles, and his - her? - brood scrambles away from the girls like fat, sausagey puppies. The one Tibbie's petting seems reluctant to go. They hop back down into their hidey-holes with giggles and waves. The leader nods solemnly, and gives Akane Knight a salute, itty bitty hand tapping its big buck teeth. "Aye aye, Captain Knight!" And then it, too, disappears.
Ashur Ashur is dead silent as all of this goes on. He storms over, sees Eden's obvious leg wounds, and simply lifts her up off the ground like a knight in shining armor, pivoting on a heel with a flourish of his cape behind him, and carrying her bridal style back toward the boneyard's entrance. "The mission is over," he declares. "We'll rest, and get the wounded to El Dorado. Come."

Poor Tibbie. She could also use a lift, but Ashur's only generous enough for one lady right now.
Vuk Vuk is nice enough to help Tibbie, he does after all, have his bike, and he isn't dead, yet. One should hope he doesn't bleed out on the ride back to El Dorado. "Which Doctor are we going to? I'm fairly certain we all should see one."