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Devlin With efforts underway, though slowed, to revitalize the 'Hope Lost' settlement, many citizens of Shantytown that had the most to gain have left their usually squatting hideouts to begin searching for and digging up forgotten resources. The danger of the southern trails and passages have often been downplayed or outright ignored, causing some to flee back to the town or even El Dorado pleading for aid after a scavenging run went amiss. Few would agree to help a squatter of Shantytown, even fewer would act without the promise of a payoff though some still offered help, just as a few did this day.

    Devlin, for his part, did not in truth care for helping another without a gain to himself, what brought he man out was simple: He needed to work on his left arm. The once cast wrapped limb was still underperforming and now Devlin could be seen with his holster adjusted to his other hip and his left hand was resting on the belt. Looking around himself as he walked along the southern road following the person who came to town for the sake of 'three' others, Devlin didn't appear sure that this wasn't a trap in and of itself.
Cassandra Since arriving in the area Cassandra has, perhaps delusionally, decided to continue doing what she's been trained to do. She patrols the roads and wastelands, keeps an eye out for threats, and is trying to rehabiitate the image and perceived strength of the NCR in the area. So it's not unsual to see her out along the road (as she is now) wandering in the trademark and highly recognizable duster and armor of an NCR Ranger.
     When she spots the group moving along the road, she alters her course, coming in closer towards the dirt road from her position, moving away from the foothills that flank the road and beginning to walk on an intercept course to meet them.
Tina Sister Tina trails behind Devlin, bearing a backpack filled with medical supplies and a few days' worth of food. She watches Devlin and the stranger leading the way with concern. Not for her safety, though that is definitely a concern, but for their evident health issues. In her crimson nun's habit, she would be the easiest to see of the small party, though the bulky pistol-like weapon holstered at her right hip suggests that she is not wholly unprepared for the dangers of the wasteland.

"How much farther must we go?" she calls softly to their guide. "A longer trip will be harder on the wounded."
Devlin     The man that was leading the way was confident at first, but now that they were out of town and again and a good couple hour walk down the trail he was becoming unsure of himself. Listening to Sister Tina's questioning, the man tries to shrink within himself for a few moments, "Er.. Uh.. Looks all the same. We couldn't of passed them, no. They should be near, we never go more than a half a days trip from town to get things."

    With a known mercenary and a fully clad NCR Ranger following behind him, the man began to murmur to himself, his eyes becoming wider and more desperate. "No no no.. I'm telling you the truth, they're out here, somewhere close!" is said with a slightly panicked voice, as the fear of what happens if they thought he was lying creeps to his mind.

    For his part, Devlin began to ignore the man, focusing on the road itself. "If they are too badly wounded we may have to make camp near dusk, I'll keep sentry watch if the worse comes to worse." Sliping his hand back from his holster and to his pockets, he soon hooks his thumbs into them to rest. Looking at the sides of the road, he tries to look for tracks or signs of any struggle recently.
Tina "Please, don't go totally without sleep," Tina cautions Devlin gently. "We can't have you exhausted. I can keep watch for part of the time, if it comes to it." Her eyes move to the ever more nervous guide. "Be at peace... I'm sure you would know if we were off our course," she says soothingly. She only half means it, however. Even her peaceful, nurturing soul is troubled by the man's apparent near-violent nervousness, and she occasionally rests a hand on her own weapon, to ensure it is ready to her hand.
Devlin     "Maybe a few hours, a nap is all I would permit myself if I can help it" is conceded. "I don't know if our friend here would be able to survive though.." Not being able to pick out any special tracks or outcrops, Devlin along with Tina have to rely on their guide for the time being. It would almost be another hour, a good twenty or more minutes of such was spent doubling back to find a side trail, before they find ruins of what used to be part of a caravan.

    Using some of the old timber as a sheather, Devlin could see why the group were stranded.. Several of the guide's friends were gaunt from lack of food, but also were littered with marks along their skin, showing concentrated radiation exposure. Scowling faintly, Devlin kept a bit of a distance away, as if being close would afflict him as well. "Well now, this isn't good at all.. Carrying these ones might be easier than trying to get them to walk again.. They're almost cooked." Turning towards their guide he quickly asked with an annoyed tone, "You expected to find water all the way out here?"
Tina "I'm a little worried as to whether /I/ would survive... I don't normally walk this far out," Tina adds, wiping sweat from her forehead as best she can. She is otherwise silent for the remainder of the trip, save for an occasional query of, "Are we there yet?"

The sight of the patients when they finally are there, however, leaves her horrified. "Lord save them... it's a wonder they have lived /this/ long," she cries softly, crossing herself. Once that gesture is out of the way, however, she immediately begins to examine them. "I pray we are not already too late. We have enough food for only two days. And I don't think we can carry them ourselves... we will need a covered wagon from the city, to protect them from the sun during the ride, or a truck if one can be found. I worry that these burns would be exacerbated by sunburn."
Devlin     Rather than to lay into more questions into the man, who was by now at the sides of his friends, Devlin just shakes his head and keeps a fair distance them from. "A truck is impossible, they aren't worth the Fusion Cells for one, secondly that means the Militia would need to be talked into coming." Moving a hand to the back of his head, Devlin turns around and looks the way they had come before looking up into the sky, briefly checking the sun's positioning. "A Lone Star Wagon could be traded for, this site will be forfeit to them though."

    When examining the four, Tina would be able to tell a slue of long term and short term problems. In the shorter term, she could see that several recently showed signs of lacerations from jagged and rusted metal along their arms, though one has foot piercings, likely from walking onto a old board or even into a trap, it was difficult to say. On the longer term, along with the radiation poison that was recovering, two of them appear to have more recent signs of recent radiation exposure and are suffering of radiation overdose which would be fatal but not for months, without treatment. Only one of those wounded showed signs Med-X abuse, if the others also used Chems was yet to be seen.
Tina "I doubt they will care about losing the site, in the shape they are in," Tina replies sadly. "This one's feet have been pierced by nails, or possibly a trap of some kind... he won't be able to walk anywhere. All of then are suffering from severe radiation exposure, two of them more recently and more severely. Without long-term care, it /will/ kill them. Even without those, they're covered with wounds from rusted metal of some kind, and tetanus will kill them as surely as rads would. Those things are beyond my power to heal without serious treatment, and there's no way I could bring such things out here with me. They need to moved to a real clinic, and very soon."

She looks to the man who had guided them here. "I'm also seeing signs that one of your companions has been abusing Med-X. Just what have you all been doing out here, to get such wounds and radiation exposure as this?" she asks worriedly.
Devlin     The man that guided them stiffens when the topic of Med-X arrives, it was clear he wasn't planning on having an actually trained medic being one of the people that were brought out. Not looking at Tina, the man chooses to try and comfort his friends for a long time, by the time he answered it was short. "We're just getting by.." is all he would, avoiding giving any real answers. As Tina tended to the group as best she could she would be able to notice something, the group wasn't empty handed.. Some of it was on them, other parts could be seen in rucksacks and sacks, the group had irradiated supplies, and while some of the supplies were dark toned, it was unmistakable that those supplies were from the same location as the more obvious irradiated supplies.

    "Great.. just great. That means I'm going to have to march at first light back to town, you need to stay here to make sure they don't kill over." Motioning towards the NCR Ranger a short distance away, currently on watch to add, "And she needs to stay to make sure you don't end up dead." Moving a hand to his cheek, Devlin slowly begins to scratch at it roughly, trying to distract himself as he thought. "We can take them to Camilla, she would have the supplies in the Clinic, these guys will be debted though." Turning his attention towards the group, he barely managed to hide his disgust. "Wrecks or not, supplies are supplies, we'll have to make sure they pay her back."
Tina Tina frowns, looking up from her work. "Mr. Devlin?" she calls, beckoning to him. "You should see this. They are more than getting by, although I have a feeling that's a large part of what's killing them," she adds, gesturing to some parcels and equipment in the group's possession. Standing and looking to their guide, she says, "It is becoming clear to me that you have not been completely honest with us. Where did you get these supplies? They've been tainted by radiation exposure. Not all of them, but most of them. And all of it's come from the same place."
Devlin     When Devlin began to approach, the guide began to become almost hostile.. as hostile as a largely unarmed and underfed man could against two mercenaries and a 'nun' packing a oversized machine pistol. "Their our's, and we didn't steal them! We cleaned them off and made sure all the seals were in place when we took'em from Roswell. It's our medicine," is stated as he leaves his weakened friends to work on stuffing the supplies out of sight, almost worried someone would steal them even while calling his nice and clean supplies tainted.

    "Irradiated chems?" is asked as Devlin watches the man before looking at the small group before them. Even though he was trying to ace casual, those with a watchful eye would notice Devlin's hand shifting more, preparing to draw his pistol. "I'm not an expert on long term radiation, nor about irradiated meds, want to fill me in on what exactly their going through?" Motioning with his left hand towards the wreck of a person laying before Tina. "What are they doing to that one at least that makes you think it's tainted?"
Tina "The emaciation is a sure sign of radiation sickness, when you add in the hair and tooth loss. And these trace radiation burns tend to follow the blood vessels... which can only happen when irradiated medications are injected," Tina replies, gesturing to the man before her with her left arm. "Also, note the resemblance to ghouls in the hooked, stiffened digits and facial features, and the yellowing of the eyes. Sure signs of long-term and untreated radiation exposure. It's a minor miracle that any of them are alive at this point." As she speaks, she rests her right hand on her gunbelt, ready to draw her weapon if needed, letting her left hand continue to gesture casually. A sure draw for suspicious eyes.
Devlin     The man that had been their guide was now more confused rather than hostile, and looking to the others that where resting. Interestingly, even those showing the worst sign of the exposure were likewise, dumbfounded by Tina, and looked among one another, not sure if the facts stated were tricks.. Soon, each of them, not bothering with modesty when they could help it, drew back their clothes, exposing that two had been females with chest binds and their stomachs were used to hide further things.. namely bullets and pieces of broken down guns they had just finished dugging up.

    Exposing more skin allowed the evidence show it wasn't simply in their eyes, arms or their head hair. Another thing their exposure showed was a countless amount of cuts, previous cuts messily sewn closed. Tina would be able to see from the group that it would have been years since they have seen the hand of a doctor, one of their true issues was neglect from their own choices. If Tina went through their supplies, she would discover quite a few different types of chems, rarely was there needles like Med-X but there several relatively empty bottles for chems like buffout and Daddy-o, luckily there were no signs of Jet or worse, Turbo.

    "You're the one who's been dealing with this it seems.. would it be kinder to 'help them sleep' or should I worry about getting a wagon from Lone Star?" is asked by Devlin, though the word 'sleep' was harsher when said aloud, hinting at another meaning to the word which would have been lost to the now distracted and half panicked group who realize now their aches were actually signs of them dying not needing additional medication to numb it.
Tina Tears flood Tina's eyes as the survivors show her what they had concealed, as she sees just how far gone they are, by their own hands. Her eyes take in the fieldstripped weapons, but linger on the crudely-sewed cuts and wounds, the ravaged, yellowing, nearly rotting flesh, the stick-thin limbs and jutting ribs. "Sweet Lord save you, you poor, wasted creatures..." she cries, her voice shrunk to a whisper from emotion, tenderly touching a brow here, brushing lank hair back from a sunken cheek there. "There is nothing I can do... even if you were to survive the trip to El Dorado, you would probably die within the week. I'm so very, very sorry... if we had been brought to you a month ago, there might have been hope, but..." Her voice catches in her throat with a harsh sob. "I'm so sorry..."
Devlin     Turning his head towards Tina, Devlin arches a brow, at first not being able to understand what she was talking about when she called them 'creatures'. Looking towards the group before them, Devlin takes a step forward to place a hand onto the middle of Tina's back, gently stroking along it while sounding a gentle 'shh', trying to help calm her to a stable condition once again. With his hand onto Tina's back, he wasn't almost grasping at his laser pistol again.

    The group on the other hand could make out a few things.. 'Nothing I can do' 'die' 'Sorry' 'A week'.. The guide that brought them there stood up fully and began to march over towards the pair, his voice rising once again, doing what ever he could to not shout. "What?! You just got here and you're giving up on my friends after coming all this way?" Moving right in front of Tina, the man was fighting with himself, it was clear he wanted to strike her or shake her, anything to make her take back her words, though looking in his eyes it was clear he was panicing. "We are all just FINE. You will help us on our feet, that guy will get a wagon and we'll just survive like we always do! Don't say we're a lost cause, -never- say that."
Tina Tina weeps helplessly for a full minute and more, overwrought by the wretchedness of the dying man and women. It's another minute before she can speak again. She remains on her knees beside the trio, looking up at the agitated guide. "Do you think I would tell them such a thing if it were not true? If there were even the smallest scrap of hope? It's too late. If you had brought us here sooner, they might have had a chance. But they are so weak now..." On the verge of dissolving into tears again, she nevertheless looks into his eyes steadily, her blue-gray eyes nearly shooting sparks. "They may not live long enough to see the wagon. Even if they do, the trip might kill them. Would you make your dear friends suffer like that? Would a friend do that?"
Devlin     Logic wasn't strong with the guide, either due to selective hearing or pure denial. "You're a quack, you don't know what you're talking about!" The others though weren't as bold, two were drifting between despair and denial, the fourth one.. just laid their on his side, looking away from everyone, half curled to find some relaxing position. "Now, you -will- help me get a wagon and find someone who actually knows what their doing or I'll beat you until you do." The man was falling back to an impossible tactic, intimidation.

    Moving his left hand low to his waist as he bends over, Devlin continues to try and comfort Tina as she flicks through almost crying to lashing out at the man, trying to guilt him into the right choice she won't seem to say. Slipping his hand onto his laser pistol but not drawing it, he flicks a toggle and causes Tina along with the man to hear a soft, electrical whine as the pistol begins to charge for active use. "Take a step back.. touch her and you will die last, and you will die very, very slowly." Glancing to the side, he looks briefly towards the nun and gives her a light nudge before taking a step back, "Lets step away, lets leave them be and get the wagon, okay?"
Tina "No. I am a nun, and a healer. My duty is at once to save what lives can be saved, and to provide mercy for those who cannot," Tina replies heavily, her voice low from fatigue and the beginnings of grief. "I've told you nothing but the truth. Beating me won't change it."

As Devlin moves to protect her, she stands. "Let's. Perhaps a few moments to think will let them see the light," she murmurs, turning toward the outside of the crude shelter.
Devlin     "We'll be back soon, we know the way now, so don't worry about what was said before. I promise you, as a member of El Dorado's Militia, help will arrive, no matter what." Speaking firmly, Devlin's tone was now dispassionate, and serious as he looked the man in the eye. Turning away, he left the shelter and followed Tina a short distance, until they were out of earshot.

    Whispering, he murmurs "They will all die, here. Did you wish to bring them to town to bury them or leave them to the critters?" Despite what he just said, Devlin appeared to be going back on his word, though if Tina heard much about the man, she would know he was never part of the Militia, though he did spend time with several of their members from time to time.
Tina Tina's eyes widen at Devlin's whisper. "We can't /abandon/ them like that... it may be safer, but it's /wrong/," she replies, keeping her voice very low. "We just... can't..."
Devlin     Slipping his left hand to the middle of Tina's back, he leans forward, using their bodies to shield the view towards the shelter. Using his right hand, Devlin draws out his laser pistol and then lets his sleeve slide, showing off a pipboy. "I didn't say abandon them.. I said they will die here. I am a mercenary, I do the dirty work for those who cannot, or will not." Turning his pistol sideways towards Tina, he lets her see that he actually had a full charge within the weapon, over a dozen shots, more than enough to gun down a small group of Raider, let alone a few merciful kills.

    "I want your approval before I begin.. I don't want there to be regret." Motioning towards the road where the Ranger was still acting as a look out, Devlin adds, "They will not know, if they do you should blame me for the idea. You said it yourself though, you don't want them to suffer, correct? This will guarantee that."
Tina "While I would appreciate your help, I cannot fully agree. They need time to make peace with themselves before they die. Otherwise, I can see no other humane way to deal with this," Tina says. "Anyway, you cannot shoot all four of them all at once... once the first shot is fired, they will know what happened."
Devlin     Closing his eyes, Devlin gently shook his head from side to side. "I won't need to.. the loud one will be executed first, then the other male.. The one woman is already making her piece before we said much, the remaining woman.. may try something, though I have enough body armor on right now that it will stop most bullets." Despite his words, Devlin holsters his pistol again, leaving the weapon active but largely disarmed. "I.. will wield about them needing to make peace, for now. Their leader I don't think ever will though."
Tina "Possibly not, but for the sake of his soul, we must give him the chance," Tina replies, still keeping her voice low. "I will do my best to make the others see reason. If they will not, we can only leave them to their fate. Perhaps the one who seems amenable will help me talk sense into the others." She takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out. "Whenever you are ready, you need only say so."
Devlin     Moving his hand away from his holster, and from her back, Devlin resigns his hands to the pockets of his jacket. "We'll try it your way for now, though you should know.. much of my faith has already been lost, and I don't mean my faith in them choosing death." Taking a step away from Tina, Devlin watches the nun carefully now from off to the side, waiting to see just how she would try to convince them to surrender and allow themselves to be killed or or purposefully overdose.
Tina "I can ask no more of you than that. Whatever may happen, I am deeply grateful for all of your help," Tina says, looking him in the eye as she speaks, as if to assure him of her sincerity. Sighing softly, she turns to reenter the shelter. "For better or for worse, it's best we settle this now."

She looks down at the three sickest of the group, then to the apparent leader. "I know you don't want to hear what I am telling you. The truth is never easy to hear, especially such an ugly truth as this. But it remains the truth. I could bring another doctor with the wagon, but they would tell you the same thing. Really, I'd rather be wrong... I'd rather offer you hope. But I cannot give you false hope. It would be... too cruel," she says softly, barely able to meet the eyes of the four people she knows she can't save. "Even RadAway would only buy you a few days to live."
Devlin     "There, you said it. You can bring in another doctor, then go and do it ya quack!" is shouted at her by the leader of the small group her makes his way to get between her and the rest of the group, especially the girl who seemed to just try and hide away, escaping reality with sleep. "You can't help anyone so you ask us not to wait for a real doctor and to just curl up and die, is that it?" There was a glare within the man's eyes as he stared at Tina, though he was the only one angry of the four. The two others still on the ground with bloody bandages from the more recent scavenging wounds, looked among themselves then towards Tina, trapped between not wanting to die and not wanting to live in decreped pain much longer
Tina "A /real/ doctor would tell you the same thing. A very unethical doctor, quack or real, would keep you all in pain and false hope with lies promising quick and painless cures... until he had cheated you out of all you have, right down to your salvage site. And then he would leave you to spend your last hours in agony," Tina retorts soberly, meeting his gaze without flinching, in spite of the tears beginning to well up in her eyes. "Either way, it is too late. I cannot save your lives. No one can. All I can offer you is the chance to make your peace with yourselves and whatever powers you may wish. And then a quick and merciful end to your suffering. Please... let me help you, in the only way I can."
Devlin     The coldness of her words mixed with the tears in her eyes confused the leader, he wasn't sure how to respond and by the time he did, the other two awake spoke up at once. "Hey.. I don't care anymore if I live.." "Just, take the pain away for an hour or two, that;s all we want, just.. We ran out of the better ones." Turning around, the leader snarls at the pair for speaking up and not simply supporting him though this mood deflates when they don't seem scared, only tired. "If you can keep the pain away for a few hours, that's enough, if you take it away for a day then I'll.. We'll go with what ever you want."
Tina "I've some painkillers. Anaesthetics. You would most likely sleep through the effects, but you would do so without pain," Tina replies. "They would last a full day. If you would give me your names and pray silently with me for a few minutes, to make your peace, I will administer them."
Devlin     "Johnney, and Galla.." Turning to the side, the woman points up towards the leader and says, "Jack.." while the guy with her points to the curled up woman and states, "Summer". Though when Tina starts to talk about praying the woman is the one who openly chuckles. "Lady.. you might be a healer but, there's no saving people from their past, especially when they don't feel guilty." The woman smiles with a crooked grin, several of her teeth, namely her molars were missing and ti was unclear just how well she could see.
Tina "If that is what you wish. If any of you would prefer to, I will pray with you, or let you do it on your own. In any case, I'll pray for you, once I've administered the dose," Tina replies softly, extracting the vials and injectors from her pack and preparing them. Once the doses are prepared, she moves to inject each of the four. "It will take a few minutes to take effect. Try to relax. That will let it work faster."
Devlin     Waving a hand, the leader appeared done with the conversation and of the acceptance of the death coup. Walking back to the rear of the shelter, he becomes winded.. Tina could see that he was now rather tired, withered compared to when he was threatening to beat her into submission for saying they should die. "I don't care.." The only thing that was keeping him up and raring was keeping the group 'safe', without it, he was left to think about his own wounds. Looking at the leader, it could be told he would last the longest, he had some innate Rad resistance, but how much Tina couldn't know, she never examined him, only the others.
Tina Tina injects the four doomed people, then sets aside her injectors and kneels beside them, bowing her head and praying silently and intensely for several minutes. Tears are trailing down her face as she finishes, but she watches them calmly until they grow quiet and their breathing deepens. Only then does she move to quietly examine the leader. The fact that he was still able to function when the others were not suggests that at the very least he is in slightly better health, if not in possession of some manner of inborn resistance to rads. How much that could help against injected rads is impossible to tell. Hence the examination.
Devlin     None.. Tina could find scars, ruined veils, rotted teeth, a hardened beer gut but Tina couldn't find any radiation burns on the man worth note. He had come exposure damage to his hands and feet, a few spots splashed on his back but, nothing of note. He seemed as healthy as the average drug addict or raider that lived in the slums of Shantytown, a stark difference to the others that were likewise heavily sedated, their pain nummed even when they briefly woke up only to doze again lazily from the blissful feeling.
Tina Tina waits until the lot of them are good and asleep before beckoning to Devlin and leading the way outside. "There is a small wrinkle in the plan," she says when they are outside. "The leader is likely to live much longer than the others. With medical care, he is guaranteed to live. But I worry about how he will handle the deaths of his friends."
Devlin     Shaking his head gently, Devlin turns to look towards the shelter. "Relief was promised, relief will be given. It doesn't matter if his body will live, the only reason he moved to town and back was because of them. When they die, he does." Turning to look away, Devlin softly adds on, "Even if I don't use the energy cell, he's still dead. You said you wanted them to make piece and go to the next life with a light heart, didn't you?" Pausing to listen to the answer, Devlin turns to look towards the sleeping group, slipping himself between them and Tina at this point.
Tina "Most likely true. He lived for his friends... I suspect he would want to die with them, even if he has a chance of living for many more years. I regret the necessity, but to cause him needless suffering in living without his friends really would be the greater cruelty," Tina murmurs, staring at the ground, which is beginning to become dotted with her dripping tears. "Set them free," she whispers. "The drugs aren't nearly strong enough to kill them. But they will prevent them from feeling any pain from the shot, if it is well placed. I know you will make it quick and clean."
Devlin     Bowing his head slightly, Devlin answers "Some say the brain but we both know that some things can live with only a section of that being whole." Extending his left hand, he gently pats Tina's shoulder before stepping into the shelter, drawing his pistol with his right hand. The first of his list was the leader, crouching down to one knee, he looked the man over briefly before angling his laser pistol before pulling the trigger. The sound was distinctly different from a bullet being fired, much quieter, and more of a hiss as the air boiled under the heat. Then the man was still..

    On the man's chest there were scorch marks and the scent of burnt flesh wafted in the air. "Sleep.." is softly said after he moves from that man and then to the couple, to see which was the deeper sleeper, choosing to shoot the lighter one first as he had their leader before their lover. Lastly he moves to the woman who has been ready to die in her sleep for some time, and ends her suffering.. four people, four cells, four boiled hearts. Walking from the shelter, Devlin still had his laser pistol in hand, the muzzle trails with wispy white smoke.
Tina Tina turns her back on the shelter, unable to watch the quick, clean, and wholly necessary mercy killing of four dying people. Crossing herself, she whispers a prayer. It is a long moment before she can look up, just as Devlin emerges from the shelter.

"Thank you. I know that we've... we've done right by them, hard as it was. We'll probably have to stay here tonight, if it is too late to walk home. In the early morning we can bury them here. I think they might want it that way."
Devlin     Once again, Tina would find Devlin's hand on her shoulder should if she looked at him she wouldn't find the conflict she was feeling within him, in fact there was a slight smirk on his lips. "You worry too much. We found four people already dead, we only helped their bodies realize this. Do not dwell on this 'Sister'." Dipping his head slightly towards her he looks away from the shelter.

    "I prefer not to sleep beside corpses.. I'll remove them, you should check through their supplies, what can be used, what might be salvaged, what we might take home our selves beyond just what is needed for the night." Giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze, Devlin applies some pressure, testing how stable on her feet she was.
Tina Tina sways slightly under that pressure, but does not collapse. Though she does give him a wary look. "What was that for?" she asks, glancing at his hand, then into his face. "As for the other? I will. It may take some time. They had an awful lot of supplies and used drug containers. We'll need to find out what the rads have poisoned. I would be leery of using any of it until we've had a chance to test it with a Geiger counter."
Devlin     "I need to know if I need to carry you on my back to town after we're done here in the morning. I need you well, just like you need me to be jaded about my job." Turning away and letting go of Tina, Devlin moves to slip his arms around the fresh corpses, carrying them princess style from the shelter to just outside the building. "We have nothing but time for now, we shouldn't waste it." It was going to be a long evening..