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Hanzhou It is later afternoon, just after the lunch rush and Hanzhou has been very busy with the influx of customers and wasn't expecting that his noodle house would be this busy so quickly. Who knew that radroach burgers wasn't going to be an instant hit and his ramen noodles were much more appealing.

But despite all the happy customers, the Wasteland Samurai noodle chef was in a pensive mood. He had seen some fucked up shit happen in Roswell that made him question life in the universe, not a close friend of his and a bunch of others had been whisked away by some metal disk.

He had wandered the wastes to find some trace of them but to no avail. So, with O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat the puppy at his side, he wandered back to his Noodle House and just went out his business as usual.

O.V.E.R. was too big to come into the restaurant so he stood guard outside, giving people a *BZT* every now and again just to keep people on their toes. Vaultmeat was asleep behind the counter, having gorged himself on some noodles that he helped himself with when Hanzhou had his back turned.
Sparrow Sparrow steps into the noodle shop. She's coated in a nice layer of travel dust, her hat taken off and shaken outside and her sunglasses removed to expose bright blue eyes in her pre-aged face. She adjusts her duster as she walks in the door talking to Tobias and spotting a bit of blood and or that she hadn't gotten off the arm of her coat. She swiftly scrapes what she can away and then rubs her fingertips on her chaps. "I dunno, Tobi. I don't know if you can even handle something that big." She tells the scrappy little Gearhead taking off her hat and glasses, tucking the later into the front inside pocket of her coat.
Alice It had been a few days since Alice had seen Hanzhou, O.V.E.R. 9000 or Vaultmeat and it was mostly because after whatever happened she had just stayed in her room in Vault Town. She hadn't even gone to work which was completely unlike her, thank the Overseer and Vault-Tec that her friend Iris had given her mentats!

Chewing on some berry Mentats as she approached the noodle house, she spots O.V.E.R. 9000 and rushes forward and hugs the big robot, who exclaims loudly, "*BZT!*" It was the only vocabulary the robot had. Well, other than Kill All Humans, but she had turned that off. It was much safer for everyone that way.

When she steps in the noodle house, the gigantic puppy Vaultmeat rushes forward and knocked her flat on her butt, licking her face joyously but she was not strong enough to get the dog off of her, "Ahh! Hanzhou! Help! Please Vaultmeat get off of me, please!" Vaultmeat wasn't listening though!
Tobias Tobias is a few inches taller than Sparrow but something about the way the grubby Gearhead carries himself makes him seem so much more... compact. On his back is a huge pack with a steel frame that stands almost four and a half feet tall, it is covered in an array of pockets, zipper and flaps. The weight of the large pack seems to be what gives Tobias his distinctive stoop.

"An' what tha' supposed to mean?" He hitches the strap on his shoulder and adjusts his posture with a passing regard, "I look like some sorta Gold Digger whore? Ain't no gun I can't handle." He snorts at his lady friend as he follows her into the noodle house. Adjusting his goggles as he goes, pushing them up to expose clean rings of flesh in a sea of dust and scratches.
Skittles Skittles, having parted ways with her group earlier that day, made her way up to Acme to check in with the very polite, very busy noodle house owner, Hanzhou. Dusty and a little worse for the ware, she steps inside of the establishment a few moments after Sparrow and Tobias.
     Taking a moment to process the scene in front of her, she decides it's best for someone else to handle it; she wasn't the best with animals, and instead makes her way over to a corner of the shop. Idly tapping, through her PIPBoy, she waits for the rush of people to subside before attempting to order a bowl.
Sammy     Sammy can smell good food for two kliks in any direction, even through the standard issue helmet. So along comes a Ranger, out on Patrol, in the afternoon haze, the helmet's goggles have a slight radiance as they gather dusk and bring it to him as digital daylight. The movement, the people and the Sentry are regarded from a distance. Okay they're regarded from a distance through the optics of the rifle, before he decides that yes, this is NOT like that other place ... Jessee James Non Kosher Deli... and he shoulders his rifle and starts to slink between the buildings on approach, and then in, letting the rain and showers stay outside, he moves with a stalking predator's grace, the bottom edges of his duster kept purposefully frayed to hush his footfalls, and abeit muddy from the march and the rains, he manages to make those square toe boots silent.
Hanzhou "Welcome. My name is Hanzhou and I just recently opened up so all I have on the menu is classic ramen noodles. Please seat yourself and I will prepare a bowl for you." Hanzhou says to Sparrow, Tobias and Sammy as the newcomers enter, inclining his head politely to them.

When he see's Alice, his pensive expression in lifted and he smiles warmly as Vaultmeat tackles her to the ground, licking her face with excitement. "Alice! You had me worried and I'm glad you have returned to claim your friends." He quickly comes to Alice's aid however and tries to pull, Vaultmeat off of his owner, patting the puppy on the head.

Then Skittles walks in and he gives her a polite nod as well, "Ahh, you have returned. Thank you for being a repeat customer. Please have a seat and I shall get to your order ready shortly." Turning back to Alice.

"You will have to fill me in on what happened later. You must be famished and I will get you a bowl of noodles, just have a seat." Yes, the noodle chef samurai heads back behind the counter and starts preparing for several new bowls of ramen noodles. He's so busy with this new wave of customers that he can barely speak to anyone and politely nods if anyone asks him a question but noodle prep is a busy business.

His goal is to make the customers happy so they will come back again for more and tell their friends!
Alice Alice hugged Vaultmeat after Hanzhou got him off of her, but before she could reply to the slippery Samurai he was off to make noodles for people, "Damnit Hanzhou." She muttered under her breath before patting Vaultmeat on the head and sitting down at the counter.

When the bowl of noodles is put in front of her she fiddles with the chopsticks before giving up and staring at the bowl of noodles.

Slowly but surely as she stares? She begins to fall asleep, head slowly approaching the bowl of noodles.
Sparrow Sparrow studies the noodle house and her stomach growls. "It means that if I'm going to give it to you, you're gonna make it worth my while. Whore or not." She claps him on the shoulder, much more the measure of old friends and traveling companions even though Sparrow's face never cracks from stoicism not even delivering snappy come backs. "Have a seat, we'll have some noodles, I want to talk to you about possibly helping out around the Ranch if I can ever track down My Wiley ass of a .."

She pauses ppotting Skittles, always aware of who's behind her, she smiles a bit and nods to the colorful young woman before gesturing for Tobi to take a seat. Sammy is spared a glance as well but it doesn't linger overly long because she's settling in next to Tobi's seat choice.

"Sounds good to me." She tells the owner pleased to have someone else doing the cooking for once.

She does sneak a hand over to gently move the cooling bowl of noodles just out of the range of Alice's head's trajectory. "Careful there. Better give them noodles to your pup before you wear."
Lilly Caine A drowned ferret in a cloak soggies its way through the door. With a shudder that Vaultmeat would give a 3, the figure shrugs off most of the water and pulls back the hood, revealing Lilly's wet hair. She breathes deep, smelling the scent's of cooking and not as much the old wino and booze from her time at the saloon.
Skittles Skittles glances up as she recognizes familiar voices. Flashing a smile over to Sparrow and Tobias, her attention is further distracted by Lilly's entrance.
     "Hey Lilly, come over here. We'll share my bowl.", she calls over to the wet mop of a woman. A fresh bowl of noodles sits in front of her with only one set of chopsticks. "Know how to use choppy chops?", she asks as she picks them up and clicks the tips together like pincers.
Tobias Tobias joins Sparrow, taking a seat and rolling his eyes when she claps him on the shoulder hard enough to make his goggles slip down. He reaches up to adjust them as he retorts, "Yeh? I'll worth yer while anytime, Birdy." Tobias snickers off his retort and beams at the others present, nodding to the owner with a broad smile composed of crooked yellow teeth. "Noodles is noodles." The man agrees at the offer of 'only' plain ramen.

The grubby scrapper doesn't bother to remove his fingerless gloves and he leaves vague smudges on the table when he touches it. Skittles get a curt upnod and a lopsided grin when she enters.
Sammy     Noodles. Noodles, in water, and spices. Already cooked. Because Dry Noodles will keep you marching, but they're hell on your teeth after a while. Sammy pops the helmet and opens it, before sweeping his duster back, detatching the gas mask and slipping it to his waist, "Thanks!" he calls to the distracted busy chef as Hanzhou starts to get the dinner rush's food under way.    The Ranger looks over his shoulder at the new arrival, and chopsticks in hand, wavies to Lilly with a smile and scoops up the bowl, blowing across it, and then letting the steam fill his face.
Alice Alice looks towards Sparrow for a moment with sleepy eyes and says conspiratorially, "Don't tell Hanzhou but I always feed them to Vaultmeat."

To Lilly, O.V.E.R. 9000 issues forth a single friendly, "*BZT*" as he stands outside the door to greet her. The robot must have looked weird with its Vault 30 Paint scheme out in front of a small little noodle hut.

Resting her arms on the counter Alice leaned her head against them and began to sleep. She was snoring a little bit and drooling a tad, and was probably not going to wake up anytime soon!

Vaultmeat stared anxiously at the bowl of noodles Alice had not eaten, hoping someone would hook him up! He had learned enough discipline from Hanzhou in three days not to take the noodles himself however.
Sparrow Sparrow rolls her eyes at the Gearhead and lean forward as the noodles are slid in front of them."Thank ya kindly." She tells the chef before turning to her seating companion. "Sure ya will, Tobi." Her smile is quick and it doesn't last long. Settling back into the cool weathered impartiality as she opts for a fork rather than chopsticks. Her posture is straight and her chin tilted. She makes no secret that she's watching the room and everyone in it even as she purses her lips and sucks up a noodle that whips up and tags her in the nose. Despite this? Sparrow remains guarded.

Alice's words though gain her attention and a lofted brow something wry an amused in her eyes. "Mum's the word." She says before glancing to Hanzhou and when the chef's back is turned she steals Alice's noodles and put's them down for the pup.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine 's eyes widen at the sound of her name, but she hurries over to Skittles and settles at her table. "Uh.. never tried..", sitting down within slurping distance of Sklttles' bowl, even if that means sitting on the seat beside beside her. Hot Noodles. It's.. been.. well.. almost forever. She gets a silly grin on her face that could probably only be slapped off with a 2-week old molerat, or applied with 4 shots of tequilla.
Alice Vaultmeat barks excitedly and licks Sparrow's hand graciously before devouring the noodles and taking a nap of his own curled up below the counter.
Tobias Tobias grins at the noodle displacement, "Never doubt me." Her hollow impartiality is returned with a natural over abundance of self confidence that seems ill suited to the fellow. "We've gone over this, time and again, I'm full of surprises..." The Gearhead instinctually wraps his free arm around his bowl and hunkers over his food without much decorum. In the end, he does seem to know his way around a pair of chopsticks pretty well for a seemingly uncultured dirt farmer's son.
Sammy Sammy indulges in the noodles, with t he practiced ease of someone who's doned-and-dashed in mess halls more than once, the bowl is lifted, the chopsticks poised, and the noodles are slurped, loudly, proudly. Hot soup on a cold rainy day, and noodles, that don't wriggle of their own! His senses indulged, the bowl is finished within minutes, and the chopsticks placed across the top of the bowl, the now content Ranger regards the people, he's only seen the two . But he knows just a little about the area, to recognize that he's not the only one who walked quite a way for dinner. He sits back with a contented sigh and a creak of the armor.
Sparrow Sparrow seems comfortable with dog germs, she doesn't even wipe her fingers before picking the handle of her fork back up and twirling it to gether noddles for another bite. Ramen is the young rancher's guilty pleasure so she savors a few bites. "Yeah, well, you're full of some other things too. You made an effort to meet the other tinkerers around town or been spendin' all your time hiding holed up in that shack and making love to your scrap metal?" She wonders of Tobi before glancing around the room again, landing on Sammy for a moment inspecting his armor before she looks back to Skittles and Lilly, "You have much luck out in the wastes yesterday?" She asks of the more colorful of the two young women.
Tobias "Nyeh, yeh you know me..." Tobias trails off into a bit of annoying laughter, wagging his chop sticks at her twice in an unceremonious manner as he abides, "Since when do I- Make. Efforts." He off hands that and lolls his attention back down to his bowl so he can slurp a few more mouthfuls of noodles before he spoke again, "Besides, I was running a favor for the old guy wot owns the garage in town. Took a dip into the Waste to get some books for him. Car stuff..." Tobias half-shrugs, speaking between bites, "Ol' bat said he'd give us a discount now... might be able to get one of those crotch rockets soon." Slurp. Chuckle. "Then I'll be able to keep up wit yer damn horse."
Skittles Skittles shrugs a shoulder, "Not surprised.". She pulls free a multitool from her kit and pulls free a fork from its many gadgets. Handing it to Lilly, she says, "Here, much easier, and probably a lot faster>".
     "Huh, no, just my own shadow to show for it sadly.", she responds to Sparrow with a grin, "Hey Tobias, guess the mechanic was pretty happy about those manuals then, glad they were the right ones.".
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine admires the multitool for a moment, actually more interested in a nifty bit of kit than noodles.. but a waft of steamy goodness has her digging in with gusto. With Entusiasm and noise not unlike a hippopotomus giving head, Lilly proceeds to assult the pasta and broth.
Sammy Sammy pulls from a compartment, or more closely between himself and his armor, a leatherbound book and pen that's seen many many refills, pushing the bowl to the back of the counter, and unfolding the pages, laying the book out flat, hand-sketched maps of El Dorado appear and he starts making more notes, turning a page back, he fills a few more details about highway 70, then draws an approximate and to-scale line representing the Clovis Highway, and starts to doodle the the details he's seen so far of Acme, with a tiny picture of a bowl of noodles, for reference.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Her name's Belubelle, Tobias. Treat'r with the respect she deserves." She says around a cheek-full of noodles she's munching on and swallows. The past bit though makes her bark a soft laugh. "Pfft, Crotch Rocket, sounds itchy."

She turns to Skittles, the young woman's eyes in the weathered cowgirl's face bright for a moment, "Yeah? Too bad. If you're careful, you should try out by the river. Bring a friend though? Wouldn't want you gettin' into too much trouble. Last two times I went out there I found some tools though. Found some trouble too." Lilly's eating gets an odd look and she shakes her head turning back to her own bowl of food. "Big ass Molerat. Luckily we had a pretty good group with us."
Tobias "Yer itchy." Tobias retorts for lack of better comeback before working his way through the rest of his noodle and pushing the bowl away with a satisfied sigh. He glances over his shoulder at the sound of Skittles voice, "Yeah, I guess we got the right ones... some of those foreign numbers from before the war got real tricky bits inside. Helps to have the manuals." He turns some in his seat so he can better face the people scattered around the room. Sammy doesn't get much attention from Tobias, not one to poke at Rangers for no good reason.
Sammy     Making Maps is always entertaining, you get to label all sorts of things when you first discover them. And if you're lucky enough to be the _first_ person to find something, you can give it a name. and names, have a kind of power all their own. Sammy considers this mostly before he looks up, hearing the term 'Big Ass Mole Rat' he glances to Sparrow, "Giant Mole Rat? Down by the ..." he turns his map around, looking down at it, "Is that the Pecos River?" he quirks, and holds up the book a little bit, to show that yes, the map is still being drawn and updated.
Skittles Skittles arches an eyebrow as she allows the young woman to absolutely demolish her noodles.
     "Oh, I've been at the salt creek.". haven't found anything yet though.", she mutters under her breath. She takes a look around the noodle house and spots the distinct ranger and the map he's got across the table. She gnaws on a lip, not really one to approach strangers, but the map has got her interested.
     Getting to her feet, Skittles nods to Sparrow and Tobias, "Gonna see if I can't find the lady's room.". Taking a meandering path through the crowded shop, she works her way just behind the ranger and lifts her wrist to snap a quick pic with a few gestures on the display.
Sparrow Sparrow finishes the last of her noddles and downs the flavored warm water. Water's water. No waste here. "Well, more like some Mutated Mole Rats and a Brood Mother about the size of a Brahmin give or take. Anyway, yeah, down just south of where the Old Highway meets up with the Pecos. Bit North o' the Midway point bitter Lake and Salt Creek. Can't miss it, kinda a sunken crater now." The cowgirl explains after setting her bowl aside and thanks the cook again and spins in her seat. She glances back towards Tobias but manuals and gearheads are beyond her usually.
Sammy     Sammy's attention is not so inattentive as to let someone disgusie their attention when they come up to take a picture of the map. Indeed, he's kind of proud of this map, and lifting eyebrows at her actions, he tucks the pen into the binding of the notebook and holds it up, even with her, "Got enough light to see it?"
    His expression is genuinely curious, and he's not hiding anything about the map, it's a hand drawn affair, but the scale for everything seems about right, all the lines line up, and there's notations about landmarks along the way. He turns the page, to show the next map, zoomed in a bit more, is El Dorado, and the city grid of the theme park, with parts unknown 'blocked' in their approximate area around the city.
Tobias "I was out there for that, damn thing tha' came outta the ground didn't look natural.. mutey-molerats." Tobias gives a little shudder and glances over when the map comes out with a curious crane to his neck. His soup bowl is already bone dry but he doesn't look ready to leave his seat just to crowd the ranger. "Nice map." He jerks a thumb between Sparrow and himself, "We grew up 'round these parts. If yah want someone local to lend a knowing eye to the page?" Its a casual offer but something about it seems smarmy despite good intentions... maybe its those teeth.
Skittles Skittles seems to darken a little bit, her dark brown skin turning a shade towards maroon. She glances to the picture on her PIPBoy and shakes her head, "Uh, no actually.", she moves the camera closer and gets a crisp shot of it. "You're a cartographer then?", she asks hesitantly.
Sammy Sammy smiles, "Nah, I'm a Ranger. " he flips the pages back a little bit, the inside cover is a fold-out old world map of the USA, all the colors of an 8th grade textbook. With a lot of ink packed tightly around parts. "But it's a kind of memory game. Draw everything, then memorise it, then redraw it." he smirks, "It comes in real ly handy when you're looking through your optics, and you're trying to remember if that rock 2500 meters away was leaning against the other, or laying down." he grins a bit sheepishly, and turns the pages. Looks like his hand drawn maps start in Kalamath, and wind down each page zooming in and then out from a settlement along the way, page after page turned, till he gets to about mid Arizona, and then a jump to New Mexico, as if starting over around El Dorado.
Skittles Skittles shrugs a shoulder, "You should be, those are really good holy, you've been all over the place.".". She sets a handful of caps on the table next to his bowl and nods to him. "Thanks for sharing, hard to know who's friendly and who ain't sometimes. I'm Skittles though, Meggan's my real name. If you ever have any tech issues or need a hand with raiders you can usually find me around El Dorado.". Once the map of the area comes up she'll add, "seems you've already been around there. Chip'n"Bits and the Gold Digger is where I can usually be found lately", quickly adding after a glance around, "Oh, and here too.". She wasn't lying about having to use the facilities though and makes her way from the shop, "See you around.".
Sparrow Sparrow listens to the conversations around her glancing at Tobias with a twitch of a smirk. "Offerin' to give advice about the areas as if you didn't spend all your time tinkerin'. Cute." She teases the Gearhead, they're obviously old friends though he seems far more friendly for all his awkward airs. The stoic looking cowgirl nods, "Completely understand. It's good for learning the land." She glances between Skittles and Sammy, nodding to the former. "Take care." She says after the tri-color haired woman and glances at the sleeping Lilly and Alice but trusts them to Hanzhao as she pulls her coat around her. "I'm gonna head back to the old farm, see if I can't catch Aidan again. You good, Tobe?"
Tobias "I love it when you call me names..." Did he mean cute? That's a stretch.

Tobias slides off his chair and leaves a few caps for the food before following Sparrow out into the wet weather. "I'll walk with you til where the road splits."
Sammy Sammy glances out the door at the rain, and makes a few more notes around the area, putting a giant cartoon magnet on the map above 'ACME' because reasons. He smiles and nods, and caps the pen, stowing it in the book's binding, folding it closed ,and slipping it back under his armor, adjusting his duster, and reaffxiing his mask, the subtle little 'click-*fwwwwweeee*' as the capacitors turn the overcast gloom into workable twilight for him, and their red glow, as the ranger stands, and heads out once more, timing how long it takes him to get back from this leg of the patrol...